23 Thoughtful Gifts For Actors

Genuinely amazing gifts for actors can be hard to come by. You want to find thoughtful items which celebrate their talent, and also make them laugh as soon as they open them!

Thankfully, we’ve discovered plenty of incredible presents that will do all of these things. From artwork and signs which they can display proudly in their spaces to items that will actually make their hectic life as a performer a little easier.

Prepare for a standing ovation, any gift you choose from our list is certain to receive 5 stars!

Sentimental Gift Ideas For Actors

#1 Personalized Hollywood Star Actor Gift 

Personalized Hollywood Star Actor Gift - Gifts For Actors

If a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame isn’t the ultimate accolade for aspiring actors, we don’t know what is! Even if they’re not a household name just yet, a star of their very own is still achievable.

Simply send the recipient’s name, occupation (film, drama, or music), a date you wish to include, and a brief message to the seller. In return, you’ll receive a digital copy of their star which you can then print and frame for the lucky actor in your life.

Shop the Hollywood Star gift here


#2 Funny Actor T-Shirt 

Funny Actor T-Shirt - Gifts For Actors

Any actor knows the stress of learning lines all too well. Whether it’s an entire monologue or just a few simple phrases, making sure they memorize them inside out is essential before the big night!  For that reason, we’re pretty certain they’ll appreciate this super funny T-shirt that lets everyone know where their mind is truly at.

Shop the actor t-shirt here


#3 Custom Caricature Portrait From Your Photo 

Custom Caricature Portrait From Your Photo - Gifts For Actors

What actor doesn’t dream of seeing themselves walking the red carpet? Take inspiration from that and gift them this custom portrait of them holding an Oscar by their private limo! Once you provide this seller with their photograph, they’ll create a custom caricature which you’ll receive digitally.

We love the idea of printing and framing this image but you can also have it printed onto other items such as mugs and t-shirts!

Shop the Caricature Portrait here

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#4 Funny Actor Mug – Nutrition Facts Coffee Cup 

Funny Actor Mug - Nutrition Facts Coffee Cup - Gifts For Actors

There are no two ways about it, being an actor is tough! It takes a lot of hard work, energy, and passion, plus a whole lot of caffeine! Thankfully for the actor in your life that heavily relies on a steady flow of java, this hilarious mug exists!  Not only will it house their favorite hot beverage, but it’ll also show the world just how much effort it takes to do the job they do.

Shop the funny actor coffee mug here


#5 Scratch Map Deluxe

Scratch Map Deluxe

Perhaps your actor friend travels all over the world for work, or maybe they’re simply an avid explorer during their time off. Either way, this interactive art piece is the perfect way to show off just where they’ve been whilst creating a great conversation piece within their home.

Shop the Scratch Map Deluxe here


#6 Stage Door, Art Print 

Stage Door, Art Print

Every performer knows how nerve-wracking yet truly exciting opening night can be! Now, they can re-live every one of those memories any time they wish thanks to this stylish ‘Stage Door’ art print.

Shop the Stage Door art print here


#7 Drama queen, Organic cotton tote bag 

Drama queen, Organic cotton tote bag - gifts for actors

Know a performer that just loves a bit of drama? These are the perfect funny gifts for actors! Each bag comes printed with the ‘Drama Queen’ text plus an iconic image of the comedy and tragedy theatre masks. Perfect for holding their scripts and costume pieces in whilst traveling to and from rehearsals.

Shop the Drama Queen tote bag here


#8 Theatre Nerd Hoodie 

Theatre Nerd Hoodie - gifts for actors

For the actor whose world revolves around plays and musicals, this gift is perfect! It’s available in three great colors and is smartly designed to show off their greatest passion in life. What’s more, those in search of particularly funny actor gift ideas are onto a winner with this one.

Shop the Theatre Nerd hoodie here


#9 Actor Street Sign Home Decor 

Actor Street Sign Home Decor - gifts for actors

Looking for unique gifts for actors? Why not buy them a street sign?! Okay, so this isn’t an actual street sign, but its quality metal construction certainly resembles the real deal. Have it made with the pictured, ‘ACTOR DR.’ text, or choose to personalize it instead. You could even use the name of their all-time favorite movie star, or a character they themselves have played before.

Shop the Actor street sign here


#10 Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses – Set of 4 

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses - Set of 4

After a long day of line learning and costume fittings, actors need time to wind down and have a little fun. And, what better way to get the party started than with a sip of tequila! These chic shot glasses are made from Himalayan salt. This means that the pretty pink hue not only looks amazing and offers a salty finish to your drink, it also makes them naturally antibacterial and reusable. 

