Underwater Scooters

Have you ever wanted to explore the underwater but wasn’t too keen on diving or snorkeling? If something like that is out of your comfort zone, you shouldn’t go out of it especially when on a relaxing vacation.

But what if we told you that there’s a way to swim underwater without putting a mask on your face or fitting into a wetsuit?

Behold the Underwater Scooters, the most comfortable and fun way to explore the ocean while riding your personal submarine.

Imagine a motorcycle that can easily move underwater. That’s what these seahorse-shaped Underwater Scooters are like. 

Underwater Scooters

They are propelled forward by a small battery-powered engine. You have full control over it and can get closer to the fish that surrounds the reef completely on your own.

The SUB is kept at a 15 feet depth by a buoy that is attached to it in advance. Additionally, a trained crew of divers keeps an eye on you throughout the whole tour and you can even communicate with them via hand signals if you have any questions.

Underwater Scooters

The best part is that no snorkel or scuba tanks and regulators are involved. Well, at least not in the way you’d expect.

There is, in fact, a scuba tank attached to the scooter which sends air to a large dome where your head goes. This creates an air bubble where you can comfortably breathe without putting any tubes in your mouth.

Underwater Scooters

You can even fit your hands inside the dome if you need to scratch your nose or adjust your glasses.

By the way, thanks to the fact that you retain full control of your hands and your face is not hidden behind a mask you can take amazing pictures and selfies. All of it right under the fish’s “noses”. 

Underwater Scooters

If you were looking for truly unique activities to try out on your next vacations this is, hands down, one of them.

No snorkeling or diving experience required just pure underwater fun. This would definitely be a retreat to remember.

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