48 Funky And Unique Wall Clocks That Are The Coolest Ever!

Unique wall clocks are cool, but what’s their importance and history? One of the oldest inventions of man is the clock. We use this unique household tool to measure time intervals within a day. Unlike other time measuring tools like the calendar, the clock measures the smallest unit of time.   

Due to the great importance of this household tool, it has been modified into various forms like the wristwatch and digital clock. But these modifications do not limit the importance of the wall clock. In fact, there are various models of wall clocks which are unique in their designs and used for various purposes.

These unique wall clocks can be differentiated in terms of their designs and other outstanding features.

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Cool, Trendy & Unique Wall Clocks

This review shows you the various models of unique wall clocks you can use to decorate your home and add more aesthetic value to a room. And of course, works as an important timepiece to keep your daily activities on track. Find out the funky and unique wall clocks you can choose from our curated list below!

1. Mid Century Sunburst Wall Clock

Unique Wall Clocks

With a primary color of brown and a secondary color of black, Mid Century Sunburst is one of the unique wall clocks that will improve the aesthetic value of your room. Made of high-quality wood with a metal clock hand, this cool wall clock will last for life.

Considering its awesome design, Mid-Century Sunburst Wall Clock is an ideal birthday gift the receiver can simply hang in the room as an additional decorative item.

2. Stained Glass Tree of Life Wall Clock

unique wall clocks

This unique wall clock is designed for anyone who wants to get a feel of nature. Stained Glass Tree of Life offers a graphic symbol of the four seasons in the year. Being made with glass, acrylic paint, and copper foil, it’s a great way of improving the beauty of your room.

Thanks to the striking color, it will easily blend with any interior design. You can mount it on the living room wall for the best display/

3. HoneyComb Wall Clock

unique wall clocks

Made from bamboo and designed for anyone who wants to maintain absolute silence in the room. This unique wall clock not only adds more value to your room but also functions in such a way that you don’t hear the ticking sound of the clock.

The rustic bee comb frame will reveal its best appeal when you mount it against the beige-painted wall. Or, you can choose any neutral color you prefer, but please do not use bright yellow, orange, or blue paints, as they will overwhelm the clock design.

4. Green Peel Wall Clock

unique wall clocks

This is a good choice for all beauty lovers. Do you want to give your room/office a green look? The Green Peel Wall Clock is for you. It highlights the green peel of the apple which will spark a refreshing atmosphere in the room.

To make it look more attractive, you can combine it with a tropical concept room which is famous for its tropical plant features. The wooden or rattan items will also support the existence of your wall clock.

5. Chellis 10.5″ Wall Clock

unique wall clocks

This masterpiece doesn’t just adorn your room/office with great beauty, but it’s also the perfect choice for anyone looking for a durable and long-lasting item. Made from metal, this unique wall clock offers intrinsic value to the room.

We recommend this watch for those who like vintage-themed items. Mount it on the wooden walls so that they are in sync with the theme of the wall clock. Alternatively, wall stickers with wood patterns will also work amazingly!

6. Glowing Moon Wall Clocks

No products found.

This amazing beauty tool comes with a 2-year warranty. As the perfect time item for your room or office, the wall clock literally glows at night, adding more aesthetic value to your living space.

For those who are interested in space and the universe, this clock is a way to go! You can add glow-in-the-dark stickers on the ceiling to make your room setting even more charming.

7. Periodic Table Wall Clock

unique wall clocks

Do you love chemistry? Are you a science lover? Then, this unique wall clock is for you. Periodic Table Wall Clock is designed in such a way that the twelve elements from the periodic show up as the timepiece on this clock.

You can use it to keep track of the time in the laboratory or simply hang it in your room as a good reminder of the importance of science to our daily lives.

8. Modern Orange Wall Clock

unique wall clocks

With its orange color, this cool wall clock gives your room cheerful vibes, especially if the wall is pure white. Even cooler, you can also request a custom model, making it easier for you to order a clock that suits your taste.

Given the striking shade, we strongly suggest mounting it on neutral-colored walls that will make an awesome color contrast. You see, with Modern Orange Wall Clock, you’re only limited by your imagination.

