20 Fun Ideas On How To Celebrate A Birthday In Los Angeles

After several years of celebrating birthdays alone or online via zoom calls during the pandemic, now it’s time for you to go out and celebrate the milestone. What better place to have the best parties on the planet other than Los Angeles? Known for its entertainment industry, there are many things to explore as long as you know how to celebrate a birthday in Los Angeles, or the fascinating LA. The city offers limitless excitements for you to enjoy the best day of the year.

However, LA isn’t only just about Hollywood and huge movie studios, because it has so much more to offer. From beautiful beaches, sandy dessert, to instagrammable spots and amazing places you can stay at, the city has it all.

If you haven’t been to LA yet and in need of some fun ideas in the city, check out our list below! The following list includes some of the most recommended ideas on how to celebrate a birthday in Los Angeles like no other.

BEST Ideas To Celebrate A Birthday In LA

1. Night Time City Cruise Dinner Party

How to Celebrate a Birthday in Los Angeles
Night Time City Cruise Dinner Party

Fancy as it may sound, you deserve top notch services on your birthday including the famous night time city cruises in LA. Take the City Experiences by Hornblower for example. They offer intimate social events including birthday celebrations on their yacht with delicious food, refreshing drinks, and stunning views.

Even better, the service is also fully customizable. You can rent a table for two, a deck, or even the whole yacht for a bigger celebration. In terms of price, you can get this amazing experience starts from $140 per pax.

2. Lucky Strike Bowling Party

How to Celebrate a Birthday in Los Angeles
Lucky Strike Bowling Party

Bowling can be the perfect activity to celebrate yet another strike of the year. In case you need some recommendations, we suggest that you go to Lucky Strike. It is one of the most LA-worthy bowling alleys where you can catch the big games along with tasty cuisine.

You can book their luxury suite with a private setting of 4 bowling lanes, 2 billiard tables, and even a private bar. Also, if you feel more humble and need to cut off the budget, you can also rent the green suite that can accommodate up to 80 guests with only $66 per pax. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday in Los Angeles, don’t you think?

3. Take A Walk On Hollywood Boulevard

How to Celebrate a Birthday in Los Angeles
Take a Walk on Hollywood Boulevard

What is the point of going to LA if you don’t walk the Hollywood Boulevard? Even though it sounds like nothing fancy, we think it can actually be one of the most exciting things to do in LA on your birthday. After all, the street itself is a part of LA cultural icons.

Aside from visiting the Hollywood walk of Fame, you can also visit museums, landmarks and other Hollywood attractions that celebrate LA’s rich film and entertainment heritage. And best of all, it is totally free to take a walk there. In addition, we also recommend you to go to a nearby restaurant for a birthday dinner afterwards.

4. Play Vintage Games At Player One Arcade

How to Celebrate a Birthday in Los Angeles
Play Vintage Games at Player One Arcade

If you want to relive that moment of how you celebrate your birthday as a kid, then we think that you should definitely visit Player One Arcade. It is a smooth sleek retro-future of the 80s arcade bar filled with the best arcade games from the 80s and 90s.

You can relive that memory with the best liquor in hand since you are now an adult. Feel free to invite your best friends to celebrate and compete on your favorite games such as Mario Kart and Pac Man. The price range is very affordable and it starts from a $5 cover charge for unlimited access to the best games ever invented.

5. Go On A Secret Food Tour

How to Celebrate a Birthday in Los Angeles
Go on a Secret Food Tour

If you think that birthday dinners are overrated, then you may opt for a food tour instead. In our opinion, it is a lot more compelling and you can also do so much more than just enjoying the meals. Therefore, with Secret Food Tours Los Angeles, we believe you’ll experience the greatness of food meets culinary creativity.

More than just the meals, you’ll also get to know the culture of the community better as well. From stunning street art, fresh ocean breeze, to picturesque Venice Beach neighborhoods, you can have it all. And best of all, you will be surprised by a secret dish, which comes as a tasty surprise for your birthday party. You can book a tour for only $79 per person.

6. Jump On A Classic Convertible Tour

How to Celebrate a Birthday in Los Angeles
Jump On A Classic Convertible Tour

Hitting the road in a classic convertible is a very LA thing to do. We highly recommend you to have a try, because you can get a better look at the city and its surrounding neighborhood in a flashy convertible. We have no doubt, this activity will make you feel like you are living in a movie scene.

As for the best recommendation for this activity, we think the Classic Experiences is the best pick, It offers a tour throughout the city on luxurious classic cars including convertibles. To enjoy this experience, you can pay from $525 for a 3 hours tour. However, we do think that it’s a little bit pricey, but trust us, it will definitely be one of the most unique ways to celebrate a birthday in Los Angeles.

