25 Authentic and Beautiful Egyptian Gifts

Egypt is a country that is well known for its very unique culture. It is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The people from the area have contributed to various advancements and findings that benefited mankind. Egyptians are also famous for their unique arts and cultural items. Some even say that it is a paradise.

If you are looking for an Egyptian-themed souvenir for your friends or family, you’ve come to the right website! We have created a list of 25 items that you can buy as unique Egyptian gifts. Check out the following products, ranging from artistic to food items, that represent the country of the Pharaoh and pyramids!

1. Egyptian Goddess Statue

Egyptian Goddess Isis Open Wings Statue

The first item on this ultimate list of Egyptian gifts ideas is the Egyptian Goddess Isis Statue. Egyptian culture is famous for its mythology. Thus, statues of their ancient god would make an excellent souvenir!

2. Candle Anubis

Candle Anubis

If your gift recipient is into Egyptian mythology, you can consider getting a Candle Anubis. It is a sculpture candle with the head of Anubis, the Egyptian god of death. It would be a unique and practical decor that would bring Egyptian vibes into your friend or family’s home.

3. Statue of Egypt Pharaoh Ramses III

Statue of Egypt Pharaoh Ramses III

Egypt’s Pharaoh is the icon of Egyptian history. And so, this Statue of Egypt Pharaoh Ramses III would make a unique gift. It carries a solid historical value that will impress your nerdy friends. This Pharaoh Statue would also make beautiful home decor for those who love Egyptian art and history. 

4. Egyptian Art Box

Egyptian Art Box

If you are looking for an art piece that could also be useful, you can consider getting this Egyptian Art Box. It is made with a pharaonic box style and it is hand-painted. It looks like a jewelry box that Egyptian Pharaohs and queens would have used in the past!

5. Egyptian Pharaonic Papyrus

Egyptian Pharaonic Papyrus

Egypt’s handmade papyrus is one of the most iconic products from the country. And so, as a souvenir, you should consider getting an Egyptian Pharaonic Papyrus. It is an ancient-style drawing on papyrus paper. This art piece shows the history and a glimpse of Egyptian civilization in the past.

 6. Egyptian Stationery Set

Egyptian Stationery Set

Egyptian-themed stationery would be a great and simple Egyptian gifts idea. This set comes with washi tapes, pens, and stickers with Egyptian mythology pictures on them. If your recipients like to journal, you can give them this stationery set for them as an Egyptian-themed addition to their stationery collection. 

7. Egyptian Cotton Dress

Egyptian Cotton Dress

This Egyptian Cotton Dress uses the famous Egyptian cotton. It is made to resemble the traditional Egyptian Galabeya, the loose-fitting Egyptian garment. And thus, this item will be an ideal Egyptian gift for women. 

8. Egyptian Alabaster Candle Holder

Egyptian Alabaster Candle Holder

Another unique decor item in this list of Egyptian gifts is an Alabaster Candle Holder. It is made from Egyptian Alabaster which is unlike the usual Alabaster. The Egyptians have made and used their Alabaster since the 1st century. Each piece is also very unique and rare. 

9. Egyptian Bedouin Kilim Cushion Cover 

Egyptian Bedouin Kilim Cushion Cover

If you are looking for an Egyptian gift that represents Egyptian unique art patterns, you can consider this Egyptian Bedouin Kilim Cushion Cover. It is very colorful and the patterns are all very unique because there are no two cushion covers that are identical. It will be a unique, Egyptian-inspired addition to their home. 

10. 7-piece Tangram Mezze Server

7-piece Tangram Mezze Server

You can also consider getting this 7-piece tangram Mezze Server which is handmade in Egypt. It would be useful when they are hosting your guests for dinner to put snacks or appetizers on them. Its unique design would also be a mini-puzzle that can be solved together over appetizers. 

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11. 14k Gold Mini Lunar Pendant

Egyptian Gifts

Egyptians have their own special way of making jewelry. This 14k Gold Mini Lunar Pendant is made using the ancient Egyptian technique of embedding sapphires in molten, 14-karat recycled gold. The pendant is made to depict the beauty of the night sky where the moonlight is seen at its brightest. 

12. Pyramid Painting Wall Art

Egyptian Gifts

You can also go with a Pyramid Painting Wall Art. This painting is on canvas which comes with its nails and hangers so they can hang it easily. Its size is also customizable and you can choose 1, 2, or 3 parts of the painting. 

13. Toledo Polypropylene Indoor Rug

Egyptian Gifts

This Egypt-inspired rug is one of the best Egyptian gift options you can choose. It is a rug that comes in a combination of Egyptian colors and patterns, which would add a touch of Egypt to your friend’s home.

14. Old Egyptian Papyrus Table Runner

Egyptian Gifts

This Old Egyptian Papyrus Table Runner is a unique choice. The artistic item will bring a little piece of Egyptian culture to your dinner table. The pattern on the cloth resembles an ancient drawing on papyrus paper.

