Modular Travel Shoes

If you love wearing different shoes (especially while traveling) but can never find the space for storing them, it’s time to consider these Modular travel Shoes.

Consisting of two separate parts, you can mix and match the soles and skins while still packing light.

These unisex shoes (EU sizes 36-47) are based on a simple principle. You find a sole you like. You find a skin you like.

You attach the skin to sole through a water-resistant, tough tested zipper which is then separated from your foot by built-in zipper guard microfibre flaps. There you go, you’ve got your shoe.

Modular Travel Shoes

The trick is, you can attach any other skin to your sole of choice and vice versa. This, combined with their ultra lightness, makes them perfect for traveling.

Just take as many skins as you want with you while wearing one sole. Plus, every time you buy another skin or sole you drive their overall cost down since you get a whole shoe for the price of one price.

Modular Travel Shoes

With 5 soles and 60 skins in production, you can create 300 different combinations. That’s enough to soothe the pickiest traveling shoe-holic. 

check them out here.

Modular Travel Shoes

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