29 Cool Wall Clocks for a Perfect Living Room

A wall clock is more than just a timekeeper, it’s way more than that. In the old days, a clock and wristwatch were the only things that helped us to keep up with time. Today, we have a smartphone that will tell us the time of the day 24/7. However, since a wall clock has a function beyond a timekeeper, we can almost certain that until today, a wall clock has become a crucial element of home decoration that will add a different look and feel to any room at home.

As a must-have item, a wall clock will also be a nice gift for any occasion like birthdays, weddings, house warming parties, or even Christmas or Thanksgiving. With so many options of wall clocks to choose from, you might get confused to choose the perfect timepiece that will suit your needs. Here are 29 Cool Wall Clock Designs that might help you to choose the perfect one.

1. Ren Wil CI220 Modern Rustic

Ren Wil CI220 Modern Rustic

You can have this cool wall clock as a nice and sleek addition to your living room, or as an adorable gift for a special person who has a love for simple and minimalist design. This wall clock is crafted from mango wood that is left with its natural texture to keep the rustic touch and makes it look more natural.

2. Retro Wall Clock

Retro Wall Clock

This elegant retro wall clock will be the perfect wedding gift for any newly weds. Aside from having a nice timekeeper at their new home, they will also have an elegant and unique decoration to be placed in their living room wall. 

3. Modern Large Wall Clock

Modern Large Wall Clock

This modern wall clock comes as a piece of fine art that will perfectly fit any room with elegant and classy decoration. The sleek design describes simplicity at its best, which makes this cool wall clock a perfect gift for anyone who loves a touch of elegance in their wall.

4. Large Bees Clock

Large Bees Clock

We have to admit that this cool wall clock has a very sweet look, just as sweet as honey! Especially with those tiny bees flying around it. Being a sweet wall clock, this will be something that any kids would love to have in their room.

5. Umbra Ribbon Wall Clock Steel

Umbra Ribbon Wall Clock Steel

For us, the combination of red and silver metal is the perfect color mix for a wall clock that has a modern and sleek design. The multi ribbon shape makes this wall clock look sophisticated, which will certainly enhance any living space out there.

6. SEI Gear Refined Industrial Style

SEI Gear Refined Industrial Style

This industrial style wall clock will definitely make a unique statement in any room or home. The asymmetric arrangement of the decorative gears and wheels create an old-fashioned display, which will stand out among other room elements.

7. Livenna Wall Clock

Livenna Wall Clock

For an individual who loves a clean look with fresh colors for a home, this Livenna Wall Clock will be one of the must-have items in the house. The combination of gold and broken marble white will give a clean yet sleek look, plus the leather strap that will make it more stylish.

8. Scope Wall Clock

Scope Wall Clock

The design of this simple and cool wall clock was inspired by sun dials, which tells you the time of day by reading the shadows. The natural wood color gives a beautiful touch to the overall look of the clock, and panel overlaps also play a nice role as index markers.

9. Stained Glass Floral Art Wall Clock

Stained Glass Floral Art Wall Clock

For a room that has an elegant and luxurious interior design, this wall clock will be the perfect fit, thanks to the highly reflective glossy finish and striking abstract design in gray, black and white hues. 

10. Mayhall 26.77” Wall Clock

Mayhall 26.77” Wall Clock

This wall clock will create a classic statement that shows a contemporary flair to any room at home. Having this wall clock as a gift will certainly become a sweet addition to anyone’s room that will bring a simple industrial look as this piece features a frame finished in black hemp rope decoration.

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11. Hackett 11” Clock

Hackett 11” Clock

This wall clock is certainly not your usual wall clock because this pinwheel-designed clock will be an item that stands out in the crowd and become a nice yet colorful statement in any room, including living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even your office. 

12. Field Haven Farmhouse Barn Door Clock

Field Haven Farmhouse Barn Door

For a room that applies farmhouse or rustic decoration, this Field Haven Farmhouse Barn Door Clock will definitely complete the overall farmhouse look in the room. This cool wall clock is the perfect item to become a nice addition to your new home, or as a gift for your loved ones.

13. Tree Slice Wall Clock

Tree Slice Wall Clock

This wall clock is made of selected wood and logs from recycled materials. The combination of metal and natural wood create an industrial look that will be a nice addition to a room with industrial design.

14. Stone Wall Clock

Stone Wall Clock

A wall clock isn’t just a timekeeper, but it is also an element of home decoration. A unique wall clock can even become a statement that describes the character of a certain room. When we talk about character, this Stone Wall Clock is a statement of its own with natural beach stones from a coastal nature ark by the Baltic sea. 

