25 Cool Gifts for Horse Lovers That Make Them Smile

Horses are gregarious creatures. Some people might be scared of horses, but horse lovers find their own happiness while riding this fabulous animal. As horse riding is definitely a wonderful method to improve horse lovers’ lives, horse gifts will undoubtedly be something hard to resist. Not to mention, horse lovers also treat those humble animals as great partners by ensuring that horses have happy and healthy lives. Beside the happiness that horses bring to horse fans, some of them also do sports with them. Since equestrians have a strong bond with horses, you can get them cool gifts for horse lovers to make them smile ear to ear.

Having horse lovers in your life could be pretty challenging. Since they have a specific and luxurious hobby, finding gifts for horse lovers has never been easy. However, don’t worry! We have collected awesome items across the internet that surely will inspire you to get the best one for your horse lovers. Let’s dig in!

Personalized Gifts For Horse Lovers

Personalized gifts for horse lovers always have a special place in their heart. As they are customizable, it shows how thoughtful you are while choosing the gifts. Not to mention, it also makes the gifts for horse lovers unique and one of a kind in the world.

1. Silver Horseshoe Engraved

Silver Horseshoe Engraved

Did you know that horseshoes are believed to be a lucky charm? Show your care and support with this amazing silver horseshoe to bring your horse lovers good fortune. Moreover, you can add engraved texts such as name or anniversary date to create a memorable gift in their life.

2. Equestrian Gifts Word Art

Equestrian Gifts Word Art

If your horse lovers are equestrians, they surely will fall in love with this gift. This is one of the most thoughtful gifts for horse lovers which portrays the feelings of the horse and the rider in a beautiful art. Unlike the ordinary photo of a girl with a horse, this photo is filled with sweet equestrian words that strengthen the connection between them.

3. Pony Horse Photo Bottle

Pony Horse Photo Bottle

This tiny photo bottle will make a great desk ornament in your horse lovers’ office. Made from a glass bottle and oak display stand, you can personalized the photo of your horse lovers with their favorite horse inside. Moreover, you can add engraved text in the display stand to make it touch their heart.

4. Horse Door Name Sign

Horse Door Name Sign

Give your horse lovers a personal space with this awesome horse door sign. With this gift, no one will enter their room without their permission. Featuring reclaimed wood and traditional Welsh Slate, it is also equipped with cast iron horseshoe hooks. Your horse lovers can personalized it with name or messages, making it a perfect sign in their door bedroom.

5. Personalized Horse Locket

Personalized Horse Locket

Get your horse lovers something that can give them strength and confidence such as this awesome horse locket. A high-quality silver plated locket and a silver plated horse charm are used to create this horse necklace, bringing out some of the fine details. Moreover, you can add a personal picture inside of the locket that has dazzling accents.

6. Personalized Racing Horse Pendant

Personalized Racing Horse Pendant

If your equestrians love to name their favorite horse, then it will be one of the best gifts for horse lovers. This is a simple horse copper pendant with laser engraved name in the middle, which makes a great pendant on their necklace. Your horse lovers will surely be happy with this gift as it always reminds them of their best buddy.

7. Horse Wooden Style Tumblr

Horse Wooden Style Tumblr

Don’t let your horse lovers dehydrate by giving them this horse wooden style tumblr. Since, they should love outdoor activities, this will be one of the perfect gifts for horse lovers to maintain the water intake. Moreover, the wooden horse style and personalized name makes this tumblr also has its own appeal.

8. Personalized Horse Keyring

Personalized Horse Keyring

Show your support towards your horse lovers’ hobby with this beautiful horse keyring. It consists of jumping horse pendant and initial letters made from silver and stainless steel that will beautifully shine in their travel bag or keys. This horse gift will make a beautiful keepsake to treasure.

9. Personalized Horse Bracelet Charm

Personalized Horse Bracelet Charm

In this stunning bracelet, you can collect all the good charm in one. Made from stainless steel with awesome horse pendants, it symbolizes great energy and good fortune for your horse lovers. In addition, you can personalize it with the initial letter of your lovers in the heart pendant which will warm their heart.

Funny Gifts For Horse Lovers

Some horse lovers also see this charming animal as a funny creature because it has a silly face and gestures. Moreover, some horse gifts are also hilarious and lift up the mood. Therefore, funny gifts for horse lovers will never fail to crack their laughter. 

1. Sitting Horse Eyeglass Holder

Sitting Horse Eyeglass Holder

What can be funnier than a sitting horse? A sitting horse with eyeglasses! This is one of the funniest gifts for horse lovers that will release the stress after busy work. Your horse lovers can put their eyeglasses in this funny horse holder to create a hilarious look that will make them smile and laugh, perfect for the office desk ornament.

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2. Horse Sign Decor

Horse Sign Decor

In case your horse lovers find it difficult to focus while hearing noises, this horse sign decor will be a functional item in their life. It shows funny texts and hilarious horse expressions that will remind people to keep the door closed. Therefore, horse lovers can have a peaceful time in their own room.