15. Villa Jerada Premium Dukkah

Egyptian Gifts

Dukkah is a unique Egyptian blend of herbs, nuts, and spices. It is usually used as condiments with bread or vegetables. If Mexico has its famous salsa and guacamole dips, then Egypt has dukkah as its dip. 

16. Simply Organic – Egyptian Basil

Egyptian Gifts

Egypt is also well known for its wide variety of spices. These spices will also make an authentic Egyptian gift. And so, you should consider getting the Egyptian Basil. It is primarily grown in Egypt. This variant has a slightly different flavor profile from the usual basil you can find.

17. Yogi Tea – Egyptian Licorice

Egyptian Gifts

Ancient Egyptians have been using licorice as medicinal herbs for a very long time. They usually turn the Licorice root into a sweet drink for Pharaoh. This traditional beverage can soothe an upset stomach, reduce inflammation, and treat upper respiratory problems. And so, the Egyptian Licorice Tea will be an authentic souvenir for your friends or family.

18. Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess Fine Perfume Oil

Egyptian Gifts

Egyptian traditional perfume is made using musk. It has its authentic a woody, earthy, and sharp scent. If your gift recipient happens to love perfume, you can consider getting this Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess Fine Perfume Oil as an Egyptian gift for them.  

19. Crystal Pyramid Figurine Collectible

Crystal Pyramid Figurine Collectible

The pyramid is the most iconic thing about Egypt. What would make a better Egyptian gift other than a Crystal Pyramid Figurine? It would make great home decor, but also a great addition for their meditation item. This crystal pyramid is a source of positive energy that would be able to diffuse negative energy and clear one’s mind. 

20. Egypt Sandtimer

Egypt Sandtimer

Other than the pyramid, the sand timer is also a very iconic Egyptian item. This Egypt Sandtimer is an Egyptian item that you can consider giving. This Sandtimer is well decorated with figures of King Pharaoh Tutankhamun and Queen Nefertiti and filled with Egypt relic hieroglyphs decor. 

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21. Sphinx Decorative Box

Sphinx Decorative Box

Sphinx is the next iconic thing about Egypt. The Egyptian pyramid without the sphinx would not make a complete picture. You can bring a little of Egypt through this Sphinx Decorative Box. It is made out of resin and hand-painted individually.  

22. Scarab Necklace

Egyptian Gifts

Another jewelry option in this Egyptian gifts list is this Scarab Necklace. Unlike the other necklace, this one is more of an ethnic Egyptian style. It has an insect-shaped pendant that is made from metal alloy. 

23. Egyptian Cotton Sheets 

Egyptian Gifts

Egyptian cotton is one of the most valuable agricultural commodities of Egypt. Egyptian cotton has longer and finer fibers which make smoother yarns. Therefore, clothes that use this material will be smoother. Thus, Egyptian cotton sheets will make an excellent Egyptian gift. 

24. Chess Game Table

Egyptian Gifts

You can also consider getting a Chess game Table handcrafted by a local  Egyptian craftsman. It is made from the Egyptian mother of pearl patiently into a beautiful chess table. 

25. Handcrafted Egyptian Mother of Pearl Tissue Box

Egyptian Gifts

We cannot have enough Egyptian beautiful home decor items on this Egyptian gifts list. The last item is the Egyptian Handcrafted Mother of Pearl Tissue Box. It is patiently crafted by local  Egyptian craftsmen showing Egypt’s very own beautiful pattern.

Final Thoughts

Egypt is famous with it’s rich culture with majestic and meaningful artworks. We know that we all have that one person who loves everything about Egypt or someone who is actually an Egyptian descent. For such person, it would be a wonderful gesture to give that special person a unique Egyptian gift on special occasion.

Some of the most recommended gifts include Egyptian jewelries, decor items, or Egyptian spices or drinks, which will bring a touch of Egyptian culture to the receiver’s life. Our list has the most wonderful choices of gifts to choose from, and we think you will find the best item to put a smile on the receiver’s face.

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What are the best gifts for Egypt lovers?

The best gift for Egypt lovers would be items like the Egyptian Goddess Isis Statue or the  Statue of Egypt Pharaoh Ramses III. People would be happy to receive presents that hold Egyptian historical value like these two items. You can consider getting the Crystal Pyramid Figurine from this Egyptian gifts ideas list as another alternative. Nothing is more iconic than the Egyptian pyramid. 

What are the best gifts for Egyptian women?

The best gift for Egyptian women would be the Egyptian Cotton Dress or the 14k Gold Mini Lunar Pendant. These are the items on this list of  Egyptian gifts ideas that are exclusively for women. 

What are the best gifts for an Egyptian family?

Suppose you are looking for an idea of Egyptian gifts to give an Egyptian family. In that case, you can consider getting the 7-piece tangram Mezze Server. It will be a helpful dinnerware that can be used by the family during parties at home or just the usual dinner.

What are the best gifts for an Egyptian friend?

For your Egyptian friend, something like the dukkah or the Egyptian Licorice Tea would be the best gift for them. They will appreciate these gifts since it will remind them of the taste of home. It will help cure their homesickness even for just a tiny bit. 

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