25 Gifts for First Wedding Anniversary of Your Favorite Couples

The first wedding anniversary is one of the most important celebrations to celebrate the tough first year of marriage. Reward them by giving these wonderful gifts to cherish the celebration.

It felt like just yesterday when you were busy dancing and having too much fun at your best friend’s’ wedding. However, time flies and your favorite couple are going to have their first anniversary in no time. This means you have to start thinking about gifts.

Sometimes, it’s tricky to find something that they both can actually use. However, if you are still feeling a little lost, don’t worry! We have researched varieties of top-notch first anniversary gift ideas, starting from home decor pieces to little tokens of affection that your favorite couples can take wherever they want to go. So, here’s a complete list of the most thoughtful and unique gifts for first wedding anniversary for your beloved married couples to show that you truly care.

Best Gift Ideas for First Wedding Anniversary

They are officially one year into marriage and it’s time to celebrate by giving the best gift that suits their preference and likings. Most of these first wedding anniversary gifts are customizable to give them extra uniqueness and personal touch. Check these out!

1. Personalized Art Wedding Portrait

Gifts for First Anniversary

Married couples are always proud of their status, hence they really love the idea of having their wedding pictures displayed neatly in their living room. Give a little of artsy touch to their living space by giving an artistic version of their wedding photo. This would be a perfect surprise gift to celebrate their one year of their union. The art portrait is lightweight, shatter-free and includes a hanging kit.

2. Dipinto Ad Arte Ceramic Address Plaque

Gifts for First Anniversary

As a newly married couple, people often move from one place to another. This classy home decor with Italian craftsmanship is probably something that they need when they move to a new house. Made out of porcelain ceramic, the colors are also weather-proof and won’t fade for years.

Every piece of address plaques can be customized with address and/or family names. If you are looking for something unique, durable and exclusive, this is the only gift that you can get.

3. Matching Couple Satin Pajamas

Gifts for First Anniversary

Help your favorite married couple to spice things up in bed a little bit with a matching pair of couple pajamas. These comfy and elegant-looking pajamas are incredibly perfect for stay-cation or cozy nights in. It comes in many different colors, sizes, and you can also customize their initials at the pocket.

4. Why I Love You Wooden Box

Gifts for First Anniversary

Most of the time, marriage is not always rainbows and butterflies. Especially during the first year, things can get pretty tough due to sudden adjustments. So, to cherish things up, this wooden box that contains wooden hearts will become a daily reminder of their love for many years.

If you would like to give something personalized and custom, this definitely will be a perfect gift. Made with engraved woods, the box also can be left in natural wood color or fully customized with hand-painting that comes in five different colors you can choose from (red, blue, beige, brown, and white). This lovely gift will become a mutual memory for years to come.

5. Date Night Ideas Box

Gifts for First Anniversary

Married couples probably have done many amazing things together, so sometimes it will be difficult for them to get new ideas on what to do together for their next date. At some point, they will run out of ideas on what to do. Look no further, because this box full of cards will get their back.

Better than love coupons, these cards will give 52 new fresh ideas for couples on what to do for each week of the year. Each of these cards has fun ideas, some also unique, romantic and naughty. Not only mentioning ideas, these cards also mentioned the estimated time and cost for each date night activities. 

6. The Anniversary Journal

Gifts for First Anniversary

Thinking of giving something simple yet everlasting and sentimental for their first wedding anniversary? This anniversary journal might be the ideal solution for you. Gorgeously designed and crafted, this handcrafted journal will help them record memories of their first to 60th anniversaries through prompts to romantic reflections and mutual aspirations.

The journal also includes pages where married couples can attach photos or elegant envelopes to store additional beautiful memories of their time together. The book came with classic design, fine quality paper and black silk moire binding that were meant to last and durable for a very long time. 

7. The Couple’s Bucket List

Gifts for First Anniversary

If you want to give something extra or something out of their comfort zone, you can consider giving this box full of cards as a first anniversary present. With these collections of cards, they will be able to spice up their relationship routines by doing something more fun and adventurous. It’s fairly simple to use: create a list of things couples want to try together via the fun prompts.

