25 Awesome Gifts for Kids That Aren’t Toys That Give Full Fun

Are you looking for a fun gift for your kids that are not toys? Yes, to capture your kids’ hearts, you do not even need to buy them expensive toys. In fact, spoiling your kids with too many toys might hamper their development. Instead, we recommend some engaging and interactive items, which provide some educational value too!

We have compiled a list that includes various thrilling items, perfect for gifts that are not toys but contain the same level of excitement. We also add some products that have practical value for the children. Be they for celebrating your kids’ birthday or achievement, these items will be perfect!

And so, let’s check out the following fun gifts that are not toy to enrich your kids’ life!

Best Useful Gifts for Kids That Aren’t Toys

Objects with a practical value that are not toys will make an excellent gift for your kids. You are giving them something they actually need, so it’s ideal for their development. Here are our recommendations that deserve your consideration!

1. Rainbow Backpack for Kids

Rainbow Backpack for Kids

It’s back to school time! Let your kids pack their books and stationery into this accommodating, useful, and fun rainbow backpack. It is one of the best gifts that aren’t toys that will help your child store all their school equipment. Made of strong polyester, this beautiful bag will withstand the load and protect your child’s books and school supplies.

2. Kids’ Transparent Umbrella

Kids Clear and Transparent Umbrella

When the rainy season comes, an umbrella is the best gift you can choose. This clear umbrella that has a fun star pattern serves to protect your child from the rain. This cool item is lightweight, so children can hold it with ease. This excellent kids’ umbrella is made with reinforced fiberglass ribs and a reinforced metal shaft, making the umbrella super sturdy and safe!

3. Arpon with Dinosaur Pattern for Kids

Dinosaur Forest Pattern Apron for Kids

Invite your children to cook together for a fun bonding time! Before that, you should get them some gifts for kids that aren’t toys to help them be prepared for a cooking session. For instance, try this colorful cute apron!

It can prevent your children’s clothes from getting dirty during cooking. Moreover, this cool item is manufactured from thick and functional polyester material. Cute Dinosaur patterns and colors make this item super loveable.

4. Disney Cars Kids Sunglasses

Disney Cars Kids Sunglasses

Summer is coming! Come on, take your kids to the beach to enjoy the sun. However, don’t let their eyes get damaged by the sun’s rays! These UV protection goggles specially designed for kids provide essential protection and fun style. The cute design and color with the glasses holder that carries the image of “The Cars” make this cool item ideal for your child.

5. Magnetic Standing Art Easel

Magnetic Standing Art Easel

Your child’s learning activities will be more exciting and fun with this magnetic blackboard. These blackboards are the most suitable gifts for kids to stimulate their creative expression, even though they aren’t toys. The removable plastic tray means that the kids store plenty of art supplies nearby. The set also includes magnetic letters, which are useful for teaching them how to read.

6. Indoor Playhouse Tent

YOIKO Kids Tents Indoor Playhouses

Provide a comfortable tent for your children that can allow them to feel at home and comfortable playing indoors! This functional tent is useful for providing a fun and safe atmosphere for your child when playing with their peers inside the house. This cool playhouse tent is easy to assemble and disassemble as needed. It also comes with fun ornaments!

7. Kids Smart Watch

Kids Smart Watch

This smartwatch for kids will make an excellent loyal companion that can be worn in any activity. A watch is definitely one of the most underrated gifts for kids that aren’t toys! The digital timepiece can also track your child’s heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep quality. You can always track and monitor your child’s health if you give them this useful item for their birthday!

8. Electronic Piggy Bank for Kids

JUNEU Electronic Piggy Bank for Kids

Teach your children to save money and be frugal from an early age with this fun piggy bank! Unlike a regular piggy bank, this one is shaped like a mini electronic safe! You can see the control panel and the key handle to open the door. It is constructed of sturdy and durable eco-friendly plastic.

Your kid can store 300 paper money or more than 700 coins. This cool item also comes with a fun song that plays whenever your kid inserts some money!

9. Washable Paint for Kids

Washable Paint for Kids

Instill some creativity by painting together with your beloved child! Give your child this washable color paint. These unique painting kits for kids feature premium colors that make for a fun and extraordinary painting session.

You will cheer with pride as your child grows confident in their creative abilities! A variety of color choices make this excellent kit worthy of consideration as a birthday gift for your little one.

10. Selfie Camera for Kids

DYLANTO Upgrade Kids Selfie Camera

Teach your kids how to capture precious and fun moments with this camera! It features a large head sticker shoot so kids can take framed photos. This selfie camera is equipped with a functional dual-camera configuration so children can use it easily.

With a storage capacity of 32GB, your kids will be able to store up to thousands of photos. It is definitely one of the coolest gifts that aren’t toys you can buy for your kids!

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11. Kids Digital Alarm Clock

Kids Digital Alarm Clock

Does your child often wake up late in the morning? If so, you should consider choosing some gifts for kids that aren’t toys that can solve this problem. We recommend this alarm for kids!

