25 Elegant and Enticing Inspired Peacock Gifts

For many years, peacocks have been an inspiration in myths and legends both Western and Eastern cultures, as they are attributed to it the most sublime meanings: beauty, elegance, luxury and pride. Therefore, Peacock becomes one of the most inspiring attributes for a gift due to the beautiful shape and beauty. There are many types of Peacock gifts that we can find in the market.

Until today, this majestic bird is still an inspiration for so many items or objects, which are inspired by the texture, the colors, and the shape of this bird. Jewelries, dresses, ornaments, and more items are inspired by this majestic bird, which is the Peacock. Here are some elegant and enticing peacock-inspired gift recommendations for you. Let’s get started!

Peacock Gifts for Her

As we know, Peacock is known as the symbol of beauty and elegance, words which are associated with women and the Peacock gifts themselves.  Furthermore, accessories’ or items that resemblance “Peacock feather” tend to be more regal and beautiful. These gifts will truly satisfy those girls out there and bloom their hearts with the following recommendations.

1. The Merchant of Venice – Imperial Emerald Eau de Parfum

The Merchant of Venice - Imperial Emerald Eau de Parfum

Inspired by the Peacock’s regal and enticing vibe, this perfume will be a nice Peacock gift for the ladies. As the embodiment of imperial beauty, The Merchant of Venice created this perfume as the sensual and classy elegance for every woman out there with the domination of tuberose and incense. This Peacock-inspired bottle will whisk the allurement as a gift for your favored female! 

2. Philippe Venet Peacock Eau de Perfume

Philippe Venet Peacock Eau de Perfume

Another Peacock-inspired item is this perfume, and this elegant yet affordable perfume will be the enticing Peacock gift for the ladies out there. This lovely fragrance with woody and floral elements for women is nicely blended in a bottle inspired by the Peacock. By the name of the perfume, your lovely female friend will absolutely love this “Peacock” perfume!

3. Peacock Crystal Metal Perfume Bottle

Peacock Crystal Metal Perfume Bottle

Some of us may prefer to use a personal perfume bottle, and this royal and alluring purple Peacock gift makes a great gift for those girls who are obsessed with elegance. Made of purple crystal alloy and aluminum, this bottle can be used as a perfume bottle and any kind of cosmetic liquid of you favor. Your girlfriend will love this beautiful Peacock bottle.

4. Peacock Glitter Wine Glasses

Peacock Glitter Wine Glasses

All these glittery artistic glasses will be the next beautiful Peacock gift, inspired by the grand colors of the Peacock. These items will be the perfect gifts for any women out there and especially the mothers. You can choose from the style glass from the options and the color glitter, if you would like a different color glitter from the options. These beautiful glasses will dazzle the girls!

5. Beautiful Peacock Sports Bottle

Beautiful Peacock Sports Bottle

If your girl is a huge fan of a Peacock and also sports, this fancy yet sporty water bottle will be a considerable gift among other Peacock gifts for her. A special gift with a special design of a Peacock and this one can be personalized according to your order. Surprise her with this beautiful design!

6. Peacock Makeup Bag

Peacock Makeup Bag

As makeup is an important item for every woman, a nice Peacock gift that comes as aa gold and turquoise combination Peacock-inspired makeup bag will be a nice recommendation of gift. It is lightweight and fits perfectly in a bag. Moreover, it also made of fabric cotton for durability. 

7. Leggings Depot High Waisted Leggings

Leggings Depot High Waisted Leggings

A chic legging will never go wrong as a gift so does this Peacock feather legging for your fashionable sister.  This legging is super comfortable, soft, and very affordable for a gift. The Peacock patterns and colors will also enhance her eccentricity and uniqueness! 

8. Stormdoing Rhinestones Peacock Feather Hair Clip

Stormdoing Rhinestones Peacock Feather Hair Clip

Some women may be obsessed with extravagance and some are more into simplified elegance. However, this hair clip of beauty is a perfect Peacock gift for those who are into both. This beautiful hair clip is made of feathers and rhinestones, which offer high quality. Perfect for weddings, proms, formal events or any other special occasion. The girls will wear it proudly.