9. Military Oversized 24″ kaleidoscope Wall Clock

unique wall clocks

This wall clock brings a distinctive kind of attraction to your bar space or gallery wall. With its multi-coloured pattern, the wall clock will effortlessly fit the minimalist interior design, even the tropical one.

You can mount it in the living room with white, black, or beige wall paint colors. And in case your home has a tropical setting, wooden wall or wood-pattern wall stickers are the ideal bet to hang your clock.

10. Scandinavian wooden Wall Clock

unique wall clocks

This is a rectangular shape beauty clock. With such a shape, you can even hang it in narrow corners of the house. However, it will look best mounting on the wall facing the front door. So, you can check on it immediately to keep track of your schedule. Meanwhile, the wooden material truly represents the Scandinavian design which highlights natural materials.

Another exciting feature of this amazing clock is its soundless ticking property. That is, you get to improve the look of your home while maintaining the stillness of the room.

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11. Rustic Fram House Decor Wall Clock

unique wall clocks

This wall clock comes in various sizes. So you can adjust to your needs. The clock features numbers with white figures, and there is a choice to either order it with four figures (12, 3, 6, and 9) or without any. Apart from that, the wall clock is also available in six different colors and patterns.

If you have a house with a clean minimalist concept, the wood grain gray and beach sand tan are great matches. However, those with tropical layouts will love mahogany red or weathered brown. But whatever the choice is, the Rustic Fram Decor Wall Clock will give your home or office a better look.

12. Frida Kahlo Wall Clock

unique wall clocks

This is one of the wall clocks that comes in different forms. You can order this amazing piece by selecting a model of your choice. Thus, you can customize the character, color, and design of the clock to your preference.

Judging from the artistic design with the dominance of striking shades, this wall clock will look stunning against a black background. This is another way of improving the beauty of your home.

13. Ultra Flat Wall Clock

unique wall clocks

This wall clock is recommended for people who love tiny items. As one of the smallest clocks in the world, it’s a great way to maximize the space in your home by improving its aesthetic value. Even though there are no numbers, the color composition of the clock will guide you to track the time.

The colorful color may not match the clean design in your living room. But, you can mount it in the playing area or your kid’s room as a way to introduce them to lots of colors.

14. Geometric Circle Wall Clock

unique wall clocks

This Wall clock has a beige primary color and a brown secondary color. It’s no wonder that you can easily pair this wooden geometrical clock with various interior designs.

Another perk of this exquisite clock is it makes no ticking sound, making it of great use in the office. You can display it near a wooden cabinet facing your working desk so you can easily check your work hours.

15. Modern Minimalist Black Cat Clock

unique wall clocks

Do you love cats? Modern Minimalist Black Cat Clock offers outstanding features to help you keep track of your time by looking at a cat’s whiskers. This clock is designed in such a way that your pet becomes your timekeeper.

You can order either the white or black version following your taste. But if you ask us, the black one offers more bold accent to your room where the clock resides.

16. Industrial Big Romb Wall Clock

unique wall clocks

This clock is made of top quality European lime wood. And it’s designed with a wood-like feature, enabling you to keep track of your time through a comfortable smoothening clock.

The sophisticated design perfectly fits the modern tropical design of your home. Aside from being a time keeper, this wall clock can also be a decoration that emphasizes the natural vibe around the corner.

17. Oakland Gears Sculptural Wall Clock

Oakland Gears Sculptural Wall Clock

Do you want a master clock piece that will add more value to the room? Oakland Gears Sculptural Wall Clock offers these and more. This amazing piece of artwork will spark the great era of past centuries in your area. Want to make the clock the center of attention? Mount it on the cemented or brick walls to accentuate the vintage, industrial design.

18. Steampunk Bike Gear Wall Clock

Steampunk Bike Gear Wall Clock

This striking wall clock is made from recycled bicycle wheel. The artist behind this wall clock wants to depict an industrial-themed clock that also features a retro design. Knowing the unique design, you can show it off in areas where people can easily access it, such as the living room or family room.

And if you have a garage that is large enough, this wall clock will easily fit into the room’s interior. Another exciting benefit of this clock is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. How cool is that?

19. Pineapple Wall Clock

Pineapple Wall Clock

Are you interested in having a wall clock in your kitchen? Check out this Pineapple Wall Clock! It is a great choice for all fruit lovers and anyone looking for a time-tracking device for their cooking space.

