Alarm Clock Rug

Do you, like most people, struggle to get out of bed every morning?

Do you find yourself turning off your alarm over and over again, eventually ending up late for work or scrambling to make it just in time? If so, the Alarm Clock Rug can help get you into a vertical position!

Simply set the Alarm Clock Rug to the time you need to get up, and it will make sure you are out of bed and ready to face the day right on time.

In order to turn off the alarm, this rug requires you to place both feet firmly on its surface for at least 3 seconds. 

Alarm Clock Rug

If you want some peace and quiet, you will have to actually get up. This usually is the toughest part of starting the day. But the alarm clock rug gives you the motivation (or spite) to get out of bed.

You haven’t heard about the coolest feature of the rug yet! You can customize it with an mp3 file of your own.

Alarm Clock Rug

Set it to play some motivational and encouraging messages to get you going. But remember not to set it to play your favorite song. Nothing destroys a song more than setting it as an alarm sound. 

Alarm Clock Rug

Alarm Clock Rug

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