25 Unique Garden Statues You Can Buy

Don’t let your garden looks plain boring. You can fill the empty and open space of your home garden with items like unique garden statues or other decor items, because you garden deserves to be your land of creativity. However, garden statues are most likely the most preferred choice to take the look and feel of your garden to the next level, especially if the statues have unique shapes and design. You can display unique garden statues in an open space or attach them to a tree in your garden. And also, you can adjust the placement of the statues based on size and type.

However, are you still having trouble deciding which garden statues are best for your garden? If you are, then we are glad that we bump in to you. Here, we have compiled a wide range of unique garden statues that will surely beautify the appearance of your favorite garden exponentially.

What Are Garden Statues Called?

Garden statues are often known as grass ornaments because they are placed on top of the garden grass area. This garden statue serves as a decorative item that adds value to the beauty of a garden. Each ornament gives a different accent to the look of your garden.

Best Adorable and Unique Garden Statues

Garden statues can indeed enhance the appearance of your home garden in an adorable and fun way. And for that reason, we prepare the items and the most unique garden statues that can be the best solution for that very purpose.

1. JosLiki Squirrel Garden Statue

JosLiki Garden Statue Squirrel Figurine - Cute Squirrel Animal Sculpture

Let’s start the list with this adorable garden statue! This is one of those garden decoration items that adds to the adorable and lively atmosphere of any garden. It comes with LED lights solar power that surely a unique addition to your garden. The light sensor on this item will detect light rays and also make this statue lights up at night. Made of high-quality resin, this is one of the most unique garden statues that has a waterproof feature, making it safe to store in your favorite garden.

2. Outdoor Girl and Boy Statue

Outdoor Girl and Boy Statue, Resin Garden Sculpture

Add a great value of fun to your favorite garden with a boy and girl statue. Since a garden can also be a place of fun for kids, we think that it would be a wonderful idea to place this status on your playful garden. The natural pose makes this item perfectly add a cheerful element to your garden.

Made of antique bronze and patina coating, this is definitely one of the most unique garden statues for you to own. Plus, it also comes with a sink detail that can light up beautifully.

3. Solar Turtle Figurines Outdoor Decorations

Solar Turtle Figurines Outdoor Decorations 3 LED Light

Warmly welcome every guest who visits your garden with this garden turtle decoration. Equipped with a solar panel that charges in 5-8 hours during the day, this cool item will turn on automatically at night for 8-10 hours. Made of Waterproof Resin, this unique garden statue also comes with IP44 waterproof grade, which is resistant to all kinds of weather. You can order these cute items as gifts for your loved ones. So grab it quick before it runs out!

4. Koala Bear Sculptures Statues

Resin Garden Koala Bear Sculptures Statues Animal Home Office Patio Lawn

Are you ready for the excitement of the typical Australian koala? If you are, then you must get this adorable and unique garden statue. It also comes with a rope to hang this cute koala on a tree. Plus, it is also made of durable, weather-resistant, and eco-friendly resin material, making it an extraordinary garden decor item. What an amazing decoration to create a colorful scene of life in your garden!

5. Solar Glow Resin Elf Statue

Solar Energy Glow Resin, Elf Girl Process Statue

Get ready for all your wishes to be granted by this beautiful winged fairy! Measuring 18 x 15 x 10 cm and weighing only 680g, you can indeed move this beautiful item and place it in your garden with ease. This handmade and hand-painted solar garden decoration is also coated with an anti-ultraviolet coating.

Moreover, this unique garden sculpture also offers exceptional durability due to the premium quality materials used. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it fading, watering, and freezing.

6. Turtle Garden Figurines Outdoor Decor

GIGALUMI Turtle Garden Figurines Outdoor Decor Lights

Marine life lovers will surely love this unique garden sculpture without a doubt. This cute turtle statue has bright colors that are hand-painted. This cool item also comes with a waterproof LED light, which we love of course! Moreover, the dimensions of 11.41″ L x 5.5″ W x 7.48″ H make this garden decoration statue one of the best gifts with great ornamentation and portability.

7. Garden Dragon Statues Sculpture

Fairy Garden Dragon Statues Sculpture Art Fall Winter Porch Yard Decor

Are you a fairy tale lover? Of you are, then would you like to decorate your garden with awesome fictional creatures? You can surely do all that by ordering the Fairy Garden Dragon Statue. This small resin dragon statue is professionally crafted and polished, and it has a stunning look as you can see in the picture.

Also, the workmanship details are very fine and also look adorable. So, add a touch of the magical life from a fairytale by adding this item to your garden. In short, we can say that you can surely perfect your fairy tale in a fun way with this piece!

