31 Thoughtful Gifts for Actors

Genuinely amazing gifts for actors can be hard to come by. It’s because, sometimes, they have a great taste that no one can ever bet. For that reason, you want to find thoughtful items which celebrate their talent and also make them laugh as soon as they open them! Thankfully, we’ve discovered plenty of incredible presents that will do all of these things.

From artwork and signs that they can display proudly in their spaces to items that will actually make their hectic life as a performer a little easier. Prepare for a standing ovation; any gift you choose from our curated list of gifts for actors is certain to receive five stars!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find out the best one for them!

Sentimental Gift Ideas for Actors

For actors who have everything, expensive gifts may be too mainstream as they can buy them by themselves. In this case, you must find a way to impress them, not by purchasing luxurious ones, but by grabbing those that will be memorable and offer sentimental value. If you are wondering what sentimental gifts for actors you can buy, you better read on to discover items that will surely make them smile ear to ear.

So, with no more rambling, let’s dive in!

#1 Personalized Hollywood Star Actor Gift 

Personalized Hollywood Star Actor Gift - Gifts For Actors

If a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame isn’t the ultimate accolade for aspiring actors, we don’t know what is! Even if they’re not a household name just yet, a star of their very own is still achievable.

Simply send the recipient’s name, occupation (film, drama, or music), a date you wish to include, and a brief message to the seller. In return, you’ll receive a digital copy of their star, which you can then print and frame for the lucky actor in your life.

#2 Funny Actor T-Shirt 

Funny Actor T-Shirt - Gifts For Actors

Any actor knows the stress of learning lines all too well. Whether it’s an entire monologue or just a few simple phrases, making sure they memorize them inside out is essential before the big night!

For that reason, we’re pretty certain they’ll appreciate this super funny T-shirt that lets everyone know where their mind is truly at. He can wear one with jeans for a casual outfit to the scene. So that everyone knows about what’s going on in his head.

#3 Custom Caricature Portrait from Your Photo 

Custom Caricature Portrait From Your Photo - Gifts For Actors

What actor doesn’t dream of seeing themselves walking the red carpet? Take inspiration from that and gift them this custom portrait of them holding an Oscar in their private limo!

Once you provide this seller with their photograph, they’ll create a custom caricature which you’ll receive digitally. We love the idea of printing and framing this image, but you can also have it printed onto other items, such as mugs and t-shirts!

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#4 Funny Actor Mug

Funny Actor Mug - Nutrition Facts Coffee Cup - Gifts For Actors

There are no two ways about it; being an actor is tough! It takes a lot of hard work, energy, and passion, plus a whole lot of caffeine! Thankfully for the actor in your life that heavily relies on a steady flow of java, this hilarious mug exists! 

Not only will it house their favorite hot beverage, but it’ll also show the world just how much effort it takes to do the job they do. He can simply bring one on the set and use one to make a coffee while memorizing the script.

#5 Scratch Map Deluxe

Scratch Map Deluxe

Perhaps your actor friend travels all over the world for work, or maybe they’re simply an avid explorer during their time off. Either way, this interactive art piece is the perfect way to show off!

This amazing map also makes a great conversation piece within their home to break the dead silence in the air. In addition to the map, we also recommend you grab the pins, so he can easily pinpoint countries or cities he wants to visit.

#6 Stage Door, Art Print 

Stage Door, Art Print

Every performer knows how nerve-wracking yet truly exciting opening night can be! Now, they can re-live every one of those memories any time they wish, thanks to this stylish ‘Stage Door’ art print.

Having a monochrome design, his wall art will make an amazing addition to any space it resides. They can hang it on the wall in front of their set room as a decor that vividly depicts their job.

#7 Drama Queen, Organic Cotton Tote Bag

Drama queen, Organic cotton tote bag - gifts for actors

Know a performer that just loves a bit of drama? These are the perfect funny gifts for actors! Each bag comes printed with the ‘Drama Queen’ text plus an iconic image of the comedy and tragedy theater masks.

It is a perfect piece for holding their scripts and costume pieces in whilst traveling to and from rehearsals. Besides, they can also bring one to shop for some snacks while waiting for the calling to the stage.

