25 Unique Tote Bags Gift Ideas To Rock Your Style

The term ‘tote’ was started around the 17th century, which has the meaning of ‘to carry’. Basically, a tote bag is a tool for us to carry anything necessary. Which means, we can say that any kind of bag with two handles is a tote bag, and it is part of today’s fashion item. It’s a fashion item that is not only for women. Some tote bags also have a masculine structure, which are perfect for men. Moreover, there are also unique tote bags that can be used by both, men and women.

Despite the fun fact that tote bags are an essential part of a beginner designer’s portfolio, tote bags are currently produced as a part of daily needs, and it come with various designs. It shows a great length on how the tote bag is still a part of fashion style nowadays. 

Other than fashion-related reasons, tote bags are a major need nowadays as an alternative to plastic bags when it comes to grocery shopping. It is simple, foldable, and it is practical when it comes to usefulness. Thanks to its  practical uses, tote comes with various materials, shapes, and sizes, and therefore it is suitable for all ages. However, if you need any unique tote bags as gifts, or other uses, here’s a few recommendations of ideas for you. 

1. Leather Tote Bag

Leather tote bag

As it is mentioned above, tote comes with various materials, sizes, and shapes. That makes it possible for tote bags with unusual material like leather to be a fashion statement. Especially for women, leather tote bags for work are essential needs. For such a purpose, this leather tote bag for women can be a good choice for you. 

2. Canvas Cotton Shoulder Tote Bag

Multi Pocket Canvas Cotton Shoulder Tote Bag

Canvas are currently the most used material for tote bags. Depending how the designer intends it to be, they can be functional in every aspect of daily life. This multi-pocket canvas tote bag for school, for example, needs to have that durability to carry many books, tumblers, and many other things. Not only does it allow you to carry a lot of stuff, it is also great to make you look like one of those cool guys, or girls, at school. 

3. Casual Chic Striped Tote Handbag

Casual Chic Striped Tote Handbag

For a working woman who needs to carry many things at once, this casual striped tote handbag can be one-of-a-kind yet unique tote bags for you. It is chic, casual, yet goes well with any kind of office suit and occasion, too. The two-strap style would be very functional because we can use it in two ways. It has a long shoulder strap which you can cross over the body, or worn as a tote bag. This is a kind of multi purpose tote bag to bring for both formal or informal occasions. 

4. Patchwork Silk Sari Tote

Patchwork Silk Sari Tote

If you need bright or colorful tote bags, check out this silk sari tote bag. It is handy, just the right size for a bag you want to bring if you want to hang out with your friends. The repurposed patchwork brings many colors together, which honestly, would be a nice touch that fits your casual outfit for a special date with your loved one. 

5. Convertible Tote and Backpack

Convertible Tote and Backpack

Tote bags are not for women only. There are, in fact, tote bags for guys, too. This convertible tote and backpack is a perfect choice if you happen to look for unique tote bags that are also suitable for both men and women. It is simple, and you can carry it as a shoulder bag or backpack, making it a lot like bags for school. 

6. Personalised Shoulder Tote Bag

Personalised Shoulder Tote Bag

A personalized item always makes its way to our list, including these personalized shoulder tote bags for women. A great way to distinguish our belongings while maintaining class and elegance with a tote bag. You can add your initials in the middle of the front bag. It looks great to bring, especially for work. However, you can also bring the bag for vacation as it can hold many items in one single bag.

7. Comfort Unisex Tote

Comfort Unisex Tote

Shoulder tote bags are not only for women. There are tote bags for guys, too. Take this comfort unisex tote as an example, and you can see why it can work perfectly well for both men and women. The simple design and monochrome color emphasize its masculine side, which made it applicable for men and women. With a handle and a sling, you can use this bag both ways as you wish. In addition, you can also carry it by hand or use it as a sling bag crossing the body.

8. Aokur Women Checkered Tote

Aokur Women Checkered Tote

A fashionista’s look is not complete without a leather piece of tote bag in her collection. However, if you are a fashionista who happens to be a vegan or support vegan life but still want a leather-like item, this checkered tote with vegan leather is a perfect choice for your unique tote bags item. It goes well as tote bags for work or for any other occasions. 

9. Gym Tote Bag

Gym Tote Bag

Another great use of tote bags is to help you carry a lot of stuff, especially if you need to bring a lot of things. Like when you go to the gym or you need a tote bag to pack your needs for a weekend. If that’s the case, then you need to check out this gym tote bag. It has a large capacity so it is perfect for guys like you who like to go on a short trip during the weekend.

10. Woven Market Bag

Woven Market Bag

Fresh farmers market shopping calls for a matched outfit. Complete your look with this woven market bag to suit the natural look. It has a lightweight design and textural charm for added style to your everyday look. The natural light brown color with textured pattern also makes this bag look like it has a natural pattern. While it is a simple choice for your own needs, the unique tote bags are also suitable as a gift for a friend. 

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11. Repurposed Sari Tote Bag

Repurposed Sari Tote Bag

If you are an environmentalist but you do want to give something new as a gift for a friend, try out this repurposed sari tote bag. Unique tote bags are often made of repurposed fabric. Thus, you are not only getting new stuff for gifts, but you are also helping the recycling industry to grow. The colorful pattern of sari fabric added its own beauty to the tote bag. It also has a unique shape, which is great to carry your essentials. 

12. Knitted Tote Bag

Knitted Tote Bag

It’s springtime and you want to use a semi-knitted outfit to keep you warm. Rather than using the thin tote bag that can be found everywhere, why don’t you complete your look with this knitted tote bag? Even though the bag is the knitted type, it is still compact, practical, and also easy to fold. When the bag is not being used, you can simply fold this and store it inside the drawer. Last but not least, this bag works great as a gift, too!