7. Watch An Improv Comedy Show At Upright Citizen Brigade

How to Celebrate a Birthday in Los Angeles
Watch an Improv Comedy Show at Upright Citizen Brigade

Improv comedy is interesting because it’s a different kind of comedy performances compared to the traditional comedies. Unlike other forms of comedy such as stand up, we will never know what we will get. And best of all, the comedians also have no clues on what they are going to do next, making it a pure form of comedy and art.

While you are in LA, in our opinion getting to watch this kind of show on your special day will be an unforgettable memory you can ever get. Upright Comedy Brigade is a comedy theater offering improv shows for only $20. Our advice, be prepared to get surprised and have a good laugh!

8. Snorkeling and Sailing At Catalina Island

How to Celebrate a Birthday in Los Angeles
Snorkeling and Sailing at Catalina Island

Located around 29 miles from Long Beach, California, Catalina Island offers crystal clear water where you can observe the undersea life with your own eyes. If you ask us, we think it is a perfect birthday giveaway especially if you have interest in marine life. You can pretend to be a mermaid for a day and go back home to the sea to meet your old friends.

You can access the tor easily via Love Catalina that offers different activities including snorkeling, sailing, and various water sports. Also, you can customize the sailing trip and even spend the night on the boat. In terms of price, the prices are vary but typically it’s ranging from $350 for an hour boat tour.

9. Take Part On Malibu Wine Hike

How to Celebrate a Birthday in Los Angeles
Take Part on Malibu Wine Hike

If you are looking for birthday activities for adults in Los Angeles, then we think you should put wine tasting on your list. It is fun, and it’s also such an adult thing to do. Not to mention the fact that it feels kinda cultured as well, at least for us.

If you are looking for something that is truly unique, you should join the Malibu Wine Hikes. It is a small group tour guided by professionals through an 1100-acre vineyard and working ranch with beautiful views. You can choose to go on a hike, 4WD vineyard adventure, or even a VW bus tour. Even better, you can get this experience with a relatively affordable price starting from $49 per person.

10. Disneyland Birthday Trip

How to Celebrate a Birthday in Los Angeles
Disneyland Birthday Trip

Who says that Disneyland is only made for children? In this magical land, adults can have fun and celebrate their birthdays, too. Here’s an idea: on your birthday, go to Disneyland and ask for the complimentary birthday button. That way, all of the staff and characters at Disneyland will know that it is your special day and they will wish you a happy birthday.

In our opinion, this is the kind activity that will make you feel really special because everyone will treat you that way. You can have a birthday dinner with your loved ones or even with your favorite Disney characters. The ticket price varies depending on what day you go but it started from $104 for a day admission, not including food.

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11. Outdoor Lush Garden Party At The Huntington

How to Celebrate a Birthday in Los Angeles
Outdoor Lush Garden Party at The Huntington

Located at 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, The Huntington is a notable library and art museum with a beautiful garden. Not only do people can learn and do their research here, the beauty of the place also enables you to host your private events including birthdays.

If you want something that is highly elegant and high-cultured, we think here is where you should host your birthday party, especially if you plan to invite your academia snob friends and want to impress them. The price is pretty affordable starting from $40 per person.

12. French Birthday Brunch At Republique

How to Celebrate a Birthday in Los Angeles
French Birthday Brunch at Republique

If you are a cool person, then you may opt for a birthday brunch instead of birthday dinner, and you know what? LA is the perfect place because it is known for its brunch culture. There are so many brunch spots in LA you can go, and we think Republique is definitely one of them.

This cafe and bakery offers a different experience since they provide french breakfast and brunch, so you can celebrate your special day in french style. We have no doubt that it would be very unique, and you can go with your best friends for a casual celebration here. Moreover, the dishes are also relatively affordable, starting from $10 per dish.

13. Staycation At Mama Shelter

How to Celebrate a Birthday in Los Angeles
Staycation at Mama Shelter

Do you want to live like you were in a classic Hollywood movie of some kind? Then this is the place to stay on your special day. Mama Shelter is a hotel that provides unique decorated rooms that will offer a different experience.

It is located only a couple blocks away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, so we think it is the perfect spot to rest your legs after a long walk. On the rooftop, you can enjoy the 360 degree city view while enjoying the best cocktails. In short, this is the place to go when you want to feel loved, because in this hotel, Mama always loves you. The price varies but starts from $197 per night.

14. Shopping Spree At Downtown LA

Shopping Spree at Downtown LA
Shopping Spree at Downtown LA

Birthday is an appropriate time to treat yourself. Therefore, why don’t you just go for a shopping spree? Trust us when we say that Downtown LA is a place made for that. You can find any kind of goods from major brands to locally owned boutiques.

After the long walk of shopping spree, you can get yourself some satisfying bites too since downtown LA is a leading foodie scene. In our opinion, it is a rather simple activity but believe in us when we say it will definitely make your day.

