82 Cool Rings For Men That Are Incredibly Unique

Cool rings for men are back in style! Well, they never were completely out of it but wearing rings for men has recently become much more common.

You have a variety of different ambiguous rings to choose from, but what if you want something more special?

You could, of course, buy a simple set of rings that are just that – rings. Or you could find some cool rings for men that say something about your personality, what you like and dislike, and overall signify something important in your life. Sounds good? Yes, it does.

The Coolest Rings For Guys

So take a look at this list of cool rings for guys and find that unique or meaningful ring that you’d instantly love or find a gift for that special man in your life aka boyfriend, husband, father, or brother…

#1 Ring Clock

Ring Clock - Cool Rings For Men

This ring consists of several outer and inner rings and can be wirelessly charged whenever the need arises. The time is shown by simply highlighting the appropriate numbers on the ring. Cool, huh?

#2 The Whiskey Barrel Wooden Ring

The Whiskey Barrel Wooden Ring - Cool Rings for Men

It’s hard to come across unique men’s rings that can tell a story or those that at least are made out of unique material. Not price-wise but story-wise. Well, this simple ring has been carved out of a piece of a wooden oak barrel that used to store Jack Daniels whiskey and this will definitely be a great story to tell.

#3 Mister Venom Silver Ring

Mister Venom Silver Ring - Cool Rings for Men

Individually hand placed stones set in genuine 925 Sterling Silver and stamped for authenticity, the Venom ring is a true bit of edgy luxury for the fingers. 

#4 Black & Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide 

Black & Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide Ring - Cool Rings for Men

The perfect blend of simplicity and elegance, this trendsetter is a sure attention-grabber. And thanks to the material choice, tungsten carbide, its impeccable finish will not fade or dull over time. Say hello to your new sophisticated look!

#5 The Fingerprint Ring

The Fingerprint Ring - Cool Rings for Men

If you want to leave a positive mark on someone’s life, then why not do that in a slightly different approach than you’d think? Leave your fingerprint on this simple band and it will make a cool gift for a boyfriend or husband with a lot of meaning behind it.

#6 The Steampunk Cogs

The Steampunk Cogs Ring - Cool Rings For Men

This unique men’s ring features a vintage mechanical watch work in it and it makes it a cool steampunk substitution for signet rings. It doesn’t tick but it will certainly add another tick to your “buy awesome stuff” list.

#7 The Copper Rustic

The Copper Rustic Ring - Cool Rings for Men

This beautiful ring doesn’t reference any pop culture phenomena nor does it feature some top of the line gemstones. But it is so eye-catching and unique in its rustic and intentionally dishevelled style, that it had to make the list.

#8 Mister Dragon

Mister Dragon Ring - Cool Rings for Men

Individually hand placed stones set in genuine 925 Sterling Silver and stamped for authenticity, the Dragon ring is a true bit of Asian inspired extravagance for the fingers.

#9 Poker Ring 

poker ring - Cool Rings for Men

Showcase your unique style and love for poker with one of these creative rings. Its center is a remarkably executed ace of spades. This is the perfect choice for a manly man who wishes to highlight his individual style. The unique design holds a guarantee that it will never go out of style.

#10 The Guitar String

The Guitar String Ring - Cool Rings for Men

This titanium ring features an offset Phoser Bronze E guitar string inlay. This could be the best gift for a guitar player or it could also serve as a wedding band for someone who has experienced the impact of music in their life firsthand.

#11 Titanium Multi-Tool Ring

Titanium Multi-Tool Ring - Cool Rings For Men

If you want to always be prepared for any situation then look at this ring. This titanium baby has a hidden saw, two knives, a bottle opener and a comb. Yes, a comb, have to look good in any situation.

#12 Never Fade Black or Silver Stainless Steel 

Never Fade Black or <a href=Silver Stainless Steel Rings. – Cool Rings for Men” class=”wp-image-28353″ width=”900″/>

For the modern looking to reflect a charming persona, here is a way to pump up your look. The understated design in black or silver will be sure to elevate your appeal. A picture of simplicity at its finest, this trendy ring is a perfect testament to the “less is more” concept.

