26 Eye Catching and Creative Christmas Card Ideas Drawing

Christmas is around the corner and you will need some homemade Christmas card ideas drawing to make for your loved ones. Card making is a fun activity to do before Christmas. Making your own Christmas cards for your close friends would always be a meaningful thing to do and give. You can start by going for simpler drawing designs that require minimal to zero drawing skills. Something easy to make, but still looks nice and Christmas. Moreover, if you have some experience with Christmas card making, you can also try stepping up your game with a more complicated design. It will be harder, but we can guarantee the result will be worth every time and effort.

We have 26 different Christmas card ideas drawing that you can check out. There are a variety of designs that you can pick based on your own drawing skills and style preference.

Most designs don’t require much art techniques to make. Some are harder to make than others, but everything is super fun to make.

AWESOME Christmas Card Ideas Drawing

1. Children Christmas Card 

christmas card ideas drawing

The first idea on this list of Christmas card ideas drawing is children’s Christmas card. In our opinion, those who are not into art would love this DIY Christmas card idea. Ad for this one, you don’t really have to worry about the quality of your Christmas drawing.

This style relies more on simple crafts and drawings techniques that children could even do. For example, you can make a Christmas tree from your own finger stamps. Then, you can have the rest of the details hand drawn easily. And the result, we have to say that it’s super pretty!

2. Simple Christmas Drawing 

christmas card ideas drawing

Here we have another simple Christmas drawing idea that is suitable for the not-so art person. Instead of aiming for Christmas tree drawing or Santa Claus drawing that are more on the complicated side, we recommend you to go with simple drawings such as stars instead.

You can manage to practice your hand drawn stars in different colors and sizes for your Christmas card cover. In our opinion, it is a simple Christmas card that looks more mature, perfect for more formal occasions.

3. Christmas Tree Card 

christmas card ideas drawing

Christmas tree drawing is the first thing that will pop up in our head when we are thinking about doing a DIY Christmas card. However, do remember that you don’t have to be a super good drawer to be able to draw one. A Christmas tree can be hand drawn in a simple way or more complicated way that will include tons of details.

You can also draw the Christmas card on a separate colored paper, cut it out, then stick it on the card for more 3D effect. This is why it becomes one of the simplest Christmas card ideas drawing idea that anyone can use despite their ability to draw. Also, it gives everyone no limitations in trying to be creative.

4. Cute Christmas Card 

christmas card ideas drawing

When we think about Christmas, there are several iconic characters that pop up in our head. Say Santa Claus, the Snowman, reindeer, etc. These characters often appear in Christmas cards. Therefore, if you are going for a fun and cute Christmas card, we definitely think that you can try drawing them on the cover of your Christmas cards.

Adding fun details and colors will complete the whole cute Christmas character card concept This will also be a great Christmas activity idea for kids to do. It does not require too much effort to get a super cute result.

5. Christmas Story Drawing 

christmas card ideas drawing

The classic story of Christmas is little kids wishing on Santa to get them the gift they want and place it under the Christmas tree. You know what? The classic narration can actually be a great Christmas drawing idea that is fun and unique to do.

We believe that it will not be just a card, but it will also be a piece of art on its own. You can also create a drawing of your own Christmas story to make the card more personal and meaningful.

6. Abstract Drawing 

christmas card ideas drawing
Source: pinterest (@easypeasyandfun.com)

The abstract drawing is one of the unique Christmas cards designs that you can try to create one at home. It does not come with a specific Christmas drawing, but it’s more of an abstract looking one.

In our opinion, the colors and all the small details will definitely remind you of Christmas. When you put it all together, it will become like an abstract painting. Those who enjoy arts would appreciate receiving these Christmas cards.

7. Vintage Retro Magazine Vibe 

christmas card ideas drawing
Source: pinterest (@connectwithstyle.com)

Are you looking for unique Christmas card ideas drawing? If you are, then we believe this vintage retro Christmas drawing will be a unique one to try. You can use your usual Christmas tree or Santa Claus drawing and make it in a more retro style.

For the colors, you can always use a more muted shade of each color to create that retro old school look. This style comes with a vintage vibe in a fun way. We can assure you that you will not get a boring old school result with this one.

8. Winter Wonderland

christmas card ideas drawing

This next one offers a different take on the winter wonderland look. Instead of the bright festive drawings, we can also go for the more gloomy look. In reality, winter could be a harsh weather to experience. Therefore, we are trying to depict that situation through the Christmas drawing.

To create it, you can use the gloomier colors like gray, black, and white. We have no doubt, this monochromatic Christmas festival drawing will suit older recipients best. You don’t have to incorporate much color on this one. A basic all white color with a little blue or gray will do the trick.

