Pyramid Pan Non-Stick Baking Mat

The Pyramid Pan Non-Stick Baking Mat is a great alternative to ordinary baking mats that will leave you with food that is evenly cooked on both sides.

The intricate shape of this baking mat is not a whimsical aesthetic choice. It actually allows heat from the oven spread evenly underneath your food.

Thanks to that your food will be cooked on both sides and won’t stick to the mat. Additionally, the fat from meat, for example, will drip down onto the mat. 

That gives you a piece of meat that has not been cooking in its own fat, healthy and tasty just like the doctor ordered.

Pyramid Pan Non-Stick Baking Mat

Pyramid Pan Non-Stick Baking Mat

The mat can also be used in a microwave or as a trivet. It’s flexible, extremely easy to clean and can even be thrown into a dishwasher after an epic bake-off.

This baby will make you want to use your oven much more often and eat crispy juicy food every day. Isn’t that happiness? 

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