25 Thanksgiving Gifts for Clients to Professionally Appreciate Them

In business, customers and clients are the most important part, which is why know that customer is a king. Without them, you will have no business, and that’s the reason why customer retention strategy becomes important. If you treat your customers right, then your business will be more successful. Not to mention your products and services must be good of course. As part of customer loyalty or retention program, giving special gifts on special occasions would be an excellent idea. Thanksgiving is one example, because it’s the perfect moment for you to give special Thanksgiving gifts for your loyal customers. However, you might find it a bit confusing to find the suitable Thanksgiving gifts for clients. Worry no more, because we have come to the rescue!

Finding special presents to be the suitable Thanksgiving gifts for clients might be an exhausting task, especially if you just don’t know how to start. In this article, we have listed 25 of the best Thanksgiving gifts to professionally appreciate your customers and clients. Whether it’s for their loyalty or positive feedbacks, it would be better for you to choose a nice yet professional gifts, since it’s for business purposes, still. So, let’s get started!

1. A Million Billion Thank You Spa Gift Box

A Million Billion Thank Yous Spa

Express your appreciation with this ‘Million Billion Thank You Spa Gift Box.’ Each box contains natural soy candle with customized scent, lip balm, body butter, handmade soap and also bath bomb. What makes this set special is the writing that says, ‘A Million Billion Thank Yous’ which shows your appreciation to the client who has become an amazing business partner throughout the year. Such a kind of heart-warming Thanksgiving gifts for clients!

2. Custom Engraved Notebook

Custom Engraved Notebook

Giving notebooks as Thanksgiving gifts for clients seems very professional and too common at the same time, but not a bad idea. If you still opt for a notebook, try to add a personal touch to your gift with this custom engraved notebook. This notebook is made of a wooden front cover, which gives an expensive feeling to it. You can also add an engraving of the initial of the client’s name to the front cover for a personal touch. Truly a simple and expensive-looking gift idea to show you appreciation. 

3. Linen Flash Drive Box 

Linen Flash Drive Box

Level-up the boring file or photo sharing routine with this linen flash drive box. It’s perfectly suitable for Thanksgiving gifts for clients or just to add a little bit of excitement to your client’s file transfer routine. The box set includes one customized linen box with metal and crystal cap flash drive packaging. In addition, you can add the custom message on the top box and the crystal flash drive packaging as well. Plus, there are several box color options to choose from.

4. 5-in-1 Tool Pen as Thanksgiving Gift

5-in-1 Tool Pen

How cool it is to have a multifunctional pen that can be used as a stylus, level and ruler? Give your clients this 5-in-1 tool pen so they know how cool it is. As the name suggests, this pen can be used as a capacitive touch stylus for smartphones, an integrated ruler, and also bubble level. It also features a mini storage to hold a screwdriver. You can literally fix many things with this pen, which why it becomes the perfect, professional, and useful Thanksgiving gift for clients.

5. Personalized Handmade Mug

Personalized Handmade Mug

Items with personalization are also another good option when it comes to Thanksgiving gifts for clients. This personalized handmade mug can be a great choice. The mug is made of ceramic, which fits better with a coffee machine. You can also add your personal appreciation message and choose the color that suits your client’s style the most. In addition, this mug can be purchased as a single item or several cups as a gift box.

6. Upcycled Floppy Disk Notebook

Upcycled Floppy Disk Notebook

Still another office-related gift, you can give your clients an upcycled floppy disk notebook. It can level-up the uniqueness of your gift. This notebook has the same functionality as the normal notebook. However, the only difference is the cover, which uses an actual upcycled floppy disk. Clients from the 80’s and 90’s will definitely love to have this nostalgic notebook as a gift.

7. Accordion Sculptural Lamp

Accordion Sculptural Lamp

Want to give something more extravagant to impress a long-term client? This accordion sculptural lamp is one of the exquisite things you can give as Thanksgiving gifts for clients. It has an unusual glowing shape that can catch everyone’s eyes with its accordion-like form. Moreover, the lamp can be twisted and bent with a magnet at the ends. You can choose the lamp base for either bamboo or walnut, and trust me, both are exquisite art for table-top décor.  

8. Tea Maker To Go

Tea Maker To Go

If your client is a tea person, this tea maker to-go is definitely something you should give as Thanksgiving gifts for clients. This mug is convenient for steeping loose-leaf tea for on-the-go tea lovers. Inside this mug, you’ll find a filter to help steeping the loose-leaf tea. In addition, it has two stepping modes for the ultimate tea experience, depending on the tea type.

