25 Rare and Cool Gifts for Mechanic Boyfriend

Finding what’s best for a loved one sometimes (or most of the time) is very challenging. No matter how well we know them, getting them a gift without knowing whether they like it or not is simply an experience full of hesitation. But, don’t worry, you are already in the right place to find the best gifts for your mechanic boyfriend.

We have these options for you to choose as a gift for your mechanic boyfriend. From a T-shirt, mug, hoodie, jewelry (not that shiny girly thing), and a few rare items to buy. At least through this article, you can get at least an inspiration of what to give him this year. Is it for his birthday? Okay, well noted. Let’s find out now. 

1. WrightFits Leather Tool Belt and Pouches

gifts for mechanics boyfriend

This WrightFits leather tool belt and pouches is truly made for mechanics. It has strong construction with riveted reinforcement on stress points, multiple pockets and holders for quick tools access. The pockets are very fit for storing fasteners, tools, screws, nails, brushes, and supplies. It’s very handy for your mechanic boyfriend when they are on duty. 

2. Funny Mechanic Shirt for Mechanic Boyfriend

gifts for mechanics boyfriend

This t-shirt is retro, made of 100% ring-spun cotton, very soft and comfortable to accompany your boyfriend while he’s in the garage. The “I can’t, I have plans in the garage” is also funny enough and can relate to his daily life. You can never go wrong with black tee as it is not easily getting dirty. You know that mechanic works are full of oil and can harm the mechanic’s t-shirt. Get this for only 14 dollars!

3. The Coolest Mug for Mechanics

gifts for mechanics boyfriend

A brand new wooden mug, unique, and just enough to fill some beers or coffee. Your boyfriend’s afternoon work can turn into something really enjoyable. This handmade mug is the coolest mug you can buy him, we bet he didn’t have this one yet. The capacity of this mug is 650 ml, with engraved mechanical symbols. 

4. A Mechanic Flag Hoodie

gifts for mechanics boyfriend

A hoodie? Mediocre. But how about a hoodie with a mechanic flag for a mechanic boyfriend? Sounds interesting, right? This cotton and ringspun cotton hoodie is a perfect gift for your mechanic boyfriend. Very warm, pleasant, and comfortable to wear in any season. If you look closely, the flag is just the same as the US flag. Funny enough!

5. A Metal Sign for Mechanics

gifts for mechanics boyfriend

Is your boyfriend planning to redecorate his garage? Surprise him with this metal sign. The retro style is never a failure. This is just an authentic gift to bring a delightful smile. This is also easy to hang! It comes with two screw holes, light enough to be mounted with double-sided foam tape, or command strips. 

6. Mechanics Handmade Natural Exfoliating Hand Scrub

gifts for mechanics boyfriend

Being a mechanic literally means to “get your hands dirty”. So, giving your love a hand scrub is perfect and useful. This is meant to give to anyone who works with their hands everyday and needs an extra boost to get the grease gone. This scrub is coming out from Wandering Sense. Consisting of honey ale, beer soap, pumice powder, LAL, aloe vera, olive oil, vitamin E, whipped soap, activated charcoal, jojoba oil, argan oil, and other natural resources are very safe for your boyfriend’s hands.

7. A Skull Mechanics Wallet 

gifts for mechanics boyfriend

Selling by Darren Hills. This is a compact and slim wallet that can hold cash and fit for up to 6 cards. It’s manufactured by polyester and is both durable and fashionable. The mechanic skull print is a white premium vinyl. The size is very easy to tuck into your man’s jeans pocket when they are busy in the garage.

8. Solar Rainbow Maker Window Charm

gifts for mechanics boyfriend

Saying good luck everyday without saying good luck? This solar rainbow maker window charm is the answer. It radiates a cozy warmth of seeing a rainbow show up in a flicker. The optical element of this charming little device is precisely cut crystal, so the color is very pure and attractive. Whenever your mechanic boyfriend is going to the garage, this little one is going to remind him of you. 

9. Build Your Own Marble Coaster

gifts for mechanics boyfriend

A DIY marble coaster? A fascinating gift for your mechanic boyfriend. This comes with no special tools. Just household white glue, more than 30 Baltic birch pieces come together to make a mini marble coaster. So, another thing needs a strong imagination to solve. Sounds fun for mechanics. This DIY thrill ride runs on kid power instead of batteries. It also includes engaging instructions in graphic novel form. 

10. Personalized Vintage Amp Clock

gifts for mechanics boyfriend

An analog timepiece, made from solid sugar pine and Baltic birch. It serves as an homage to these coveted narrow panel vintage amps. A retro look, antique brass hour makers, this also features a metal badge above the clock’s face to display your boyfriend’s favorite mechanical things. Get him this one now!

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11. A Retro Robot Sculpture

gifts for mechanics boyfriend

As we already know, this is Fred Conlon’s robot, which is a mechanical masterpiece of upcycled materials full of steampunk appeal. This antique thing is made from rail yard steel tubing, ball bearings, stainless steel strainer screen, and other scrap metals. Your mechanic boyfriend will love this so much when he opens your gift!

12. A Recycled Perched Parrot Garden Stake

gifts for mechanics boyfriend

A bird specially made from familiar tools and discarded metal scraps. Well, this is your boyfriend’s new gate keeper from the garden, if you get him this one as a gift. To be more detailed, this is made from adjustable wrenches, nails, and bolts. The stake is 40 inch long, and the parrot is 17 inches high and 4 inches wide. 

