Shiftwear Customizable Display Shoes

The Shiftwear Customizable Display Shoes allow you to change the design of your sneakers with a simple app. These shoes are a dream for anyone who has to struggle against their nature to not fill out their wardrobe with shoes only.

If you want your outfit to always be on-point, you know that wrong shoes can ruin your overall look in an instant.

But instead of spending tons of money on new pairs of shoes day in and day out, wouldn’t it be nice to have one shoes you can customize? It would. That’s where Shiftwear customizable display shoes come into play.

The idea behind these shoes is simple. Each sneaker has a display screen on the side which can be connected to an app that comes with the pair. 

By opening an app you can select a design you want to be displayed on your shoes. From 3D animations to works of art, to anime posters, you can choose anything that suits your taste.

Shiftwear Customizable Display Shoes

The screens are supposed to have a natural paper-like look, not the look you’d expect from, say, a LED screen. The daylight is not supposed to affect the quality or visibility of the chosen design. The shoes are also waterproof, dirt-resistant, with durable soles and wireless charging.

Shiftwear Customizable Display Shoes

Even though these shoes are at the functional prototype and pre-order stage, it’s exciting to see the development of such futuristic footwear.

Shiftwear Customizable Display Shoes

This product has a potential to build a huge community of artists and graphic designers around it, sharing their work and inspiration, giving you new designs to choose from.

Plus, you get the shoes that will finally allow you to free up some space in the closet. 

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