#13 The Carpe Diem in Black

The Carpe Diem Black Ring - Cool Rings For Men

This ring states it plain and simple – Carpe Diem. This phrase means “Seize the day” and why shouldn’t we enjoy every day of our lives and make it as enjoyable as possible.

#14 Mister Dead Serious

Mister Dead Serious Ring - Cool Rings for Men

Designed in 2012, the Dead Serious Ring was originally hand carved and cast, not digitally created like many designs done today. Our goal was to take the men’s skull ring motif to the next level and we think we did exactly that. A MisterSFC classic, the Dead Serious ring is a men’s jewelry staple. 

#15 The Mexican Sugar Skull Ring

The Mexican Sugar Skull Ring - Cool Rings For Men

It’s not often that you come across a skull-shaped ring that you can still call unique and interesting. But this is one of those cool rings for guys that is made with such amazing attention to detail (you can even notice the little skulls inside the main skull’s eye holes) that it is sure to stand out among others.

#16 Mens Black Skull 

Mens Black Skull Rings - Cool Rings for Men

If you happen to lean towards the macabre this is the ideal ring to capture your personality. Its boho appeal makes a sophisticated statement that will have everyone mesmerized.

Meticulous attention to detail characterizes every aspect of the design turning the piece into an amazing work of art.

 #17 The Spanner Wrench Ring

The Spanner Wrench Ring - Cool Rings For Men

Looking for cool rings for men who enjoy working with their hands repairing everything they can find? Say, a mechanic, a DIY enthusiast or a gear-head. Well, show them that you know them by presenting them with this unique spanner wrench ring.

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#18 The Fleur De Lis Ring

The Fleur De Lis Ring - Cool Rings For Men

Did you know that fleur de lis is usually used to represent the French royalty? Well, in that case, it makes this item one of those cool rings for men who think of themselves as royalty and there’s nothing wrong with that.

#19 The Copper Snake

Copper Snake Ring

This ring is made in a minimalistic and simple way, but you can’t miss the obvious – it’s a little copper snake that now resides on your finger.

#20 Mister Indian Chief

Mister Indian Chief Ring - Cool Rings for Men

The Indian Chief Ring was originally hand carved and cast, not digitally created like many designs done today. We wanted to take the men’s skull ring motif to the next level and we think we did exactly that. A MisterSFC classic, the Indian Chief ring is a MisterSFC and men’s jewelry staple. 

#21 Resizable Feather Rings 

Resizable Feather Rings - Cool Rings for Men

Take your fashion quotient to the next level with the elegant feather ring. Whether you love nature-inspired designs or simply wish to stand out, this unique ring is a great place to start.

Embodying a free-spirited personality and lifestyle, it offers a great opportunity to embrace your edgy side.

#22 The Viking Thor

The Viking Thor Ring - Cool Rings For Men

This is not the Chris Hemsworth Thor that you know from the MCU nor is it Marvel’s Thor that we’ve all grown to love. This ring features the Thor from the Viking’s legends whose head has bee artistically transformed to encircle your finger.

#23 The Tiger’s Eye Ring

The Tiger's Eye Ring - Cool Rings for Men

If you’re looking for men’s gemstone rings that don’t look too flashy and can retain their manliness then take a look at this one. It features the tiger’s eye embellishment that looks perfectly in balance with the golden material. Overall the ring looks simple and cool.

#24 The Out There Alien

The Out There Alien Ring - Cool Rings for Men

Hear hear, for the 90s kids and adults out there. If you were a fan of the X-files TV series then you probably suspect that Mulder had this ring stashed around somewhere. If you want to believe that the aliens are out there then why not wear the ring that says the same in a fun and slightly weird fashion?

#25 The State Quarter Coin

The State Quarter Coin Ring - Cool Rings for Men

If you’re looking for unusual men’s rings then how about a ring that is forged from a coin that features the name of your home state? The ring looks extremely awesome yet unobtrusive and will certainly be a great conversation starter wherever you go.

