25 Cool Scooters You Can Buy

Scooters have become popular among young people since a few years ago. This item has become a lifestyle for Millennials and Gen Z. You can choose a cool scooter according to your needs and budget.

Are you planning to buy a scooter to show off? Are you still confused about what type and brand of scooter are the best for your driving style? Here we present a list of cool scooters as the most favorable reference for you.

BEST Scooters – Our 3 Best Picks

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Scoot and Ride Highway KickFuzion Z300 Pro ScooterUNAGI Model One E500
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Cool Scooters That Have Applied Technology

The technology applied to scooters has grown exponentially. Nowadays, you can choose scooters with advanced features and technology. Here are cool scooters with a modern and futuristic look that you can buy.

1. UNAGI Model One E500

UNAGI Model One E500

Want to get a cool scooter with the best features and technology? The UNAGI Model One E500 is the right answer. Made from TORAY carbon fiber which balances lightweight and strength makes this item the most sought after by professionals. This cool scooter features dual electronic anti-lock braking, LED safety lights, and puncture-proof tires. UNAGI guarantees that your scooter experience will be the best.

2. Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

High torque with a powerful silent drive motor is well offered by the Razor E300 Electric Scooter. This item is powered by a 24V rechargeable battery and lasts up to 40 minutes. This cool scooter also features rear-wheel drive for increased control and traction.

3. Lightweight and Foldable Kick Scooter

Cool Scooters

Are you a mobile person? The folding technology of this cool scooter is ideal for you. This item is equipped with a comfortable T-bar handlebar with a height that can be adjusted according to the user’s height.

4. Invictus Complete Scooter

Invictus Complete Scooter

The sleek and lightweight design allows you to execute incredible tricks using this cool scooter. The Invictus Complete Scooter features high-quality nylon brakes that ensure safety for its users. The hydro-formed headtube 82.5o angle of this item allows for very flexible rotational movement.

5. 10 INCH 500W Smart Electric Scooter

Cool Scooters

Beat all kinds of tough trips with the 500W Smart Folding Electric Scooter! Powered by a powerful 500-watt 48-volt power, this item can reach speeds of 45km/h. The heavy-duty aluminum folding structure makes this item tough and durable.

6. Scoot and Ride Highway Kick

Cool Scooters

A futuristic scooter with advanced technology is nowhere for your little one. The Scoot and Ride Highway Kick 1 Kids Scooter is the ideal companion for children aged one to five years. An impressive ride in 2 in 1 mode is also a feature of this cool scooter’s flagship technology.

7. Razor Eco-Smart Metro Scooter

Cool Scooters

Do you want to experience a new sensation of riding a scooter? This cool scooter has a very comfortable paddle seat. Equipped with a 16-inch pneumatic tube on the wheels allows the rider to be protected from shocks. The electric scooter can reach speeds of 18 mph and can last up to 40 minutes. This item is ideal for your wonderful short trip.

8. Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete Trick Scooter

Are you a pro who wants to show amazing tricks? The Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete Trick Scooter can accommodate your needs perfectly! This item features solid 110mm alloy core rims wrapped in 88A PU and smooth responsive nylon brakes. Get this item immediately and show your best moves!

9. Mobility Scooter with Windshield

cool scooters

The Mobility Scooter with Windshield offers high-performance operation for on-the-go comfort. This cool scooter features a sliding swivel seat with flip-up armrests. Front and rear pneumatic tires make this item very reliable for your daily traveling needs.

10. BMW City Scooter

Cool Scooters

The dynamic movement and practical folding mechanism are well provided by the BMW Scooter. The easily adjustable handlebar enhances the ergonomics of this cool scooter. The elegant high-tech look makes this item a very worthy purchase.

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11. Radio Flier Scoot 2 Scooter

cool scooters

The Radio Flier Scoot 2 Scooter is designed to easily change from a standing to a seated position in one quick step. The grip of this cool scooter can also be adjusted in such a way that it provides a comfortable feeling in every driving mode. This bright red scooter is suitable for children aged 1-4 years.

12. Kid Trax CAT Toddler Kick Scooter

Kid Trax CAT Toddler Kick Scooter

This cool scooter has a bulldozer-like spoon that can be removed easily. These cool details add to the fun of your child’s playtime. Strong frame structure and wide wheels provide a smooth driving experience!

13. Hello Kitty Tilt N’ Turn 3-Wheel

cool scooters

Are you planning to buy the best gift for your daughter’s birthday? Hello Kitty Tilt N’ Turn 3-Wheel Kick Scooter for Girls can be your best choice. Having an adorable pink color with cute Hello Kitty accent details makes this cool scooter suitable for young riders. Ergonomic design with 3 stable wheels allows the rider to learn comfortable and safe maneuvers.