The pineapple design matches the kitchen, which is identical to food ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables. In addition, the combination of neutral black and white makes it easy to find a suitable spot to mount the clock.

20. Trees Wall Clock

Trees Wall Clock

This is an outstanding time tracking tool for everyone who wants to have a taste of natural beauty. With this wall clock, you’ll also have the option to beautify your living space with an item made of natural materials.

We recommend a backyard balcony or patio as the best space to showcase this wooden clock. Both areas have more access to the garden that represents nature.

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21. Vinyl Record Wall Clocks

Vinyl Record Wall Clocks

These Wall Clocks have several designs, and it covers all areas of interest. Whether you’re a lover of comic fantasy, a superhero enthusiast, or a lover of zombies, there’s a design for you. One that you can order is the Beatles wall clock.

It highlights the black color which represents the 60s era when the band was popular. Such a neutral shade also allows you to display this clock against diverse backgrounds. But if you want to make the most out of it, the bedroom wall is the best room that defines you as a true Beatles fan.

#22 Shattered Metal Wall Clock

Shattered Metal Wall Clock

Produced with steel and other fascinating metal items, this wall clock displays the vast possibility of metals. Created to maximize the use of metals in the industry, all you’ll ever want in a wall clock is embedded in this masterpiece.

The crack design seems to depict the wall clock as if it had just been hit by a bullet. But somehow, it turns out artsy! Considering the color, a black background will make this wall clock a focal point.

23. Sigel Artetempus Design Wall Clock

Sigel Artetempus Design Wall Clock

This wall clock comes in a 3D format, and it comprises several awesome features that are certain to lighten up your day every time. Even though the design is simple, the clock looks stunning in navy blue which looks modern and refreshing.

You can combine it with a gray or white wall so that the blue color looks brighter. Since the clock has no decoration, it will blend in with patterned wall stickers with no issues!

24. Modern Geometric Wall Clock

Modern Geometric Wall Clock

This wall clock is value packaged. And it’s offered with a clock motor 1-year warranty. Specially designed in such a way that more beauty is added to your home, this wall clock provides an extra radiate glow to your living space.

Pair it with a bright background, such as white, beige, or even colorful shades without a pattern, because the design already combines several complex geometric shapes.

25. Copper Art Wall Clock

Copper Art Wall Clock

This is a modern beauty wall clock that can be customized to your unique choice. The design is similar to tree roots that stunningly vine to the edge of the frame. With the perfect combination of silver and copper colors, this wall clock will give your home a unique appeal. To make it look luxurious, you can mount it under the warm lights in your living room.

26. Rainbow Bubbles Mirror Wall Clock

Rainbow Bubbles Mirror Wall Clock

There are several colors available for this piece of the wall clock. You pick a color of your choice and get an outstanding piece of clock art. This wall clock is recommended for all lovers of bright colors and anyone seeking a way of having an outstanding piece of time-tracking tool.

Display it on the white wall in your living room; thus, the colors look flashier. Avoid mounting this clock near items with matching colors, so it doesn’t look plain. Instead, choose neutral shades background for the best outcome!

27. Custom Engraved Wooden Wall Clocks

Custom Engraved Wooden Wall Clocks

Do you love a good piece of artwork? Custom Engraved Wooden Wall Clock offers several outstanding designs for your satisfaction. The diversity of trees and the outstanding work of nature symbolize that there are no two identical models of this wall clock. Its design offers a special fragrance to the mind as it reaches down to the depth of your soul.

In addition, the wooden material allows you to easily pick up the spot to hang this clock. Whether the minimalist, tropical or Scandinavian interior designs, all will blend in smoothly with the clock.

28. Nautical Ships Wheel Wall Clock

Nautical Ships Wheel Wall Clock

Go back to the ancient civilizations as you have a feel of wheels. This wall clock brings to life the ancient adventures as you fantasize about the various possibilities of the wheels. Made from top-quality wood and acrylic lacquer, you will surely have more value for your money. It will fit best for those who love nautical themes. They can display the clock proudly in the living room or their room as the star of the setting.