9. Christmas Festivity

christmas card ideas drawing
Source: pinterest (@behance.net)

Every country and family have their own way of celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. This is why we think Christmas festivity is one of the best ideas about Christmas drawing that you can use to depict diverse ways of celebrating Christmas.

You can use the Christmas celebration scene in places around you to show how the world celebrates Christmas. For the art style, you can go with the louder kind of style. Without a doubt, adding more details and colors would be a great way to show the festivity of Christmas holidays.

10. Simple Christmas Light Bulbs 

christmas card ideas drawing
Source: pinterest (@thejoysharing.com)

Another easy drawing idea that you can consider is definitely these Christmas light bulbs. It is one of the Christmas card designs that you can consider if you are new to card making. After all, you don’t need to have an artist drawing skill to be able to draw these light bulbs, right?

Using a good combination of colors is key for this drawing idea. This light bulb will represent the Christmas lights you usually hung in the trees. The uniqueness of this design lies in its simplicity and effortless design.

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11. Mid Century Style 

christmas card ideas drawing
Source: pinterest (@connectwithstyle.com)

The mid century style is undoubtedly one of the sophisticated Christmas cards designs that you try to recreate. It will elevate the ordinary snowman, Christmas tree, reindeer, and other Christmas drawings.

Moreover, mid century drawings are characterized with the clean lines, vibrant colors, and integration of indoor and outdoor ornaments. We believe without a doubt, this characteristic will give you a unique version of the usual Christ drawings.

12. Simple Christmas Wreath 

christmas card ideas drawing
Source: pinterest (@etsy.com)

The simple Christmas wreath is an easy drawing idea that you can do. In short, you have the freedom to draw whatever items you want to create the Christmas wreath. Ribbons, flowers, leaves, snowflakes, and many other items could be added to create the Christmas wreath.

We highly recommend you to go for this idea because this is a simple idea that will give you endless possibilities on anything you want to draw, so your drawing abilities won’t limit you.

13. Quirky Christmas Card

Quirky Christmas Card - p @Sina
Source: pinterest (@Sina)

One of the funniest Christmas card ideas drawing on this list is the quirky Christmas drawings. You can draw the two feet of the Christmas elves with the vibrant red and green colors. Another option is you can draw the face of the elves only as if it is popping out of one side of the card in a peek-a-boo style.

Moreover, you can also draw a happy looking snowman for this design. The peek-a-boo style will not fail to give a little surprise to your loved ones.

14. Cute Cartoon Christmas Card

Cute Cartoon Christmas Card - p @Sara Bolog
Source: pinterest (@Sara Bolog)

Another funny Christmas card drawing idea is none other than this cartoon Christmas drawing. You can draw animals with Christmas hats on top of one another or side by side.

You don’t really need a complicated background, all you need is a clear and cute character as the main item on the card. Don’t forget to say a simple Merry Christmas too. A fun and cute homemade Christmas card you can do.

15. Christmas Pattern 

Christmas Pattern - p @paintingvalley.com
Source: pinterest (@paintingvalley.com)

The Christmas pattern is one of the easy alternatives to make homemade Christmas cards. You can choose one Christmas pattern, for example a Christmas tree, then make a pattern throughout the Christmas card cover.

Playing with the color combination would be a great way to make the whole look more put together. It is definitely a more mature design that you can go with. A design that will suit adult recipients better.

16. Christmas Watercolor Design 

Christmas Watercolor Design

The Christmas Watercolor design is a drawing idea that does not require much drawing skill. You will rely more on the watercolor gradation color to make the card look presentable. There are some of us who are able to color more than draw, this idea would be for you.

For the drawing, you can go with simple snowflake drawings and a “Merry Christmas” and you are good to go.

17. Christmas Hand Drawn Card

Christmas Hand Drawn Card - p @mungfali.com
Source: pinterest (@mungfali.com)

This Christmas hand drawn card idea is a not overly done drawing design that you can do at home. Instead of having a full color kind of drawing, this one is rather simple with a minimal color combination and also a sketch-like drawing style.

You don’t really have the pressure to draw everything perfectly with this style. Either it’s a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, snowman, or any other Christmas related drawings, you can draw them all. Plus, you don’t need too much drawing or coloring materials for this design, simply just use whatever you have at home.

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18. Christmas Greeting

Christmas Greeting - p @kwernerdesign.com
Source: pinterest (@kwernerdesign.com)

If you can do typography better than an actual drawing, you can choose the Christmas greeting idea. You can focus more on making a nice typography design of the words you want to put in and just use simple drawings as decoration.

Looking sleek and elegant, we really think that these homemade Christmas cards are fun to create, plus it will give you no limitations on your creativity, too!