#26 The Jolly Roger Pirate

The Jolly Roger Pirate Ring - Cool Rings for Men

Ho ho, ho ho, a pirate’s life for me. No, this is not Santa Claus suddenly deciding to quit the gift-giving job and elope with his elves on a pirate ship. But if that scenario sounds appealing to you then maybe before buying the actual pirate ship start off with trying out this pirate ring. You know, baby steps.

#27 Mister Zeus Ring

Mister Zeus Ring - Cool Rings for Men

The Zeus Ring was originally hand carved and cast, not digitally created like many designs done today.  Another one of our MisterSFC classics, the Zeus Ring is a unique men’s jewelry staple.

#28 The Iron Man Ring

The Iron Man Ring - Cool Rings for Men

For every Iron Man fan out there, behold! This is one of the coolest rings for men who love comic books. This ring looks like an ideal fusion of Mark I and Mark II, at east movie-wise, and looks very tasteful and a bit geeky. Even if someone doesn’t know who the Iron Man is they will still appreciate the sleek shape of this ring.

#29 The Bike Chain Gear Ring

The Bike Chain Gear Ring - Cool Rings for Men

This is a unique wedding band for him that will do a great job of showcasing your personality. Rather than settling for a simple plain wedding band, how about this cool motorbike chain one? It can also be worn as a simple ring if your bike is your one true love.

#30 The Roman Numerals Ring

The Roman Numerals Ring - Cool Rings for Men

This one looks like it has just been pulled out of an excavation site based somewhere on the outskirts of Rome. The burnished golden color gives it an antique feel and the Roman numbers are beautifully integrated into the ring’s design.

#31 Mister King

Mister King Ring - Cool Rings for Men

The King Ring is cast in high-grade Stainless Steel, featuring an ornate Fleur de lis shaped pattern around the entire perimeter of the ring. The ring is finished with an advanced Ion Bonding technique for long lasting durability & resistance.

#32 The Nautical Compass Ring

MENDEL Mens Stainless Steel Nautical North Star Marine Compass Anchor Ring 7-15

The best rings for men are those that suit that one particular man, capture his interests, his personality, and character in one ring. This nautical compass Signet ring would be perfect for any man that loves the sea, simple designs and cool men’s accessories.

#33 Rotating Camera Spinner Rings 

Rotating Camera Spinner Rings - Cool Rings for Men

Is the special man in your life a photography lover? If so, this ring will fascinate him beyond his wits.  Featuring a spinner design, the ring is inspired by a focus lens, complete with an adjuster at the middle. Apart from its unique appeal, it will also come in handy as a fidget ring when he feels anxious.

#34 The Personalized Runic Message Ring

Viking Pagan Norse Adjustable Rune Ring AR001

This one puts a little twist on ordinary rings that bear a personalized message. It has your chosen message carved in Runic FUTHARK alphabet. The runes are organically integrated into the overall design and it looks very tasteful, sleek and simple.

#35 The Leather Band

Leather and gold Ring - Brown Leather Ring

When it comes to unique rings for men the material they’re made out of also plays a huge role in the equation. But it doesn’t have to be an outrageously expensive one, just different than expected. Like leather. This braided leather ring is sure to capture anyone’s attention and be a great addition to any outfit.

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#36 The Lucky Shamrock Ring

Men's Sterling Silver 8mm Irish Celtic Shamrock 3 Leaf Clover Wedding Band Ring

Do you know that on the St. Patrick’s Day you have to wear green or otherwise you’d be pinched? Well, if you don’t want your st. patty to be pinched multiple times in one single evening but also don’t want to be bothered with wearing green clothes, then this is the perfect ring for you.

#37 The Realistic Heart

Witchy Sterling Silver Anatomical Heart Ring

Do you want to smuggle a cheat sheet to your next anatomy exam? Yeah, that would be helpful. You shouldn’t do that of course, but maybe this ring will at least help you study. If it doesn’t, it’s still a cool ring for any man that appreciates a more realistic outlook on mysteries of the human heart.

