25 Unforgettable Cheap Gifts for Boyfriend that Extremely Work

Searching for the best gift for your special birthday boy is definitely exciting! From sweet personalized gifts to high-tech gadgets, you can find countless options to choose from out there. However, if you’re currently tight on budget, you can still find the most unforgettable and cheap gifts for your boyfriend. You just have to be more creative, and dig a bit deeper to find the best one.

So if you’re about to start your search, where do you start? Well you can start by looking at some personalized gifts, which will make a super meaningful birthday gift. Also, you can find a useful gift that will perfectly fits his hobbies. But before you do that, let’s scroll down below and find 25 items that will give you ideas and inspirations before you pick the best yet cheap gift for your boyfriend.

#1 Men’s Personalized Flask

Men’s Personalized Flask

A personalized flask is also one of the most preferred cheap gifts for a boyfriend, since it’s small but super useful. Let him enjoy his favorite beverage and take it wherever he goes. Your boyfriend would definitely love to enjoy a sip or two on the go. To make it more personal, engrave his name’s initials on the front side of the PU leather.

#2 Mixology & Craft Whiskey Rocks

Mixology & Craft Whiskey Rocks

When it’s time for your boyfriend’s happy hour, make sure he brings this Mixology & Craft Whiskey Rocks along. Being one of the best cheap gifts for your boyfriend, we highly recommend these whiskey rocks as a gift. It includes 6 cube-shaped natural granite whiskey stones as well as a wooden tray for easy placement.

#3 Video Game Controller Baseball Cap

Video Game Controller Baseball Cap

If your boyfriend is a true gamer, then this Video Game Controller Baseball Cap is one of the best cheap gifts for him. The simple design will give him a touch of gamer kind of look. Moreover, you can choose the best color out of six options that you think will suits him the most. This hat doesn’t look cheap. That’s for sure!

#4 Personalized Pillow Cover

Personalized Pillow Cover

Let your boyfriend knows that he is the best boyfriend ever, by giving him this sweet and funny Personalized Pillow Cover as a gift. This adorable pillow is a perfect addition to his bedroom decor, which will definitely remind him of his sweet girlfriend every night. 

#5 Secret Puzzle Box

Secret Puzzle Box

If you’re looking for a cheap but impressive gift for your boyfriend, then this Clever Secret Puzzle is the answer. This is clearly the best kind of gift for a boyfriend who loves puzzles! Add a touch of mystery by putting a small gift inside, like a keychain or a bracelet, and let him enjoy the struggle of opening this mysterious box. This item is surely doesn’t look cheap at all!

#6 Personalized Stoneware Mug

Personalized Stoneware Mug

When you’re tight on budget but still wanting to give your boyfriend a thoughtful gift, then you can never go wrong with this mug. This Personalized Stoneware Mug is super gorgeous, making it his perfect coffee companion every morning. Engrave his name onto the front of this gray mug, and see how gorgeous it will look.

#7 Wooden Roller Massager

 Wooden Roller Massager

Your boyfriend will definitely thank you for this Wooden Roller Massager. This massager is super useful as it can help him relax at home after a tiring day at work. This massager might be one of the cheap gifts for your boyfriend, but the benefits are clearly not cheap at all. Made of high quality wood, this item is easy to use and long lasting, too!

#8 Beer Chiller Sticks

Beer Chiller Sticks

A bottle of cold beer is something that your boyfriend loves to enjoy, especially when he’s hanging out with his friends at home. So, why not give him this Beer Chiller Sticks that come with a bottle opener for his convenience? The price of these sticks might be cheap, but they will definitely put a smile on your boyfriend’s face.

#9 Personalized Engraved Bracelet

Personalized Engraved Bracelet

Bored of writing your birthday wish on a birthday card? Instead of writing them down on a piece of card, you can now have your wishes engraved on this personalized bracelet. This bracelet comes as a sweet yet cheap gift for your boyfriend. Made of 316L Stainless Steel, this masculine-looking bracelet will enhance your boyfriend’s appearance, perfect for any occasion.

#10 Wall Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener

Wall Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener

Your boyfriend will never have to search the kitchen while looking for a bottle opener anymore. Why? Because he will have it mounted on the kitchen wall, and ready whenever he needs it. This Wall Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener is one of his kitchen’s must-have items, which you can have at a super affordable price.

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#11 TRAVANDO Men’s Slim Wallet

TRAVANDO Men's Slim Wallet

Add safety to your boyfriend’s wallet by giving him this Travaldo Men’s Slim Wallet. This wallet comes with RFID protected lining for extra safety. Made of faux leather, this wallet doesn’t look cheap at all. With functional and slim features, this wallet also includes an integrated money clip. 

#12 The Original Cal Shot Glass

The Original Cal Shot Glass

These 50 Caliber Shot Glasses will definitely add a touch of masculinity to your boyfriend’s kitchen. Made of ceramic, these glasses will make a great addition to the kitchen decoration, and be the glasses to use when he’s having a drink together with you.