15. Cuckoo Clock with Gold Bird Wire

Cuckoo with Gold Bird Wire

The natural brick color makes this wall clock a must-have item for an industrial or minimalist-designed room. However, if you take a look at this clock closely, you will see an element that gives a cute yet unique touch to this clock, which is a gold wire bird that makes it look more unique

16. Minimalist Abstract Wall Clock

Minimalist Abstract Wall Clock

This minimalist wall clock lets us see time from a different point of view. Instead of showing the whole numbers that a normal clock normally has, this Minimalist Abstract Wall Clock has an entire face of the watch covered in a spinning disc with a hole in the shape of the hour’s hand. In short, this clock clearly has a sharp and innovative design. 

17. Dirty White Clock

Dirty White Clock

Do you notice anything unusual from this wall clock? Well it’s not just you. This Dirty White Clock has indeed a super unique design and it is completely hand made using high quality glass.

18. MUJI Mechanical Cuckoo Wall or Put Clock

MUJI Mechanical Cuckoo Wall

Everyone will definitely fall in love with this modern cuckoo wall clock as it has a simple and clean look with unique design, which makes it perfect to be placed in any room at home.

19. ACCSHINE Quiet Wall Clock

ACCSHINE Quiet Wall Clock

It’s amazing that this simple wall clock can actually become the element that makes it unique to be placed in any room at home. The sweet color of its natural wood material and the leaf shape perfectly brings out the simple and natural touch of this ACCSHONE wall clock.

20. Decorative Mid Century Wall Clock

Decorative Mid Century Wall Clock

From a design point of view, this wall clock will take us to the mid-century, but from a color point of view, we will be taken to the modern age with its gorgeous blue and gold combination. 

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21. Wooden Door Wall Clock

Wooden Door Wall Clock

If you are looking for a unique hanging wall clock, you might want to consider having this wall clock that is made of wood particle board covered with wood grain paper drawing. The handbag design will be an adorable decorative element to any room.

22. Metal Walnut Wall Clock

Metal Walnut Wall Clock

In terms of size, this Metal Walnut wall clock is huge, which is perfect for you who are looking for a wall clock to become the center point of a room. The modern and minimalist design will definitely become the room statement and take all eyes on this cool wall clock.

23. Cloudnola Flipping Out Wall and Tabletop Flip Clock

Cloudnola Flipping Out Wall and Tabletop Flip Clock

When we talk about wall clocks, we will definitely think of analog clocks, right? Well to give a different touch to a wall clock, this Cloudnola Flipping Out Wall and Tabletop Flip Clock is worth considering. You can have this as a unique and thoughtful gift for loved ones, or you can have it for yourself as a nice addition to any room at home.

24. KINBEDY Large Wall Clock

KINBEDY Large Wall Clock

If you dream of having a touch of European design to your living room, then why not having this nice-looking KINBEDY Large Wall Clock? The combination of gold and marble light blue, plus the triangle shape makes it a perfect European element to your home.

25. Text Time Statement Clock

Text Time Statement Clock

This wooden semi-digital wall clock will be a nice element to a room that applies natural decoration. The unique thing about this timepiece is that it displays the hours and minutes in conversational English. Moreover, if you don’t feel like hanging this on the wall, you can also put this on a desk or shelf. 

26. Garden Gears Outdoor Clock & Thermometer

Garden Gears Outdoor & Thermometer

Who says we cannot have a wall clock outdoors? This Garden Gears Outdoor Clock & Thermometer explains why. With this timepiece, you can add a little bit of industrial touch to your garden. Plus, you will not only have a clock, because you will also have a thermometer to be less worried about the temperature.

27. Ring Wall Clock

Ring Wall

If you’re looking for a fashion statement that will make your living room look more vibrant? This Ring Wall Clock will certainly be the answer that you’re looking for. 

28. Azalea Metal Wall Clock

Azalea Metal Wall Clock

If you’re currently looking for an eye-catching wall clock that can bring an artsy ambiance to a room, then this Azalea Metal Wall Clock will be the perfect choice for you. This one cool wall clock is made of 1.5 mm metal steel, which makes it durable and long lasting that can stay in your room for many years to come. The flower pattern will cast a beautiful shadow, which will create a cool three-dimensional effect. 

29. Oval Metal Pendulum Wall Clock

Oval Metal Pendulum

If you are a person with a love for a sweet and soft pink at heart, you must consider having this Oval Metal Pendulum Wall Clock at home, or in your bedroom. The unique design and the soft pink color will give a sweet look to any room that you desire.

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