Giant Inflatable Unicorn Float 

If you love to seize the moment, then there is no better place to do it than on this giant inflatable unicorn float.

This innovative creation is your own little island with sufficient room to hold up to six adults at a time for a truly memorable summer party.

The unicorn float comes in vibrant colors, a combination of white and rainbow detailing.

It is approximately 10 feet wide and 10 feet tall and has a cooler as well as cup holders to keep the party going. It makes for a great photo shoot and an even more fun session with family and friends. 

Giant Inflatable Unicorn Float

The unicorn is a great choice for inspiration as it is one of the prettiest yet most mysterious creatures of all time, mythically speaking.

It is a breath-taking marvel that takes on land and air with unmatched grace and elegance. With this float, she gets to conquer water as well!

Giant Inflatable Unicorn Float

Whether you choose to have your party on a lake, the beach or even your backyard pool, this is the ultimate choice to float your boat!  

Giant Inflatable Unicorn Float

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