Train your child to wake up early using this useful item. This cool item is ideal to wake your kids up on time so they won’t miss going to school. This product is also equipped with a night light whose color can be adjusted to the mood.

12. Sensory Activity Board for Kids

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The busy board features a 15-in-1 design, useful for training your child’s sensory and motor nerves. This handy item will keep kids’ hands busy. Equipped with an accommodating carry bag, this cool item can be taken anywhere and accompany your child’s journey. This item will definitely help with their development!

13. National Geographic Magic Chemistry Set

L GEOGRAPHIC Magic Chemistry Set

Do your children like science and experiments? Give them this unique science magic kit to tickle their curiosity! Each experiment is specially designed to be performed as a magic trick. Your child will be able to create unique and awesome snow and create fizzy fractions, bubbles, and coin floats. This item serves to train your child’s science skills.

14. Premium Hooded Towel for Kids

Premium Hooded Towel for Kids

Do you want to take your kids on vacation to the beach this summer? This premium hooded towel offers the functionality to dry your children quickly after they’ve finished playing in the water. The towel is softer and more absorbent than the regular ones. The fun shape will provide your kids with an unforgettable impression!

15. Kids Beginner Microscope Kit

Kids Beginner Microscope Kit

If you want to share your scientific knowledge with your children, then this beginner microscope kit is the ideal choice for a gift that isn’t a toy. This functional item features a binocular lens that can give your child hours of fun learning about science. It is equipped with six levels of magnification, from 120x to 1200x. It also features a built-in LED light that provides controls for the lighting.

16. Smoking Rocket Y-1 Kids Scooter

Glare Wheel Smoking Rocket Y-1 Kids Scooter

Take your child’s scooter experience to the next level! This cool scooter features built-in speakers and a music player, making scooting even more enjoyable. Glide like a rocket as the scooter emits water vapor from underneath! This item can be used by children from 6-12 years old, perfect for training your child’s motor skills.

17. Kids Balance Bike

SEREED Kids Balance Bike

Gifts for kids that aren’t functional toys are perfect for helping your child grow and develop. For example, this handy balance bike is the best birthday gift for your child! It’ll teach them to balance themselves before trying a real bike with pedals. This product features a 135° turning limit and gravity steering without leaving the ground to prevent the kids from tipping.

18. Non-slip Kids Room Rug

Non-slip Kids Room Rug

This soft surface rug is designed to create a fun and safe children’s play experience. It features an anti-slip backing to avoid accidents when the child is running or playing. This handy rug is created using antibacterial material that doesn’t cause dust accumulation, and it won’t leave lint.

Best Unique Gifts for Kids That Aren’t Toys

Here are some unique gifts that can make your child happy. You can consider various items that have unique designs or uses. Here are the recommendations for the best unique gifts for kids that aren’t toys!

19. Organic Unicorn Bath Bomb

Organic Unicorn Bath Bomb

Make your child’s bathing activities more fun and unique with this adorable product! This mega box contains nine cute bath bombs with unique shapes such as unicorns, rainbows, stars, and moons.

Your child can enjoy endless bath time fun with this unique moisturizing bath fizzer set. These cool items are rich in Vitamins A, E, and F. They enrich your child’s skin, making it smooth and fragrant.

20. Bands Gem Friendship Bracelets Deluxe Studio

Bands Gem Friendship Bracelets Deluxe Studio

Do you have a daughter who loves jewelry? If yes, then this item is ideal for her. The gift for kids that aren’t toys can accommodate your child’s hobbies. Your child can be creative with tools and materials to produce a fashionable friendship bracelet with a unique pattern.

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21. Fun Interactive Kids Book

Fun Interactive Kids Book

Do you want to give a gift that is not a toy for your child’s birthday? You can consider this interactive book with a cute and unique pop-up design. This cool item features inspiring stories and rhymes on every page for an enjoyable experience. Cute characters with vibrant colors will attract your little one’s attention.

22. Kids Jewelry Personalized Bead Bracelet

Kids Jewelry Personalized Bead Bracele

This fun bracelet is stylish and beautiful for your little girl. These gifts for kids that aren’t toys come in the form of fun, colorful bracelets. This cool item features a unique bead that can be personalized with your daughter’s name. What a perfect item for your little one’s birthday!

23. Costume Onesies for Kids

Costume Onesies for Kids

Do you want to see your little one look cute and unique while relaxing at home? Onesie pajamas give a fun and unique accent to your child’s look. Fabricated from a soft flannel, this item is comfortable to wear. You can choose various cute and adorable animal shapes.

24. Beauty Little Girls Snow Princess

Beauty Little Girls Snow Princess

Your daughter’s birthday is near! Give her an amazing and unique gift. Your princess will dress up as a snow princess or her favorite Disney character. These gifts for kids that aren’t toys are the ideal choice to make your princess a royal princess in a day!

25. Western Chief Unicorn Princess

Western Chief Unicorn Princess

Boots with a beautiful and unique unicorn accent will protect your child’s feet when playing on the ground or the beach. This cool item is designed for beautiful princesses who want a different outfit look. The rainbow-colored unicorn tail ornament makes this item much sought after.

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