25 Greek Gifts for Greece Obsessed Individuals

Greece is known for their arts, architecture, and philosophy among other things. Their culture became very influential from the beginning of civilization up to modern days. Their myth, philosophy, and history was so inspiring that at some point you must have known at least a person who is really into Greek culture.

If you need to find a gift for them, giving them Greek gifts will surely put a big smile on their face. They might even won’t stop talking about it. To help you find the best greek gifts, we’ve selected a list of items inspired by Greek culture. Hopefully, this list will help you to find the perfect Greek gift for Greece lovers in your life.

1. Athena Goddess Coin Pendant Silver

Athena Goddess Coin Pendant Silver

If you know a friend who is particularly in love with the goddess of war, you can get this unique choker necklace with an amazing Athena goddess head pendant. It is perfect for a sophisticated, contemporary look with a historical flare. This can be a great Greek gift for someone who is brave and intelligent.

2. Gladiator Leather Sandals

Gladiator Leather Sandals

These gladiator sandals were made from 100% Greek leather. They can be an iconic Greek gift that will make Greek lovers happy. Each pair of these leather sandals is unique. Sometimes they have some small natural marks or light color irregularities as to no chemicals being used. The sole is lightweight so you can enjoy miles of safety walk comfortably. The high-quality material will keep the soles in shape for a long time.

3. Greek House Planter

Greek House Planter

A Greek house planter is going to be the perfect Greek gift for Greece enthusiasts who want to immerse themselves in planting culture. It has a beautiful design that will be a perfect decorative piece in the living room. This planter is shatter-proof and easy to clean. Their favorite house plants will grow happily and beautifully in this planter.

4. Greece Mug

Greece Mug

All we want in this tiring work schedule is just to go on a vacation. And for Greece lovers, there is no other place like Greece. While they might not be able to visit Greece in the near future, they can still dream about it while sipping their hot coffee every morning. This mug will keep them motivated and give them purpose as to why they need to hustle everyday.

5. When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Avgolemono Sign

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Avgolemono Sign

Avgolemono is Greek lemon chicken soup made by mixing eggs with lemons and adding the mix to chicken stock, creating a delicious and hearty soup. This sign can be a great Greek gift for Greek lovers, especially those who are interested in Greek cuisine. Because when life gives us lemons, it’s definitely a sign for us to make some avgolemono.

6. Cali’s Books Greek Nursery Rhymes

Cali's Books Greek Nursery Rhymes

If you want to pass your love towards Greek culture to your kids, you can give this Greek nursery Rhymes book to your toddler. It is an interactive baby book with press, listen, and sing along feature. It has six nursery tunes in Greek, accompanied by easy-to-read lyrics in Greek and English. It is a way to introduce Greek culture in the most fun and playful way. 

7. Ancient Greek Remedy Organic Skin Care Gift Set

Ancient Greek Remedy Organic Skin Care Gift Set

Make your loved ones feel pampered with this luxurious natural skincare gift set. This box set is the ultimate at-home spa gift set to revitalize and rejuvenate the face, body, hair, and nails for someone who wants to relax in a Greek goddess way. This set includes four deep moisturizing and reparative skin care products including oils, buttercream, moisturizer, and soap bars all packed in beautiful and elegant packaging. 

8. Hercules Greek Art Graphic T-Shirt

Hercules Greek Art Graphic T-Shirt

This is a straightforward, perfect Greek gift for someone who loves Greek Mythology, especially its well-known hero, Hercules. This t-shirt features a Hercules graphic art from the Disney movie with his popular quote “I can go the distance.” This t-shirt can be a fun gift option for Greek enthusiasts regardless of their gender and age.

9. Never Underestimate GREEK Coffee Mug

Never Underestimate GREEK Coffee Mug

If you know a woman who happens to be a Greek, this mug can be a lovely gift for her. It is empowering, motivating, and shows them your admiration towards them. Mugs always seem like a simple form of gift, but sometimes, the simple things matter the most. Now they can enjoy their favorite beverage with pride.

10. Creek Greek Santa Figurine

Creek Greek Santa Figurine

This Santa figurine is from Enesco’s Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Collection. It features Santa holding a staff featuring the Parthenon while displaying a quaint scene of the Santorini coast. It is a great greek gift option because it can serve as a decorative item and work as a valuable collectible. Once you have it, you can keep it and pass it through generations.

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11. Roman Greek Goddess Fortuna Figurine

Roman Greek Goddess Fortuna Figurine

Fortuna is the goddess of fortune and personification of luck in Roman religion. This figurine can make a great gift to manifest good fortune and good luck. With that being said, giving this figurine as a gift would represent your best intention to the receiver. It will make a nice addition to their collection while also helping them to feel secure and more positive in life.

12. Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

In Greek culture, the evil eye has been believed to offer protection to the wearer. This necklace is another Greek gift that represents good intentions. It is made from 925 sterling silver with blue and white cubic zirconia offering a sparkling color and style, suitable for any occasion. Packed in a gift box, this necklace is a suitable gift for any occasion.

13. Greece Straw Water Bottle

Greece Straw Water Bottle

This Greek city souvenir is an eco-friendly way to carry your favorite drink to school, work, or anywhere. This 21oz stainless steel water bottle features a flip up spout with removable straw. A high gloss Greece text is printed directly to white glossy exterior surface, keeping the color saturated and will not fade. A great way to make a statement for a Greek lover. 