19. Christmas Town

Christmas Town - p @suitablystamped.com
Source: pinterest (@suitablystamped.com)

The Christmas town drawing idea looks like drawings that you can see on Children story books. With its vibrant colors and meticulous details, we believe this card will be a piece of art.

However, to be able to make your own, it will require some solid drawing skills and artistic sense to do so. A Christmas town with a beautiful winter sky as the cover of your Christmas card will be a wonderful idea. Without a doubt, this card will never fail to mesmerize.

20. Single Christmas Character Card 

Single Christmas Character Card

The Christmas character card is a cute and unique drawing design that you can try. If you are going for a cute concept, you can go with this one. It will be better to choose one specific character to be drawn on the card.

Then, you can add little details to further explain the character better. For example, you can draw a simple snowman with its scarf, hat, gloves, and some snowflakes for some extra details. All in all, this one is a simple and minimalist design that won’t fail you.

21. Christmas Ornaments 

Christmas Ornaments - p
Source: pinterest.com

Next up we have one of the cutest Christmas card ideas drawing that comes in the design of lantern ornaments. It is actually a relatively easy idea to do.

Just like the Christmas ornaments that you can see on Christmas trees, you can draw some of them on your Christmas cards cover. For the color combination, you can have it in the combination of just Christmas colors or other colors too.

22. The Cute Cactus Trio

The Cute Cactus Trio
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Your friends and family would be super happy to receive this cute Christmas card with a drawing of three cute cactus trio on it. To draw these cute cacti, you don’t need to have extraordinary talent.

We even have to say that it’s pretty easy to make and you only need green markers. However, we suggest you draw on a Santa hat, deer’s ears, and a Christmas tree’s topper on top of each cactus. Super cute!

23. Christmas Trees in Watercolor

Christmas Trees in Watercolor
Source: Pinterest (@sketchandstory.com)

One Christmas tree is definitely not enough. So, why not draw more trees on your Christmas card this year? To recreate this drawing, use watercolor to draw the trees and combine different colors for each tree.

To make it look more colorful, draw a golden star on top of each tree and add some golden splash as the final touch. In our opinion, this card would be your loved ones’ new favorite Christmas card this year.

24. Sweet Little Snowman

Sweet Little Snowman
Source: Pinterest (@jindesigns.com)

This happy snowman is going to celebrate Christmas with you this year! Create your own Christmas card by drawing this adorable snowman on the card. It is very easy to make, and all you need is a black pen and an orange colored pen, specifically to draw the nose of the snowman.

Moreover, you can write your personal Christmas greetings and wishes for your loved ones on the card, and put a smile on their face.

25. Snowflakes To Let It Snow

Snowflakes to Let It Snow
Source: Pinterest (@notonthehighstreet.com)

Snowflakes are part of Christmas that we all just love. The beautiful shape makes you realize how much Christmas means to you especially when you celebrate it with our most precious people.

To remind your loved ones about the beautiful white Christmas, we recommend you to draw a snowflake on your Christmas card this year. Add a red button in the center of the snowflake to make it look more adorable. And on the bottom, write ‘let it snow..’ and we are sure the card will share the happiness of white Christmas to everyone.

26. Hanging Wishing Stars

Hanging Wishing Stars
Source: Pinterest (@3umbrellas.blogspot.com)

Wishing stars will always be the perfect image to draw on your DIY Christmas card this year. It is simple but it is also meaningful. After all, Christmas is the perfect time to wish upon a star.

Therefore, draw three golden stars in the card and make them look as if they are hanging down using red ribbons. On the right bottom part, write sweet Christmas sayings such as ‘tis the sweetest season! or other sweet Christmas messages.

Final Thoughts

Christmas is without a doubt one of the most perfect moments for us to share and send Christmas cards to our loved one. If you are going for DIY Christmas card this year, it is highly recommended.

However, we do know that you can feel a bit confused about what idea to choose from. Since we have a list full of the best Christmas Card Ideas Drawing, make sure you read though carefully. Even better, you can also invite the kiddos to join as well.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should you write on Christmas card?

Since it is a Christmas card, you need to have a Christmas greeting written down. If you barely know the recipient, you can stop at that. However, if it is for a close friend or relatives, you can write down some more personal things along with it. 

How do you make a super Christmas card?

When you want to level up your Christmas card game, you can try doing a pop up Christmas card. Instead of having 2D Christmas drawings, you can now have a 3D Christmas card to impress your loved ones. If you enjoy card making, you can challenge yourself by making your own 3D card. 

How do you make a simple Christmas card?

If you want to make your own simple DIY Christmas card, you can draw a simple Christmas drawing in front of the card. If you can’t draw well, you can search for a simple Christmas drawing on the internet and print it out. This is the best Christmas card making idea if you are not confident with your own drawing skill. 

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