15. Outdoor Shopping At Santee Alley

Outdoor Shopping at Santee Alley
Outdoor Shopping at Santee Alley

Next up, if you want to have a unique outdoor shopping experience, to Santee Alley you go. It is a famous shopping district located on Olympic Boulevard. The unique thing about Santee Alley is that the goods are usually relatively cheap and you can even bargain there.

However, do be careful because there are so many fake products here so we would suggest that you make sure that you don’t get fooled by the sellers. With its affordable price and open space, you can shop freely and get yourself the coolest gift for your birthday.

16. Learn To Surf for The First Time

Learn to Surf for the First Time
Learn to Surf for the First Time

There is no such thing as too late. You can try anything anytime, including learning how to surf for the first time even if you think you’re too old for that. California is known for so many things including its culture, parties, and overall urban life.

However, there is also one thing we cannot ignore from Cali and that is the beaches. While you’re in LA, you can take the opportunity to jump to the beach and learn how to surf for the first time. In Dawn Patrol Venice, you can get a private beginner lesson from professionals for only $120.

17. Get Connected with Your Inner Self

Get Connected with Your Inner Self
Get Connected with Your Inner Self

The modern hustle culture might take up too much of your time; you practically have no time for your own. On your birthday, we highly recommend you to please take time to relax and get some rest.

Pampering yourself both physically and spiritually, plus getting connected with your inner self, is also necessary. You can book a Yoga retreat at places such as Yoga Six in Santa Monica Boulevard to claim back your inner peace. In our opinion, it is pretty affordable because you only need to pay $30 for a single class.

18. Bottomless Champagne Brunch Experience

Bottomless Champagne Brunch Experience
Bottomless Champagne Brunch Experience

Getting brunch is one of the best birthday ideas for celebration in LA, because LA has so many amazing places for brunch. If you are looking for birthday activities for adults in Los Angeles, don’t you think that a bottomless champagne brunch would be ideal?

La Boheme is a French brunch bar located in Santa Monica that offers bottomless Mimosa for only $25. Aside from the tasty dishes and sweet deals, La Boheme is also known as one of the most beautiful and romantic places in West Hollywood.

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19. Birthday Picnic on The Beach

Birthday Picnic on the Beach
Birthday Picnic on the Beach

Los Angeles has numerous beautiful beaches that you can go to. Santa Monica, Malibu, and Venice Beach are a few of the most popular beaches you can visit. And if you want to celebrate a low budget birthday party in Los Angeles, you can simply visit one of these beautiful beaches and have a picnic.

We are on your team if you want to go a little bit extra and get a cheese table and a bottle of rose. But if you want to go with the basic that includes homemade sandwiches, we are on your team, too! The most important thing is that you get to celebrate your special day at a beautiful place peacefully.

20. Kayaking with Sea Lions

Kayaking with Sea Lions
Kayaking with Sea Lions

Who doesn’t love sea lions? In our opinion, they are cute in their own way and can be a good company. Well, maybe not really but hey, going for a kayaking adventure with sea lions is definitely one of the most unique birthday ideas in Los Angeles.

We can understand if you find it a little bit strange, but we also think that it’s definitely worth trying. We suggest that you go to Marina del Rey to go kayaking, paddling, and meet our friendly sea lion pals for only $69.

Final Thoughts

Who doesn’t know Los Angeles? It’s one of the most famous cities in the US, and even in the world. We can guarantee that many people are dreaming of visiting the famous LA at least once in their life. Being a great city, it would be a great idea to spend your birthday there. The city offers countless excitements for you to enjoy, alone of with your family and friends.

From fun outdoor activities to indoor self-loving Yoga session, our list has a list full of the most recommended activities to spend you birthday in LA. Make sure you check them all out!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where can you celebrate a birthday in Los Angeles?

You can celebrate a birthday almost everywhere across Los Angeles. From shopping in downtown LA, having brunch in a French cafe, playing vintage video games in a retro arcade, staying in a classic hotel, taking a walk, and picnicking on the beaches. LA has a limitless offer you can try ranging from the humble and budget friendly, to full blown luxury.

What are some highly rated fun birthday ideas in LA?

All of the activities listed above are highly rated. All of the places we recommend have at least 4 stars rating. And if you are looking for the true high standard activities, it really depends on your style and personal liking. Some people might prefer flashy classing convertible rides, while some others may opt for a lowkey picnic and all is  good.

How do you celebrate a low budget birthday in Los Angeles?

You can take a walk on Hollywood boulevard. There are tons of fun attractions you get to see there aside from the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. You can also have a picnic on the beach. It is very budget friendly but you can still enjoy a nice view and an unforgettable experience.

What are some fun birthday ideas with a large number of reviews in LA?

Most of the ideas listed on this article have a large number of reviews. However, if you are asking for the most reviewed birthday activity, it would be on board birthday dining. Yes, we talk about the city cruise dinner. Apparently, people enjoy their experience celebrating their special day on board making it one of the most popular birthday ideas for a celebration in LA.

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