25 Foot Care Gift Set for Instant Relaxation Time

Sitting all day long can working may cause fatigue and stress to your feet. Hence, taking care of your feet is necessary after hours of a busy day. If you have a friend or family who is always working hard, you can send them a foot care gift set to help them rejuvenate on the weekend! It is one of the best self-care type gifts suitable for all people.

And so, we have gathered the 25 best foot care gift sets that will help them have a relaxing session at home. The following items are perfect for your loved ones because they will soothe their mood!

1. Foot Fetish Spa Box

Foot Fetish Spa Box

This foot fetish spa box is what you need to buy to surprise your loved one who is always busy working. It is a foot care gift set containing happiness! The set will allow the users to do a relaxing self-treatment for their feet at home. Furthermore, it is not just for relaxing but can also enhance the beauty of the nails! A complete package, right?

2. Foot Pamper Hamper

Foot Pamper Hamper

By looking at what’s inside the box, you know it is a foot pamper hamper. Yes, you can surprise your favorite person with it. For instance, you can give it to your mom or best friend. Containing the foot care gift set, coffee and cookie! Oh, let their feet be soaked using foot salt while enjoying the coffee.

3. Herbal Foot Spa Gift Set

Herbal Foot Spa Gift Set

A gift set of foot spa to help soften your tiring feet and soothe it using Calendula Mint Herbal Foot Soak. You can soak your feet inside the water and rub your feet gently using natural lava pumice stone. After that, it is time to apply Calendula Mint Foot Rescue as a balm to nourish your skin and keep your feet moist. Isn’t it lovely?

4. Foot Care Spa Package

Foot Care Spa Package

From the odor to tired feet can be solved instantly with this foot care spa package. It contains foot balm, foot scrub, and foot spray to moisturize your feet, exfoliate and shoo away the odor. Complete with the stone and wooden spoon for the ultimate foot spa in the house. It is the best foot care gift set for a calming and relaxing after hours with your loved one. Also, you can add a personalized message inside!

5. Foot Pamper Present Set

Foot Pamper Present Set

An essential foot pampers present set for your or your best friend. There are relaxing Epsom salts, a foot mask and a natural foot pumice stone to help exfoliate dead skin on the heels. It comes with a cute message that you can choose too. Imagine how happy your best friend is when receiving this cute yet thoughtful gift from you.

6. Foot Therapy Spa Gift Set

Foot Therapy Spa Gift Set

This foot care gift set is named Pedi-curious. It is specially created to give your feet a luxurious treatment and swipe away the tiring and dull skin. Choose the theme, whether you prefer the lavender or eucalyptus set. The set contains bath salt from Himalayan salt and Dead Sea salt, foot scrub, and a block of relaxing bath soap. Oh, don’t forget a charcoal washcloth to help you gently exfoliate.

7. Overnight Foot Care Kit

Overnight Foot Care Kit

If you want to surprise someone with a pamper set who is always busy during the day, an overnight foot care kit would be excellent. It is a simple treatment for the feet since the user can go to sleep after applying the foot cream. Massage the feet for a while and wear a pair of super-soft socks included in a set for optimum effect. The morning after, your skin will be nourished, soft, and ready to go again.

8. Pumice Flower Foot Care Gift Set

Pumice Flower Foot Care Gift Set

For your mother and sister who love nature,  you can surprise them with a pumice flower foot care gift set. A pumice stone with flower-shaped, natural foot soap bar with the lush fragrance of Champak flower and a handy nail brush to exfoliate dead skin. Also, the box is very beautiful since the color is made from seaweed-based dyes. Such a lovely gift set, right?

9. Hand & Foot Repair Kit

Hand & Foot Repair Kit

Many people are not aware that cuticles need to be nourished like any other skin. With this hand and foot repair kit, you can perfect the cuticles of your finger or toes. Also, the foot balm will make your cracked heels go away. It is a mini yet complete foot care gift set for a high-quality me time.

10. Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Gift Set

Foot Care Gift Set

This can be the last-minute foot care gift set. It is from Burt’s bees. The care package includes a complete set of foot cream, cuticle cream, hand salve, and even a lip balm! It is a perfect birthday gift set for your best friend or sister. All of the essential things for the skin are ready inside the package.

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11. Equate Personal Foot Care Pedicure Kit With Storage Pouch

Foot Care Gift Set

For the gift exchange, this might be an excellent foot care gift set to choose from. This pedicure kit can effectively beautify the feet. After all, it contains a pumice stone to exfoliate dead skin, a cuticle remover, nail brush to soften the skin, a nail clipper, and many more. A simple gift like this is what people need the most usually.

12. Dirty Works Feet Treat Duo Gift Set

Foot Care Gift Set

Another gift set to go! It is from Dirty Works that contain foot scrub and foot cream. The set uses a tea-tree formula to clean up your skin and heels from bacteria and leave soft skin on the feet. Your best friend will love it instantly, particularly if she is a busy person and only needs a simple treatment from a foot care gift set like this.

13. EcoTools Limited Edition Glow Head to Toe

Foot Care Gift Set

Time to surprise your friend with this EcoTools limited edition glow head to toe. It is very useful to get rid of dry skin after winter. This foot care gift set contains exfoliating bath and shower gloves to help exfoliate dead skin all over your body.

For the foot, there is a pumice stone to rub your heels gently. Also, it comes with peppermint and tea tree oil soaking bath salt as the foot spa. If you want to pamper the skin together, it sounds like a good idea!