14. Glare Wheel Smoking Rocket Y-1

Glare Wheel Smoking Rocket Y-1 Kids Scooter

Take your child’s scooter experience to the next level! This cool scooter features built-in speakers and a music player that will make scooting even more fun and enjoyable. Glide like a rocket with the rocket’s water vapor underneath! This item can be used by children from 3-12 years.

15. Kids 3 LED Wheels Mini Scooter 

cool scooters

A surprising combination of function and design! The handle of this cool scooter T-bar can be adjusted in height according to your child’s needs. With a height of 48-72 cm, this item is suitable for children aged 2-10 years with a capacity of 110 lbs. The impressive three twinkling wheels are also extraordinarily presented by this scooter.

16. Y-volution Y Fliker A3 Kids Scooter

cool scooters

Stepping and jumping are as easy as getting on a ship! This Y Fliker A3 scooter has dual step holders that allow the rider to swing his hips from side to side! This cool scooter features fast response brakes and fast-rolling wheels. This item is the best gift for your boy!

17. Globber Go Up Foldable Scooter

Cool Scooters

The girly pastel pink color is simply stunning! This cool scooter has 3 driving modes, namely pushchair ride, walking bike, and scooter. This item is designed to be able to adapt to your child’s growth. The ergonomic design, TPR grip, and padded seat of this scooter offer comfort and durability.

18. Fire Breathing Dragon 3D Scooter

cool scooters

Drive around with friends with your unique Scooter! The unique 3D Fire Breathing Dragon design makes this item worth buying. This item features easy tilt and turns to steer, a 3-wheel platform, and foot-activated brakes. This cool scooter is a fun outdoor toy for your child!

19. 6KU Kids Scooter with Adjustable Height

6KU Kids Scooter with Adjustable Height

Great personalization and flexibility! You can adjust the height of this cool scooter from 2’5 inches to 5’0 inches. You can also choose different colors according to the gender of your child. The Lean-to-Steer system and lightweight design of this item offer more comfortable control while turning and teach balance to children.

20. New Paw Patrol Chase 3D Scooter

cool scooters

Make your kids’ dreams come true with the Paw Patrol Chase Self-Balancing Scooter! The combination of blue and yellow that characterizes the Paw Patrol makes this item stand out from other cool scooters. This cool scooter is designed with a stable platform that can teach the motor skills of kids.

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21. Y-Volution Y Glider Luna 5-in-1 Ride-On

cool scooters

Very diverse driving modes! The first driving mode is perfect for toddlers under 10 months as it can be controlled by parents. Children aged 10 months to 3 years can use the standalone mode for ride-on. What an amazing multi-functional item in driving!

22. LED Light-Up Scooter

LED Light-up Scooter

Glows in the dark perfectly! This cool scooter has more than 100 integrated LED lights on its trunk and deck. These stunning colorful LEDs provide extra visibility and enhance driving safety. Get this item immediately before it runs out!

23. APOLLO Pro Scooter Genius Pro 4.0

APOLLO Pro Scooter Genius Pro 4.0 - Stunt Scooters

The APOLLO Pro Scooter Genius Pro 4.0 is an excellent scooter that is amplified for tricks and freestyle. This cool scooter is an all-in-one scooter solution with a trendy design and is made of high-quality materials. Thanks to its sleek and agile design, advanced teenage riders can maximize the potential of this incredible stunt scooter.

24. Kick Scooters for Kids

Kick Scooters for Kids

Play safer, play more fun. The lean-to-steer design of this item allows children to lean back, turn and control the ride with better coordination. The beautiful blue and red colors of this cool scooter will catch your kids’ attention. Great outdoor gear for kids 2 to 6 years old.

25. Caroma Foldable Kids Scooter 

Caroma Foldable Kids Scooter

Paddle deck motifs that have never been thought of before can be presented amazingly by this cool scooter. This item features reinforced solid pedals and an improved grid for more advanced stability. The soft T-type rubber grip provides a comfortable non-slip grip for little hands. Order this special scooter right away to make your child’s childhood unforgettable.

Latest Posts:

What kind of scooter is good for tricks?

Well, if you want the best scooter to do the trick then the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete Trick Scooter is the perfect answer. Sturdy 110mm core alloy wheels equipped with smooth responsive nylon brakes make this cool scooters very safe and comfortable for doing professional tricks!

What is the best scooter for a 12-year-old?

Do you want to give the best scooter for your 12-year-old? Don’t worry! You can choose the Y-volution Y Fliker A3 Kids’ Drifting Scooter for boys or order the Globber Go Up Foldable Scooter for girls. The size and features of this cool scooters can perfectly accommodate the riding needs of a 12-year-old!

What is the coolest scooter brand?

UNAGI is the best scooter brand overall. The scooter features a superior design using Japanese TORAY carbon fiber which balances lightweight and strong structure. The technology offered by this item is simply amazing as it is equipped with an ergonomic design and dual electronic anti-lock brakes. For example, the UNAGI Model One E500 will provide a very special and unforgettable scooter experience!

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