30 Quirky Halloween Mugs & Coffee Cups You Can Buy!

Quirky Halloween mugs can start our day off with a dose of good cheer and inject some Halloween spirit into the lives of those around us. They are the ideal coffee mugs for a Halloween party or as fun gifts for loved ones. Some of these are quite bizarre while others seem just a bit outlandish. But what they all have in common is the great sense of humour that they are ready to share with the world.

So whether you love to stand out or just want to have some fun inspiring fear in the people you love, we have got you covered. Browse through our compilation of some of the most interesting Halloween mugs ever and pick out whichever ones tickle your pickle.

Funny Halloween Mugs and Coffee Cups:

#1 Flip My Witch Switch Halloween Mug 

Flip My Witch Switch Halloween Mug

This is one of the most amusing witchy coffee mugs made with love for the Halloween season. The imagery used on the mug does a great job at communicating the connotation behind the words and the blend of fonts is both playful and captivating.

It is a most appropriate gift for moms as we have all seen their wild side when they get pushed to the wall. It is a fun way to show them how much we care. Find it Here


#2 Candy Inspector Mug 

Candy Inspector Mug

This mug is absolutely humorous making use of a fun font to pass across its message. It gives the one who holds it the best job in the house this season and ensures they get their fill of all things nice. So be sure to save it for the most precious person of them all and let them have a blast trick or treating all night long. Who knows, they just might get sweeter than they already are! Find it Here.


#3 Morning Pumpkin Mug 

Morning Pumpkin Mug

The play on words and remarkable use of color on this mug makes it the ideal way to start every morning this pumpkin season.

It is full of love and life and finds a subtle way to charm and endear without as much as a hello. It provides the perfect excuse to cozy up and enjoy a hot beverage in the company of someone you love while the world stands still. Find it Here


#4 Witch’s Brew Coffee Mug 

Witch’s Brew Coffee Mug

Witch’s Brew Coffee Mug

This is a most whimsical mug featuring a bubbling cauldron and the witch right inside it with only her legs thrashing about in the air.

You cannot help but smile when you see it for the first time and that is the precise cheerfulness you could share with friends and family if you chose this as a gift for them. It would serve as a way to ensure that they start every day on the highest possible note. Find it Here


#5 Scary Pennywise IT Clown Mug 

Scary Pennywise IT Clown Mug

Do you have a friend who is absolutely terrified of clowns? Why not help them overcome their fear by introducing this almost lifelike clown into their lives.

He might scream every morning for a couple of days but soon the scare effect will grow old and they will become buddies for life. And they will have you to thank eternally for the gift and free therapy. Find it Here.


#6 Happy Halloween Skull Calavera Mug 

Happy Halloween Skull Calavera Mug

The vintage font, color choice and facial features of this zombie combine rather well to make it the ultimate Halloween mug.

It is meant to be gifted to a dear husband and it captures the spirit of the season quite remarkably. It will serves as a useful reminder of this year’s Halloween as well as your undying devotion for many years to come. Find it Here.


#7 Freddy Krueger and Super Villains Coffee Mug 

Freddy Krueger and Super Villains Coffee Mug

The top-notch graphics on these Super-Villains Halloween mugs make a perfect tribute to a memorable team come alive. If you lived the movie you will love these cups and you will want them as part of your show of allegiance to the crew behind it. If you are yet to watch it then here is your chance to enjoy it, mug in hand. Find it Here.


#8 Nightmare Jack Mug 

Nightmare Jack Mug

Nightmare Jack Mug

This minimalistic jack mug contains a very high level of artistry, making use of the simplest possible details to bring a nightmare to life.

It creates the perfect opportunity to spook up friends as they try to decipher the face behind the image. The inclusion of the handle as part of the mug’s art makes it simply outstanding. Find it Here.


#9 Current Mood Pumpkin Halloween Mug 

Current Mood Pumpkin Halloween Mug

The current mood mug allows you to find a reason to smile every morning once you catch sight of the ever-smiling pumpkin painted in the perfect shade of orange to fight off gloom and boredom.