#8 Theatre Nerd Hoodie

Theatre Nerd Hoodie - gifts for actors

For the actor whose world revolves around plays and musicals, this gift is perfect! It’s available in three great colors and is smartly designed to show off their greatest passion in life. What’s more interesting?

It features text that portrays almost all the characters you can expect from actors. Besides, such a gift will be perfect to wear whenever they need to go on stage in the fall or winter. Those in search of particularly funny actor gift ideas are onto a winner with this one.

#9 Actor Street Sign Home Decor 

Actor Street Sign Home Decor - gifts for actors

Are you looking for unique gifts for actors? Why not buy them a street sign?! Okay, so this isn’t an actual street sign, but its quality metal construction certainly resembles the real deal.

Have it made with the pictured ‘ACTOR DR.’ text, or choose to personalize it instead. You could even use the name of their all-time favorite movie star or a character they themselves have played before.

#10 Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses – Set of 4 

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses - Set of 4

After a long day of line learning and costume fittings, actors need time to wind down and have a little fun. And what better way to get the party started than with a sip of tequila?

These chic shot glasses are made from Himalayan salt. This means that the pretty pink hue not only looks amazing and offers a salty finish to your drink, but it also makes them naturally antibacterial and reusable. 

#11 Theatre Gift Shirt 

Theatre Gift Shirt - gifts for actors

Another of our top funny actor gift ideas is this ‘I Can’t, I Have Rehearsal’ t-shirt. Those with actors in their lives know that inviting them out in the lead-up to any performance will more than likely be met with this exact phrase.

Save them the trouble and offer them this gift the next time you’re actually able to see them. It comes in various color options you can pick that suit his taste best. But if you don’t know any, then black is the best bet.

#12 Theatre Love Heartbeat Wave Shirt 

Theatre Love Heartbeat Wave Shirt 

As much as we love comical actor gifts, those that reflect how truly passionate your friend or loved one is about their profession can be even more special. One of those gifts is this beautiful printed t-shirt that thoughtfully captures just how much the arts mean to them.

It highlights a heartbeat with a mask and a real face that seems to describe the actors’ passion for acting. On the other hand, such a design can be interpreted as the different characters between him on stage and in real life. Buy them the dark shades to highlight the printed figure on it.

#13 Smart Pack Travel Set 

Smart Pack Travel Set

Whether they’re traveling abroad for a film role or from theater to theater on tour, life on the road can be hard. To make sure they have everything they need to be stashed neatly and safely away on their travels, gift them this stylish smart pack travel set.

It’ll save tons of space and make packing light a breeze! Besides, such items will help them to organize their essentials. Hence, they can easily grab one they need without having to unpack every bag.

#14 Funny Acting Water Bottle 

Funny Acting Water Bottle

Call off the search for practical actor gift ideas; this water bottle have you covered. We adore the hilarious text printed on this handy bottle and are certain they will, too, as it perfectly describes what they have been up to.

Furthermore, it’s the ideal way to make sure they stay hydrated whilst getting through learning all of those taxing monologues! And if they are those who can’t stay awake without a daily dose of caffeine, this bottle will be an amazing house to have coffee on set.

#15 Don’t Make Me Use My Actor Voice Mug

Don't Make Me Use My Actor Voice Mug - gifts for actors

If anyone knows how to command a room with their voice, it’s an actor! Show them you’re aware of that unique talent with this fun mug. It features a phrase that shows their talents to adjust their voices based on the character they play.

You can consider wrapping this one for the actor who loves to sip a cup of coffee in the morning to make him wide awake. Or, perhaps, give one to those who have great taste in humor.

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#16 Actor Fuel Travel Mug 

Actor Fuel Travel Mug

Don’t worry! We’re not done with the funny actor gift ideas yet, thanks to this hilarious travel mug. It comes in ten different colors and holds 30 fluid ounces of coffee, which he can bring to enjoy his coffee on tour.

If you want to buy one as a gift, you better choose one color that suits his personality and taste. That way, the travel mug will be more special and meaningful. Besides, you must know whether or not the actor fancies coffee before purchasing one.

#17 The Earth Puzzle 

The Earth Puzzle

Whether they’ve been super busy with rehearsals or they’ve just finished a tour, this incredible 1000-piece earth puzzle is one of our top gifts for actors looking to relax and unwind.

