26 Best Smart Clocks for Bedroom That Suit Your Smart House

These days, you are supposed to have some tech stuff even for your home appliances. To make your life more comfortable, we suggest you have the best smart clocks for bedroom needs. Why do people need a smart clock in their bedroom? Putting it on the bedside desk will help you in your activities. It usually has various features such as alarms, phone charging, and other miscellaneous sophistication that you might not expect a clock to have.

Having it connected to a mobile phone or digital voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant makes it the best clock for bedroom needs. As easy as turning one’s hand over, the smart clocks effortlessly listen and carry out your commands. Below we’ve prepared a variety of smart clock recommendations for you to own or as gifts for those who don’t have one at home. Here is a list of smart clocks we have prepared that might help you to choose the best one.

Common Best Smart Clocks for Bedroom Needs

Let’s start the list with some common best smart clocks for bedroom needs. In general, it can be connected to your mobile phone through certain apps that are specific to that product. We have prepared some interesting items for you that you might want to have. We assure you each item will be different and unique that is worth it for you to add to your bedroom.

1. iHome iAVS16 

iHome iAVS16 

As the first item, we recommend this product as a starting for the best smart clocks for bedroom needs. iHome iAVS16 was built-in with a speaker and Amazon Alexa. You can give a command by your voice to play music, hear the news, check the weather, and much more. It also allows you to answer a phone call with this device. 

2. Soundcore Alarm Clock

Soundcore Alarm Clock

When we talk about smart clocks, they will certainly be associated with the advanced features it has. For example, we can see this one product. Soundcore alarm clock is available in black or white color and has hassle-free wireless fast charging for your compatible device. By using the Soundcore app through your mobile phone, you can easily synchronize your alarm with this product, making it even more convenient.

3. iHome PowerClock

iHome PowerClock

Another product from the same brand, we present you this iHome PowerClock Glow Alarm. Which can easily be connected to your device to select your favorite FM preset or your favorite alarm tones. Also has an ambient light feature that you can adjust as desired, both the color and the resulting brightness. You can also use it to charge your mobile phone so it is suitable to be placed on your bedside desk.

4. LaMetric TIME

LaMetric TIME

You could say this one product has a quite unique appearance. LaMetric TIME Wi-fi clock has a retro display in the form of pixelated art that can be adjusted via your mobile phone using the app. You can use it as a decoration for a minimalist bedside desk that matches all types of furniture. It is one of the best smart clocks for bedrooms that is suitable as a unique and uncommon gift for gamers or geeks.

5. Asaru Smart Clock

Asaru Smart Clock

Maybe what you are looking for is a clock with vintage old-school style looks, then this is the best smart clock for bedrooms for you. It has a shape and appearance similar to a pager device but can be connected to your Wi-Fi device. This Asaru smart clock is quite sophisticated because it can continue to display the latest 24/7 real-time information from cloud services like cryptocurrencies and the stock market. 

6. Sunrise Alarm Clock

Sunrise Alarm Clock

If you are looking for the experience of having a clock that wakes you up like the rays of the morning sun, then this is the best smart clock for bedrooms that you must have.

Can be set using the smart app control, this sunrise alarm clock can provide the right ambiance for you when you wake up. From 10 to 60 minutes before your wake-up time, the clock will gradually get lighter and brighter until the alarm goes off with an audible sound that you can set according to your choice.

7. Hatch Restore

Hatch Restore

This time, the Hatch brand has the best smart clocks product for bedroom purposes. Hatch Restore has a personalized sleep-wake routine that you can set, it helps you get a healthier sleep quality. With adjustable light, perfect for sleeping and reading at night. It is also equipped with a white noise feature that helps you relax your mind. You can set all of that via the app or touch by connecting via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

8. Hatch Rest

Hatch Rest

Hatch Rest functions as a clock and monitors your child’s condition while sleeping. Using the app on your mobile device or syncing with Alexa helps you manage this product as long as it’s connected to Wi-Fi. Sound machine, night light, time-to-rise, and two-way audio monitor are all included in this one product. So far, Hatch Rest is the best smart clock for bedrooms needs of your children.

9. Levoair Smart Clock

Levoair Smart Clock

A multifunctional smart clock, of course, must have an attractive design as well as what you can get on this product. The Levoair Smart Clock has a unique and futuristic look for a clock. If you are looking for relaxation, you can have this product because it is equipped with an essential oil diffuser that provides a calming aroma for your mind. Other features such as alarm clock, temperature, weather, timer, and calendar synergize perfectly and can be set using an app or home voice assistant.

