25 Cool Neon Signs To Build A Thrilling Room

There are many ways to make your room more thrilling, colorful, and beautiful. If you don’t want to dirty your hands with paint and crayon, you can use cool neon signs to build a colorful room.

Cool neon signs usually represent a statement or a picture. For example, a confession of love, a sign of affection, a weapon, or even a famous symbol. The neon sign is not only used to brighten or color your room but also as a way to communicate with someone.

Why Are Neon Signs Cool?

Neon signs are not just cool by word. The neon sign is cool because of its shape, color, and the philosophy behind its shape and color. For instance, the tiger neon sign represents courage.

Why Are Neon Lights Better?

Neon lights are better because they consume less energy than an ordinary light bulb. Not to mention cool neon signs are greater because they have various users across the industry. No wonder it is usually used for advertising.

BEST Neon Sign – Our 4 Best Picks

Neon Sign for Motivational QuoteNeon Sign for Animal LoverNeon Sign for GamersNeon Sign for Happy People
Neon Sign “Do What You Love”Tiger Neon SignROG LED Neon SignDopamine Neon Sign
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Cool Neon Signs To Color Your Room

1. Guns Pistols AK-47 Neon

Guns Pistols AK-47 Neon

Counter-strike players will be familiar with this weapon. Categorized as an assault rifle, AK-47 is one of the deadliest weapons in the game. The Russian’s invention is also famous in other first-person shooter games. These cool neon signs are made for first-person shooter games lovers and an army that has a dream to use this weapon.

2. Dopamine Neon Sign

Dopamine Neon Sign

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in human pleasure such as food, accomplishment. To make it short, every time a human does an activity to survive (eating food, drinking water, mate to get an offspring), the brain will reward dopamine. Cool neon signs like these are perfect for a psychiatrist, a psychologist, and a neurologist since they study this in their major. Also, a sad chemistry expert could recover from stress from this neon sign.

3. BABE You LOOK So COOL Custom Neon Sign

BABE You LOOK So COOL Custom Neon Sign

Giving a compliment with a lamp is such a unique way. This neon sign is an alternative way to compliment or confess a feeling to your spouse. The cool way to confess your feelings will not go to waste.

4. ROG LED Neon Sign

ROG LED Neon Sign

ROG is a well-known computer/laptop brand in the gamer community. People who are serious about becoming pro gamers must invest in this laptop/computer. These cool neon signs that are shaped as ROG will burn their spirit to train more to reach their dream.

5. Cowboy Neon Sign

Cowboy Neon Sign

Do you plan on a coffee shop with a cowboy’s theme? Or a cowboy lover? Cool neon signs like these are great to decorate a room, especially for a wild west geek. The blue color will brighten your cafe with a cowboy or a wild west theme in the night. 

6. Alien Neon Lights

Alien Neon Lights

Anyone who will see these cool neon signs will be surprised for sure because they thought that they had seen an alien. The neon sign is suitable for an astronomer or an alien believer.

7. Butterfly Neon Sign

Butterfly Neon Sign

A butterfly in real life looks beautiful, so does a butterfly as cool neon signs. The neon sign will be perfect for an artistic person who loves their room to be colorful or insect lovers.

8. Batman’s Yellow Neon Sign

Batman's Yellow Neon Sign

A superhero theme as a lamp to brighten your room sounds cool. These cool neon signs that represent a batman symbol will make your room yellowish and add a secure feeling because of its superhero theme. A Batman fan will be delighted to have this neon sign.

9. Mushroom Neon Sign

Mushroom Neon Sign

Mushrooms usually grow in a dead plant. For a biologist, mushrooms are interesting to study. They not only can be served as delicious food but also as a herb. Cool neon signs that are shaped like a mushroom are fit for a mushroom lover or a mushroom researcher.

10. Pink Lips Neon Lights

Pink Lips Neon Lights

A husband needs a romantic surprise after a tiring day after work. As a wife, you can prepare cool neon signs like lips. Without a doubt, your husband’s love for you will become firmer and his stress will be reduced greatly.