9. Black & Purple Peacock Feather Anti-Pop Heel

Black & Purple Peacock Feather Anti-Pop Heel

We all know that shoes are girls’ best friend and of course a Peacock inspired shoes like these will be a perfect Peacock gift for her. This fabulous 3 inch anti-pop heel is vegan friendly. Pretty purple and blue peacock feathers on the black shoes canvas make the allurement for the eyes to see. Recommended for those chic girls out there!

Peacock Gifts for Him

We may always associate the Peacock as a feminine attribute but nowadays Peacock gifts and items are also segmented for male consumers as Peacock also symbolizes bravery, pride, and respect, and is desirable for males. Sometimes men who are eccentric, artistic, or even extravagant may prefer something designed or inspired by a Peacock and its feathers.  Here we have gathered some recommended items for those fancy guys out there:  

10. Peacock Blue Men’s Classic Silk Tie  

Peacock Blue Men's Classic Silk Tie

Irresistible and charming are the most compatible words for the Peacock-inspired silk tie, which will make a great Peacock gift for those fancy guys out there. The smooth silk enhances the quality and beauty of the tie, along with the beautiful peacock feather texture. What a dandy and charming gift for you guys!

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11. Peacock Cufflink 

peacock gifts

Some people don’t realize there is a small but important part in every shirt, and this peacock gift will be one of the secrets for your man to be amazing as a majestic Peacock. Cufflinks tend to be forgotten for some people to realize how they can be a charming gift for every guy out there. Furthermore, these days cufflinks are a considerable and desirable gift for men.

12. Ethika Peacock Man Long Boxer Sport Shorts

peacock gifts

Men who are quirky and unique will love this unique Peacock’s feathers shorts for a gift as the part of Peacock-inspired gifts. Come in many sizes, these beautiful shorts are made of polyester and spandex, which are wearable for sports. Very comfortable to wear and will make a great gift for those Peacock-loving men.

13. Olive Peacock Men’s Button Up Shirt

peacock gifts

Simple shirt would never be wrong for a gift, so does this Peacock button up shirt for your kind male friend, which was inspired by the Peacock gifts idea. Made of polyester, it still has the comfortable sensation of cotton-made shirt. This button up shirt is a good choice for a friendly situation like going to the beach, hanging out with friends, or just to wear as a daily shirt.  

14. Peacock Feather Casual T-Shirt

peacock gifts

Comfortable and casual are the befitting words for this beautiful brown Peacock feather shirt for your lovely man’s Peacock gift.  A nice idea if you need a gift for him that is usable as a daily wear or for those men who just love Peacocks. There is no more doubt this one will be a nice gift for him.

15. Nike Air Jordan DB 2 High Doernbecher Peacock Shoes

peacock gifts

We all know Nike shoes but this edition will clearly satisfy those Peacock lovers out there as these Peacock-themed shoes are a lit peacock gift for the men.  Nike Air Jordan is famous for its sportiness and aesthetic appearance. Even in this edition, the peacock texture is very well designed and detailed. 

16. Peacock Rhinestone Bow Tie Groom

peacock gifts

Recently, bow ties have been the common gift for every occasion, as this Peacock bowtie is no other than the same gift you could give for your dandy man. Complete with the rhinestone ornament in the middle of the bowtie, this beautiful peacock inspiration will surely make a nice gift for men especially for groom

17. Peacock Tuxedo Jacket

peacock gifts

There are so many men who love to appear very fashionable and dominant, including by wearing this peacock tuxedo, which is affordable but very fashionable at the same time. Extravagant and eccentric are also the right words to describe this tuxedo. Fully lined and made of African cotton print fabric, the tux is very comfortable to wear on special occasions.

18. Brass Peacock Decoration

peacock gifts

Every man, especially those who love Peacock-related stuff, will be obsessed by the brass decoration that we recommend right here. This brass-made Peacock decoration will make a great appearance in your favored room. Undeniably, everyone who loves Peacocks will absolutely love this high quality decoration.

