30 Cool Tea Bags To Rounds Up Your Tea Party

Oh, look! It’s almost 3 pm! You better don’t get late for your tea party. Well, we know, in this modern world when everyone is so busy grinding to achieve their goals, it’s getting harder to have a decent tea party Alice in Wonderland style. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some time relaxing while sipping a cup of hot tea, right? If you are a tea lover, you will surely want to try some cool tea bags you have never tasted before.

Now, when social gatherings are still restricted in some areas, you can hold a virtual tea party with your best friends in the comfort of your own home. And if it’s still impossible due to the hustle you need to do, you can still brew yourself a cup of tea and chill. Below, we have a list of cool tea bags to accompany your tea party whether you have it with your loved ones or by yourself. Let’s try them one by one, shall we?

Is Tea From Tea Bags Healthy?

If you are using a tea bag made out of food-grade materials, then yes it is healthy and perfectly safe for your body. But if you drink tea from regular plastic-based tea bags, it is not healthy for the long run because it can dispose of microplastics into the tea and enter your body.

BEST Tea Bags – Our 4 Best Picks

Organic Cotton Tea BagSilicon Tea BagExtra Drip Tea BagStainless Steel Tea Bag
3D Fish Tea BagsHippo Silicone Tea BagSteeper Press Tea BagsAmethyst Tree Tea Bag
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Cool Tea Bags for You Tea Routines

1. Cherry Shaped Tea Bags

Cherry Shaped Tea Bags

Say goodbye to boring rectangular tea bags for now you can have these cool cherry-shaped tea bags. This tea bag is made out of organic cotton that will not rub against the hot water so you can have your tea safely. 

2. Squirrel Shaped Tea Bags

Squirrel shaped tea bags

Isn’t it fun to be able to watch a squirrel climbing up a tree when we have our hot tea? Of course, not everyone has the chance to enjoy such an experience, but everyone can get these cute squirrel-shaped tea bags to accompany their tea time. It will make a cute gift for anyone who loves both tea and squirrels. 

3. Cloud Shaped Tea Bag

Cloud Shaped Tea Bag

Having a cloud floating in your teacup is not a regular thing you can have every day, or is it? This tea bag is made out of organic cotton so it is safer both for your health and the environment. You can also choose your desired flavor and the seller will create a special mix just for you. 

4. Reusable Tea Bags

Reusable Tea Bags

Living a minimalist and eco-friendly lifestyle is not enough if you still use the old disposable plastic-based tea bags. Now you can have these super cute cotton fabric tea bags that are totally reusable. You can simply wash it once you’ve finished using it and you can use it again the next day. It will give you a better tea party experience while saving the environment. 

5. 3D Fish Tea Bags

3D Fish Tea Bags

This tea bag has a unique design of a 3D fish that makes it look like there’s an actual fish swimming inside your teacup. It will make any tea party more fun for sure, especially if you have it with your kids. 

6. Cat Shaped Tea Bags

Cat Shaped Tea Bags

Say no more! A cat lover deserves cat-shaped everything including these super cute cat-shaped tea bags. Why not? It has a cute cat silhouette and will add a lot of fun to your tea time especially when you are having your tea in the office and leaving your cat back home. 

7. Eiffel Tower Tea Bags

Eiffel Tower Tea Bags

How fun it is to be able to have a cup of coffee by the Eiffel tower? But yes, reality says we may not be able to travel anywhere soon and might as well be busy working on our deadlines. But we can still dream, right? This Eiffel tower tea bag can be the perfect company for when you’re longing to go on a vacation but you have to stay home. 

8. Hummingbird Shaped Tea Bags

Hummingbird Shaped Tea Bags

Dreaming of going somewhere exotic right now? This hummingbird tea bag will live up to that fantasy. It also comes with a glittery leaf to make the jungle experience feel even more real. Pour yourself a cup of tropical flavored tea and imagine those birds chirping. 