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11. Cat Neon Signs

Cat Neon Signs

Not everyone is approved to have a cat in their house. One of the solutions to implementing this is to install cool neon signs shaped like a cat. The neon sign can contribute as a substitute if you really want a cat really much.

12. Gaming Neon Signs

Gaming Neon Signs

Gamers do not only play on a personal computer or laptop but also with PlayStation. The joystick cool neon signs are such perfect coordination to play a game in the console in the darkroom.

13. Neon Pink Rose Flower

Neon Pink Rose Flower

Roses are one of the expressions to confess a romantic feeling to a girl. The girlfriend would be surprised and enjoy your romantic gift like these cool neon signs. Don’t worry, this rose neon sign doesn’t have a thorn, unlike a real rose which has a sharp thorn that will give you a wound.

14. Skeleton Skull Neon Signs

Skeleton Skull Neon Signs

A skull in jolly roger of pirate flags is quite common. Cool neon signs with a skull shape are rare and unique. The skull will help decorate the room to be pinkier. A pink lover might like this neon sign.

15. Lighter Shaped Neon Light

Lighter Shaped Neon Light

Smokers tend to light their smoke with a lighter. If they want to smoke in the dark, they should have cool neon signs that have a lighter shape. Furthermore, the fire from the lighter is not forgotten in the neon sign. 

16. Tropical Sunset & Sea LED Neon Sign

Tropical Sunset & Sea LED Neon Sign

Missing a holiday sensation because of the pandemic is totally normal. You should bring the holiday vibe with a tropical sunset & sea neon sign. The cool neon signs make you feel like you are watching a sunset at the beach on your long holiday.

17. Flame Neon Sign

Flame Neon Sign

A real flame could brighten your room just fine but play with fire and you will risk yourself getting a burn. Rest assured, you can play with this kind of fire, to be precise a flame neon sign. Fire bender fans from the Avatar Aang series may like this as a gift.

18. Angel Wings Neon Sign

Angel Wings Neon Sign

Angelic vibes in a room will definitely make that room calmer. The angel wings’ cool neon signs are such a perfect gift for a religious person. Especially if they are a dedicated person for the afterlife.

19. Playing Cards Neon Signs

Playing Cards Neon Signs

Playing a poker game in the middle of the dark is a challenging, yet interesting job to do. To add more vibe to it, the playing cards’ cool neon signs will accompany that session till the game is over or both you and your friend or family are satisfied.

20. Basketball Neon Signs

Basketball Neon Signs

Every athlete including a basketball player needs motivation to be the best. Because the hardest thing to do is always being motivated and performing well consistently. The basketball cool neon signs will improve basketball motivation many times fold. When they play basketball in the basketball field, meanwhile they sleep with a basketball neon sign as a companion.

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21. Neon Sign “Do What You Love”

led light

A crisis might hit anyone regardless of their age. One of the well-known crises is the quarter-life crisis which happens usually in people from a range of 20 years old to 30 years old. If you or your friend happens to get this kind of crisis, you should buy these cool neon signs. Just do what you love and be happy, but don’t forget that there are rules in this life.

22. Football Neon Sign

Football led light

If there is a basketball neon sign, so does a football neon sign. The football cool neon signs will reflect your love of football and make you stay motivated. Amateur or pro footballer, this football neon sign is a proper gift to both of them.

23. Pink and White Popsicle LED Neon

Pink and White Popsicle LED Neon

The sweet and icy sensation when you bite or lick an ice cream is such an unforgettable event. If you miss ice cream, you should buy these ice cream cool neon signs. An ice cream lover surely will love this in their room.

24. Dinosaur Neon Sign

Dinosaur led light

Dinosaurs have long become extinct animals that are popular til these days like the dodo birds. The ancient animals lived millions of years ago and became the apex predators in their respective environments. The dinosaur cool neon signs look cute and great for a dinosaur lover, especially if the dinosaur lover is a woman.

25.  Tiger Neon Sign

Tiger light

Tiger symbolizes sternness, courage, ferocity, and dignity in the ancient Chinese symbol. Such tiger cool neon signs are deserved for a person who has qualities like those mentioned above. The tiger will also make your room more charismatic.

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