25 Unique High Chairs for Your Adorable Baby

Seeing your babies grow healthy makes you happy. But sometimes, it seems like they grow up too fast. A high chair can be one of the indicators that your baby is starting to do things on their own, like sitting without assistance.

A high chair is mainly used as a feeding chair by parents. It helps parents to keep their children sitting still and safe during mealtime. Many high chairs are available with sophisticated designs and functions. If you’re looking for a suitable high chair for your baby, one of these 25 unique high chairs may be your ultimate pick. Scroll down the list to find out.

Why Are High Chairs Good?

Experienced people with the high chair will know the real help comes from it. It offers big support to babysit your kids, for example when you’re preparing their food. Some chairs also have reclining back seat features to your kids’ convenience, like this 4-wheels high chair.

What Age Is A High Chair For?

Many people recommend using a high chair when your baby is six months old. It is vital to wait for your baby to sit upright and maintain it for a long time. However, the age limit sometimes differs and depends on the manufacturer. A baby can use the high chair until they are big enough or too heavy for it.

Unique High Chairs for Lovely Baby

1. Forest Kids Norway High Chair

Forest Kids Norway High Chair

The sturdy wooden high chair offers a piece of solid and stable furniture for your active baby. It uses natural hardwood with a non-toxic coating. You don’t need to worry about food stains as it has a stain resistance feature for easy cleaning. It also comes with a safety belt and adjustable height function for convenience.

2. High Chair without Table

High Chair without Table

If your children want to have their own dining chair, this high chair will be perfect. Without a table, you can attach this unique high chair to the dining table with its three height levels adjustment. Your child can hold to the armrest on its sides while waiting for the food. Furthermore, the lower steps will help your child climb easily and support their feet while seated.

3. Portable Travel Fold & Go High Chair

Portable Travel Fold & Go High Chair

The lightweight high chair is easy to bring outside. It has a double leg style that offers stability during usage. This high chair is a perfect tool to help you spend time with your baby in nature. It comes with a carry case with an arm strap for travel. So, better to get this one right now to enjoy your weekend with the baby outside.

4. Peafowl High Chair

Peafowl High Chair

Your toddler will love this Peafowl high chair. It has a wide seat and table to provide their energetic body to sit comfortably. The stability from birch plywood material allows this high chair to become an adult’s bar stool as well. So, we guess it is the best investment since it is very versatile for the kids and adults.

5. Fox-Themed High Chair

Fox-Themed High Chair

Sometimes, it’s hard to spoon-feed your infant because they don’t want to sit still for a long time. The cute-looking Fox-Themed High Chair surely attracts your baby and keeps them curious while seated. The fox shape and bright color will keep them entertained, and you can feed them more leisurely.

6. Toddler Wooden Chair

Toddler Wooden High Chair

This high wooden chair offers you the perfect height to spoon-feed your baby from a standing position. You can play together with them while they’re safely seated on the wooden chair. The simple and classy high chair matches any interior design in your house. Furthermore, it uses water-based paint that is safe for children to cover its surfaces.

7. Peeking Minnie Mouse

Peeking Minnie Mouse High Chair

Get your baby girl excited for her new Minnie Mouse high chair. The pretty pink color on the black background looks beautiful with a cute ruffle on the backrest. It can stand on its own in folding form, so it’s easy to store. You can capture a moment when your baby poses the same gesture with the peeking Minnie. Even for the adult, we cannot resist the cuteness of this high chair.

8. Baby Stool

Baby Stool

It would be nice to have long-lasting baby furniture. This baby stool has many row heights with narrow gaps to adjust the suitable height. The table is removable so that you can use this growing high chair following your toddler’s growth. Hence, you don’t have to spend money in the future for the toddler tools anymore.

9. Schuster Booster

Schuster Booster

Passing down the high chair as a family heirloom will be a unique tradition. This Schuster Booster offers excellent durability to start the new tradition. The wooden high chair has three different style chair backs to match your house furniture. It comes with non-slip grip tape to ensure your child’s safety while climbing the steps.

10. Sweety Fox Portable

Sweety Fox Portable High Chair

Traveling with kids is challenging, especially when you stop at a restaurant that does not provide a baby high chair. This portable high chair can solve your problem. It’s easy to bring the high chair because of its folding feature. Moreover, it provides total comfort for your children with various reclining the seat back, adjusting the footrest, and arranging the seat height. Its built-in seat belt will keep your baby safe in every position.

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11. 4 Wheels

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This high chair  is definitely the next-level high chair you want to purchase. It can be your baby high chair and indoor stroller simultaneously. The 4-wheels with an auto-locking system help you to move the chair quickly. You can bring it everywhere you need with its foldable feature.

12. Adjustable Legs Chair for Baby

Adjustable Legs Baby Chair

The leatherette seat high chair is a unique high chair. The high chair can match your and your baby’s needs with its simple adjustable legs. You can scrub the leatherette seat cushion cover to clean it. When the legs are on full display, the chair is higher than any other high chair and reaches the standard American dining table height.