This kind of gift also trains their focus to get the right piece and complete the earth picture. They can invite friends to come and join the game while waiting for the calls to the stage. Interested in buying one?

#18 Actor Quote pillow

 Actor Quote pillow

One of the more thoughtful gifts for actors on our list is this snuggly quote pillow. It comes printed with thoughtful words and characters related to their job and looks amazingly stylish.

With this design, this pillow is perfect for a living or bedroom, even a dorm room, if they’re currently studying to become an actor! They can also bring one to the set to just have a little break between the take.

#19 Personalized Name Bottle Opener 

Personalized Name Bottle Opener

After a job well done on stage or screen, the actor you know deserves to crack open a cold beer in celebration. To make the moment all the more special, congratulate them with one of these beautifully made, personalized bottle openers.

You can request adding the actor’s name that offers sentimental value for a gift. This opener also comes in handy, making it easier for them to bring it whenever they go to a party. That way, they don’t need to queue to enjoy their beverage.

#20 We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game 

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

Here we have one of the most creative gifts for actors on our list! The ‘We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game’, is a great way for them to get to know their castmates and have heaps of fun while doing so.

Besides, they can sit back and unwind by playing these cards on set with other castmates who are waiting for their turn on the set. You better wrap this one with a bottle of their favorite beverage as a gift set. So they can play while enjoying the drink.

#21 Actress Gift – Custom Portrait from Photo as Yellow Character 

Actress Gift - Custom Portrait from Photo as Yellow Character - Gifts For Actors

Maybe it’s a special occasion, or perhaps they’ve just landed their dream role. Either way, they’ll know just how proud you are of them once they receive this custom character portrait!

Instead of giving one as it is, we recommend printing and framing your digital copy to make it extra special. That way, the actor in your life can immediately hang one on his living room or bedroom wall as amazing decor.

#22 Mad Batter Brownies NYC – Sampler Box of 12 

Mad Batter Brownies NYC - Sampler Box of 12

Late nights are learning lines, and early mornings run to rehearsals. The actor you know certainly deserves a treat every now and then. This irresistibly sweet sampler box of brownies is the ideal way to make sure that happens!

You can even choose a personalized message for the presentation box. Take this opportunity to write a heart-warming message to show how proud you are of their hard work. Moreover, this kind of gift will make one of the gifts for actors for those with a sweet tooth.

#23 Ultra Deluxe Skincare Gift Basket

Ultra Deluxe Skincare Gift Basket - Gifts For Actors

For the ultimate relaxation gift for actors, choose this luxurious skincare gift basket. It includes a face wash, a vitamin C serum, a moisturizer, a face serum, and an undereye cream your actors will find exciting!

Bearing these amazing essentials, this set is perfect for unwinding and forgetting the stresses of opening night jitters! They can use them one by one after soaking in a bathtub with warm water.

#24 Vinyl Record Cool Vintage Clock

Cinema Gift Idea for Men and Woman Retro Vinyl Record Clock

The job of being an actor is definitely required one to be on time. Especially when they have to change from one scene to another. For this reason, this wall clock will be a thoughtful gift for them.

The nuances of the shooting location depicted on this wall clock add to the aesthetic value and reflect the owner’s work. It’s perfect as a gift for your actor friends or colleagues. 

#25 Filmmaker Cosmetic Bag

Write Shoot Edit Repeat Filmmaker

What would be an actor without a set of makeup? The belonging is essential to support their appearance. Help your actor friends arrange their cosmetic products by giving this cosmetic bag as a gift.

Although it looks simple, this item will make it easier to bring makeup to the shooting location. This cosmetic bag is embellished with figures and short quotes familiar to actors and film directors.

#26 Memorization for Actors Book

Memorization for Actors

Memorizing scripts is sometimes very tiring for actors, particularly when the script’s content is too long and forces them to take it repeatedly for certain scenes. But don’t worry!

You can support them by gifting this memorization book to actors. This book is written with a specific material that considers the psychological side of the actor, so it is hoped that it will make it easier for them to memorize. 

#27 Audition Book

Audition Book

This book titled Audition is the go-to reading material for every aspiring actor. Authored by Michael Shurtleff, this book will guide actors to find themselves and reinvent their way of thinking about acting.