#38 The Shark Fin Ring

The Shark Fin Ring - Cool Rings for Men

I bet the Jaws soundtrack has started playing somewhere in the depths of your brain while looking at this one. Regardless of that, this is a truly unique rustic design that puts a unique twist on what you’d usually expect out of a shark fin ring. Just look at it! The oxidized copper, the fin and the colors make it an incredible addition to your accessory stash.

#39 The Star Wars Battle of Hoth

The Star Wars Battle of Hoth Ring - Cool Rings for Men

What list of cool stuff would be complete without Star Wars? None. So here is a geeky ring for men who are still as in love with the Empire Strikes Back as they were when they first watched it. This tungsten ring that can be used as a wedding band shows a panoramic view of the epic Battle of Hoth and that is all you need to know to be absolutely sure that you have to have it.

#40 Punisher Skull Ring 

Punisher Skull Ring - Cool Rings for Men

Anyone who has a thing for punk jewelry simply cannot say no to this one. Taking the biker appeal a notch higher, the ring gets inspiration from the comic book and TV series character, The Punisher. What a way to breathe life into the concept and display your captivating style all in one.

 #41 The Native American Beaded

The Native American Beaded Ring - Cool Rings for Men

The design of this is inspired by Huichol and Native American culture and crafts and is made out of colorful beads that provide you with a unique alternative to metallic rings. You can choose the one that suits you best from a variety of rings where each and everyone is unique, colorful and beautiful.

#42 The Black Feather

The Black Feather Ring - Cool Rings for Men

Looking for unique rustic men’s wedding bands? Or maybe you’re searching for a simple day-to-day ring that manages to stand out without the unnecessary flash and glamour. How about this amazing matte black ring that is shaped like a feather that encircles your finger? It looks cool, unique and yet tasteful. Winner in every category.

#43 The Coordinates Wrap Ring

The Coordinates Wrap Ring - Cool Rings for Men

This is one of the best ideas for preserving a memory of a special place. This ring allows you to have the coordinates of the place of your choice etched into it. What place you choose is up to you, but the ring is bound to stand out and be either a conversation starter or a silent reminder of some place dear to your heart. Ah, sappy me.

#44 Dragon’s Breath Steel Vikings Ring 

Dragon's Breath Steel Vikings Ring - Cool Rings for Men

Are you a Vikings’ fan or happen to know someone who is? Spruce up their look with one of these entrancing rings. It sports a stunning design with intricate detailing along the band. The color contrast between gold and black makes it immediately noticeable, a great addition to any outfit.

#45 The Personalized Music Notes

The Personalized Music Notes Ring - Cool Rings for Men

Do you have that one special song that you simply adore? Or the one that reminds you of one specific moment in your life that you want to cherish? Well, this is one of those unique rings that allows you to have the notes to that special song encircle your finger.

#46 The Silver Bark Ring

The Silver Bark Ring - Cool Rings for Men

In terms of style, look and craftsmanship this is one of the best rings for men you can find. It looks extremely unique and beautiful. The highly-detailed bark adds charm to this ring and will suit any outfit you decide to accessorize with it.

#47 The Stainless Steel Chain

The Stainless Steel Chain Ring - Cool Rings for Men

You’re probably used to seeing chains in necklaces or bracelets, but the best men’s rings have to defy all the expectations and stretch the boundaries, right? So this ring has been shaped as a chain and it will look really cool and manly on your finger, no doubt there.

#48 Men’s Stainless Steel Wire Cubic Zirconia 

Men's Stainless Steel Wire Cubic Zirconia Ring - Cool Rings for Men

Finding the perfect ring for a manly man is no mean feat. But no one can say no to this enchanting design. Perfectly combining sophistication and a bit of a rough touch in the form of steel wire, the cool ring cannot get any manlier! And the delicate cubic zirconia gemstones add a touch of elegance.

#49 The Eagle

The Eagle Ring - Cool Rings for Men

This cool ring looks like an eagle. This majestic creature will sit tightly on your finger and remind you of your favorite bird. Or the United States of America. Or neither. But the point is that this will be a great addition to your day-to-day life.