29. The 24″ Roman Gear Wall Clock

Roman Gear Wall Clock

This wall clock is an outstanding creative work of arts. Although the gears do not move, you’ll get a feel of the oil-rubbed bronze and the value you’re assured of having. Aside from being a wall clock, this piece will surely be a charming home decoration. You only need to find the right spot to stand the clock out, such as a living room with white walls, particularly near your standing lamp.

30. Medusa Wall Clock

Medusa Wall Clock

Marine beings are made alive with this astonishing work of art. Do you want a better feel of what’s inside the deep blue sea? Medusa Wall Clock brings to life all you’ll want. This is not just a clock. It’s an aquatic life.

However, we must admit that the clock may not be suitable for some of the interior settings. But don’t worry! You can install it in the children’s room to let them learn about colors.

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31. Mid Century Boho Wandering Wall Clock

Mid Century Boho Wandering Wall Clock

You’ve got an option of making a selection from the list of creative arts or having your custom order delivered to you. However, if you can’t wait for the personalized one but want something unusual, grab this mid-century wall clock!

The outstanding beauty is unlike others it is a hand-made piece. It would be better to reveal its whimsical charm by hanging the clock in your living room to amaze the guests.

32. Modern Honeycomb Wall Clock

Modern Honeycomb Wall Clock

Do you want to make your home more stylish? The Modern Honeycomb Wall Clock is the perfect choice for you. Designed with the honeycomb blueprint, you’ll get a masterpiece to add beauty to your home.

Since the shape already creates a unique pattern, we do not recommend hanging it against wall stickers with markings. In this case, a clean, neutral plain background is the absolute pick.

33. Batman Vinyl Record Wall Clock

No products found.

This piece is designed for all superhero lovers and anyone in love with the Batman character. With this creative wall clock, you’ll feel the presence of Batman in your living space. And, of course, you’ll be protected from all evils.

Such a wall clock with a bold character will be perfect to hang on your bedroom wall. Other than feeling closer to Batman, related decorations indicate that you are a true fan.

34. Elephant Mandala Wall Clock

Elephant Mandala Wall Clock

With a unique inscription of an elephant and a golden mandala, this unusual wall clock is there to remind you of the utmost importance of self-confidence. Having an elephant as the symbolic representation of power, peace, and dignity, you’re constantly reminded of the latent power inherent in you.

In addition, you will get benefits if your walls are white. This kind of color will blend in with the background of the clock, emphasizing the elephant as a stand-alone character.

35. Hidden Safe Wall Clock

Hidden Safe Wall Clock

This is the funky wall clock for your home or office. Designed adequately with much value, you’ll get to track your time and keep a proper record of your events and daily activities. Besides, the secret storage space provides your space to store your valuables, such as keys and jewelry. For this reason, you better mount it on your bedroom wall where access is limited to you.

36. Modern Abstract Bright Red Wall Clock

Modern AbStract Bright Red Wall Clock

Made with textured paste and warmish, this modern piece of art is the right gift for your loved ones. Properly crafted in such a way to bring out the beauty of your room or office, the Modern AbStract Bright Red Wall Clock will decorate a dull room with its bright red color of flame.

Even though it looks intimidating, the clock will be a great addition to your modern interior. Mount this clock on a clean, plain wall with no additional decoration to highlight the color.

37. Mirror Butterfly Wall Clock

Mirror Butterfly Wall Clock

Are you searching for the perfect birthday present to give to your lover? This unique large wall clock is truly gorgeous, and it offers amazing benefits for you. With this beautiful piece of art, you’ll awaken the beauty and calmness of your room or office.

It also comes with distinct elements, like butterflies coming out from the cracking mirror. And for that reason, showing this clock on the living room’s wall is a brilliant idea as it will also decorate a dull space.

38. Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wall Clock

Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wall Clock

Get a feel of the galaxies from the comfort of your home with the Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wall Clock. Having the representation of one of the largest stars of the universe, this novelty wall clock is an amazing way of taking your imagination to the next level.

If you want to make the clock a focal point, incorporate it with the white background and thank us later. Interested in purchasing one? Find it here.

39. Game of Thrones Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Game Of Thrones Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Winter is coming. Get a feel of the Targaryen dragon with this cool wall clock for guys. It’s not only designed for guys but also for all lovers of the Targaryen dragon (both male and female) to feel the fire-breathing creature’s presence through this creative wall clock.

