Kevlar Man Gloves

The Kevlar man gloves feature a hardy, cut-resistant build that will keep your hands safe in all situations. 

Kevlar fiber is the same material that bulletproof equipment and clothing is made from, It is one of the most highly touted fabrics in the realm of tactical clothing.

The material has a unique structural rigidity in spite of being flexible and lightweight. This makes the Kevlar man gloves as comfortable as any other pair. 

But it goes further to offer flame resistant characteristics and self-extinguishing properties. This makes them perfect for anyone who has to encounter both fire and sharp objects on the job. 

kevlar man gloves

The gloves are small enough to fit in your pockets or you could keep them in your toolbox for handy access at all times. 

kevlar man gloves

These features work together to make this the most versatile pair of gloves ever. Your hands no longer have to bear the brunt for your handyman life. Keep them out of harm’s way with this ingenious solution. 

kevlar man gloves

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