Peacock Gifts For Kids

Not only adults, this majestic and prideful bird is also one of the most favored types of animal in the kids world. That is why Peacock gifts are quite common as a gift for kids. We may know that the Peacock is the embodiment of refinement and beauty, but in some way it is also a cute animal for us to know. Here are some recommendations for you who need cheerful and vibrant Peacock-based gifts for kids.

19. Peacock Glitter Pen

peacock gifts

Your kids will be fantastically excited by this dazzling glittery Peacock gift. With the beautiful colors and easy-to-use pen, the kids will be happy to have it as part of his or her school stationary. This pen is a personalized pen so you can put a name for the beloved kid.

20. Peacock Coloring Book

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Kids tend to learn so many things including drawing and coloring from a book. Therefore, a Peacock coloring book here is one of the recommended Peacock gifts for them. Full of fun, joy, and beautiful templates of Peacock drawings, the kids will get more into their creative side to color the majestic birds. This coloring book is a must-have gift for kids!

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21. Wild Republic Peacock Plush

Wild Republic Peacock Plush

Peacock might be enticing and elegant, but this cute blue peacock plushie is an adorable Peacock gift for your kids. You don’t have to worry about the colors going dull for the Peacock plushie, because its surface is washable. Irresistible stuffed animals like this will be a heartfelt gift for kids or even the Peacock lovers!  

22. Blue Watercolor Peacock Backpack

peacock gifts

Kids tend to love bags, especially backpacks because of its multifunction usefulness and the ease of carrying things like this blue Peacock backpack, a recommendable gift for kids. The bag is water resistant and made of polyester, so kids do not need to worry that it will break. It will be a nice birthday gift, too.

Funny Peacock Gifts

Of course in all seriousness and the majestic vibe of a Peacock, in this world there are some funny kinds of gifts inspired by the Peacocks, too. So, there are also funny Peacock gifts put there. Whether it’s from the funny words related to Peacock puns, funny concept of the Peacocks, etc, we can find many funny peacock gifts out there. Here are a few funny items for Peacock lovers out there.

23. “I Like Peacocks” T-Shirt

“I Like Peacocks” T-Shirt

If your friends are introverted, misanthropic, or just a Peacock lover in general, then this funny shirt will win their hearts. We realize in this world not everyone is a people-person because some of us might be a Peacock-person. So, this one is an obvious shirt to make your Peacock-loving friend laugh.   

24. “Just a Girl Who Loves Peacocks” Shirt

peacock gifts

Shout out to our girls who are into Peacock gifts and casual shirts because this gift will amaze her! We surely have some people who are obsessed with stickers, perfumes, makeups, and if you have a girl with a Peacock obsession then this one is a must have. Go get this shirt for her!

25. Peacock Balls Bath Bombs

peacock gifts

Indeed bath bombs are hit recently but this one will be a a funny gag gift, inspired from Peacock gifts, for the funny man.  It combines humor with premium quality stress relief for the men in your life. The blue bath bombs are designed to help your Peacock loving men relax away from loads of tension with a warm water. Some people may understand the meaning behind this gift.

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The best Peacock gifts that we could recommend for the couples are the ones that are matching between the couples. Occasions like the Peacock Bowtie and the Peacock Hair Clip would do the job. The other recommendation is the Brown Peacock T-Shirt due to its versatility or can be classified as unisex. 

What are the best Peacock gifts for the parents?

The best Peacock gifts for your kind parents are the unique one or might be mature like the Brass Peacock Decoration for your parents who love to decorate. The perfumes for your mother from The Merchant of Venice or Philippe Venet can also be a nice recommendation.

What are the funniest Peacock gifts?

Peacock bath bombs and t-shirt are actually for gags but indeed useful gift for the female and male peacock lovers because the “I like Peacocks” Shirt will scream out happiness for the girls and the Blue Peacock Bath Bombs for those “cocky” men out there.

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