25 Highly Useful Gifts for Podcast Lovers and Podcasters

Listening to podcasts is a pleasant multitasking companion. Unlike other tasks such as reading and watching, a podcast won’t take too much attention and allows your eyes to do something else such as doing chores, working out, designing, etc. Many people also become a podcaster or people who host a podcast to improve their public speaking skills and experience, and later it can be a stream of revenue if it turns out good. For your friend who either loves podcasts or podcasters, it would be a great idea to prepare some thoughtful gifts for podcast lovers and podcasters presented specially for them. 

Finding great gifts for podcast lovers might not be your type of job if you don’t understand what they might need or looking for.

In order to help you prepare the gifts, we have curated a lists of cool gifts for podcast lovers that are highly useful. Whether they’re hosting a podcast or love to listen to a podcast, the list would work for every condition.

BEST Useful Gifts for Podcasters

1. Basically A Detective Mug

Basically a Detective Mug

What’s the podcast genre your friends are into? For podcast lovers who listen to true crime podcasts, we recommend you giving this mug as a gift as it would be the relatable and useful gifts for podcast lovers, which will make sure they have their cup of coffee ready while podcasting.

On the front side, the mug shows a graphic that says “I’m basically a detective,” including the yellow tape that makes it look like a crime scene. In our opinion, only the real true crime podcast junkies will understand the joke. If your friend is one of them, this gift is definitely for him.

2. Bluetooth Speaker & Water Bottle

Bluetooth Speaker & Water Bottle

A picnic with the fellow podcast lovers would be perfect with a podcast listening session together. However, since we know that carrying a giant speaker will be too heavy and too big to fit to their backpack, we recommend you to get a water bottle that features a bluetooth speaker as gifts.

In our opinion, it would be one of the most unique gifts for podcast lovers and podcasters who want to have a picnic together. If you’re wondering about the speaker, it’s actually embedded in the lid. It’s easy to use and you just need to connect your device with this Bluetooth speaker and enjoy listening to your favorite podcasts together.

3. On Air Decoration

On Air Decoration

For a podcaster who needs more indoor decor to turn their space into a nice studio, we suggest that you them an On-Air neon decoration like this one, which will bring a home-business vibe into the space.

It features a silicone LED neon sign with ultra-bright nature, making it eye-catching even from a distance. We can assure you that adding this LED neon to the space will bring a cozy ambiance to the podcast studio.

4. There’s A Podcast for That T-Shirt

There’s a Podcast for That T-Shirt

People who are obsessed with podcasts would know every podcast that covers a specific topic. For that, we think that they should be rewarded with this t-shirt as gifts for podcast lovers and podcasters. The t-shirt features a joke that says, “There’s a podcast for that,” written on the front side. It’s available with many sizes and color options to choose from, so you can choose the most suitable color your favorite podcaster.

5. Podcaster Coffee Mug

Leave Me Alone. I’m Listening to a Podcast Coffee Mug

Many podcasters or podcast lovers would never skip a daily cup of coffee. Therefore, we can guarantee that giving this mug would make the perfect gifts for podcast lovers and podcasters who are also a coffee person.

In our opinion, the fun writing on the front side of the mug also added a pinch of funny jokes to their morning coffee routine. Made of white polymer material, the mug is lightweight and BPA free.

6. “True Crime Podcasts” T-Shirt

"No Such Things as Too Many True Crime Podcasts” T-Shirt

Podcast lovers who love murder documentary would immediately understand the fun words on this t-shirt. As gifts for podcast lovers, we think this would be the perfect pick because this t-shirt has fun jokes for the detective wannabe.

Plus, we also think it would make a perfect podcasters who own a crime podcast program, too! It features “No Such Things as Too Many True Crime Podcasts,” writings on the front of the t-shirt. It’s available in several colors and sizes to choose from.

7. JLAB Go Air Wireless Earbuds

JLAB Go Air Wireless Earbuds

For podcast lovers who need smaller and slimmer ear buds with a compact size, we highly recommend you to get them this pair of wireless earbuds. This is without a doubt one of the most useful gifts for both podcast lovers and podcasters.

The earbuds feature slim design with slimmer case and strong magnet to secure buds when you’re on-the-go mode. Moreover, it also has a built-in microphone and is water-resistant from the penetration of water droplets. 

8. SleepPhones Headband Headphones

SleepPhones Headband Headphones

Podcast lovers who’re still listening to podcasts before bed would be feel more comfortable listening to their favorite podcasts using these SleepPhones headband headphones. It is a headband headphone that was specifically designed for bedtime, where you can enjoy music while lying on the bed without feeling uncomfortable.