#50 The Golden Coil


If you prefer wearing simple but unique men’s gold rings then take a look at this one. This ring wraps around your finger several times forming something that looks like the beginning of a Tesla coil. Who doesn’t like Tesla?

#51 The Celtic Dragon Ring

The Celtic Dragon Ring - Cool Rings for Men

If you’re looking for cool gold men’s rings or want to choose a wedding band that is classy but still looks unique and interesting, then you’ve come to the right place. This ring uses tungsten and gold-plated inlay. It also features a repeating pattern of a Celtic Dragon. Cool? Cool.

#52 The Wolf Head

The Wolf Head Ring - Cool Rings for Men

If you are as passionate about wolves as Gina Linetti then you either already have this awesome wolf ring in your possession or are trying to buy it just this second. Good for you, this cool sterling silver ring is not something you have the right to miss out on.

#53 Two-Toned Matte Black Tungsten

The Gothic Matte Ring - Cool Rings for Men

Sometimes cool men’s rings don’t feature any creature or patterns but they manage to look so beautiful and sleek but at the same time tough and manly that you instantly know that you kinda have to have it. This is one of those rings. The Two-toned black matte ring made out of tungsten that can work as a day-to-day ring as well as a wedding band.

#54 Two Finger Stainless Steel Rings 

Two Finger Stainless Steel Rings - Cool Rings for Men

As far as rings are concerned these days, the general rule seems to be “the more, the merrier.” Well, instead of stopping at stackable rings, why not take it all the way with this two-finger ring? Choose from black, silver and gold options and add a serious touch of bling to upgrade your look.

#55 The Bullet Ring

The Bullet Ring - Cool Rings for Men

This sterling silver ring features an authentic nickel plated 9mm bullet in the center. This truly is an eye-catching cool accessory for men that looks stylish and unique. This can be a great gift that any gun enthusiast will appreciate.

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#56 The Skeleton Hand

The Skeleton Hand Ring - Cool Rings for Men

Just from looking at this ring you kinda want to start either laugh in the most evil and thrilling way or drop everything and start preparing for Halloween. But in all seriousness, instead of going for yet another ring that features a skull you might want to consider this skeleton hand ring. Oh wait. It does have little skulls on the joints. There’s no escaping them.

#57 The Minimalist Monogram

The Minimalist Monogram Ring - Cool Rings for Men

If you are on a quest to find the best signet ring for men with their initials on it but don’t want any twirly-swirly letters involved, then we might have a solution here. This ring features simple minimalist initials that very organically blend into the design of the ring. Simple, sleek, with meaning.

#58 Hobbit Ring 

Stainless Steel Lord of the Rings Ring of Power Lord of the rings

Let your inner Hobbit out with this stylish ring that almost identically resembles The One Ring. engraved with elvin-like detailing, the piece has what it takes to enthrall any Lord of the Rings fan beyond their wildest imagination. Available in a golden, black or silver finish, this is the ring to rule them all.

#59 The Infinity Ring

The Infinity Ring - Cool Rings for Men

This ring is a beautiful alternative to a plain wedding band. It is shaped like an infinity symbol that symbolizes your eternal and everlasting love for your spouse. Or if you’re not into this sappy interpretation of this ring then you’d be delighted to know that you can also wear it daily as a simple accessory. Whatever float your boat, my friend.

#60 The Aztec Pinkie


With this you get a unique and aesthetic design based on the Aztec carvings. It is also a ring that you can wear on your pinkie if you don’t like your rings being in the way. Combine that with a neutral color and lightweight material and you get yourself a perfect ring for daily use.

#61 The Bear Head

The Bear Head Ring - Cool Rings for Men

Cool rings for men don’t necessarily have to be flashy, adorned with gemstones or be multicolored. This sterling silver ring proves that point. It features a bear head transformed into a ring that has been created with such high attention to details that you can actually see each hair on it. That really is cool.

#62 Quality Stainless Steel Anchor 

GUNGNEER Navy Rope And Anchor Ring For Men

There is something about nautical rings that gives them timeless appeal. And that is what makes this particular ring the perfect celebration of your love for the ocean. Treat yourself to the ultimate nautical look with the ornately detailed anchor design that will be sure to have everyone gawking.