It is also a way to share your good spirits with those around you as we all know that smiles are infectious, and this is the most infectious of them all. Find it Here.


#10 Yes I Can Drive a Stick Witch Mug 

I Can Drive a Stick Witch Mug

These witch Halloween mugs take the witching aspect all the way, complete with a broom and text about the art. They are fun and spontaneous and are a perfect gift for the adventurous outdoorsy type who might actually have tried stick driving at some point in time. They are also great for moms who spend more time with the broom than anyone else. Find it Here.


#11 Spider Web Mug 

Spider Web Mug

This simple design makes use of the intricate design and ornate beauty of a spider web to create on of the most appealing Halloween coffee cups.

Though the spider is pretty tiny, the use of orange on his back serves to highlight his presence and capture the theme of the occasion. Everyone would love this Halloween cup as a timely present. Find it Here.


#12 Happy Halloween Coffee Mug 

Happy Halloween Coffee Mug

This cheerful mug spells out the fun side of Halloween making use of an eerie font and spooky bats with angled orange eyes. it makes you fall in love instantly and would be a great choice to take to the office to break the ice.

It would also make the best addition to a jovial person’s collection looking great in their display and granting them a license to keep smiling. Find it Here.


#13 Witch’s Hat Halloween Mug 

Witch’s Hat Halloween Mug

The witch’s hat is a symbol of mystery, if unknown worlds and a perfect graphical representation of the powers beyond our reach. It is also kind of chic and says so much together with the whimsical font right below it. It is well suited to the season and will work well for the man of few words, capturing his essence in the fanciest way. Find it Here.


#14 Happy Halloween Witches Mug 

Happy Halloween Witches Mug

These ceramic Halloween coffee mugs are both extremely amusing and cheerful, capturing the spirit of the season together with a few laughs with friends.

They would be greatly appreciated as gifts to the ladies you hold closest to your heart and without whom life is a bore. Even though you may be miles apart, it will serve as a visual symbol of eternal bonds of friendship. Find it Here


#15 His and Hers Couples Halloween Mugs 

His and Hers Couples Halloween Mugs

This matching Halloween mug set is an impressive gift for a couple you hold dear. They showcase great creativity in conveying the message at hand as well as communicating the gender behind the mugs. They are sufficiently spooky to get them in the mood for Halloween and make a great humorous addition to the breakfast table for the rest of the time. Find it Here.


#16 Star Bucks Halloween Travel Mug 

Star Bucks Halloween Travel Mug

Starbucks Halloween mugs are made with care to pack up functionality and style for Michael Myers lovers. They ensure visibility of the design and message by printing on both sides and this makes all the difference because the entire appeal is in the printed section. The simplicity of the design and choice of color make the mugs quite impressive. Find it Here.


#17 RIP Halloween Mug 

RIP Halloween Mug

Spooky Halloween mugs do not come any scarier than this one. It is quite minimalistic yet says so much that is in harmony with the season. Its simplicity is the greatest point of interest while the message serves to ensure that you don’t miss out on any part of the celebration. It could make a great point of interest for enhancing your Halloween décor. Find it Here.


#18 Full Moon Halloween Mug 

Full Moon Halloween Mug

The full moon mug boasts a great combination of eerie moonlight, black as night bats and the most vintage fonts of them all. The effect is a mug that is perfectly suited to the theme of the holiday yet refreshingly simple in every imaginable way. The full moon reflects the orange related to pumpkins and ties the whole concept together seamlessly. Find it Here.


#19 Drink If You Dare Dripping Blood Mug 

Drink If You Dare Dripping Blood Mug

Drink If You Dare Dripping Blood Mug

It is not every day that you find a Halloween prop that will both amuse and make you nervous. With every single sip from the mug, you pay attention to the flavor trying to confirm that it actually is coffee and you are not in a dream. It provides quite a way to bring your mind to life as you drag yourself around half-heartedly. Find it Here.


#20 Eat Drink and Be Scary Mug 

Eat Drink and Be Scary Mug

If any mug could summarize all the highlights of the season and still get you quite a good laugh it would be this one. Employing the use of imagery with a witch and cat on board a broom as well as a simple amusing phrase you have got to love this one! The font is also very cheerful and the mug is one you will want to have for the longest time. Find it Here.


