How to Choose the Perfect Gift? A Step-by-Step Guide

Consider the recipient’s interests, needs, and desires, and opt for something unique that reflects your personal connection with them. It’s also important to think about the gift’s practicality and how it will add value to their life.

A special day is just around the corner, and guess what? It’s time for gift hunting!

Hunting for gifts is exciting, I know. It will be even more exciting if you are hunting gifts for the most important person in your life or someone who matters to you the most.

If you are thinking about how to choose the perfect gift for that special person, I would suggest that you go for a gift that is meaningful and special for them.

You also need to make sure the gift aligns with the receiver’s interests, personalities, and also needs. 

How to Choose the Perfect Gift
How to Choose the Perfect Gift

In addition, you can always consider giving a personalized gift to them. When it comes to the most perfect and meaningful gift, I also believe that personalized gifts will never go wrong.

Now that you’re here, you might want to stick around and continue scrolling down, because below I will be sharing with you the step-and-step guide or gift shopping tips on how to choose the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Step-by-Step Guide to Choose Perfect Gift

Since you are searching for the perfect gift for a special person in your life, then I think it is crucial to consider all the most important aspects before you finally make a purchase.

To help you with the consideration, I will be sharing 9 steps on how to choose the perfect gift for that special person in your life.

So, wait no more and let’s start with the first step below.

1. Understanding the Recipient

How to Choose the Perfect Gift
Understanding the Recipient

First thing first, you might want to conduct a small research to find out the recipient’s interest, hobbies, and needs. This is an important step to take, before you begin your hunting.

The perfect gift needs to be meaningful and useful for the receiver, and therefore make sure you know have all the required data about the person before you pick the perfect gift.

Aside from interests and such, I also recommend you to dig down the receiver’s personality.

Well, I know that you already know that person very well, but it won’t be a sin to dig a little bit deeper, right? For instance, if that person is an adventurous soul, then you can go for outdoor stuff. Or, if that person is tech-savvy, then gadgets would be a great gift idea.  

2. Consider the Occasion

How to Choose the Perfect Gift
Consider the Occasion

The most common and perfect moments for gift giving may include birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, holidays, Christmas, or graduations. But for a person you love the most, then you don’t have to wait for special days to give a perfect gift to them, because any day can be a special day. 

However, making your gift becomes more special for them, no matter what the occasion might be. It’s always recommended to tailor the gift based on the occasion, to make it more memorable and meaningful.

Also, make sure you treat the most special day for the receiver by getting a specific gift to celebrate the occasion, such as your wedding anniversary or Valentine’s day. 

3. Set a Budget

How to Choose the Perfect Gift
Set a Budget

The next important step to take is to set a budget for the gift.

When it comes to how to choose the perfect gift for a special person, the problem is that you will always want to go for something good, and most of the time, something good also comes with a price. So, let’s set the price in advance to help us stick with the budget plan.

After all, it’s the thought that counts, not the price tag, right?

If you are currently tight on budget, you can also make a DIY gift. Trust me, a DIY gift will always carry thoughtfulness and will always be a meaningful item for the recipient to cherish.

Spending your time to create a gift can become a gesture with more value that money can’t buy. 

4. Research Ideas

How to Choose the Perfect Gift
Research Ideas

Another gift buying guide is to get as many ideas as you can. The best places to search for gift ideas include gift-related websites, magazines or social media like Instagram or Pinterest. You will find countless recommendations of ideas for every occasion and person.

Even better, you can also find gift recommendations for people based on occasion or age. 

In addition, I think it would also be a great idea to ask family members for suggestions and recommendations of gifts.

For instance, if you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend, you can ask his parents or friends for some gift recommendations. This is a step that will help you find the perfect gift for him more easily. 

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5. Personalization

How to Choose the Perfect Gift

As I said earlier, getting personalized gifts or custom presents for your loved one will never go wrong. A personalized gift will always have a special touch that never fails to put a smile on the recipient’s face.

Tumblers, bracelets, canvas bags are some of the most popular gifts that allow options for personalization. Those gifts can be engraved and you can write the recipient’s name, initials, message or a special date to it. 