#63 The Crow Claw

The Crow Claw Ring - Cool Rings for Men

Now, this is a proud representer of men’s fashion rings. This beautiful ring is shaped as a crow’s claw that doesn’t entirely encircle your finger leaving some space for adjustment. The attention to detail in this one is staggering and it will look truly unique on anyone’s finger.

#64 The Tire Ring

Dunlop motorcycle tire rings set 3D print model

Unique rings for men are those that come up with a clever way of showcasing your passion for something without them looking tacky or ridiculous. Well, if there are any gear heads reading this, then you’d agree that this ring looks extremely cool and manages to hint at you as the ultimate car guru.

#65 The Dragon Claw

The Dragon Claw Ring - Cool Rings for Men

Dragons are amazing and awesome and every time some stupid video game makes me attack a dragon I die a little bit inside. If you share the same sentiment for dragons or at least think of them as extremely cool and badass creatures, then you’ve got to love this ring.

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#66 The Samurai-Inspired

Silver Dragon Ring Samurai Sword Boho Ring Gold Dragon, Rings For Men

This beautiful design takes inspiration from medieval Japan, specifically by the samurai culture and qualities. Even though some bystanders wouldn’t be able to say that this ring is inspired by that, the people who truly appreciate Japanese culture would certainly be fascinated by it. As they should be.

#67 The Egyptian

Men's Ancient Egypt Pharaoh Ring Guardian Angel Anubis Stainless Steel Amulet Rings

If you love the Egyptian culture and history or can at least appreciate its aesthetic beauty and impact, then how about this awesome ring. The head of the sphinx that reaches a bit beyond the set-out boundaries of the ring only adds uniqueness and charm to this ring. Isn’t that what counts?

#68 The Polygon Face

The Polygon Face Ring - Cool Rings for Men

Another interesting feature that has spawned from the men’s fashion rings department is the use of polygons in the ring’s design. Meaning it’s more angular in shape than you’re used to. So why not combine the polygons with a shape of a face and get a completely unique ring for men?

#69 The Black Double Rope

Solid Titanium Black IP ION Eternity Double Rope Wedding Band Mens Ring 11

If you prefer black matte rings to the usual golden and silver ones then look at this cool specimen. This is shaped like a black rope that has been wrapped around your finger twice. It will look great on any finger that you choose to wear it on. It could also be perfect for a wedding band that literally signifies you being tied to another person.

#70 The Two Wings

Silver Ring Two Wings

Wings are that kind of symbol that can be used countless times on different pieces of clothing and accessories but it still looks cool every time. Same goes for this ring that has two oxidized silver rings wrap around your finger. It looks awesome and somewhat inspired at the same time.

#71 The Funny Skull

Diamond Eye Skull Ring, Mafia Ring, Funny Ring

Now, you can speculate whether from afar this skull looks funny, sinister, sassy or like it’s holding in a fart. It’s a matter of interpretation. What is not up to interpretation is that this skull ring looks unique and cool and it is about to give birth through its eye to another skull. Unique doesn’t even begin to cover it.

#72 Dragon Claw Knife

Dragon Claw Knife Ring - Cool Rings for Men

This ring steps it up a notch, but you wanted cool and unique men’s rings so have at it. This stainless steel ring comfortably wraps around a finger and is also equipped with a real blade on it. Don’t know what you’re going to use it for, but don’t try to scratch your head or other parts of your body while wearing it.

#73 The Personalized Sword

Cross Ring, Sword Ring, Personalize Custom Engrave Oxidized Finish Stainless Steel Celtic Sword Ring

This is a cool ring for guys who just enjoy medieval themed things in general or are, for example, huge fans of fantasy books, films and video games set in the medieval-like worlds. This cool design features swords, an intricate pattern and will overall look extremely cool on anyone’s finger.