9. Geode Desktop Clock

Geode Desktop Clock

Thinking about giving a professional-looking gift, which will be a good decoration item for your happy clients? Try this Geode desktop clock for Thanksgiving gifts for clients. It is made of natural Brazilian agate and geode stone that make the clock looks super fabulous. The agate and stone are displayed on a powder-coated-metal base to form a beautiful clock. In short, this item features a fascinating and fantastic design to become memorable Thanksgiving gifts for clients.

10. Elephant Glass Bowl

Elephant Glass Bowl

Clients who love elephants or ancient things will definitely love this elephant glass bowl as Thanksgiving gifts for clients. The elephant figurine features a glass bowl on the top that is highly useful as a terrarium holder, mini aquarium, or a candle bowl. Perfect for clients who plan to start a terrarium or mini aquarium. Furthermore, it also works beautifully as a candle display décor.

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11. Cheese and Cracker Gourmet Basket

Cheese and Cracker Gourmet Basket

Nothing can beat snacks and cheese as gifts. It is suitable for most people and works perfectly for every occasion. If your clients are free from dairy allergy, a cheese and crackers gourmet basket can be great Thanksgiving gifts for them. The British Gourmet Premier Gift Basket has the most British cuisine experience – British creams, curd, cheeses, and also crackers. Each product is curated by Britain’s finest food critics creating a unique and fulfilling combo.

12. Peacock Succulent Planter

Peacock Succulent Planter

For clients who are interested in everything about succulents, a beautiful planter such as this peacock succulent planter will be a thoughtful Thanksgiving gifts. This beautiful peacock planter is made of eco-friendly resin with good durability, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Without a doubt, this item is perfect for clients who have a few succulent collections, so they can put all them together in this unique peacock planter.

13. Luxury Bathroom Towels

Thanksgiving Gifts for Clients

To show your appreciation, giving items with a luxurious touch such as luxury bathroom towels is also a good option. Each set contains 4 pieces of extra-soft bath towels, which are thick and fluffy with spa-quality and hotel standards. Whenever your client uses this towel, it will remind them of the feeling of a relaxing spa from their memorable trip.

14. Wood Coasters Set with Cork Insert

Thanksgiving Gifts for Clients

Most people usually start their morning routine at work with a cup of coffee or tea. So, we think that this wood coaster set with cork inserts will be the perfect Thanksgiving gifts for client, especially for those who want to keep their desk or coffee table free from drink marks and scratches. The set contains 6 wood coasters with a rustic design from natural wood. In the middle, you’ll see an absorbent cork insert to avoid the cup bottom from sticking, falling or breaking.

15. Personalized Message Popcorn Bowl

Thanksgiving Gifts for Clients

For customers who love binge watching with a bunch of popcorn, these personalized message popcorn bowls will be a wonderful Thanksgiving gift. You can add an appreciation or simply thank you message, which will be engraved on this enamel bowl. While ordering this bowl, you can choose to order just the bowl or add the salted caramel popcorn, too. Truly a hassle-free and nice gift idea for your clients and business partners.

16. Pancake Syrup Sampler Set

Thanksgiving Gifts for Clients

For individuals or clients in a small team, giving this pancake syrup sampler set will be perfect Thanksgiving gifts for clients to sweeten your business relationship with them. This gift set contains 18 packs of flavoured pancake syrups in individual glass bottles. It has some classic and original choices, or more flavorful options such as caramel, pumpkin spice, and strawberry. What a perfect gift for clients, whether they are individuals or working as a team.

17. Olive Oil Spice Infusion Set

Thanksgiving Gifts for Clients

If olive oil salad dressing is their thing, then you can add a little bit of hint to the plain olive oil with this olive oil spice infusion set. The set comes in a gift-ready bag with 4 flavoured olive oil and 3 different spice blends. They can enjoy the rich taste of onion, chili, rosemary and garlic infused olive oil, all from this one set. Perfect Thanksgiving gifts for clients who love to do a flavor experiment.