14. Greek Mythology Coloring Book

Greek Mythology Coloring Book

This Greek Mythology coloring book for kids and adults can be a therapeutic way to spend some spare time after a long day of work. It features 67 pages filled with drawings of gods, creatures, goddesses, and more. The perfect Greek gift for anyone who wants to learn more about Greek mythology and do some art therapy. 

15. Yaya Necklace Greek Grandma Gift

Yaya Necklace Greek Grandma Gift

In ancient Greek, the literal meaning of the term “Yaya” was “woman.” Today, Greek grandmothers are called “Yaya,” likely because they have achieved womanhood. Give this necklace as a Greek gift to any grandma and they will be so happy. You can also give it to your favorite grandmother no matter if they are Greek or not. 

16. Greek Myths & Legends Mythology Gods Heroes Book

Greek Myths & Legends Mythology Gods Heroes Book

Book is the best gift you can ever give to anyone. And for Greece lovers, a hardcover book featuring Greek myths, legends, and heroes can be the most precious Greek gift they can ever get. This book contains fantastical stories infused with Greek myths with a wonder and excitement that’s hard to beat. It will provide nice reading time and look good on the shelf.

17. Decorative Greek Titan Atlas Statue

Decorative Greek Titan Atlas Statue

Looking for a Greek gift with symbolic meaning? Look no further! Titan Atlas Statue With Celestial Globe Sculpture Gift holding the celestial heavens for eternity symbolizes the quality of endurance, strength, and persuasion.This is a perfect gift for someone who displays these qualities or someone who could use some of the Titan’s strength.

18. Greek Mythology Roman Pantheon Chessman Gift Set

Greek Mythology Roman Pantheon Chessman Gift Set

If you are looking for a Greek gift that is truly unique and valuable, this Pantheon Chess Set can be your best option. Each chess piece has immaculate details, sturdy, and eye-catching. This handmade chess set will definitely spark some interesting conversations when you have some friends over. Amazing gift for a chess enthusiast or a Greek Mythology theme specialist.

19. Antiqued Silver Finish Greek Roman Coin Drop Earrings

Antiqued Silver Finish Greek Roman Coin Drop Earrings

If you are looking for Greek gifts for a true hard core Greek fan, these earrings are the one to get. They combine common philosophical themes and cultural design elements drawn from the ancient world. It features two sided coins adding shimmery movement to drop earrings and an oxidized finish adds to its vintage charm. It also comes with a history card and signature packaging ready-to-gift. 

20. Metal Medieval Greek Hoplite Templar Shield Replica

Metal Medieval Greek Hoplite Templar Shield Replica

This shield is 24 Inches and made out of high-quality steel. So even though this is a replica, you can still feel as if you get your hands on the real thing. It will make a great decorative element on the wall and will make any Greek lover very happy. They can even use it for cosplay if they are interested. 

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21. Planisphere Watch

Planisphere Watcha

The Planisphere was often used by the Ancient Greeks to navigate via stars and constellations. This exquisite Planisphere Watch is a time-telling chart that maps the night sky. Even though the planisphere has a strong root in ancient astronomy, this watch takes a modern switch with Japanese-Quartz movement and a glowing Swiss dial that glows for up to three hours. An amazing Greek gift your man can brag about to their friends. 

22. Olive Branch for Peace Necklace

Olive Branch for Peace Necklace

Olive branches have represented peace since the advent of recorded history from Greek mythology and ancient Roman texts. These necklaces invoke kindness and peace in the giver and wearer, and stand to diffuse negativity in times of strife and serenity. Available in gold and silver, these are the most beautiful greek gifts you can ever get.

23. Greek Mythology Collection Shaker Cup

Greek Mythology Collection Shaker Cup

And for those who are more interested in creatures and monsters, this shaker with Medusa print can be a great option. It is an all-in-one shaker where you can mix, pour, and store all in the same container. Now you can make your perfect beverage and channel your inner fierce Medusa.

24. Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar

Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar

And if you know a person that takes their Greek obsession seriously and wants to study Greek vocabulary, this book will make them very happy. This book offers a clear, understandable, integrated approach to learning New Testament Greek. The perfect basic book to get for beginners or Gleek language students.

25. Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup

Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup

Your loved ones can now enjoy their morning coffee in an environmentally-friendly way with the Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup. This reusable version of the iconic paper coffee cup is styled precisely upon the original disposable version found throughout big cities. A big plus to enjoy coffee in style with no worry. And better of all, it has a unique design with Greek themed elements. 

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What are the best Greek gifts for him?

The Planisphere watch would be an excellent choice. They will appreciate the craftsmanship that relies upon ancient astronomy but still has a grip on modern design. If they are the extra type, you can always get the templar shield replica for them. A chess set will make a great Greek gift as well.

What are the best Greek gifts for her?

We can start from the old coin earrings. It is a statement piece they can wear proudly. You can also get them the Ancient Greek Remedy spa set for when they need to paper themselves. A Greek house plater will make any plant mom happy, and the Avgolemono sign will be able to brighten up their kitchen and their mood.

What are the best and funny greek gifts?

Mugs are always the best bet when it comes to funny Greek gifts. You can get the “I don’t need therapy, I just need to go to Greece” mug to mock your best friend who is currently unable to travel due to their busy working schedule. It is quite funny but also uplifting at the same time. 

What are the best Greek gifts for Christmas?

The Greek santa figurine, of course. It is both appropriate for Christmas, but can be kept as a permanent decoration after the Christmas season has passed. It looks cute and precious that it can be collected for a long time. It will also make a nice appearance in your Grandma’s figurine cabinet. 

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