25 Unique Gifts from Alaska You Can Buy

Being a state in North America that has 3 million lakes and 12,000 rivers, Alaska is famous for its fishes, especially Salmon. Moreover, Alaska is also famous for its wildlife with animals like Caribou, Bears, Bison, etc. If you happen to have the chance to visit Alaska, don’t forget to bring a piece of it as special gifts from Alaska for your loved ones back at home.

To help you pick up the most unique and cool gifts from Alaska, we have gathered 25 items that might give you more ideas and inspirations on choosing the perfect gift ideas from Alaska, the Last Frontier.

What Should You Bring Home from Alaska?

Being a stunning and culture-rich area in North America, Alaska has lots of uniqueness through souvenirs that you can bring home after a visit to Alaska. Some of the souvenirs that you can bring home are Ulu Knives and Alaskan Jade in the form of jewelry.

What Should You Not Buy in Alaska?

The one thing that you should not buy in Alaska is fish. If you have time, always try to catch your own wild Alaska seafood. There is just something you can’t deny about fish in Alaska, that tastes better when you cough it by yourself.

BEST Gifts from Alaska – Our 3 Best Picks

Medicinal Oil from AlaskaJewelry from AlaskaSouvenir from Alaska
Alaska Devil’s Club SalveWhite Quartz PendantHand Carved Caribou Antler
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Awesome Gifts That Represent Alaska Well

1. Alaska Devil’s Club Salve

gifts from alaska

Made of hand-harvested Devil’s Club bark and Spruce Pitch from Alaska, this medicinal oil is a miracle from Alaska that can help alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. Moreover, the spruce pitch can also serve as an antibacterial for minor cuts and scrapes, which will be a unique Alaskan gift for your loved ones.

2. Alaska Natural Diamond Willow Ulu Knife

gifts from alaska

If we talk about unique gifts from Alaska, we believe there’s no gift that can represent Alaska better than a unique Ulu Knife, which is a traditional knife used by the Alaskan Eskimos for the last 4,000 years! Handmade in Alaska, this knife comes with a natural wooden handle and a matching stand, perfect to be placed as a unique Alaskan decoration at home.

3. Alaskan White Quartz Pendant

gifts from alaska

Still searching for the perfect gift from Alaska for your mother, wife or girlfriend? Search no more, because we have just the perfect gift for you. This lovely pendant is an authentic Alaskan White Quartz, wrapped in an ethereal design that combines gold and silver, that will definitely spoil your eyes. The White quartz is known as a stone of cleansing and healing, which makes this pendant the best possible gift for a special woman in your life.

4. Alaska Batik Pot Holders

gifts from alaska

Bring something unique as a gift from Alaska, which is a nice addition to your special person’s dinner table at home, like giving this pot holder as part of the Alaskan batik line. Made of high-quality fabric, this unique gift from lska will be the perfect pot holder to put hot dishes on the dinner table without damaging the table.

5. Wall Hanging with Alaskan Wildlife

gifts from alaska

Everyone needs a nice and beautiful quilt to stay warm, especially during a cold and freezing weather, and that’s one of the reasons why this Alaska-themed quilt is a great gift from Alaska. This beautiful piece of quilt will also be a nice and artistic statement to any room at home.

6. Alaska Organic Herbal Blend

gifts from alaska

Let your loved ones enjoy a relaxing moment with a company of this organic herbal  blend made of Blue Lotus Flower, Alaskan Wormwood, Klip Dagga, Mugwort and several organic herbal ingredients, which will create taste through a calming tea. Add a bit of honey to make an even more delicious cup of tea.

7. Alaskan Fireweed Honey

gifts from alaska

Alaska is famous for its natural delicacies, including its fire-weed honey. Bring home one of Alaskan natural delicacies by having this Alaskan fireweed honey that’s available in various sizes and bottling.

8. Alaskan Malamute Ornament

gifts from alaska

The Alaskan Malamutes are famous for their strength and loyalty to their owners, which makes them one of the pride of Alaska. So why not bring something to share the beauty of Alaskan Malamutes to your loved ones by giving this beautiful ornament as a nice addition to any home decoration?

9. Hand Carved Alaskan Caribou Antler

gifts from alaska

Male Alaskan Bulls or Caribous use their antlers to attract females and to fight. They will also shed their antlers every year and grow new ones. Being a unique material similar to bones, Caribou antlers are crafted into these beautiful Caribou antlers pendants, which are some of the most unique gifts from Alaska. 

10. Alaska Handmade Billiken Figurine

gifts from alaska

In Alaskan tradition, a Billiken is known as a mythical creature of figure who brings good luck, and this Billiken figurine made of antlers is just the perfect gift from Alaska as it is hoped to bring good luck to those who receive this sweet gift. 