18. Assorted Nuts and Dried Fruit Platter

Thanksgiving Gifts for Clients

Thinking of great Thanksgiving gifts for clients who enjoy snacking in the office?  Look no further and give them this assorted nuts and dried fruit platter. This one will be a hearty and healthy Thanksgiving gift for clients. The platter comes in a several choice option, which you can choose either the 4, 6 or 9 varieties in one box. The filling can also be customized with nuts only, nuts and dried fruits mixes, or dried fruits only, depending on what your client’s preferences.

19. Oh! Nuts Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Wishes

Thanksgiving Gifts for Clients

Another snacking treat, which will be perfect Thanksgiving gifts for clients ,is this Nuts gourmet Belgian chocolate wishes set. Each box contains 20 pieces of assorted Belgian chocolate with some fun and unique flavor. It’s not only about the chocolate, because each piece has its own wish such as happiness, love, longevity, etc. Let your client send their wishes while enjoying the creamy and flavorful Belgium chocolate.

20. Assorted Flavoured Coffee Pods

Assorted Flavoured Coffee Pods

Bring some fun flavor to your client’s morning coffee routines with these assorted flavoured coffee pods from Two Rivers coffee. One set contains 40 assorted flavoured coffees from the classic to the fun, such as chocolate, caramel, vanilla, strawberry, cherry, and other enjoyable flavors. Let them enjoy the different tastes and add more excitement to their morning routine.

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21. Ergonomic Laptop Stand

Thanksgiving Gifts for Clients

A stand for a laptop could help our arm from the back pain due to the long hours of working facing the laptop. This ergonomic laptop stand will be a great Thanksgiving gift for clients who spend most of their working time in front of the laptop. Moreover, it also has an adjustable height for a more comfortable operating angle. Its ergonomic design helps to relieve neck, shoulder and spinal pain while using a laptop.

22. Futuristic-Designed TWS

Thanksgiving Gifts for Clients

For the tech-savvy, giving TWS with futuristic design and great features will be a good option for a Thanksgiving gift for clients. This futuristic-designed TWS has some basic functionalities; it’s compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, can charge the phone, and is waterproof, too! Another thing that makes this TWS special is the LED display on the case, which adds the futuristic feeling to the product.

23. Wooden Perpetual Wall Calendar

Thanksgiving Gifts for Clients

Vintage things always bring some nostalgia with the good old memories. For clients who love vintage things, give them this wooden perpetual wall calendar as a Thanksgiving gift. This calendar was hand crafted from wood, and the calendar is 13 ¼” high and 13″ wide, perfect for wall décor and hanging decor, too.

24. Electric Floor Vase as a Nice Thanksgiving Gift

Thanksgiving Gifts for Clients

Another decoration gift to send your appreciation as well as impress the client is this electric floor vase. The vase is made of a solid stoneware for better durability. It has a textured surface, which will make a perfect decoration to the living room, or to fill the other empty corner inside the house.

25. Storm-Proof Matches

Thanksgiving Gifts for Clients

Who can say no to matches that are truly windproof and waterproof? These storm-proof matches are perfect Thanksgiving gifts for clients who have a fun and outgoing personality. The stick matches are bundled in two dozen, which always works even in the windiest and wettest conditions. It can be re-ignited even after being submerged in the water. Perfect for clients who love outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and grilling.

Latest Post:

What can I send clients as Thanksgiving gifts?

Depending on the clients’ relation and personality, office-related things or personalized items can work as Thanksgiving gifts for clients. These custom engraved notebooks, linen flash drive box, and assorted nuts and dried fruit platter are the type of gifts that are suitable for every type of client. Personalized items such as this personalized handmade mug and personalized message popcorn bowls also make the perfect Thanksgiving gift for clients.

Do companies give Thanksgiving gifts?

It is a normal thing for companies to give Thanksgiving gifts for clients, employees, or their business partner. A gift can be the symbol of appreciation, just like how companies appreciate their clients, employees and business partners. It’s also a smart business strategy to gain awareness and branding for the company.

How do you thank clients for their support?

Thank your clients for their support is important to build a positive relationship between company and clients. There are many ways to express your appreciation to the clients. Sending a thank you card with a special message is one of the best ideas to thank clients for their support. Giving thoughtful gifts on special occasions such as a million billion thank you spa as Thanksgiving gifts for clients is also another great idea to appreciate your clients.

How do I make my clients feel special?

Giving personal attention such as knowing what their preferred drink when coming to your office can make your clients feel special. Thoughtful gifts are also another way to make them feel truly valued as a part of your business. The most important thing, always be genuine in whatever you do because fake things can be easily spotted.

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