Shop the Himalayan salt tequila glasses here


#11 Theatre Gift Shirt 

Theatre Gift Shirt - gifts for actors

Another of our top funny actor gift ideas is this ‘I Can’t, I Have Rehearsal’ t-shirt. Those with actors in their lives know that inviting them out in the lead-up to any performance will more than likely be met with this exact phrase. Save them the trouble and offer them this gift the next time you’re actually able to see them.

Shop the theatre gift shirt here


#12 Theatre Love Heartbeat Wave Shirt 

Theatre Love Heartbeat Wave Shirt

As much as we love comical actor gifts, those that reflect how truly passionate your friend or loved one is about their profession can be even more special. One of those gifts is this beautiful printed t-shirt that thoughtfully captures just how much the arts mean to them.

Shop the Love heartbeat wave shirt here


#13 Smart Pack Travel Set 

Smart Pack Travel Set

Whether they’re traveling abroad for a film role or from theater to theater on a tour, life on the road can be hard. To make sure they have everything they need to be stashed neatly and safely away on their travels, gift them this stylish smart pack travel set. It’ll save tons of space and make packing light a breeze!

Shop the Smart Pack travel set here


#14 Funny Acting Water Bottle 

Funny Acting Water Bottle

Call off the search for practical actor gift ideas, this water bottle has you covered. We adore the hilarious text printed on this handy bottle and are certain they will too. What’s more, it’s the ideal way to make sure they stay hydrated whilst getting through learning all of those taxing monologues!

Shop the acting water bottle here


#15 Don’t Make Me Use My Actor Voice Mug – Funny Gifts For Actors

Don't Make Me Use My Actor Voice Mug - gifts for actors

If anyone knows how to command a room with their voice, it’s an actor! Show them you’re aware of that unique talent with this fun mug.

Shop the actor voice mug here


#16 Actor Fuel Travel Mug 

Actor Fuel Travel Mug

Don’t worry, we’re not done with the funny actor gift ideas yet thanks to this hilarious travel mug. It comes in ten different colors and holds 30 fluid ounces of coffee!

Shop the Actor Fuel travel mug here


#17 The Earth Puzzle 

The Earth Puzzle

Whether they’ve been super busy with rehearsals or they’ve just finished a tour, this incredible 1000 piece earth puzzle is one of our top gifts for actors looking to relax and unwind.

Shop the Earth puzzle here


#18 Actor Quote pillow

Actor Quote pillow

One of the more thoughtful gifts for actors on our list is this snuggly quote pillow. It comes printed with thoughtful words related to their job and looks amazingly stylish. Perfect for a living or bedroom, even a dorm room if they’re currently studying to become an actor!

Shop the Actor quote pillow here


#19 Personalized Name Bottle Opener 

Personalized Name Bottle Opener

After a job well done on stage or screen, the actor you know deserves to crack open a cold beer in celebration. To make the moment all the more special, congratulate them with one of these beautifully made, personalized bottle openers.

Shop the personalized name bottle opener here


#20 We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game 

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

Here we have one of the most creative gifts for actors on our list! The ‘We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game’, is a great way for them to get to know their castmates and have heaps of fun while doing so.

Shop the card game here


#21 Actress Gift – Custom Portrait from Photo as Yellow Character 

Actress Gift - Custom Portrait from Photo as Yellow Character - Gifts For Actors

Maybe it’s a special occasion, or perhaps they’ve just landed their dream role. Either way, they’ll know just how proud you are of them once they receive this custom character portrait! Print and frame your digital copy to make it extra special.

Shop the Custom portrait here


#22 Mad Batter Brownies NYC – Sampler Box of 12 

Mad Batter Brownies NYC - Sampler Box of 12

Late nights learning lines, early mornings running to rehearsals. The actor you know certainly deserves a treat every now and then. This irresistibly sweet sampler box of brownies is the ideal way to make sure that happens! You can even choose a personalized message for the presentation box.

Shop the Mad Batter brownies here


#23 Ultra Deluxe Skincare Gift Basket

Ultra Deluxe Skincare Gift Basket - Gifts For Actors

For the ultimate relaxation gift for actors, choose this luxurious skincare gift basket. Perfect for unwinding and forgetting the stresses of opening night jitters!

Shop the Ultra Deluxe skincare basket here

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