25 Best Wooden Sunglasses for a Sunny Trip

Wearing sunglasses during a vacation can make you look cool. Besides, it will be able to help you enjoy a sunny trip better. Currently, there are a lot of awesome sunglasses in the market. But if you want to go vintage, then try to find the best wooden sunglasses! They will surely make you look more fashionable and stylish. Perhaps, you might even attract another bystander with these wooden sunglasses. 

The best wooden sunglasses are always unique and awesome. However, some wooden sunglasses are better suited to be worn by men, while others perfectly match a woman’s style. Down below, you’re going to be looking at some of the best wooden sunglasses for both genders. Make sure to take (at least) one before going out on a planned trip!

The Best Wooden Sunglasses for Men

Men’s fashion style is always more masculine than women’s. It’s probably the reason why you’re going to see some rigid designs on our list below. But hey, they are still amazing and worthy to be called as the best sunglasses ever. 

1. “Canby” Polarized Wood Sunglasses

“Canby” Polarized Wood Sunglasses

Our first wooden sunglasses have a very simplistic design. However, they can still look beautiful when worn. The frames were made using walnut wood. It is also able to protect you from UV sunlight. And the best thing is the polarized lenses of the sunglasses. It will be able to provide color-true clarity for its user. 

2. Wooden Bamboo Vintage Sunglasses

Wooden Bamboo Vintage Sunglasses

Some of the best wooden sunglasses have a vintage design that looks dope. It’s precisely the reason why we’re including this item to the list! It was made using eco-friendly sustainable wood and has a unique and beautiful wood grain pattern on the frame. 

3. Unique Wooden Sunglass Frame

Unique Wooden Sunglass Frame

This particular sunglass has a very unique and classy design. It is handmade by great artists and is super light. Despite the weight, the sunglasses are extremely durable too. You also won’t have to worry about scratching or dropping it into the water. 

4. KINGSEVEN Natural Wooden Sunglass

KINGSEVEN Natural Wooden Sunglass

It’s really rare to see a sunglass that has a matching color between its lens and frame. But it really looks cool, as seen through these awesome sunglasses. It’s the reason why this item is worthy to be included on our list of best wooden sunglasses. Oh, we also need to mention that it comes with an elegant wooden box too. 

5. ELITERA Retro Wooden Sunglass

ELITERA Retro Wooden Sunglass

Our next item has a similar concept to the KINGSEVEN product, but it perfectly captures its own vision. These magnificent sunglasses are available in five different colors, ranging from blue to black and green. You should definitely consider these sunglasses too, because it is able to block harmful UVA/UVB rays. 

6. GrinderPUNCH Bamboo Wooden Sunglass

GrinderPUNCH Bamboo Wooden Sunglass

This simplistic approach for this item makes it worthy to be called as one of the best wooden sunglasses for men. It is advisable to wear these awesome sunglasses during a walk on the beach. The real genuine bamboo temples also make this item more unique than ever. 

7. Cological Wooden Sunglasses

Cological Wooden Sunglasses

Ecospeakers have really done the world a favor with their latest installment of wooden sunglasses. Just take a look at this item above! So classy, right? It also comes with a beautiful packaging box that won’t make you disappointed. The frame itself was made from zebrano and ebony wood, making it very eco-friendly. 

8. Vintage Wooden Sunglasses for Men

Vintage Wooden Sunglasses for Men

Our next entry will make you feel like going back to the 80s. The vintage wooden sunglass emanates a retro vibe while maintaining a stylish fashion sense. Plus, it was made using sustainable and/or non-endangered woods. You won’t worry about it breaking easily because this item is highly durable!

9. Wooden Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wooden Wayfarer Sunglasses

With this item, we’re talking about the best wooden sunglasses that you can get as a gift for your best friend. The wooden sunglass itself is looking very classy, as it was made using high quality bamboo. Add to the fact that it was stored inside a cool-looking case? We don’t have any reason to prohibit you from buying it!

10. Groomsmen Wooden Sunglasses

Groomsmen Wooden Sunglasses

If you want a cool personalized wooden sunglass a la carte, then take a look at this masterpiece. Even though it has a simpler design than other items that we have offered, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Plus, you can also put this item as a display in your house, because it really looks cute and adorable. 

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11. “Fire Shades” Wooden Sunglasses

“Fire Shades” Wooden Sunglasses

Want a classier wooden sunglass than this one? We can only wish you for the very best of luck! It has a really cool frame with a unique “fire shades” design. This wooden sunglass is a limited-edition item that sells so fast, so you won’t have much time to spare!

12. Recycled Skateboard Wooden Sunglass

Recycled Skateboard Wooden Sunglass

An unused skateboard can still be used for something wonderful like these wooden sunglasses. The result is also staggering, because it is really beautiful and unique at the same time. Wear this for a walk and see if your friends are jealous of it!

13. Stylish Wooden Sunglass

Stylish Wooden Sunglass

Our last item for the list of best wooden sunglasses is definitely one to be taken seriously. In fact, it has a magnificent design that really connects to nature. It was made from colored olive and zebrano wood. Furthermore, you also have the option to add some personalized engravings on the frame. So cool, right?

The Best Wooden Sunglasses for Women

After taking a look at some of the best wooden sunglasses for men, it’s time to move on and explore the best of the best for women. The styles for both genders aren’t all that much different. However, there are some wooden sunglasses that stand out, and you should take a look at them. 

