25 Unique Wooden Spoons for Cooking and Decor

For those of you with passion for cooking and love to spend time creating tasty meals in the kitchen, a spoon is mandatory. With so many types of spoons available, wooden spoons are something that you can use either as cooking utensil or as kitchen decoration. Wooden spoons don’t have the ability to conduct heat, making them safe for you to use while cooking. Moreover, they will not scratch or damage other cooking utensils, too. Compared to the metal ones, wooden spoons are easier to make, and there are plenty unique wooden spoons that you can choose to own.

In addition to the use for cooking, wooden spoons with unique design can be a nice decoration to your kitchen. By placing it on a hanger or set of containers in one corner, you can enhance the appearance of your kitchen instantly. You can also make unique wooden spoons as gifts for special occasions to those closest to you, such as colleagues, relatives, mothers, or even your partner. If you’re currently looking for the most unique wooden spoons, we’ve prepared a special list that will help you find the best ones. So without further ado, let’s jump to the list below!

1. Burned Decorative Wooden Spoon

Burned Decorative Wooden Spoon

Look at this unique burned decorative wooden spoons! The pattern is made by burning it one by one and carefully making it last for a lifetime. It is fascinating that presenting the rustic and vintage appearance will give you handy and decorative kitchen appliances. In addition, these spoons are also available in a diverse pattern, which would be a perfect gift for you who love cooking.

2. Unique Black Walnut Wooden Spoon

Unique Black Walnut Wooden Spoon

You may be startled just by looking at the design of these black walnut wooden spoons. The handle has a unique shape resembling a rose twig, complete with thorn-like decoration. With such design, these wooden spoons are actually very comfortable to use. Moreover, these spoons are perfect for stirring your dishes or beverages, too!

3. Smiley Wooden Spoon

Smiley Wooden Spoon

Have you ever seen a very happy spoon before? Sit tight, because here we have wooden spoons with happy faces. These spoons feature a long handle to help you with your cooking routines. The cherry wood material is also coated with safe oil, making it effortless easy to clean. Unfortunately, this spoon is available per piece, so you have to purchase each of this spoon separately.

4. Wooden Corner Spoon

Wooden Corner Spoon

For those who are looking for a unique wooden spoon with a simple design but highly useful in the kitchen, we recommend choosing this wooden corner spoon. This handmade spoon was made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and was designed for right-handed people. It’s perfect for sauteing your vegetables or stirring fry cooking. The pointy tip will make it easier for you to reach all areas in your cookware.

5. Fish Shaped Wooden Spoon

Fish Shaped Wooden Spoon

For rice cooker users, we recommend you to have this fish wooden spoon. It is undeniable that this spoon has a unique shape in the form of a fish. Its small size is super handy to carry around, including to be used for outdoor activities like picnic or camping. So, it’s useful, handy, and last but not least, super durable, too!

6. Lovely Cartoon Wooden Spoon

Lovely Cartoon Wooden Spoon

Are you looking for a playful wooden spoon to accompany your little one while having breakfast? This unique wooden spoon with a cartoon design is the answer. Available in four types of shapes that include adorable whale, giraffe, hippopotamus, and also duck, your little one will definitely enjoy their breakfast time! The unique shape is also handy, making it easy to use while cooking, too. In addition, these cute wooden spoons will add a touch or aesthetic to your kitchen as decoration.

7. Apple Tree Wooden Spoon

Apple Tree Wooden Spoon

This splendid and handy wooden spoon is made of a real apple tree. This rare item does not lose its original shape, which still maintains the shape of an apple tree branch. The process of making this item took approximately three years, carefully and thoroughly. For those of you who love unique and rare items, you have found the wooden spoon that you’ve been looking for.

8. Hand-Carved Heart Wooden Spoon

Hand-Carved Heart Wooden Spoon

A spoonful of love comes in the shape of these heart wooden spoons, and they look adorable. Hand-carved heart-shaped spoons are perfect for those of you with a romantic side. Crafted from hard olive wood by Kenyan artisans, these unique wooden spoons ensure that it will last a long time. Having these wooden spoons will bring such beauty to your kitchen.