13. White Canvas Grocery Bag

White Canvas Grocery Bag

A great way to give tote bags into a gift is to have a DIY project to make your signature unique tote bags. You can have this blank white canvas tote and have them painted according to the gift receivers. It is simple, reasonably affordable, yet looks exquisite with your touch that gives it a beautiful message. 

14. Travel Knitting Tote Bag

Travel Knitting Tote Bag

If your grandma or your mom happen to love knitting, check out this travel knitting tote bag. It is a great idea to give this as a gift, as they can now knit anywhere without having the yarn go unorganized. Such unique tote bags are also a great environmentally friendly gift, as the materials combine recycled water bottles with organic cotton. 

15. Handmade Picnic Tote Bag

Handmade Picnic Tote Bag

Who doesn’t love a summery picnic in the park or beach? A picnic, however, wouldn’t be complete without snacks. The best way to store the snacks into one fitting place is to have a handmade picnic tote bag ready to use. This tote bag has a bulky size, which is perfect to carry and store your picnic essentials in just one bag. The bag is handmade from a natural raffia exterior, which gives the sense of uniqueness and exclusivity. 

16. Face Mask Tote Bag

Face Mask Tote Bag

Have you ever wondered that someday there will be a tote bag that looks like a folded face mask? This has really happened, especially with the COVID 19 pandemic situation where masks have become a necessity. Many people think creatively and create a tote bag that looks like a face mask with some encouraging words such as “Stop COVID-19,” and a hashtag “#socialdistance.”  Even though it looks like a face mask, the bag isn’t really made of thin fabric. Instead, it’s made of cotton to give a comfortable and hand feeling during use.

17. Two Person Picnic Tote Bag

Two Person Picnic Tote Bag

While a regular picnic bag would serve the purpose just fine, there are times when we want a fancy picnic, with all the cutlery and matched plates. To serve this purpose, check out this picnic tote bag for two people. The side of the bag has the slots for your cutlery, place, and even a set of champagne glass, too.

18. Personalized Initial Canvas Beach Bag

Personalized Initial Canvas Beach Bag

A personalized tote bag with initials is also a great idea to give as a gift, whether it is for someone’s birthday or other special occasions. If you happen to host a bridal shower, then it would be a great idea to give personalized items for your listed guests, such as this tote bag. Not only would you have something memorable for the day, the unique tote bags go great for many occasions. 

19. All-in-One Tote Bag for Women

All in One Tote Bag for Women

It is a hot, summer day and it is a perfect day to have a picnic or a beach vacation. To carry your stuff, you would need something like this allinone tote bag for women. The floral pattern gives that flowery summer vibes that would suit perfectly with your summer dress. Even if it is not for a picnic, it would still go great as tote bags for work or for school. 

20. Celela Patchwork Color Tote

Celela Patchwork Color Tote

When you’re tired of single colored leather tote bags, you can check this patchwork colour tote to have leather-like unique tote bags with different leather colour patched into one whole bag. The patchworks create a pattern that makes this bag look like it has an irregular pattern. It can be used widely for both formal and informal occasions. The classy and timeless look makes this bag adaptable, especially if paired with your office outfit. 

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21. Fresh Cut Flowers Tote

Fresh Cut Flowers Tote

Just in case you are looking for a gift for a friend who loves fresh cut flowers, here’s an option to give them as a gift: unique tote bags special for fresh flowers to distinguish the flowers from other market groceries. You don’t want the flowers to be ruined by having it mixed with other stuff in your tote bags, after all. 

22. Family Tote Bag

Family Tote Bag

Aside from snacks, other important things in a family picnic on the beach is to have all sorts of necessities ready. Be it towels, toys, you name it. To have them all stored in one place, try this family tote bag that suits your family picnic needs. This oversized bag can handle all your needs in just one bag. It has a unique green and pink pattern printed all over the bag, which looks like a traditional pattern.

23. Recycled Leather Tote

Recycled Leather Tote

Another unique tote bag idea you can think about is a tote bag from recycled leather. The idea of gifting a recycled item would never hurt. Leather is one unusual material to recycle, but this leather tote bag used such material and it proves that you can support such actions. Especially if you are into a minimalist style, the unique tote bags as such would be a suitable gift to have. 

24. Recycled Wool Tote

Recycled Wool Tote

Another great recycled item worth gifting is this recycled wool tote by Chloe. The fact that even a fragile material like wool is able to be recycled into a designer worthy tote bag is just a bit of proof on how creative a designer can be. If it is good enough for a fashion house, then it is good enough as a friendly gift. 

25. Reusable Shopping Tote Bag

Reusable Shopping Tote Bag

Every tote bag can be reusable, but this bunny tote bag is taking things to a new game. While we can be reckless with our belongings (such as tote bags) when we don’t use them, having a foldable tote bag can be really helpful. It can be foldable into small bunny decorations, making it easier for us to find them when it is needed. 

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What are tote bags used for?

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What should I look for in a tote bag?

Unique tote bags are not only seen from its design. It is also determined from its durability, material, and shapes. The next time you purchase a tote bag, do make sure those aspects.

The popularity of tote bags has increased significantly these past few years. Not only because of the increased amount of tote bags used for groceries shopping, it is also starting to take place among many events as a package for souvenirs. It is considered as practical since it not only gives the aesthetic packaging, but it is also usable for daily needs. 

Why do New Yorkers use tote bags?

Although tote bags are now becoming more popular worldwide, tote bags are currently becoming widely used by New Yorkers. It is simple, practical, foldable, and one tote bag can be used for different occasions. It becomes New Yorkers’ to-go item to carry their stuff.

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