13. A  Brand New Mechanics Tool Set

gifts for mechanics boyfriend

How long is your boyfriend working as a mechanic, using the current tool set? Has it been over two years already? If yes, we think it is the right time to get him his new baby. This HART 215-Piece mechanics tool set can be your best option for a gift. This set features one case, 13 tools, ¼ inch ratchet, ⅜ inch ratchet, and many, many more tools. In other words, this is such a complete tool box for a mechanic. 

14. A Rolling Mechanic Stool

A Rolling Mechanic Stool

It is about time to give this moving stool if your mechanic boyfriend is currently working and moving here and there to get his tools. This practical stool is from WEN Products with a capacity of 300 lbs. This features a thick vinyl seat, with multiple layers of cushion for comfort. Then for the protection, it has a steel frame construction, strong enough to handle 1 person. The onboard tool storage provides easy access to commonly used tools. Wrap this his gift, shall we? 

15. An Adjustable Creeper, Padded Deck 

gifts for mechanics boyfriend

This adjustable height and fold-able creeper is helping your boyfriend so much when they are fixing a car. Promoted by The XtremepowerUS, this creeper has an industrial frame and  padded upholstery. The top creeper also has a sturdy design that makes your boyfriend move easier with flexible positioning around the vehicle. The 4 casters also  slide easily around the shop. 

16. Custom Car Sketch Desk Lamp

gifts for mechanics boyfriend

A car guy gift, what do you think? Will your mechanic boyfriend like this car desk lamp?  The car is customizable, you can ask the seller to shape it like your man’s favorite car or his current car. The sketch for the lamp is 100% hand drawn by MurLight. Pretty impressive right? You can also engrave your wish on the wooden base, or engrave it directly on the lamp glass under the sketch.

17. A Machinist Text Tradesman Belt Buckle

gifts for mechanics boyfriend

This is superb. A classy belt buckle for every mechanic. If you are the one who gives this to your mechanic boyfriend as a gift, we are pretty sure that this can be more valuable than a gold medal. This can be some kind of an award for what he does. This is brand new, 3.25 inches wide and 2.25 inches long. Perfect size for a belt buckle. 

18. A Motorcycle Chain Ashtray Style

A Motorcycle Chain Ashtray Style

A rare item! We guarantee your boyfriend will proudly bring this to his garage and show it off his friends. This is going to be cool stuff among the guys. Trimmed with a wrench and enclosed by a motorcycle chain, this mini sculpture is a must have. See this thing as a perfect gift for your mechanic boyfriend?

19. A Mechanic Synthetic Leather Gloves

A Mechanic Synthetic Leather Gloves

Protect your boyfriend and give him a safe experience when exploring the machines. This is Mechanix Wear mens performance mechanic work gloves. Textured foam latex palm for extra grip, be it dry or wet surface. It also features TPR impact guards on the back of the hand and fingers. Your boyfriend will appreciate these gloves from you. 

20. Ultra Bright Garage Light

Ultra Bright Garage Light

This Beyond Bright garage LED light can be your boyfriend’s savior when he must work something at night. This LED light is very easy to attach, it only needs screws to mount it to the light socket. This is 300% more light as compared to any ordinary 60 watt bulb. Are you interested in getting your lovely mechanic this? 

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21. A Comfy Single Couch

A Comfy Single Couch

After a long, long day at the garage, this mid century modern club chair can be a comfy chair for your boyfriend to rest. While enjoying his beer, watching TV,  this couch will pamper his tired body, and make him relax. A well-thought gift, he would say. 

22. A Relaxzen Lower Back Shiatsu Massager

A Relaxzen Lower Back Shiatsu Massager

Another thing to pamper and relieve muscle tension of your mechanic boyfriend after work. Wrap this Relaxzen lower back shiatsu massager as his gift, and see his delightful smile. It has soothing therapy for better blood circulation, 4 deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes, and ergonomic design fit for lower and upper back, calves, and thigh areas. With an adjustable strap, it can be attached to your boyfriend’s chair. 

23. An Infrared Foot Massager

An Infrared Foot Massager

If he got his back massager already, how about a foot massager? You know that working in a garage requires your boyfriend to stand around the vehicle for hours. That is exhausting, especially for his foot. This foot massage from iComfort offers a powerful, quick and deep massage. The massage mode is automatic and also manual. Your boyfriend can choose whichever mode he likes. 

24. A Signature Corkscrew

A Signature Corkscrew

An old-fashioned style corkscrew, specially designed by Max Poglia. This is handmade from horn and wood with elegant finish. Solid brass hardware elevates the look and feel. Consider this to be your boyfriend’s gift, and celebrate his special moment with a style now. 

25. A Signature Bottle Opener

A Signature Bottle Opener

Another art from Max Poglia. An old-fashioned bottle opener. He shaped his sense of heritage and identity to this one. Made from brass, horn, and wood.  This is a must have bottle opener for every mechanic. What are your thoughts about this? On a scale from 1 to 10, how excited is your mechanic boyfriend to have this in his kitchen? 

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So, how is it? After knowing all of the items as a gift for your mechanic boyfriend, do you find yourself inspired? Do you decide to get your boyfriend anything from the list? You know your boyfriend the best, and what we know is the best thing to give as a gift for a mechanic boyfriend. So, everything is in your hand! 

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