8. Hedgehog Garden Statue

Outdoor Solar Panel Hedgehog Garden Statue

An adorable unique hedgehog design can now be present in your favorite garden. You can turn on the lamp that the hedgehog hugs by simply turning the ON switch. Its compact size also makes this item a great addition to flower pots, garden decor, outdoor decor, backyard decor, patio decor, even to brighten up your window sills. What a multifunctional unique garden statue!

9. Courtyard Art Statues

Garden Statue Outdoor Courtyard Art Statues & Sculptures Resin Flamingo

Do you have a water area or small pond in your garden? If you do, then immediately decorate your the pool with this cool resin statue! Since it comes in several shape and color options, you can choose the best ones that suit your garden the most. You can choose statue in the form of a duck, flamingo, or also swan.

Whatever choice you pick, all of them will float on the water beautifully. So what are you waiting for? Order this unique garden statue now before it runs out!

10. Dinosaur Eating Gnomes

Dinosaur Eating Gnomes Garden Décor

If you love something fun and out-of-the-box when it comes to decorations, then this next item might catch your attention. Decorate your favorite garden unusually with this dwarf-eating dinosaur garden ornament. The very unique theme and pose of this item are backed by a resin material that is stable and durable.

We believe without a doubt that this unique garden statue will undoubtedly become the center of your garden and the joy of your friends who see it. Not to mention that the kids would love it, too!

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11. Red and Beige Mushroom Statue

Northlight 18, Red and Beige Mushroom Garden Statue

Experience an adventure in the immersive world of dwarves by placing an 18″ Red and Beige Northlight Mushroom Garden Statue in your garden. Made of Polyresin, this cool item has exceptional temperature and weather resistance, so you can make sure it will last a lifetime. In addition, the 18 x 13 x 11-inch dimensions also make it a unique garden statue that can be your child’s playground.

12. Garden Rabbit Statue with Solar Lantern

Garden Rabbit Statue with Solar Lantern

Take care each of your favorite plants in the garden with this Garden Rabbit Statue with Solar Lantern. Guided by the light of a solar lantern, this unique garden sculpture will illuminate every inch of your garden area beautifully and brightly. Standing 30cm tall, this item will surely be the perfect addition to your favorite garden. Instead of one, you might want to have two or three of these, as the more the merrier, right?

13. Deer Solar Lights Reindeer

Garden Statue Solar Lamp, Deer Solar Lights Reindeer

Add the perfect Christmas accent with this reindeer-inspired solar figurine. This quirky garden sculpture is the perfect mix of whimsical elements, vintage retro design, and also extraordinary rustic charm. A synthetic resin material is ready to protect this item from damage caused by cold weather during winter. What an ideal gift to celebrate Christmas with the family while playing snowball in the garden at home.

14. Alien Garden Décor Statue Set

Alien Garden landscape Solar-Light sculpture Set

Prepare yourself with ancient alien mysteries that can take you to the outer space kind of feeling and also the unknown worlds. This Alien statue made of resin has eyes with solar panels, and the two eyes will light up automatically at night. Hence, this unique garden figurine is definitely one of the most unique garden statues that will make the perfect gift for Halloween. So, order this cool item right away and feel the astonishing scent of a mysterious alien before it’s too late!

15. Bald Eagle Garden Sculpture

Bald Eagle Statue Outdoor Garden Sculpture

Do you want to give a dashing decoration to your favorite garden? This eagle statue is made of premium quality hard metal. The extraordinary feather and tail details are brilliantly offered by this unique garden statue. Vibrant in color and realistic in size, this extraordinary item is unquestionably perfect for an elegant décor in your garden or patio.

16. Zen Elephant Garden Sculpture

Zen Elephant front yard sculpture

Are you looking for a friend to meditate with in the outdoors? we believe without a doubt that these Zen Elephant Garden Sculptures can help you in overcoming equanimity problems. Therefore, we would advice you to let one of these unique garden statues bring peace to your garden.

These meditative cement figurines are designed to withstand negative elements through the four seasons by bringing out their warm and peaceful aura. Hence, you can experience the inner peace in your surroundings by placing them in your garden.

17. Sea Serpent Garden Sculpture

 Sea Serpent Garden Sculpture

Feel the magical effects of a great water dragon from fictional lore in your garden. This unique garden statue is made of hand-cut metal scraps and polished with a bright rust-resistant patina. The carvings and details of the dragon scales also provide an added piece of ferocity. Moreover, each steel segment can also be attached with mounting brackets. What a magical item that enhances your garden!