A set of removable padded speakers are nestled in a soft headband to provide the ultimate comfort. As for the headphones, they are available in wired and wireless versions where you can connect via Bluetooth.

9. Ear Hook for Ear Pods

Ear Hook for Ear Pods

Podcast and music lovers know that in-ear headphones are not made to fit each person’s ear. It’s not a big problem for most people, but for podcast listeners who can listen while doing active workouts it may feels uncomfortable.

As a solution for that, we recommend you to get them this ear hook for earbuds, which will make clever gifts for podcast lovers. It can be attached to the ear pods that they already own to secure them. With this pair, they can confidently wear the ear pods while staying active and not worry that it might fall out.

10. Let’s Talk Podcasting Book

Let's Talk Podcasting The Essential Guide to Doing It Right Book

If you have a friend who just recently started being a podcaster, we believe he would be happy to learn from the podcast expert. As a podcast launch gift, we highly recommend you to consider giving this book from Amanda Cupido as a gift.

As you probably know already, Amanda Cupido is an award-winning podcast producer and expert. Therefore, we believe her book will be one of the best gifts for podcast lovers or podcasters who just begin their podcasting journey. The book gives practical guide to the industry and covers tips and tricks including tools a fledgling podcaster will need.

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11. Podcasters Baby Bodysuit

I'm Proof Mommy Can't Resist Podcasters Baby Bodysuit

For a baby whose dad or mom is a podcaster, we believe giving this baby bodysuit would a super cute gesture. It will definitely be the perfect gift for them. The baby bodysuit features the funny quote that says, “I’m Proof Mommy Can’t Resist Podcasters” design with a microphone drawing in the middle.

In terms of quality, it’s a one-piece made of 100% cotton with some button snaps. Plus, it’s available in 3 different sizes for 0 to 9 months baby.

12. Comfort Seat Cushion

Comfort Seat Cushion

Hosting podcasts requires you to sit for long hours, therefore a comfortable room setting and chair become a necessity. For that reason, this comfort seat cushion would make the perfect gift for podcast lovers who often spend hours inside the studio while making a podcast.

Aside from the unique appearance of the cushion, it is made of memory foam that adapts to your curves to give you better support, reducing pain and fatigue in the lower back.

13. Podcast Diary

Podcast Diary

Moving on to the next item on our list, we have a podcast diary, which we think would be great gift ideas for podcast lovers. In our opinion, this podcast diary will make a great guide journal to keep everything needed for the show archived and organized in one place.

With a two-page overview, the podcaster will be given some strategies and implementation ideas, too! Plus, it also features some blank spaces that any podcast lover or podcaster can be use to write down important notes and take notes while having some brainstorming on ideas for the show with the team.

14. Microphone Bucket Hat

Microphone Bucket Hat

For podcast lovers who love to show off, we’re pretty sure that giving this microphone bucket hat will be a great idea. This bucket hat will make a cool gift for podcasts, as they can go anywhere wearing the hat and show the people how much they love podcasts.

In terms of materials, this hat is made of cotton twill with unisex design, which we think will make one of the best gift ideas for her and for him. In addition, it also has some sewn eyelets to provide breathability, perfect for the hot summer days.

15. Lightweight On-Ear Headphones

Lightweight On-Ear Headphones

Just like music lovers, podcast lovers could listen to podcasts all day long. Based on that reason, we think this pair of lightweight headphones is such a perfect gift to pick. This one comes from Panasonic, which offers high-quality and durability.

In our opinion, it would help them to avoid tiredness of wearing the bulky headphones for too long. These on-ear headphones have an open-air design and weigh just 1.2 pounds to avoid the bulkiness. Plus, it’s also comfort-fit with foam-cushioned ear cups for an added listening comfort.

16. APEKX True Wireless Bluetooth

APEKX True Wireless Bluetooth

We believe without a doubt that most podcast and music lovers will agree that going to the gym without listening to podcasts is like a day without coffee. Therefore, giving gifts for podcast lovers that can also support them while working out, such as earbuds with sport features, could be the best choice of gift for them.

This APEKX earbuds has a workout-focused design with a fully sweat-proof feature that can resist sweat and also rain. Moreover, it also can be rinsed clean under the tap. Perfect for music lovers who also love to listen to podcasts while working out.

17. Adjustable Stand Holder

Adjustable Stand Holder

A podcaster would understand how important a stand holder is, especially if the script is written or saved on a smartphone tablet.

An adjustable stand holder is such an important thing to buy for a podcast host, especially because it can offer them an easier and simpler way to read the script while recording. It’s adjustable up to 240 degrees and can be placed vertically or horizontally, providing the ultimate support for your smartphone tablet.