9. Rustic Carved Wooden Spoon

Rustic Carved Wooden Spoon

This unique wooden spoon has a distinctive shape because it was purposely designed to look antique. This rustic carved wooden spoon is suitable for your kitchen that has a white and beach-themed kind of feel. The selected material is of course safe to use for any type of food. Having the appropriate length for your cooking purposes makes this spoon come in handy as well. Moreover, you can also pick this unique wooden spoon as a gift for acquaintances or relatives.

10. Sri Lankan Coconut Shell Wooden Spoon

Sri Lankan Coconut Shell Wooden Spoon

This spoon will be a special gift from Sri Lanka. This eco-friendly spoon is made of real coconut shell and also kithul. It’s unique shape, appropriate length, and it’s lightweight feature makes this spoon comes handy and easy to clean. In addition, its ethnic style also makes this unique wooden spoon worthy of being in your cooking utensil collection.

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11. Pakkawood Wooden Spoon

Pakkawood Wooden Spoon

One of the most unique wooden spoons in this list is this Pakkawood wooden spoon. Decorated with safe rainbow colors, these spoons are super attractive to look at. With the usual shape, of course, this spoon can be used comfortably while maintaining its aesthetic value. What’s great about this spoon is that this unique wooden spoon is available in a set with three other items, so don’t think too long and grab it fast.

12. Mexican Wooden Spoon

Mexican Wooden Spoon

If you love Mexican food and looking for a matching spoon to accompany you while cooking in the kitchen, then this authentic Mexican spoon is for you. Its distinctive shape will compliment your kitchen in a nice Mexican way. The original wood material from Mexico with a black stripe ornament on the back makes this spoon super unique to own.

13. Unique Colander Wooden Spoon

Unique Colander Wooden Spoon

This wooden colander spoon has a different shape compared to other items in list. Suitable for scooping vegetables and similar foods, these spoons are appropriate for use with cooking utensils that have a rather deep shape. The wood material is also coated with safe materials, so it is definitely not harmful to your food.

14. Juniper Wooden Spoon


Are you looking for a spoon for your kitchen seasoning needs? For that purpose, we recommend you to buy this Juniper wooden spoon. Its small size feature is very suitable to fit into your spice container. In addition, this spoon is also perfect to measure sugar, salt, or other types of cooking seasoning. Buying some for all your seasons makes your kitchen have a harmonious and pleasing theme, for sure.

15. Mini Wooden Spoon for Seasoning

Mini Wooden Spoon for Seasoning

One of the spoons for seasoning that we also recommend is this mini wooden spoon. The size is much smaller compared to the size of other spoons in this list, which becomes the main feature of this item. The unique wooden spoon has an unusual shape that can easily fit into your seasoning container. This item is available in 10 pcs in one package, and the price is also quite friendly for your pocket. 

16. Unique Vegetable Wooden Spoon

Brown Unique Vegetable Wooden Spoon

This wooden vegetable spoon is made of natural ingredients and uses a safe coating. The design is simple but it has the added unique function at the end of the spoon handle. The extra part can hold the spoon against the edge of the pan, preventing the spoon from sinking and making it difficult to pick up.

17. Multipurpose Unique Wooden Spoon for Grain or Soup 

Multipurpose Unique Wooden Spoon for Grain or Soup

If you store rice or other grains in your kitchen, then this multipurpose unique wooden spoon is definitely for you. This item can function as a measuring spoon when you want to prepare food, according to the amount that you need. Its bowl-like shape has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable for your hands to grip.

18. Kitchen Wooden Bear Spoon

Kitchen Cooking Wooden Bear Spoon

This uniquely designed spoons can definitely compliment the look of your gorgeous kitchen. The end of the handle comes in the shape of a bear’s head to make it look adorable and also funny. Moreover, this unique wooden spoon is also friendly and is sure to be loved by your child who is learning to cook. We’ll make sure you won’t regret having this wooden bear spoon in your kitchen.