10. Arches Light Alarm Clock

Arches Light Alarm Clock

Don’t let your smart clock get boring to look at. Choose this arches light alarm clock product, which is one of the best smart clocks for bedroom needs. Get a better healthy circadian rhythm because of the dawn simulator so you wake up fresher. Noisemakers and nine dynamic lights would provide a better sleep quality. You can also play your favorite music on this device that can be arranged easily via your mobile phone.

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11. Dinosaur Alarm Clock

Dinosaur Alarm Clock

Your child’s bedroom needs cute decorations. To help you, we provide this dinosaur clock which is one of the best smart clocks for bedroom purposes for your child. Available in blue, pink, and green colors are also equipped with decorations such as faces and tails, making this clock very adorable. By setting it up using a mobile phone, you can place it on your child’s bedside desk, making it an alarm with a soft voice for a better wake-up.

12. Dekala Wi-Fi Alarm Clock

Dekala Wi-Fi Alarm Clock

Dekala Wi-Fi Alarm Clock is a smart clock that can connect with Alexa or Google Assistant. Programmed with the app via your mobile phone, making this clock ready to wake you up seven days a week. The snooze feature also gives you extra time to wake up before your activity. It has a dimmable amber light, making it the perfect sleeping companion or for reading at night. 

13. 32in QHD Smart Display

32in QHD Smart Display

Maybe looking for a complete and perfect look is impossible, but first, take a look at this one product. The 32-in QHD Smart Display is completely perfect; you can get it in one décor. With wooden or whitelist style edges, this device can connect to your mobile phone or computer as a source. In just one screen, you can display all your needs from clock, calendar, temperature & weather, to your professional photos. Equipped with a French cleat hanger so it will not damage the walls of your bedroom.

14. Sandman Clock Doppler 

Sandman Clock Doppler 

“Alexa, set my alarm!” just by saying that you can easily set your alarm. By using the app on your mobile phone, you can also set music on this smart clock. Available in three choices, Sandman clock Doppler has blue, white, and black colors to decorate your bedroom. It has multiple USB ports that you can use to charge compatible electronic devices. Designed with high-quality speakers so that the alarm with music can sound soft to your ears. 

15. Yaluo Digital Alarm Clock

Yaluo Digital Alarm Clock

Have multifunctional items so that your room is not full. This one and only Yaluo smart clock is one of the best smart clocks for bedroom purposes. The IntelliClock app can set this clock via your mobile device. Customizable displays and alarms make your life more convenient. The back of this smart clock is equipped with a mirror, which can be used for you to make up.

16. Echo Wall Clock

Echo Wall Clock

Maybe what you want is a simple but elegant analog clock for your room. We recommend an Echo wall clock that will suit your criteria. Stay organized and on time with this watch that integrates with other Echo devices powered by Alexa. Giving voice commands like “Set timer” can be done for this device. In addition, 60 LED displays and a diameter of 10 inches make this clock look amazing for your bedroom.

17. Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

The next-generation series from the previous product, known as Lenovo Smart Clock Essential. With a bold display, this clock looks cool but still minimalist because its size is not too big. Is one of the best smart clocks for bedrooms for your home needs.

Integrated with Alexa, this watch can be commanded using only your voice. Other advantages such as auto-dim display and being able to connect to your mobile phone make this product even more complete. Available in two colors: clay red and misty blue.

18. Moobody Clock Camera

Moobody Clock Camera

Many best smart clocks for bedrooms have never been equipped with a camera like this. With a high-definition lens, Moobody clock camera has a 1920×1080 resolution, it provides clear and excellent image quality. It has a motion detection feature that will activate an alarm on your mobile phone if someone approaches it. It is also equipped with IR night vision and a built-in 5000mAh battery. 

19. Digital Alarm Clock for Kids

Digital Alarm Clock for Kids

This digital alarm clock is one of the best smart clocks for bedrooms that might suit your child. It has two sets of lights that you can adjust according to your needs, especially the sleep recognition function that turns itself off when you fall asleep.

The LED light from this smart clock is also designed to protect your eyes so you don’t feel dizzy if you wake up in the dark. The light also automatically turns on when it’s time for your wake-up alarm to be active.