The box is split into three different categories (live, love, laugh) and the box also will help you to track which activities you have done or not. Endless new adventures are just around the corner.

8. Intersection of Love Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

Gifts for First Anniversary

Their lives changed the moment they decided to say “I do” or officially became a couple. Monumentalize these important moments with this fully-customized puzzle. Choose two names, one or two special years (like when the couple first met or got married), whether you’d like the image in color or black and white, and the number of pieces (500 or 100 pieces).

The personalized image will come up in the box and the puzzle, making this an extra special gift for two people who love each other. Not only as memorabilia, this puzzle can also be used as a fun game when they decide to spend the night at home.

9. Custom Map Wall Rack

Gifts for First Anniversary

Many newly-married couples were moving out far away from home to chase their dreams. Some may miss their homes a lot.  In order to help alleviate their homesickness, you may consider giving this sentimental gift to celebrate the first wedding anniversary of your favorite couples.

It’s a wall hook to store keys or coats with a little artsy twist, where you can customize the top marble with the map of their hometown or somewhere else they consider a special place. You can also personalize the legend on the map in the corner with the name and  address of the special spot. This will make the best gift for celebrating the first anniversary or housewarming party.

10. Wedding Keepsake Library

Gifts for First Anniversary

It is simply a fact and not a myth that married couples often lose their wedding keepsakes after one year of being married. You can help them store, organize and preserve their wedding keepsakes in these compact library-style system storage.

The mini library also comes with illustrated labels, acid-free drawers, vertical files, and sweet little fabric bags and stitched envelopes. Help them revisit their romantic memories with less fuss and less mess with this lovely gift.

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11. Couple Mr. and Mrs. T-Shirt

Gifts for First Anniversary

You are thinking of giving something simple and practical for a first wedding anniversary gift? A matching couple t-shirts will be a nice idea. Give this gift and they will be able to display their pride of being married at home or at public places without being tacky. Aside from being affordable, the good thing about the t-shirts is it comes in different sizes, has simple designs, and it can be worn all year round.

12. Couple Personalized King and Queen Hoodie

Couple Personalized King and Queen Hoodie

Other than having t-shirts, hoodies would be another great way to show their love and affection as married couples while staying warm and cozy. If you consider buying these matching hoodies, we are pretty sure that they will love it. 

13. Personalized Wooden Keyring

Gifts for First Anniversary

Looking to give something small and personal for a first anniversary gift? This personalized keyring would be the perfect answer. Help them to stay in love every single day while doing their daily activities with these matching customized wooden keyring. The keyring also makes a perfect reminder to always come back home after a tiring day out and about.

14. Scented 3 Wick Candles

Scented 3 Wick Candles

If you want the gift-giving process to be quick and simple, you might consider giving these scented candles as a wedding anniversary gift for your beloved married couple.

Buying aromatic candles might always have been the perfect universal gift for many occasions, but buying these ones for your favorite married couples will help them soothe and relax at home after a long, hard day at work. The candles come in four different scents and have three wicks to ensure long lasting burning time.

15. Couple Pillowcases

Couple Pillowcases

Want to give something unusual as a first anniversary gift? Make their bed decoration to be more lively with these unique couple pillowcases. Let them have a little bit of humor, so that they can stay in their bed a little bit longer.

The package comes with a set of two pillow cases with prints on one side. Made of cottons and polyester combinations, this pillow case is skin-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about them feeling uncomfortable in their bed.

16. Personalized Coasters (Set of 4)

16. Personalized Coasters (Set of 4)

Married life also means more friends and spending more to greet guests at home. Buy these personalized coasters for your beloved married couples, just in case they want to throw a large party so they won’t run out of drink coasters. This is also a great way to protect furniture from being exposed with varying drink temperatures. 