#74 The Circuits

Black Tungsten Ring with Black Diamonds and Computer Circuit Engraved Pattern

If you’re looking for rings for men who enjoy digging into circuitry and overall can be considered true enthusiasts of technology and science, then this one hits the bull’s eye, intricate pattern. Anyone would love it

#75 Men’s Black Tungsten Hunting Ring

Metal Masters Co. Men's Black Tungsten Hunting Ring Wedding Band Wood Inlay Deer Stag Silhouette

Complete his look with this casual yet chic tungsten ring. Two exquisitely engraved deers on the ring body make it look even more alluring. Natural Koa wood is extensively used to display color and a fabulous appeal to create a phenomenal piece. The material is known to promote good health and well-being. He can wear this gift to any casual or formal event.

#76 Tree of Life Antique Signet Ring

Stainless Steel Antique Vintage Celtic Knot Tree of Life Round Signet Biker Cocktail Party Ring

Are you considering buying something unique for your lover? How about gifting him this outstanding piece of ring? This ring has a distinctive tree of life pattern that symbolizes the human cycle on earth. Its appearance, which is dominated by black and silver, will give the impression of a vintage look to your man. Don’t be surprised if your boyfriend’s level of self-confidence will increase after wearing this jewelry.

#77 Steve Madden Owl Ring

Steve Madden Oxidized Stainless Steel Owl Ring for Men

This is an ideal gift for your man who appreciates jewelry as a part of his everyday accessories. Highlighting a crafted owl as the focal point of this ring, it bears a glimpse of bold and dashing appearance. It is a water-friendly piece as the material is anti-rust and durable. We assure you that your man will absolutely love it!

#78 Galaxy Ring

Galaxy Ring

A man who loves the contrast between the sparkly stars and the dark sky will appreciate this Galaxy ring. Manufactured from solid tungsten, this ring will fit comfortably and won’t get damaged easily. The colorful opal inlay in the middle of the black tungsten creates a beautiful combination.

#79 Snake Skeleton Ring

Snake Skeleton Ring

Here is another snake-themed ring that we believe you should consider as a choice. Any hardcore man who loves bold style would love wearing this snake skeleton ring. The design is quite intricate, as two skeletons of snakes intertwine each other. You can definitely see the little details on the bony spines, a lovely craftmanship.

#80 Ottoman Ring with Green Jade

Ottoman Ring with Green Jade

Did you know that green jade is a gemstone that can bring good luck? Thus, you will notice that a lot of people would incorporate the stone into their ring as a charm. So, if you are looking for a ring as a gift, you might want to consider this manly Ottoman ring. The natural green jade is perfectly enclosed within the ring that features delicate details.

#81 Konoha Ring

Konoha Ring

If your significant half is an anime lover, he might consider this Konoha ring as a sweet gift. The minimalistic ring features Konoha’s iconic symbol, perfectly engraved on the surface. Because of its subtle design, any man can wear it on any occasion. The ring itself is manufactured from stainless steel, so it won’t shatter or get scratched easily.

#82 Starry Night Ring

Starry Night Ring

A man who appreciates arts would not refuse this “Starry Night” ring. It takes inspiration from Van Gogh’s most famous painting and brings the beautiful Starry Night as an inlay for this stainless steel ring. The iconic blue and yellow colors that dominate the painting are perfectly captured within this lovely romantic ring.

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8. Steve Madden Owl Ring

9. Celtic Dragon Ring

10. Carpe Diem in Black Ring

11. Roman Numerals Ring

12. Nautical Compass Ring

13. Star Wars Battle of Hoth Ring

14. Mexican Sugar Skull Ring

15. Tree of Life Antique Signet Ring

16. Whiskey Barrel Wooden Ring

17. Men’s Black Tungsten Hunting Ring

18. Dragon’s Breath Steel Vikings Ring 

19. Men’s Black Tungsten Hunting Ring

20. Black & Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide Ring

21. Never Fade Black or Silver Stainless Steel Ring

OK, So that’s a pretty epic list of a lot of cool rings right?

Whether you were browsing for some unique rings for yourself,  your brother, uncle, father, son or even a friend, there’s no doubt that you would have stumbled across a sweet-looking ring or two above.

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