Animal Hooves and Paws Socks

These Funny Animal Hooves And Paws Socks will bring out your wild side making your feet look like cat, elephant, or horse hooves and paws.

Plus, every time you take off your shoes all eyes will be on you. Human eyes at least.

How do you even begin describing these socks? They are so realistic that they make human feet look weirdly animalistic. So much so, that even the soles of your feet will look like, say, cat paws in HD quality.

The socks come in different designs. More specifically, you can turn your feet into cat or dog paws; elephant, eagle, or even alligator feet; zebra, pig, horse, or donkey hooves. 

Animal Hooves and Paws Socks

So if you ever wondered how it feels to transform into an animal you can give your feet a small taste of it.

The socks are made out of stretchy polyester fabric and are machine washable. They fit most human feet, up to men’s size 13.

Animal Hooves and Paws Socks

Frankly, they are a hilarious and awesome gift for any animal lover. Plus, they can be your go-to lazy Halloween costume piece and that’s always a plus. 

Animal Hooves and Paws Socks

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