Voice Translation Smart Ring

The Echo Voice Translation Smart Ring is packed with a variety of amazing features starting with virtually erasing all language barriers you might face in your travels.

Language barriers are hard to overcome unless you want to spend years perfecting a language that’s spoken in a country you’re about to visit. But if you travel a lot those years and effort will certainly add up. Why not just go for this voice translation smart ring?

Yes, these incredibly cool rings can easily translate 24 languages. That includes English, Spanish, German, French, and much more.

All you need to do is speak into the microphone on the ring and it will speak the translation right back at you.   

The beauty of the ring is that it doesn’t require wi-fi access to translate. So you won’t have to worry about trying to ask for directions but being able to connect to the nearest McDonalds hotspot.

Voice Translation Smart Ring

Additionally, this voice translation smart ring allows you to access such services as Google Calendar, Uber, Google Maps, and more with a simple voice command.

Voice Translation Smart Ring

The built-in AI can even learn your preferences to make the process as intuitive as possible. You can even perform such actions as accepting calls, controlling music volume, or even sending tweets and emails with a set of gestures.

Voice Translation Smart Ring

The ring is also equipped with a panic button. When enabled, it can send a predetermined message with your current location to your chosen friend, family members, or police. It also tracks your location after the emergency safety has been enabled.

There’s no need to say that that’s an incredibly useful feature since you never know what might happen to you. Don’t worry, if you set it off by accident you can always cancel the emergency alert. 

Voice Translation Smart Ring

All in all, this voice translation smart ring seems to have it all and even more. So if you don’t want your communication in, say, French be on the same level as Joey’s from friends…Well, you should definitely consider putting a ring on it.

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