3. Horse Racing Game

Horse Racing Game

Bring the horse riding experience at home with this funny gift for horse lovers. This horse racing game is simple to play but impossible to put down, and it’s sure to be a funny game for jockeys of all ages. This fast-paced game is suitable for large groups or a small group of buddies to play. 

4. Equestrian Duvet Pillowcase Set

Equestrian Duvet Pillowcase Set

If your equestrian is hard to be apart from their favorite horse, then you can bring their buddy into their bedroom in a funny way. Made from 100% organic cotton with creative design of the horse with the rider’s body, this bed cover makes a hilarious bedtime as if your horse lovers sleep with the horse. Your young horse lovers will be able to dream every night.

5. Custom Funny Horse Socks

Custom Funny Horse Socks

Make a gag with these funny horse socks to brighten their day. These socks will be perfect gifts for horse lovers on Christmas. These socks feature the funny faces of your horse lovers and the horses that will make them unique items in the world. Made from polyester and nylon, they bring extra warmth and comfort in a funny way.

6. I am Talking To My Horse Today Hoodie

I am Talking To My Horse Today Hoodie

This is one of the perfect Christmas gifts for horse lovers who are introverted, enjoy being alone, and only love to be with their horse all the time. Unlike the regular hoodie, the design gives a strong message to give them some space in a funny way. They might only get to talk with their horse, but at least they got the warmth and softness from this premium material.

7. Barn Hair Don’t Care Baseball Cap

Barn Hair Don’t Care Baseball Cap

In case your horse lovers often get messy hair, you can avoid them from the bad hair day with this funny gift. The baseball cap has a funny message that says “Barn Hair Don’t Care” that keeps the messy hair away. Your horse lovers only have to hide their bad hair inside this funny baseball cap but still look stunning.

8. Buck Off Funny Horse Mug

Buck Off Funny Horse Mug

With this funny horse mug, anger will turn into laughter. This funny gift for horse lovers has a simple design and message, but it radiates hilarious meaning. Suppose your horse lovers are having a bad day, they will burst into smiles and laugh while seeing this mug. It also will be a great buddy while drinking their morning coffee.

Luxury Gifts For Horse Lovers

As equestrians have an expensive hobby, they definitely will appreciate luxury gifts for horse lovers. They believe in the value of luxury gifts for horse lovers as they can be great keepsakes to cherish forever. Moreover, those gifts also feel timeless and eternal for decades.

1. Girls Embrace Horse Silver Necklace

Girls Embrace Horse Silver Necklace

Get your horse lovers a luxury gift that can last for a long time. This stunning necklace will be the perfect item for your horse lovers. The beautiful girls embrace a horse pendant made of 925 sterling silver, making it possible to wear comfortably, especially for people with sensitive skin.

2. Hand Painted Horse Sculptures Memory Box

Hand Painted Horse Sculptures Memory Box

This luxury gift for horse lovers will bring sentiment, value, and art in their life. It displays meaningful text “Always there for me” inside the box, which will undoubtedly touch their hearts. On the hinged lid of a reddish-brown square wood box is a hand-painted wood box with bas-relief resin carving of a girl in green dress, arms embracing a reddish-color horse.

3. Gold Horse Crystal Luck Pendant

Gold Horse Crystal Luck Pendant

No one can resist the beautiful gold horse pendant. It features a charming gold horse inside the handmade crystal, making it look luxurious and stunning. This gift for horse lovers will be a perfect gift to treasure. The ideal size makes it suitable for a lucky charm which can be brought everywhere to bring positive energy.

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4. Horse Head Wall Hook

Horse Head Wall Hook

Add elegant touch in your horse lovers’ room with this luxury horse head wall hook. This horse wall hook has a beautiful black mount made from resin, which will be a focal point in the room. Beside the artistic value, it also can be a useful item to place a coat and hat comfortably.

5. Lucky Love Wind Chime

Lucky Love Wind Chime

Make your horse lovers feel lucky and loved with this beautiful wind chime. It has a fancy design with a charming horseshoe which is believed to bring good fortune, framed in a love shape to remind them that they are loved. Not to mention, the tiny bells will bring a calming sound once the wind comes. It is a perfect gift to be placed near the window of your horse lovers.

6. World Class Shoe Shine Kit

World Class Shoe Shine Kit

The high quality of horse hairs will never fail to wow your horse lovers. This is one of the best gifts for horse lovers to make their shoes shine. The brush is made from premium horse hair, making it perfect for any kind of shoe material. Moreover, this luxury kit also comes with world class tools to take care of their expensive shoes.

7. Horse Paperweight 3D

Horse Paperweight 3D

With this elegant gift for horse lovers, it will beautifully decor their office room. This gift portrays a jumping horse with laser engraved crystal, giving a 3D look to its appeal. Made from pure crystal, this paperweight has transparent design which makes the horse amazingly flying, perfect for their office desk ornament. 

8. Rustic Horse Metal Art

Rustic Horse Metal Art

If your horse lovers also admire the creative art, then this figure will be a perfect gift. The stunning horse is one-of-a-kind, made by hand pounding and welding metal, then hand-painted by the great artist. This would be a higher collection value that enhances your horse lovers’ room aesthetic atmosphere.

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