With such a bold character, your bedroom is the ideal place for the clock to reside. Pair it with other dragon-related items to vividly spark the eerie vibes.

40. World Time Zones World Clocks

unique wall clocks

This outstanding piece of work offers intrinsic value and it’s highly recommended for people looking to add more beauty or aesthetic value to their home. The World Time Zones can also give a different picture of the present time between continents. Thus, it would be helpful if you have friends or relatives abroad and want to connect with them.

Besides, that works as an exciting piece of entertainment in your room. Just make sure to hang it on the white walls to highlight the dark shades.

41. Bottle Cap Design Iron Retro Wall Clock

Bottle Cap Design Iron Retro Wall Clock

If you love classic and retro stuff, then, put this wall clock to complete the look. The design is inspired by a bottle cap, complete with iron painting. The chosen color and font stand nicely for the retro look such as in a restaurant, coffee shop, bedroom or dining table. No disturbance because this clock is silent ticking.

Someone with a retro soul must find it exciting! Considering the design, you can mount it next to the stickers and steering wheels for outstanding decor.

42. Whatever I’m Late Anyways Clock

Whatever I’m Late Anyways Clock

The modern and minimalist design of this wall clock is pretty immersive. The placement of the numbers is in one spot, with the text “Whatever I’m Late Anyway” will make everyone chuckle once they see it. Although the text describes the owner very well, the clock is still practical for sure. And of course, the black color can easily blend in with your bedroom setting.

43. Kitchen Wall Clocks with Spoons and Forks

Kitchen Wall Clocks with Spoons and Forks

This is the perfect gift for the mom and chef out there. This unique wall clock comes up with spoons, forks, and any cooking tools. The clock fits perfectly for the kitchen in the house, restaurant, or cafe. So choose one spot you own and prefer.

Meanwhile, the size is not that big but you can still see the numbers on the clock easily and clearly.

44. Math Wall Clock

Math Wall Clock

This wall clock is very funky! Instead of regular numbers from 1 to 12, you’ll get some mathematical problems! You will have to do some quick mental math to decipher what time it is.

While it does not have the most practical design since not all people are good at math, this novelty wall clock is undeniably amusing. To make your relatives and friends confused to know what time is it, of course you can hang it in your family room.

45. Avant Garde Square Wall Clock

Avant Garde Square Wall Clock

This wall clock is not just a time-telling device but also serves as an artistic decoration! The square clock offers unique numerals placement, making it look like a modern art piece. Some of the numbers are located out of place and the number 6 is hanging like a pendulum. While it won’t tell time accurately, it will look great for your living room or studio!

46. Wall Clock for Accountants

Wall Clock for Accountants

This Accounting wall clock has a similar design to the Math wall clock. Instead of Roman numerals, we will get some numbers that correspond to accounting and taxation terms.

It is especially funny because the clock has a quote that says “There is no crying during taxation season“, which is the busiest time of the year for accountants. For that reason, the workspace is the best spot to hang this funny wall clock!

47. Salvador Dali’s Melting Clock

Salvador Dali's Melting Clock

This unusual-looking clock takes inspiration from Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory painting! The clock appears to be melting, just like how Dali depicts it in the famous painting.

People who appreciate Avant grade art definitely should own the melting clock to commemorate one of the most influential paintings in the world. To trick your guests into thinking this clock is broken, mount it in the living room.

48. Japanese Wall Clock

Japanese Wall Clock

Compared to other wall clocks in this list, this one definitely has the most beautiful design. The Japanese wall clock features a stunning illustration of the mount Fuji, pink sakura, and the red sunrise, the three elements that are iconic to Japan.

The way the illustration is painted looks very delicate and the color choice is very Japanese. In addition, try to highlight Japanese art by hanging it against a dark-tone wall.

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Final Thoughts

Are you looking for time-recording tools that will add more value to your home, office, or workshop? Pick an awesome clock from the 48 funky and unique wall clocks you can buy today. As an added benefit, you’ll get a certain duration of the warranty for some of these items. Do yourself a favor in the limitless possibilities derived from proper time management by utilizing the features of these unique wall clocks.

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