20. Tinker Smart Alarm Clock

Tinker Smart Alarm Clock

This product is one of the best smart clocks for bedrooms on our list that you can have. Tinker smart alarm clocks have quite complete features such as daily and non-daily alarms that can be connected to radio channels.

You don’t need to worry because there is a sleep automatic shutdown function that can turn off the alarm automatically. A full LED digital display can also display the time and temperature for a whole week to be useful information for you.

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Best Smart Clocks for Bedroom as A Smart Home Devices

In this second part, we provide more specific items for you. All items below are the best smart clocks for bedrooms in the Form of Smart Home Devices. If you have a device like Alexa or Google Assistant, then this product is the right choice for you. Without further ado, let’s check it out!

21. Echo Show 10

Echo Show 10

Alexa can show you something bigger with this Echo Show 10 product. With a 10-inch screen that can be rotated, get a better experience when watching your favorite shows on the screen of this product. With the same camera as the previous series but equipped with motion capture that can follow your movements so you get a better video call experience.

You can also use motion capture to monitor the condition of your home when you are outside. Imagine all these features turning into a clock that is on your bedside desk, it will definitely become one of the best smart clocks for bedroom purposes.

22. Echo Show 15

Echo Show 15

Echo Show 15 is a wall-mounted device that you can have in your bedroom. Stay organized by staying connected to Alexa through this product so you can still give orders via voice commands. With a 15-inch widescreen, it can display all your needs such as a clock, calendar, to-do list, reminder, and personal sticky note based on Alexa-powered widgets. You can also enjoy entertainment such as Netflix on this device or it can also be used to display your best photos.

23. Facebook Portal

Facebook Portal

Have you ever imagined having the perfect smart clock that you can use for video calls? Yes, you can get it by logging in to your Facebook or Whatsapp account on this Facebook Portal. To support those needs, this product is equipped with a 13 MP camera with a wide range for a better video call experience. Wake up and you want to immediately see your loved ones who are far apart, then place this product on your bedside.

24. Echo dot (4th Gen)

24. Echo dot (4th Gen)

The Echo dot is a clock in the form of a speaker that can connect with Alexa. Integrated with all Alexa devices at home, it’s perfect for you to place on your bedside desk because the watch face can be seen even in the dark. With just a voice command, you can also listen to music on this device. In this list, we recommend that you have the Echo dot + Glacier white Wyze bulb bundle with colors that you can set via the mobile phone app.

25. Echo Spot 

25. Echo Spot 

We recommend this Echo Spot as one of the best smart clocks for bedroom needs. Suitable for those of you who do not want to have a bedside clock that is too excessive because it has too many features. With a unique and minimalist look, this product has a display in the form of various attractive analog and digital clocks. This product also provides perfect privacy because you can turn off both the camera and microphone with one button.

26. Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

This time we present a product from Google with the name Nest Hub (2nd Gen) powered by Google Assistant. Stay connected with your relatives using the video call feature via the Duo app on this device. You can also use the Nest Hub to watch your favorite shows like Netflix. One of the best smart clocks for bedrooms because of the Sleep Sensing feature that can monitor your sleep state, when you wake up, and how long you’ve been asleep.

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What color digital clock is best for sleeping?

Some of the best smart clocks for the bedroom have simple colors like black or white, and some have features such as lights that can be adjusted, especially as a night light. For color selection, we recommend choosing lighting with red or yellowish-orange colors for you to use when sleeping because it does not have an impact on circadian rhythm to provide better sleep quality.

What are the best smart clocks for the bedroom?

In our opinion, the best smart clocks for bedroom needs are the LaMetric TIME Wi-fi clock and QHD Smart Display. Or if you want a product in the form of a smart device, we suggest you have an Echo Spot if you want a product that is simple but still unique.

How do you wake up early if you are a deep sleeper?

Deep sleepers are closely related to your habits or lifestyle. Such frequent consumption of caffeine or alcohol can make it difficult for you to fall asleep and reduce productivity. Other causes can be influenced by various health problems that reduce the quality of your sleep. You can build a better sleep pattern with the help of one of the best smart clocks for bedrooms like the sunrise alarm clock or Hatch Restore which is equipped with adjustable light to affect your circadian rhythm.

What is the best noise to wake up to?

Start your day by waking up refreshed. By setting an alarm on one of the best smart clocks for bedroom needs with a tone in the form of birds chirping or other similar harmonized sounds. You can also connect to Spotify or the radio to be woken up with relaxing music that is easy to listen to.

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