13. Dine-in 4-in-1 High Chair

Dine-in 4-in-1 High Chair

It’s essential to have multifunctional furniture. For a growing high chair, this furniture lasts for a long-time with the four stage chair. The snack tray can be the plate for eating and encouraging your child to exercise their routine. The seat looks soft and comfy for your kids’ convenience.

14. Cozy Tot Deluxe

Cozy Tot Deluxe

The Cozy Tot Deluxe high chair comes with a 3-point safety harness for your children’s safety. It can be a toddler chair when you detach the feeding tray with adjustable height. If you fold this high chair, it will be a compact high chair that spares you some space to go back and forth in the house. 

15. Floor2Table High Chair

Floor2Table High Chair

The unique-shaped Graco high chair provides you with seven growing stages by purchasing one high chair. The closed round-shaped booster seat will keep your infant steady while sitting on the floor or at the preferred height. You can seat two kids at one time using this high chair.

16. Wooden High Chair

Wooden High Chair

The complete set of wooden high chairs and cushions is the best deal. The classic wooden high chair gives off a classic look with three finish choices. It also lets you personalize the pillow with your kids’ names to make it unique. The seat and footrest are adjustable for comfy seating.

17. Blossom 6-in-1 High Chair

Blossom 6-in-1 High Chair

Then Blossom High Chair ensures comfortable seating. It has an infant body support function to keep your infant in a comfortable position. The rear locking wheels keep the chair in place during feeding time. When your kids are not using the high chair, you can use the removable seat insert for a toddler booster or youth chair.

18. Simple Fold High Chair

Simple Fold

An easy and simple folding high chair is what you need for traveling. It’s very compact, so it won’t take up much space on your trunk. Your animal lover baby will love the elephant design on their high chair cushion. It has an easy wipe seat feature that is perfect when you’re on a journey.

19. Adjustable Baby High Chair

Adjustable Baby High Chair

You surely won’t miss this multifunctional yet affordable high chair. The high-quality high chair offers many different option adjustments following your baby’s needs. The unique feature that you hardly find on other high chairs is their polley mode. It can be your toddler’s new toy car to keep them entertained during feeding time. So, you can save your money by buying this since it can be used for the seating chair and the toy as well.

20. Platinum Sturdy High Chair

unique high chairs

The Platinum Sturdy High Chair uses the Microban Antimicrobial Protection technology for all-over bacteria protection for your baby. This feature also prevents odor and stains that usually happen after a messy feeding time. The plastic material allows you to clean it easier and faster than a wooden high chair.

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21. Tobbi Baby High Chair 

Tobbi Baby High Chair 

This high chair offers you three different designs for different needs. It’s easy to assemble into the various designs following your child’s growth. It has three color options to match your or your child’s preference. You can easily clean the high chair with a damp cloth and mild soap after your child has done their meal.

22. Delux Portabel Chair

Delux Portabel Chair

The Go With Me High Chair is the perfect high chair for outdoor family events or holidays. It provides a canopy attached to the top part of the chair to cover your children from the hot sun. It’s different from the other high chair legs because this high chair uses a flare leg system. It’s solid and stable for the outdoor environment.

23. Pop Star Gray High Chair

Pop Star Gray

The pop star high chair has a clean and minimalistic look with white color. You don’t need to worry about the food stain when your baby tries to eat by themselves. It has a removable and washable tray for easy cleaning. If you detach the chair and lower leg parts, you get a kid chair and a small table. Your children can have a tea party with the small leg desk.

24. Children of Design Deluxe

Children of Design Deluxe High Chair

The deluxe high chair has a unique transparent chair. This chair is suitable for infants to six years old toddlers. The high chair has various transitions from a high chair to a kid chair. The detachable tray is dishwasher safe for an effortless deep clean.

25. Nook High Chair

Nook High Chair

The chic-looking high chair with a wide back seat can be your child’s new favorite chair. It has a unique swing-open tray to sit the baby on the chair. The removable tray is a set with the dishwasher-safe tray inside for easy cleaning. It becomes a compact and easy to bring high chair when it’s folded.

Final Thoughts

Meal time is one of the most exciting times for babies and toddlers! So, you need to make sure your little one is safe and sound when it comes to enjoying their meals, and prepare the right high chair to accommodate their happy time. In choosing the best high chair for your little one, choose one that is sturdy and strong, because quality leads to durability.

You can either find one that is made of high-quality wood, or you can choose one that is made of the best plastic material. Most often, plastic baby chairs have more options in terms of colors and patterns.

Latest Post:

What is the most comfortable high chair?

The most comfortable high chair will be the one that can be adjusted to match our needs. It can be the height, the back seat, or the table. If the high chair provides adjustable designs and colors, it will give a plus point. 

Does a high chair need a footrest?

It’s not an obligation to have a footrest. However, a footrest on a high chair will support the baby’s feet when they sit. Some footrests in the high chairs act as a ladder for the child to climb before sitting. So, it would be very nice to have one at home.

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