18. Toscano Staverden Castle Peacock

Design Toscano Staverden Castle Peacock sculpture

Make your garden look like a magnificent palace by displaying this Design Toscano Staverden Castle Peacock. This unique garden statue is carved almost a yard high on an elegantly curved urn. This item is the perfect gift for Greek mythology fans, which will also bring the value of luxury and splendor of the palace into your garden. In our opinion, this white peacock statue will be best to place on the center are of your garden and will make an amazing focal point as well.

19. Angel Figurines Outdoor Décor

GIGALUMI Garden Angel Figurines Outdoor Décor

Ignite glorious hope in your garden with GIGALUMI Garden Angel Figurines Outdoor Décor. This unique garden statue is very easy to use and versatile at the same time. You don’t need any cables for this solar garden pendant light, you can place it anywhere you like around the garden. Moreover, this commemorative item is indeed the perfect sympathy gift for your family and friends at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

20. Moai Monolith Garden Statue

Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai Monolith landscape sculpture

Bring one of the amazing wonders of the world into your garden. Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai Monolith Garden Statue is made very similar to the original but with a smaller size. This unique garden statue is cast in high-quality designer resin, making it a statue that will stay in your garden for many years to come. This item is then carved and polished so that it looks like a roughly chiseled stone.

If you are a fan or art and history, we would say that this status deserves to be in your garden. Not to mention that this exclusive replica statue will also adds an extraordinary mysterious accent to your garden.

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21. Peacock Statues Metal Décor

CHISHEEN Garden Peacock Statues Outdoor Metal Décor

Its large and majestic size makes the peacock statue very worthy to be displayed in your garden. Made of thick metal, which is more eco-friendly, this unique garden sculpture offers realistic carved pieces. This garden decoration is also equipped with a U-shaped safety pin to make it stand firmly. Place these two statues in your flower field and feel the immersive beauty of the atmosphere!

22. Handmade Buddha Statue Ornament

Handmade Buddha sculpture Decoration Ornament

Purify the soul and mind accompanied by a beautifully handmade Buddha Statue Decoration Ornament. Soothing meditation poses can undoubtedly add positive vibes, not only to your inner soul but also to your garden as well. This Buddha statue is posed sitting with folded legs and hands lying on his lap relaxed. Moreover, constructed and sculpted by hand, we can really say that this unique garden statue is of incomparable antiquity!

23. Ivory Lion Garden Statue

Ivory Lion front yard sculpture

Courageous men will surely love this Ivory Lion Statue. Made of high-quality fiberglass and polyresin, this unique garden sculpture is exceptionally solid and durable. In addition, the lion carving detail that was built professionally, indeed makes this item much sought after by connoisseurs of antique ornaments. So if you want to make this statue a new addition to your garden decoration, then we would suggest you to grab it fast before it runs out!

24. Tokina Angel Garden Statue

Tokina Angel Garden Statues Outdoor Décor

Do you want to give a great Christmas decorative gift to your family or friends? You can stop your search now because we have the perfect item for that purpose. This unique garden statue offers a flying angel shape that can be hung on a tree, making it a perfect Christmas gift.

Equipped with beautiful Christmas LED lights, it makes us feel like our every wish will come true. Moreover, this item has a smooth surface and will not hurt your skin. It is also waterproof and durable. Hence, you will not regret it if you order this cool item.

25. Mermaid Garden Statue

Mermaid front yard sculpture

Add a magical nautical touch to your garden decor. This Mermaid statue comes in 2 parts to make it look like it is submerged in the ground. Moreover, this piece offers visual effects that no other garden sculpture has ever offered. The tail has pegs attached to it to provide a solid base. What a garden sculpture with incredible detail!

Final Thoughts

We believe that you don’t want to leave your garden looks plain and boring, right? Aside from having some plants and flowers in the garden, adding a nice garden statue can be the ultimate option to put a color to your garden. The best reference in order to choose the best garden statue is definitely your personal taste. Since it’s your garden, you will be the person who will visit your garden the most, right?

Therefore, your taste becomes crucial. Some people might go for cute statues, while others might prefer a more realistic one. Since it all comes back to your taste, make sure you have a statue that you can enjoy seeing and adoring from now until many years to come.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you display statues in your garden?

What an essential question! The garden area for placing garden statues is an aspect that you must always pay attention to. Place the garden statue in an area that is often and easily visible. You will feel comfortable when you can see the garden statues from your bedroom window.

Where should a garden statue be placed?

You have complete freedom where you will place the garden statue. You can place a garden statue at the entrance, grass area, flower field, or near the pond in your favorite garden. Try to always look in the direction of the sun and place it in that area so that the essence of its beauty radiates optimally.

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