18. Wireless Microphone

Wireless Microphone

It’s no doubt that podcast lovers who have a podcast would already have a microphone. But don’t it stops you from getting them a new wireless microphone as a gift for podcast lovers or podcast launch gifts. We can assure you that a new microphone is always a great idea. Plus, because a spare is always nice to have.

This wireless microphone is easy to use. You can simply plug and play without a third-party app needed. Moreover, it’s also small and convenient, and it also compatible with various devices. Perfect for podcasts or any other recording activity. 

19. “Ask Me About My Podcast” T-Shirt

“Ask Me About My Podcast” T-Shirt

Podcast lovers who love jokes would be happy to have this t-shirt. The t-shirt has a writing that says “Ask me about my podcast,” which comes as a funny joke for everyone who sees him or her with this t-shirt. The t-shirt is made of high-quality cotton t-shirts and available in several colors and sizes. In our opinion, it is the perfect gift for podcast lovers who can make funny jokes.

20. Podcaster Hat

Podcaster Hat

A podcaster who’s proud of having a podcast deserves to have this podcaster hat. As one of the best gifts for podcast lovers, it will let everyone knows that he or she has a podcast. The hat is made of 100% cotton twill with an adjustable strap and a “podcaster” written on the front. It’s available in two color options, black and navy. Perfect gifts idea for her or him.

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21. Live Door Sign

Live Door Sign

Help podcasters to prevent others from ruining their recording schedule with this live door sign. In our opinion, this is one of the most useful gifts for podcast lovers on this list. The sign features a metal-finish piece with LIVE and OFFLINE writing on a red and green background.

Simply slide left and right to switch between the live and offline position. The podcaster can hang this sign outside the door to let anyone around them know that they are doing a podcast and can’t be disturbed.

22. “Do Not Disturb Door” Hanger

“Do Not Disturb Door” Hanger

A door sign such as this “Do Not Disturb Door” hanger would be one of the lists of important things to buy for a podcast host who’s recording in their bedroom.

If you ask us, we think the message is very direct, which is written as “Do Not Disturb. Recording.” It is probably one of the most direct ways to ask for some peace and quiet during recording. Also, the sign is made of thick cards which won’t be easily torn.

23. Don’t Trust A Podcaster Wine Tumbler

Don’t Trust a Podcaster Wine Tumbler

Who can trust a podcaster who doesn’t drink coffee and says f*ck a lot? We think this is a wine tumbler that will be the perfect gift for podcast lovers who have a podcast. It will make such a sarcastic joke for them.

In our opinion, it is perfect for a little sarcasm while sipping their favorite wine, this tumbler features the double-wall stainless steel that is vacuum insulated. It helps the wine remain in a consistent temperature 2x longer than the typical glass or plastic containers. 

24. Podcasting Bundle Kit

Podcasting Bundle Kit

A podcasting bundle kit would probably be one of the most useful things to buy for a podcast host who just began their podcasting journey. This kit includes the essential things a podcaster needs, including condenser mic, arm stand and tripod, foam windscreen, USB cable, etc. We have no doubt that it will make the perfect gift for her or him who are planning to start their podcast soon.

25. Everybody Has a Podcast (Except You) Book

Everybody Has a Podcast (Except You) Book

Beginner podcasters would be glad to get this book as gifts for podcast lovers. It’s written by the #1 New York Times bestselling McElroy Brothers, creators of the hit podcasts “My Brother, My Brother and Me and The Adventure Zone”.

The book features a helpful and hilarious how-to podcast guide in a humorous way. Moreover, it also covers everything podcasters need to know to make, produce, edit, and promote their podcast. 

Final Thoughts

Podcasts are everywhere these days. Podcast is undoubtedly one of the most popular things on the web right now. There are countless podcasts programs out there, which means that there are countless numbers of podcasters out there, too.

If you happen to know some of them and planning on giving them a gift to support their programs, the best way to do it is by checking out our list above as it can give you some ideas, inspirations, and even choices of gifts to pick.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What to buy someone who has a podcast?

For someone who has a podcast, giving some equipment to support their recording activity would be a great idea for gifts for podcast lovers. You can try with helpful tools such as wireless microphone or live door sign. You can also get them a guide book like this “Everybody Has a Podcast (Except You)” or a podcast diary.

What to get someone who listens to podcasts?

A die-hard podcast enthusiast would be happy getting gifts that are not just useful but also supports their hobby. The list above is filled with very useful gifts for podcast lovers such as SleepPhones headband headphones and bottle water with bluetooth speakers you can get them.

How do you promote your podcast audience?

There are many ways to promote your podcast to the audience. You can start with promoting on your social media and ask your friend to help on their social media. Doing optimization such as inviting guest stars and adding Call-to-Action or CTA buttons also helps in growing the number of audience and make them engage more with your content.

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