Play Impossible App Connected Gameball

The Play Impossible App Connected Gameball is a first of its kind smart ball that combines the fun of playing in both digital and real world.

It reminds you how fun can be simply playing with a ball and your friends. Maybe, dogs are onto something after all.

Gameball has a small brain inside of it. Not a real one, but close enough. Thanks to it you can connect this smart ball to one of your Android or iOS devices.

What you want to do next is download Play Impossible app that has 7 games featuring the ball for you to choose from. Then, in a couple of taps, you can start playing. 

App Connected Smart Ball

You might be thinking “wait, can’t I just play with an ordinary ball?” Not this way, you can’t. The Gameball can measure height, speed, distance, taps, and other metrics. These metrics help decide who is the winner in the games or can challenge you when you are playing in solo mode.

App Connected Smart Ball

The app also keeps the score for you, so you can actually determine the winner without silent treatments or arguments that spawn for years (Friends, anyone?). The ball can also be charged in just 20 seconds giving you hours of playtime. 

App Connected Smart Ball

If you find yourself being bored far too often or would want to spend more time outside, Gameball is what you should get yourself. Start with entering, a free Gameball giveaway by clicking on the “Check It Out” link above.

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