9. Teapot Shaped Stainless Steel Tea Bag

Teapot Shaped Stainless Steel

A tea bag in the shape of a teapot? What can be better than that? This tea bag is so cute and made out of stainless steel that means you can reuse it over and over again. It comes with a drip tray so you can say goodbye to the dripping mess and say hello to a clean table cloth. 

10. Bird Metal Shaped Tea Bag

Bird Metal Shaped

Another bird-shaped tea bag, but wait, this one is made out of stainless steel that easily isolates the loose tea and spices from the water. Simply put your loose tea inside and soak it in the hot water. It will make a great gift for a tea lover.

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11. Steeper Press Tea Bags

Steeper Press

There is one thing in tea making that every tea lover can agree to consider as annoying: the drip. But with this cool steeper pressed tea bag, you don’t have to deal with extra drip anymore. You can press out the tea extract right to the last drop and enjoy your tea with nothing to be wasted and yes, less annoying drip. 

12. Teapot Mug Tea Bag

Teapot Mug Tea Bag

These tea bags have a trendy design with a tea leaf accent on top. It will surely make your tea time a whole different experience. With stainless steel and silicone material combined, it will be the perfect tea bag to use since it will effectively isolate the tea from the water and it’s easy to clean. Simply rinse it clean once you’re done and reuse it for the next brew. 

13. Hippo Silicone Tea Bag

Cute Hippo Silicone Tea Bag

Who can say no to these cute hippo tea bags? It has a cute hippo design and it will look cute on your tea mugs. You can have your tea all by yourself, but with these cute hippo tea bags, you will not feel so lonely anymore. 

14. Turtle Tea Bag

Turtle Tea Bag

Have a turtle floating in your tea? Yes, now you can have it. With this cute silicone and stainless steel tea bag, you can now imagine as if you have the cool Ninja Turtle friends, or even better, having a tea party with Master Oogway himself. Who knows? Maybe you will get some wisdom while having your tea. 

15. 7Penn Tea Bag 

7Penn Tea Bag

Okay now, who doesn’t know this guy? The iconic tea bag has become pretty viral in the last few years. Its popularity comes due to the design that looks like a guy chilling in the tea pool and having such a good time. This cool tea bag will help you release some of your tension even if you have such a busy day. 

16. Fox Shaped Stainless Steel Tea Bag

Fox Shaped Stainless Steel Tea Bag

This cute fox tea bag comes with a chain to make straining your tea an easy process. It also has ultra-fine pores that will let water through but keep tea leaves on the inside so you can enjoy your tea without having to deal with the tea debris.

17. Frog Shaped Tea Bag

Frog Shaped Tea Bag

Another chilling in the tea pool type of tea bag, but this time it’s in the shape of a frog. The frog seems to be very happy enjoying a hot tea bath and it will indeed make you smile. Definitely will make a great gift for a tea lover with a good sense of humor. 

18. Lemon Shaped Tea Bag

Lemon Shaped

When life gives you lemons, make a cup of lemon tea! Lemon tea is refreshing. This is why getting a lemon-shaped tea bag is a good idea. It will help you to have that extra freshness due to its fresh and bright color. A perfect tea bag to use on a gloomy day. 

19. Teapot Shaped Tea Bags

Teapot Shaped

You can get a set of these cute silicone teapot-shaped tea bags. It means that you can use them at a tea party with your family or besties and everyone gets to use the same cute tea bags of the color of their choice. It will make a cool addition to your tea set too. 

20. Amethyst Tree Tea Bag

Amethyst Tree Tea Bag

For people who are into Wicca, having tea can be more than just sipping a hot tea out of a beautiful teacup. They can make it a ritual. And if you are into Wicca yourself or are interested in the reiki healing property of a gemstone, then this tea bag is a must-have. 