Moreover, choosing a personalized gift that represents special or personal memories between you and the recipient is also recommended.

For example, you can pick a photo frame and have it engraved with your special wedding date, and input your photo together with the recipient into the frame. I believe without a doubt it will be one of the most meaningful gifts ever. 

6. Practicality vs. Novelty

Practicality vs. Novelty
Practicality vs. Novelty

Another thing to consider when it comes to how to choose the perfect gift for someone is to know exactly whether the recipient loves to have something practical or prefers a novelty gift to give them something new to enjoy.

For instance, a husband who loves to spend time in the garage with his car would love to receive a practical tool to help him fix his car.

On the other hand, a husband or boyfriend who loves new technology would be thrilled to have a new smart watch with more features. 

However, you can also pick something that has a mix of both practicality or novelty. Although you might need extra efforts to find the perfect item, I can assure you the perfect gift with a combination of practicality and novelty elements will never go wrong. 

7. Experience Gifts

Experience Gifts
Experience Gifts

Sometimes, a perfect gift doesn’t have to be an item or a product. A special gift can also come in the form of an experience like a gift voucher, concert tickets, a cooking class, or perhaps a relaxing spa day to unwind after a hectic week. 

I think you need to understand the fact that sometimes, experience has more value than expensive items. Certain experiences can be very memorable and one-of-a-kind for many people.

So, if you are thinking of getting an experience gift for your lovely significant other, then I am on your back.

8. Presentation


Packaging holds an important role when it comes to the perfect gifts. Most of the time, you will find stores, both online or offline, who sell gifts that include the packaging as well, for free.

Adding a sweet wrapping to your gift will add meaning and thoughtfulness, which will show the recipient how much to put a thought to the gift. It will also show that you consider the recipient as someone special in your life.

To add more personal touch to the gift, I also recommend that you add a greeting card and leave a sweet note to let the recipient know how much you care about them.

It doesn’t matter if the gift is cheap or expensive, as long as you put all your heart into it and package it in a nice wrapping, we can assure you that it will be a perfect gift to cherish forever. 

9. The Element of Surprise

The Element of Surprise
The Element of Surprise

The last step to consider on how to choose the perfect gift for a special person in your life is to think about adding the element of surprise to the gift. But before you decide to add this particular element to your gift, make sure you know exactly that the recipient loves surprises.

As you know, not everyone loves surprises so it’s always better to make sure before you make any move. 

Moreover, once it is confirmed that the recipient loves surprises, the next step to take is to adjust the surprise based on their taste and preference.

It can be a bit tricky to add surprises, but once you know for sure what the recipient loves and how you create a surprise that suits their preference, I believe your suppose will be a huge success!

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the 9 important steps on how to choose the perfect gift for a special person in your life, you can start with your hunt and we believe in no time, you will find what you’re looking for.

However, before you give it to the recipient, it’s important to ask yourself, would you feel happy to receive the gift if someone gave the same item to you?

Then, make sure you pick the gift that is suitable with the kind of relationship between you and the receiver. It’s important to consider whether it’s appropriate or not to give the item to your mom, wife, girlfriend, or even grandma.

Gift hunting is fun indeed, but still, make sure you follow the 9 steps above to make sure you pick the perfect gift for the right person.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What if I don’t know the person well?

If you are trying to give a person you don’t know very well, getting a gift that will be useful for most people is recommended. For such a reason, a gift card can be the most thoughtful option. 

Can I ask the person what they want?

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to ask a person what they want for a gift, as long as you do it correctly. It will ensure that you are spending your money on something that the recipient will truly use and enjoy. 

Is regifting acceptable?

There are certain situations when giving a present is acceptable. You can re-gift something to someone if the gift has never been opened before, and if both people in the situation (the one who gave you the gift and the one receiving the re-gifted item) will never find out. 

How can I make a cheap gift feel special?

You can add meanings to the gift and show some thoughtfulness. You can prepare the gift by thinking about the recipient’s interests and hobbies, and pick a cheap gift that speaks to the recipient in the sweetest and simplest way.

A personalized gift that reflects the unique personality of the recipient is sure to be appreciated. 

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