19. Elephant Wooden Set Spoon

Elephant Wooden Set Spoon

This elephant wooden spoon is usually used to stir and mix your food ingredients. With its long shape and small head, this spoon is easy to use according to its function. The head of this spoon has the precise size, which is one bar (5 ml) so it can be used as a measuring tool. Moreover, the additional elephant ornament on the handle makes this spoon even more elegant and cute at the same time. Of course, the materials used are also safe for our health, because they are BPA free.

20.  Leaf Wooden Set Spoon

Leaf Wooden Set Spoon

Similar to the previous item, the ornaments are in the form of a leaf. Available in a set of 5 pcs, this item has already included the packaging container, too. This unique wooden spoon has a function as a stirrer and a measuring tool that is just right for sugar, salt, etc. Not to mention the leaf shape of this wooden spoon also looks very stunning, perfect for complementing your kitchen needs. Made of selected rosewood wood, this item ensures good quality.

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21.  Picnic / Bushcraft Wooden Spoon

Picnic Bushcraft Wooden Spoon

You can’t possibly disagree that this is a unique wooden spoon, can’t you? This hand-carved picnic or bushcraft spoon is available in a set of three spoons in different sizes. Very useful for traveling or picnicking, which will come handy for food serving purposes. The additional petal ornament on the handle makes this spoon delicate just by looking at it. However, making this unique wooden spoon as a gift for someone is also the right choice.

22. Nightmare on Christmas-Themed Wooden Spoon

Nightmare on Christmas Theme Wooden Spoon

Are you familiar with or even like the movie of the Nightmare on Christmas? If you are, then a wooden spoon with this theme is perfect for you. If that’s not enough, this unique wooden spoon can also be used as a decoration on Halloween night, which will be an exciting part of the trick or treat fun.

23. Hand Carved Rosewood Spoon

Hand Carved Rosewood Spoon

Aside from proper function, a spoon made by an expert also has a special charm of its own. The unique wooden spoon made of rosewood has a long, zigzag-shaped handle. In the process, the wood material is naturally dried for six months and is handmade one by one. Adding this spoon to your cookware collection is our suggestion, because this spoon is super unique and valuable, too.

24. Harry Potter-Themed Wooden Spoon

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Hello Potterheads! Greetings to all of you. We have a custom wooden spoon with your favorite movie theme, which is Harry Potter. This unique wooden spoon is also suitable to be given to fellow Potterheads as a gift at gathering events or other special occasions. In addition, this wooden spoon material is of course durable and long-lasting just like your love for Harry Potter.

25. Personalized Engraved Wooden Spoon

Personalized Engraved Wooden Spoon

This spoon offers a personalization alternative that gives you many choices of engraved contents. By using the laser engraving method, you can get your own personalized wooden spoon design without losing its functionality. It is very suitable when used as a gift for your loved ones because you can create a certain impression for the person who receives it.

Latest Post:

What are the unique wooden spoons you can buy?

We think that the selection of a unique wooden spoon remains based on your preferences. But we recommend that you still pay attention to the aspect of comfort when using them. As a recommendation for unique wooden spoons, we prefer black walnut wooden spoons or apple tree wooden spoons because of their unique shape. As another option, personalized engraved wooden spoons are also the suitable gifts for those closest to you because you can customize them yourself.

Are wooden spoons better than metal?

It depends on what you need to use it for. When you cook with non-stick surface kitchen utensils, it is wise to use wood-based utensils such as one of the unique wooden spoons above. By using metal-based utensils you can scratch the surface of your pan. Some non-stick coatings will mix with your food causing a toxic reaction and also reducing the quality of your cooking.

Why do chefs use wooden spoons?

Chefs prefer to use a wooden spoon because, besides it’s not gonna scratch your kitchen utensils, it is also not good at conducting heat. In the cooking process, you usually work with high temperatures, and by using a wooden spoon you can have a more comfortable grip while you are cooking. so you can work more effectively and efficiently.

Are wooden spoons full of bacteria?

Wooden spoons do have a porous character and natural ingredients. maybe you think that this will cause it to be easily filled with bacteria. This can be prevented by washing it by hand after cooking. You can use soap and hot water, or periodically sanitizing it by boiling it to remove the absorbed content on a wooden spoon. Make sure you don’t use the dishwasher to clean your unique wooden spoon.

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