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21. Baby Nessie Tea Bag

Baby Nessie Tea Bag

Don’t worry! Now you can have a friendly dino as your tea bestie. This tea bag comes in the shape of a dino that looks so cute and serves as a functional teacup decoration. Now you can get the par-tea started with Baby Nessie. 

22. Owl Tea Bags

Owl Tea Bags

Any night owls here? These owl tea bags will make a great gift for your loved ones who often work late at night and have to brew some tea to keep their focus during the night grind. It comes with a hanging ring to provide easier removal so they can remove it effortlessly without having to deal with the burning heat. 

23. Tiny House Tea Bag

Tiny House Tea Bag

Living in a tiny house trend is rising lately. People choose to live in a smaller and minimalist space for various reasons including the environment and cutting budget. This tea bag can be a perfect addition to a tea set in a tiny house. It will also make a great gift for someone who is dreaming of living in a tiny house someday. 

24. Umbrella Tea Bag

Umbrella Tea Bag

Get your umbrella ready before the rain? More like getting your umbrella ready before tea time. This umbrella-shaped tea bag is so perfect because it comes with the actual umbrella stand that works as a drip catcher. So every single part of these tea bags is actually functional. 

25. Heart Shaped Tea Bag

Heart Shaped Tea Bag

There are so many reasons that make this heart-shaped tea bag so cool. It’s heart-shaped, the rose gold color and the design is crafted specifically to make it useful and helpful. The claws can help you to get the loose tea leaves directly without having to use any additional spoon. This tea bag also can be used as a spoon, so it is a multifunctional tool that looks pretty on the tea set. 

26. Magic Wand Tea Bag

Magic Wand Tea Bag

Stop dreaming of the fairy godmother coming and saving your life. Brew yourself a cup of hot tea and get things done. This magic wand tea bag can be the perfect tool for you to make your dreams come true. Well, maybe not in the magical way you see in the movies, but by making the tea brewing experience a lot of fun and help you to relax during your crazy busy days. 

27. Bones Skull Tea Bag

Bones Skull Tea Bag

And of course, we shall not forget about the tea lover who has a different aesthetic. The goth and the cool boys and girls can enjoy their cup of tea out of human skulls. Not a real human skull but a human skull-shaped tea bag that is made out of food-grade silicone material that not only serves the look but actually better for their health. 

28. Slow Brew Sloth Tea Bag

Slow Brew Sloth Tea Bag

Sloths are known for being slow. This is why this tea bag is perfect if you want to make a slow brew tea. It is in the shape of a sloth that looks happy and takes things slowly. The perfect tea bag to give to a tea lover who embraces the slow living lifestyle. 

29. Cat Tea Bag

Cat Tea Bag

A cup of tea is a liquid warm hug, they said. And as a cat lover, you must know that cats are liquids. Together, they make the perfect tea bags representing the liquid warmth you can get both from the tea and the cats. This tea bag will make a great gift for a tea lover who happens to be a cat lover. A warm hug, anyone? 

30. Crystal Glass Butterfly Tea Bag

Crystal Glass Butterfly

Let’s finish off this list with the classic mesh tea ball. Even if this is a basic tea bag, it comes with a beautiful metal and crystal butterfly charm that will make any tea party a magical party. You can use this tea bag for a long time and it will make your tea set look even cooler. 

Final Thoughts

Having an afternoon tea with our loved ones can be one of the nicest ways to release our stress, especially enjoying our favorite tea using nice cups and cute tea bags. Yes, tea bags can be a nice addition to our tea time routines. You can find countless cute tea bags out there that come in different shapes, materials, and shapes.

One thing that you need to remember when choosing tea bags is to ensure that the materials are safe for our health. Whether it’s made of cotton, stainless steel, or plastic, it is very important to make sure that the materials are organic and totally safe for our health.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which tea bags are good for your health?

Tea bags made out of stainless steel are probably the best option you can choose. If you are using disposable tea bags, you can use the ones made out of organic cotton material that will not dispose of excess microplastic to the tea. 

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