#21 Personalised Moms Little Pumpkins Halloween Mugs 

Personalised Moms Little Pumpkins Halloween Mugs

Is there anything better than having all your little pumpkins together on one memorable mug? Well, having actual pumpkins sitting in their place is pretty awesome, is it not? The mum in witchy shoes makes it even more interesting and the customization option definitely is the icing on the cake. Have fun with it and keep your dear little ones close to your heart using this mug Find it Here.


#22 Horror Squad Goals Mug 

Horror Squad Goals Mug

These funny Halloween mugs derive their potential to amuse from the animated graphics of the scary movie cast. They bring lots of fun to the Halloween table and to the breakfast table for the rest of the year as we wait for the next season of cheer. Always take a look at them whenever you are feeling down and enjoy the instant energy boost they are certain to provide. Find it Here.


#23 Deadly Nightshade Halloween Cup 

Deadly Nightshade Halloween Cup

The inspiration behind this mug captures the essence of Halloween in a way few others can. It employs perfect use of simplicity yet makes the deepest meaning. The nightmare before Christmas works perfectly to spook you up sufficiently and you can spread the scare by sharing these mugs as gifts with the near and dear ones that make your life complete. Find it Here.Find it Here.


#24 Star Bucks Halloween Mugs 

Star Bucks Halloween Mugs

These star bucks Halloween mugs make the best use of color contrast between a bright shade of green and a glossy black that blend well to make an awesome gift choice. They appear classy and sophisticated and look like they could make any cup of coffee taste great. The Michael Meyers black and white image is perfect to set the mood for this coming season and gets you all hyped up in anticipation. Find it Here.


#25 Wicked AF Witch Hat Mug 

Wicked AF Witch Hat Mug

The wicked AF Halloween mugs are for the daring souls who have never mastered the art of minding their language. They provide a perfect outlet and excuse to employ their poetic license and amuse viewers while at it. The witch’s hat adds another dose of humor to complete the effect and turn the mug into an undisputed work of art. Find it Here.


#26 Trick or Treat Mug 

Trick or Treat Mug

These mugs use every trick in the book to let the world know that it is that time of year again. So get your tools of trade out and have some fun trick or treating till you drop down in candy fatigue.

Savor these precious memories every morning over a cup of coffee as you hold your breath waiting for the next Halloween. The graphics on these mugs are amazing and the attention to detail is quite stunning making them an impressive gift. Find it Here.


#27 Snoopy Jack O Lantern Mug 

Snoopy Jack O Lantern Mug

The snoopy Jack O Lantern mugs are the most hilarious yet. The animation is so surreal and the message is crisp and clear.

The artwork is so good that the mug does not need a single word to let you know that it’s Halloween once again, a time for pranks and treats, a time to scare the ones you love and to treat them all to a great time. Find it Here.


#28 Halloween Brew Mug

Halloween Brew Mug

If ever there was a special brew for Halloween I would love to drink it out of this fun mug; would you not? They would be great for a Halloween party as they capture every aspect of the spirit with the font, the well-executed graphics and the idea behind the text. They also make an incredible season’s gift for everyone who might be too far away to share the good cheer in person. Find it Here.


#29 Black Cat Pumpkin Mug 

Black Cat Pumpkin Mug

Our feline friends make everything they touch quite adorable and outstanding. The black cat has long been associated with mystery making them perfect for Halloween mug imagery. Her position on the pumpkin is quite interesting and the color combinations on the inside and outside of the mug add to the fascinating appeal this unique piece has to offer. Find it Here.


#30 Personalised Halloween Mugs 

Personalised Halloween Mugs

Personalised Halloween Mugs

Personalised Halloween Mugs

The color orange is a bright and joyful choice and on this adorable mug it elicits enthusiasm in quite a remarkable way. The personalization option just adds to the thrill as it allows you to express your thoughtfulness in the presentation of this gift. It would be perfect for the Halloween season and for the rest of the year as an impressive mug full of love and good cheer. Find it Here.

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