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11. Alaska State Quarter Macro Print Art Clock

gifts from alaska

Having this Alaska State Quarter Marco Print Art Clock is definitely one of the most useful gifts from Alaska, as it is not only durable but also unique to be a sleek additional decoration for any living room or dining room. 

12. Alaska Playing Cards

gifts from alaska

Who would have thought that Alaska can create this super cute game card that looks both cute and unique. These playing cards will be the perfect gifts from Alaska for your kids, father or cousins. Remember to arrange a quality time playing with these cards together with your loved ones, too.

13. Alaska State Map Kitchen Towel

gifts from alaska

Add a touch of Alaska to any kitchen by giving this adorable Alaska State Map Kitchen Towel as a special and thoughtful gifts from Alaska for the favorite mothers in your life, including your mom, grandma, sisters, or girlfriend.

15. Alaska Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Made of high-quality wood, this wall mounted bottle opener is not only adorable but also super cute if you decide to hang it on the wall of your kitchen, for easy access whenever you need to open a bottle of beer, wine, etc.

15. Alaska Ceramic Coasters

gifts from alaska

These Alaska ceramic coasters are super useful and will definitely add a touch of the wonderful Alaska into your loved ones’ dining room. Each set comes in a packaging of 4 coasters, making it the perfect choice of coasters to serve hot or cold drinks for all members of the family. 

16. Alaska Charm Bracelet

Alaska Charm Bracelet

Alaska is also famous for its beautiful jewelry, and this Alaska Charm Bracelet is one of them. All charms are representing Alaska, including the bear, Alaska sand charm blended with Turquoise, Alaska map, Moose, here & there mountain charm and compass. 

17. Alaska Stud Earrings

Alaska Stud Earrings

If you’re looking for the perfect gifts from Alaska that the special women in your life would adore, these stud earrings are the answer. These beautiful pieces of earrings are made of epoxy and salmon skin, which is one of the most popular fishes in Alaska. Having these earrings as gifts, your mom, sisters, we can assure that they will be thrilled!

18. Alaska Bookmark

Alaska Bookmark

Any book lovers would love to have this super adorable Alaska bookmark as a gift. As this piece-of-art kind of gift, this bookmark features two charms. One is sand/silt of your choice of Alaska or beach, blended with Chsrysocolla, and the other charm is “ak” for Alaska.

19. Jade Beaded Mala Healing Bracelets

Gradient Natural Jade Beaded Mala Healing Bracelets

Jade is definitely a stone that is loved and valued by almost everyone in Alaska, which makes it the right reason to pick this adorable Jade bracelet as one of the best gifts from Alaska. Jade stone is als trusted to have an element of healing, which is why this bracelet is named Jade Beaded Mala Healing Bracelet.

20. Alaska Vintage Map Pillow

Vintage Map Pillow

Everyone loves pillows. Not only as a sleeping companion but also as a cushion to complete the look of any living room out there. Looking at this Alaska Vintage Map Pillow, we believe that it will be a nice addition to the whole decoration of any living room, and that’s why we recommend this pillow as one of the most unique gifts from Alaska.

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21. Alaska Themed Hoodie

Themed Hoodie

When Alaska is calling, you must go! And that’s exactly what is written in this hoodie. Alaska is just too beautiful and anyone who has been there simply cannot wait to return to Alaska. You can give this hoodie as a shift from Alaska, to your loved ones, and let them know about the beauty of Alaska, and arrange a schedule to visit the state together soon, maybe?

22. Alaska Cool Fashion Socks

Cool Fashion Socks

These unique pairs of socks will keep your special someone warm while enjoying a cup of tea, watching TV, while accompanied by light snacks. These socks feature cute designs with a whale swimming as the main illustration, making them one of the perfect gifts from Alaska.

23. Alaska Shaped Serving and Cutting Board

Alaska Shaped Serving and Cutting Board

Looking for a unique souvenir that can function as a serving boar, cutting board, or wall decoration? We have this Alaska-shaped Serving and Cutting Board for you. Not only adorable as a cutting board, this unique gift can also function as a wall decoration.

24. Alaska License Plate Pencil Holder

License Plate Pencil Holder

Who would have thought that a license plate can also function as a pencil holder? This unique gift is something that your kids, nephews or nieces would definitely love to have as a gift from Alaska.

25. Alaska Map Cuff Bracelet 

Map Cuff Bracelet 

This bracelet is a fashion statement of its own, which makes it your perfect gift from Alaska, for any women in your life who love fashion, especially who love bohemian and hippie as a fashion style.

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Alaska Native Art, Ulu Knives and jewelry are among the many works made by Alaska Native people.

What kind of jewelry is Alaska known for?

Alaska’s state stone is Jade, so you can rest assured you’ll find plenty of jade jewelry during your trip to the Last Frontier. Accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made from this precious stone are perfect Alaska souvenirs to buy for yourself or a loved one back at home.

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