14. Professional Ingrown Toe Nail Correction

Foot Care Gift Set

Experiencing an ingrown toe might be a disaster for some people. But, you can get rid by using a patch correction kit to reduce the pain. There is a cuticle pusher, too, to help you remove the dead skin. Some people might think it is such a petty gift set, yet it is also a practical one.

15. Piggy Paint Lil’ Piggy Kit Pedicure Set

Foot Care Gift Set

Introducing how to take care of our feet might be good for the kids. Especially this Lil’ Piggy Kit Pedicure, the foot care gift set comes in a cute design. It includes a pink color of a soft nail brush, nail file, and nail separator. All are designed in a kid’s size. Guess your daughter will smile wider after getting this one.

16. Foot Peel Mask 

Foot Peel Mask

A foot peel mask is a good solution to exfoliate the dead skin of your feet. Wash your feet and nails first, dry it off, and wear the foot mask just like you wear the socks. Put it off after 60-90minutes and rinse with water. Your skin will start to peel for 4-14 days in a good way. Then, you can get new and fresh skin!

17. Foot Spa Kit

Foot Spa Kit

Beautiful packaging, a complete set to pamper your feet, and a luxurious fragrance of lavender, chamomile, and tea tree! This foot spa kit is something all women need for a high-quality pampering time after hours. Surprise your best friend or sister with this foot care gift set and get the best quality time together!

18. Foot Lotion Spa

Foot Lotion Spa

This foot lotion spa edition will be suitable for all types of skin feet. This foot care gift set will nourish your feet, hydrate, and repair the cracked heels. There are 3 various scents in one set such as lavender, vanilla, and rose. It is what you are looking for as a gift idea.

19. Cozy Sock and Foot Lotion Care Package Gift Set

Cozy Sock and Foot Lotion Care Package Gift Set

When you are in a hurry for the foot care gift set, this one can be a good alternative. The set is not only pretty but also practical. A foot lotion, complete with a pair of socks to be worn after applying the lotion to your feet. Get the soft and moist skin and heels in the morning after getting the treatment with this foot care gift set.

20. Pedicure Manicure Kit From VLCC

Foot Care Gift Set

Enriched with walnut and lemongrass, foot cream and foot scrub from VLCC are ready to remove your dry and dull skin and soften your skin easily. Cocoa butter and orange butter inside the foot cream act to nourish the skin. And then, it becomes complete with Myrrh cuticle oil. Isn’t it a good foot care gift set?

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21. Pedicure Gift Hamper

Foot Care Gift Set

Your best friend deserves a relaxing time to pamper herself with this cute pedicure gift hamper. It contains a pair of pretty socks, an aromatherapy candle, a foot pack, and many more! Nothing can be sweeter than this adorable foot care gift set. Enjoy it on the weekend night while watching your favorite movie.

22. Bloomfield Time to Treat Foot Care Set

Foot Care Gift Set

A cruelty-free and vegan foot care gift set from Bloomfield by Julie Foster is a perfect set to give to your best friend or your partner. The foot scrub and foot cream inside the package are made of frangipani and coconut, also eucalyptus and tea tree oil. They will cleanse your feet and nourish the skin. Complete with Fiji Feelings Socks to keep your feet moist after the treatment!

23. Simply Pleasures Foot Care Gift Set

Foot Care Gift Set

Cute and adorable foot care gift set from Simply Pleasures! Look at the flamingo slippers. Also, the pink theme is suitable for an attractive woman you know in your life. There are foot wash, foot lotion, nail file, and toe separators. No need to go to the salon if the pedicure set is as excellent as this one!

24. Foot Petal Glam Kit

Foot Care Gift Set

Say bye-bye to irritation or frictions that your feet often experience. It is time to give a glam kit to your busy women who commute daily. The kit contains gel insoles, no-slip grips, gel spot dot cushions, and one blister preventer. When most women dream to pamper their face skin, there are still other women who crave this foot care gift set as their daily need.

25. Mistletoes Foot Exfoliation & Hydration Set

Foot Care Gift Set

A simple foot care gift set will never fail because everybody needs this! Get a mistletoe foot exfoliation and hydration to recharge your feet and nourish the skin. There are pedicure foot treatments and foot masks to give a relaxing feeling to your feet after working a day long.

Latest Post:

What do you put in a foot care basket?

You can put a foot scrub, foot lotion, nail brush, and foot mask inside the basket as the foot care gift set. These can be the essential things for pampering your foot skin after hours of walking. It is not only relaxing but will also recharge your feet. You can also get super moist skin!

How can I care my feet at home?

By ordering a foot care gift set, you can take care of your feet at home. For instance, soak your feet using water and bath salt, scrub gently, and apply foot cream or lotion after it. Then, wear super soft socks to keep your skin moist and nourished.

Should guys take care of their feet?

Yes! The guys should take care of their feet because taking care of feet means you pay attention to the cleanliness and health from head to toe. Gender has nothing to do with this. Moreover, having healthy foot skin is not only good for your appearance but also for your mood. So, from now on, start taking care of your feet, okay?

How should men take care of their feet?

Do a foot scrub while taking a shower, put on some lotion or cream before sleep, and spray the foot mask before wearing shoes to prevent odor. After doing that, you can feel fresh and moist skin and far from fatigue because men also deserve to have soft and smooth foot skin. Or you may try this one for your spouse since it is simpler but worth buying.

Which product is best for feet?

For feet, you can use this foot spa kit as it is specially made to pamper your feet. Also, you can surprise your best friend, sister, or mother with that foot care gift set. Having a spa time together with your sister or mother after giving this set could be a great idea, too! You can spend the rest of the night together watching your favorite movies.

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