Portable Folding Bathtub

Not every apartment is graced with a presence of a bathtub.

However, it doesn’t have to stay that way. With this Portable Folding Bathtub, you’ll be able to give yourself a SPA day whenever the mood strikes.

When folded flat, this bathtub measures only 8.6” thick.

But once you unfold it, it turns into a full-fledged, ergonomic bathtub with a comfortable 108┬░ slope to lean on.

folding bathtub

The bathtub also features a hard-top cover that can hold a laptop or a tablet in front of you when bathing. So you can watch a movie or even do some work while soaking in the bath.

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folding bathtub

To drain the tub once you’re finished, open up the two drainage holes situated at the bottom of the tub. If you’re indoors, you can also use the drainage hose that comes with the tub.

folding bathtub

This portable folding bathtub has multiple uses. From being able to give you a relaxing soak, to acting as a kiddie bath or a place to wash your dog.

folding bathtub

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