17. Casafield Bamboo Cheese and Charcuterie Cutting Board and Knife Gift Set

Casafield Bamboo Cheese and Charcuterie Cutting Board and Knife Gift Set

For many people, getting married also means more parties and more wine drinking sessions. Wine drinking is obviously not complete without this little charcuterie board. Made with fine bamboo, these compact cheese and charcuterie boards will never fail to impress guests at their house party.

The set also includes four cheese knives, so people can taste up to four different types of cheese while enjoying the wine.

18. Starters Couples Card Game

Starters Couples Card Game

For married couples, it is incredibly important to not get bored on another, especially after living under one roof for more than a year. So, the first anniversary is the perfect time to give them this card game. By giving this as a gift, you will help them to create more meaningful conversation and get to know each other better. 

19. Letterboard Room Essentials 

Letterboard Room Essentials 

Still don’t know what to give to your favorite married couple for their first anniversary? Let’s be creative by giving these incredible letter boards. With this home decor, they will be able to add their favorite quotes, lyrics or simple reminders. This will literally adds a personalized touch to their living space.

This letter board comes with a great deal of flexibility and can be used for any different occasion. It also has a simple design that can be suitable for any type of rooms or living spaces. Definitely a great gift for celebrating an important milestone!

20. Cutout Ceramic Color Changing Oil Diffuser

Cutout Ceramic Color Changing Oil Diffuser

Thinking of giving something that is aesthetically beautiful but also has practical function for a first wedding anniversary? Don’t worry, we definitely got your back. 

This artisan-style oil diffuser not only will make a great home decor, but can also diffuse your favorite essential oils and add soothing aromas to their living space. The best thing about this oil diffuser is it also has a running time of nine hours, so they don’t have to worry about turning it off.

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21. Hair Tools Organizers

Hair Tools Organizers

Married couples (especially newer ones) like to fight over things, which includes organizing tools. Help them to sort any tools organizing problems by giving this hair tool organizer as a gift

This organizer will assist them make their desk organizers clutter-free with several compartments in different sizes as well as magnets hidden within the wood allowing them to attach your small metallic accessories for a better hold.

22. Stackable Stoneware Couple Mug Set

Stackable Stoneware Couple Mug Set

One year is the perfect time to refresh their mug collection. If you are planning to give something that is simple and practical, a set of couple mugs is probably the right answer. This stoneware mug will make a perfect companion for any hot and cold beverages. It’s also stack-able so it can save so much space in their drawer.

23. Acacia 8 Bottle Wine Rack Threshold

Acacia 8 Bottle Wine Rack Threshold

Married couples often held many parties and most of the time guests brought their wine collection as a gift. Give this as an anniversary gift to help them display their favorite wine bottles beautifully in their dining room. Made with acacia woods, the rack also comes with the contemporary design that looks good with any home interior style.

24. Two Initials Pendant Necklace

Two Initials Pendant Necklace

If you have a female best friend and she is about to celebrate her first wedding anniversary, this would make a perfect gift for her. Putting the couple’s initials in this beautiful two-initial pendant necklace will help them to remind of her husband and her marriage when they are out and about. Made with a silver-tone plate, this necklace will surely become long lasting and durable, just like their marriage.

25. Aura Mason Digital Photo Frame

Aura Mason Digital Photo Frame

Couples who just got to celebrate their first anniversary always wanted to display their wedding and holiday memories in their living room. With this little digital photo frame, they can display any photos they want without the fuss of printing photos one by one.

This tech-enabled picture frame displays all the memories you’ve captured on your smart device with intuitive syncing and unlimited storage. It is indeed an absolutely a perfect gift for couples who love to take pictures and can be useful for a very long time.

No matter the endless ideas you have, there will always be a perfect gift for your favorite couples who are about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Despite planning to give small gifts, you have contributed to cherish one of the most important celebrations in their lives.

Don’t forget to choose the most appropriate gift to suit their preference and circumstances and your kind gestures will always be forever remembered!

Happy shopping!

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