#13 Aethland Shaving Brush Set

Aethland Shaving Brush Set

Make sure his appearance is on point before starting the day, with this Aethland Shaving Brush Set. Comes with a gentle shaving cream, your boyfriend can avoid any mechanical irritation during shaving, and relieves the expansion of local skin pores after shaving. This cheap gift for your boyfriend is definitely the one to consider.

#14 Bella Air Popper Popcorn Maker

 Bella Air Popper Popcorn Maker

Your boyfriend will look forward to having a special movie night at home with you, after he received this Bella Air Popper Popcorn Maker as a gift. Made of high-quality plastic, this electric & air popcorn maker is totally dishwasher safe and easy to carry. In addition, it also features a removable top for easy cleaning.

#15 True Utility 18-in-1 Pocket Multi Tool

True Utility 18-in-1 Pocket Multi Tool

If your boyfriend loves to fix things by himself, then this True Utility 18-in-1 Pocket Multi Tool is a must-have device for him. Made of steel and titanium, this tool is highly durable. It includes screwdrivers, wrenches, hex drive, bicycle spanner, pry bar, nail cleaner, bottle opener, box opener, and a cutter. Super useful for home use and outdoor activities. 

#16 SITHON Valet Tray Desktop Storage Organizer

SITHON Valet Tray Desktop Storage Organizer

This storage organizer will keep your boyfriend’s belongings neat and tidy, not to mention ready whenever he needs them. This gift will make sure his pen, watch, car key, or AirPods are kept securely. With a sleek and stylish design, this vanity tray is made of premium leather material that offers water-proof, scratch-proof, and durability features. 

#17 Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual Coffee Grinder

A coffee lover boyfriend deserves this sleek-looking Manual Coffee Grinder. Made of heavy duty stainless steel, this grinder is highly durable and rust free. If your boyfriend enjoys a freshly ground coffee that is available anytime and anywhere, then this is the perfect gift for him. It might be cheap, but it clearly doesn’t look like one. 

#18 Whiskey Soaps

Whiskey Soaps

If Whiskey is your boyfriend’s favorite beverage, then we believe that these Whiskey soap bars can be his favorite bar soaps. Comes in a set of two, these soap bars offer a naturally fragrant and exfoliating scrub. Perfectly handmade for whiskey connoisseurs lovers, these soaps are perfect, just like your boyfriend. 

#19 Pocket Dice Games

Pocket Dice Games

Plan a special game night with your boyfriend as a birthday surprise for him. For that reason, you might need these Pocket Dice Games ready before game night. Highlighting the Area 51 and Bowling Tournament as a theme, this beautifully crafted dice set features retro colors and design. 

#20 Insten Cell Phone Stand

 Insten Cell Phone Stand

Keep his smartphone or tablet handy with easy viewing with this Insten Call Phone Stand on his desk. This stand might be a cheap gift for your boyfriend, but it can hold devices from 4” to 11”, including those with a heavy and bulky case on. 

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#21 Microbead Travel Pillow with Hood

Microbead Travel Pillow with Hood

For a boyfriend who travels a lot, this Microbead Travel Pillow will be the one gift that he will take anywhere he goes. The amazing color, plus the hood, will be a super comfy pillow for a short nap on the plane, train, or on a road trip. A soft material covers a U-shaped pillow filled with microbeads, lending a comfy feel during and after travel. 

#22 KINGFOM Stainless Steel Business Card Holder

KINGFOM Stainless Steel Business Card Holder

Surprise your boyfriend with this KINGFOM Stainless Steel Business Card Holder, as this is one of those important items but people often forget about. Thanks to you, he can keep his business cards available for him to hand out, by keeping them in this case, inside his pocket. 

#23 Best Boyfriend Ever Sweatshirt

Best Boyfriend Ever Sweatshirt

Look at this adorable sweat shirt that says ‘Best Boyfriend Ever’ and imagine your boyfriend’s wearing it on his birthday! He will look amazingly adorable and feel proud of being your best boyfriend ever. This sweatshirt was made for maximum comfort and perfect for everyday wear. 

#24 Monoprice Headphone Stand

Monoprice Headphone Stand

Looking for an item to support your boyfriend’s digital lifestyle at an affordable price? Worry no more because we have the perfect item for you. This Monochrome Headphone Stand will be a nice addition to your boyfriend’s desk. With full aluminum construction, this stand is suitable for all types of headphones.

#25 I Love My Awesome Boyfriend Keychain

 I Love My Awesome Boyfriend Keychain

Remind your boyfriend about how special he is for you by giving him this personalized leather keychain that will keep his keys safe and handy. The simple design and the natural leather color create a sweet look to this cheap gift for your boyfriend. 

Final Thoughts

The best gift for the special man in your life doesn’t always need to be expensive and fancy. When searching for the best gift for him it is best to considers the meaningful aspect about the gift, because a wonderful gift with a special meaning will worth more than the actual price of the gift. If you are currently looking for the perfect gift for a fun and loving boyfriend, you can go for a gift that can be useful for him, or perhaps a gift that related to his hobbies and things he loves. We have no doubt he will love you even more for giving home a one-of-a-kind gift. Make sure you check our list for inspirations.

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