It is an enlightening book that will teach actors to have a more successful career. They can read it while they are waiting for the next episode take or whenever they have a day off from movie shots.

#28 The Truman Show: The Shooting Script

The Truman Show: The Shooting Script

Every aspiring actor worth their salt would have watched the critically acclaimed movie, The Truman Show. It is one of the best comedic yet thought-provoking films of all time, starred by the legendary Jim Carrey.

Now actors can take a peek at The Truman Show’s shooting script. Actors can learn a lot from the behind-the-scenes stuff from the movie, from scene play to some interesting notes.

#29 Clapboard Keychain

Clapboard Keychain

You are most likely familiar with the clapboard that is used before the actors take action. The blackboard is signaling that the set is active and the actors are performing!

Now the iconic clapboard comes in the shape of a keychain. It looks adorable, and this little accessory will make a lovely affordable gift for aspiring actors! They can have one on their backpack or car keys to show off their job to the world.

#30 Hollywood Fridge Magnet

Hollywood Fridge Magne

Hollywood is the ultimate goal of every actor. Becoming a renowned actor in the biggest movie industry on the planet will require gargantuan effort, bounce, and great hard work.

To wish your friend who is an aspiring actor a bit of good luck, you can give them this panoramic Hollywood fridge magnet. They can attach it to their fridge door as a good luck charm or simply as a unique decor.

#31 Benedict Cumberbatch Funko Pop

Benedict Cumberbatch Funko Pop

Dr. Strange is definitely Benedict Cumberbatch’s most popular role. With his latest Multiverse of Madness, Benedict has cemented himself as one of the best Hollywood actors.

For aspiring actors who want to become like Benedict, this Dr. Strange Funko Pop will provide motivation. It looks cute as a decoration in their glass cabinet or display table, and it’ll remind actors to work hard to pursue their dream!

Final Thoughts

It is indeed a bit tricky to give gifts to actors who have everything. But you can still explore your gift-giving skills by knowing what they need the most. People sometimes ignore the fact that gifts are not supposed to be expensive. The most important thing is your pure intention to show your love and care to the actors in your life.

Hopefully, our extensive list of the most thoughtful gifts for actors can inspire you who are now looking for gifts for them. Don’t forget to share this post so that this list can be helpful for others too!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you buy an actor?

You can give, for example, travel mugs and blankets to accompany them during their movie shots across the state. Alternatively, some items like hoodies, t-shirts, keychains, and cosmetic bags are also awesome to give. It would be better if that stuff featured actor-related characters to highlight their jobs.

What are some eco-friendly gift ideas for actors?

Actors, like many people, are increasingly concerned about the environment and sustainability. Eco-friendly gift ideas for actors can not only show your thoughtfulness, but also demonstrate your shared values for the planet. Here are some eco-friendly gift ideas that you may consider:

  • Reusable water bottles or coffee cups. Actors are often on-the-go and need to stay hydrated or caffeinated. Gifting a reusable water bottle or coffee cup can be a practical and eco-friendly gift that they can use every day.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free makeup or skincare products. Many actors are passionate about animal welfare and choose to use vegan and cruelty-free makeup and skincare products. You can find brands that align with their values and choose products that suit their skin type or preferences.
  • Sustainable fashion items. Actors often need to dress up for auditions or events. You can choose sustainable fashion items like organic cotton t-shirts or dresses made from recycled polyester.
  • Recyclable or compostable packaging. When wrapping your gift, choose packaging that is recyclable or compostable. Avoid using traditional wrapping paper or plastic ribbons that contribute to the landfill waste.
  • Plant-based snacks or treats. Actors often need a quick and healthy snack on the go. You can choose plant-based snacks like nuts, fruits, or vegan chocolate.
  • Solar-powered chargers. Many actors rely on their phones for communication, scheduling, and networking. A solar-powered charger can be a great gift that helps them stay connected while reducing their carbon footprint.
  • Digital subscriptions or e-books. Digital subscriptions to theater magazines or e-books can reduce paper waste and provide actors with valuable resources and inspiration.

By choosing eco-friendly gifts, you not only show your support for actors but also contribute to a more sustainable future. It’s important to remember that every small action we take can have a positive impact on the environment.

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