14. Handmade Rainbow Wood Sunglass

Handmade Rainbow Wood Sunglass

Going on a vacation can’t get any better when you have these awesome wooden sunglasses in your possession. It has a colorful rainbow frame design that looks so cool. Besides that, it is also extremely protective for your eyes’ health. 

15. Elegant Wooden Sunglass by Paul Ven

Elegant Wooden Sunglass by Paul Ven

Paul Ven made an incredible sunglass with this product! The frame was made from a mixture between ebony and walnut wood. Each pair of sunglasses also consist of at least five different layers with Baltic birch in the middle for extra durability. You won’t regret buying and adding this lovely wooden sunglass to your collection. 

16. FELRES Polarized Sunglass

FELRES Polarized Sunglass

Some women love colorful items. That’s the reason why this wooden sunglass looks so appealing, and deserves to be included in our list of best wooden sunglasses. Wearing it will emanate a cheerful aura from your inner self! Plus, it is highly collectible too. 

17. Retro Wooden Grain Sunglass

Retro Wooden Grain Sunglass

Let’s take a time machine and travel back in time with these adorable wooden sunglasses! Although it has a retro design, it can still fit with most clothes of your choice. The high-quality material of this sunglass also makes it all the more durable. 

18. Ebony and Walnut Sunglass

Ebony and Walnut Sunglass

We’re not advising you to ignore this item, because it’s a good deal that you should really consider. When you look at the sunglasses, you just can’t help but startled at the beauty of it. It was made using the sustainable ebony, walnut, and bamboo, resulting in a terrific design. It’s a good idea to take a walk in the park with it, you know!

19. Walnut Wooden Sunglass

Walnut Wooden Sunglass

A combination of cool wooden sunglasses and a magnificent case is always welcomed on our list of best wooden sunglasses. The frame of these adorable sunglasses was made using natural walnut wood temple, while the lens is also able to block UV400 rays. 

20. Bamboo Sunglass (in a Bamboo Case)

Bamboo Sunglass (in a Bamboo Case)

Nothing can describe this item other than “utter genius”. The design is nothing like any other common wooden sunglasses that you’ve seen in the market. Add to the fact that they’re stored in a cute bamboo case? Wow, amazing! You can even display it in a cabinet and it will still look absolutely beautiful.

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21. Cork Sunglasses

Cork Sunglasses

A wooden sunglass can look very beautiful when they were handcrafted from Cork and Zebrawood. Just take a look at this amazing item if you don’t believe in us! This unique design will definitely set them apart from normal sunglasses, and therefore you won’t get it messed up with other people’s glasses!

22. Oval Sunglasses

Oval Sunglasses

It is uncommon for a wooden sunglass to have an oval shape. However, this bizarre nature is what sets them apart and makes them the best wooden sunglasses ever! Although this oval wooden sunglass has a unique shape, wearing it is still very comfortable. Make sure to take this sunglass out and use it whenever you go out to complete some chores. 

23. Honey Drippers Sunglass

Honey Drippers Sunglass

This is a really stylish wooden sunglass! The colorful frame and awesome lens make it one of the best wooden sunglasses in the market. You can use it for sports activities or a casual walk on the beach too. Relaxing during an evening can’t get any better when you’ve used these amazing sunglasses. 

24. Handmade Bamboo Sunglass

Handmade Bamboo Sunglass

A polarized wooden sunglass is always fantastic to have. It means that they are coated with a chemical filter that cuts glare. Add to the fact that this wooden sunglass has a cool design, it is really criminal to even think of passing this item up! You can even attach a rope and hang it around your neck. 

25. Retro Round Sunglass

Retro Round Sunglass

On a hot summer day, wearing these flamboyant sunglasses can make you the belle of the ball (or beach). Aside from the unique design, it was made using rosewood legs and paired with a cool, gray seashell finish. Oh, do not worry about getting some harmful UV light, because the lens is able to block it all. 

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Yes, it is really popular! Since 2014-ish, wooden sunglasses are bought by many people because of their unique shape. The environmentally friendly part of the sunglasses also boosts the sale too. Just take a look at this simple-yet-cool sunglass as an example. So awesome, right?

Are Wooden Sunglasses Safe?

There’s no evidence that exists to prove otherwise. In fact, wooden sunglasses normally use polarized lenses that filter out glare. They can also block out harmful UV lights that can hurt our eyes. So all in all, consider buying one, would you?

Are Wooden Sunglasses Sustainable?

Wooden sunglasses are made using sustainable and eco-friendly woods. They won’t harm the environment, and they are extremely durable. Normally, they can easily be recycled when you don’t have the use for it anymore. Therefore, you can say that wooden sunglasses are sustainable. 

What are the Best Wooden Sunglasses?

It’s really hard to single out the best wooden sunglasses. However, we may nudge you in the right direction. As an example, you can look at this awesome bamboo wooden sunglass. Given that it’s stored inside a bamboo case, we thought that it’s hard to pass this one up! As an alternative, you can also consider buying this cool and vintage wooden sunglass too. 

How Do You Take Care of Wooden Eyeglass Frames?

Although most wooden sunglasses are durable, they still need some taking care to do. For example, you should try to use both hands to remove the sunglasses from your head. Avoiding overexposure to the sun (when not in use, of course) are also essential. You should also take some time to clean them properly from time to time. 

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