3-in-1 Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Wherever you go, you need quality rest. This  3-in-1 Memory Foam Travel Pillow allows you to take comfort with you on any trip or commute.

In a fast-paced world of travelling, you need a pillow that adapts to your environment.

This travel pillow can assume 3 different shapes depending on where you’re catching a shut-eye.

The first shape is a classic neck pillow for public transport and travel. Throughout the journey, it will keep your head from bobbing and your neck from hurting. 

3-in-1 Memory Foam Travel Pillow

With a few upgrades, such as a phone case and blanket catchers, you will get quality rest no matter what you do.

The second option gives you a square-shaped pillow. It is most suitable for sleeping on hard surfaces. Think about camping or catching power naps at work or library. Wouldn’t be a lot more comfortable if you had the fresh memory foam pillow with you?

3-in-1 Memory Foam Travel Pillow

The pillow topper option can serve as an upgrade for any other pillow you are faced with. A beaten up by time and use hotel pillow will turn into a soft marshmallow cloud with this topper.

The 3-in-1 pillow collapses to the size of a mango. The clean side of the pillow is always protected from dirt with a waterproof shell. 

3-in-1 Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Hook the pillow to your bag and be sure you can always get the rest you deserve. No matter where you are. 

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