25 Best Moving Away Gifts You Should Buy

Are you in a situation where your best friend, workmate or neighbor next door is planning to move away and live abroad? Well, we understand that it must be shocking for you to hear the news. But, life must go on since they need to experience a new life at a new place, with new adventures await. A situation like this can make you feel like you cannot perform well at work anymore, since that person is probably your best workmate at the office, or your best lunch partner. Or maybe, that person is your best friend whom you promised to grow old together, but both of you must say goodbye because of family matters. If that’s the case, then you should give that person a sweet and memorable moving away gifts, so your memories will remain even though you are miles away from each other.

If you are still unsure about what would be the best gift for your friend who is moving away, which will also be a nice surprise, no need to worry! In this article, we have sum up the best and memorable moving away gifts that you can choose, which can be the perfect way for you both in making a promise not to forget about each other. 

Awesome Moving Away Gifts

1. Customized Bracelets

Customized Bracelets

If you are good at expressing your feelings through words, then why don’t you do it by giving this leather bracelet as a gift? This bracelet is the best moving away gift as it comes with the engraving of your sweet personal message, that you can give at your friend’s special farewell party. Also, the words are engraved into the leather so it won’t fade away, just like your hope to keep your memories remain, despite the fact that you live apart now. 

2. Adventure Awaits Tote Bag 

Adventure Awaits Tote Bag

Giving something useful but cute like this tote bag will make your friend feels grateful of having you as her best friend or workmate. As as a moving away gift, this tote bag was designed with a short message to support your friend in welcoming a new experience and also the new adventures in life. Also, your friend can wear this tote bag for shopping or bringing their essentials to the new home.

3. Moving Away Message

Moving Away Message

It is now time to give the sweetest message through this practical and pretty beads bracelet as a moving away gift for your workmate or neighbor. The beads are not your usual beads, since they include a special meaning inside, which can be symbolized as good luck charm for those who want to discover new experiences. Your female workmate would be delighted to receive this gift, since it’s not only perfect to wear, but it also practical and can be the best thoughtful gift, even though some people often see this small gift as something ordinary.

4. I Will Miss You T-Shirts


Surprise your friend who is ready to go away to a new place with this t-shirt. You can wear this on your friend’s farewell day and give the exact same shirt to her, as a special moving away gifts. We guarantee that she will never forget you whenever she wears this tee. Although the texts are a bit quirky, this tee can actually be the most memorable and funny gift for her. 

5. You Will Be Missed Bracelet

You Will Be Missed Bracelet

What a pretty moving away gift for your coworker who is going to leave the office! This bracelet will be a witness that the unforgettable memory during working together between you and your coworker will never fade away. The sweet and bitter memories on the working field will be the best experience for both of you. Also, you can choose the initial letter name of your coworker to make it more personal. So, better not skip this. Go get this beautiful gift and add it to your cart. 

6. Daisy mug and tile gift set

Daisy mug and tile gift set

When your neighbor or best friend moves away to a new home, then it is time for you to give something special to that person. This cute gift set will fit to your friend’s new home very well as it will be the perfect tea time companion. The beautiful graphics of daisy symbolize a new beginning of life. So giving this as a gift perfectly describes your wish for a ton of luck for your friend. 

7. Customized Wood Cutting Board

Customized Wood Cutting Board

This wooden cutting board will become a very special gift for your dear neighbor who is moving away due to a new job placement, since you can personalize it by adding the name of your neighbor as well as a sweet farewell message from you. A sweet and sincere message engraved on the cutting board will mark all the memories you created together, for instance when you were sharing food every weekend, or conducting a special dinner together during Thanksgiving.

8. Engraved Stainless Steel Spoon

Engraved Stainless Steel Spoon

If you have a coworker who is also your coffee partner, then you might want to give this as a gift for your friend’s last day at the office. This stainless steel spoon is beautifully engraved as the reminder that even though both of you are not working for the same company anymore, you two can still find a time for a coffee together. This moving away gift might look simple, but it’s definitely a thoughtful gift for your coworker, since you two already shared lots of time together, including enjoying a fun coffee time in between your busy hours at work.

9. So Long Dachshund Wool Rug

So Long Dachshund Wool Rug

Saying ‘so long’ is hard when it comes to saying goodbye to a friend who is moving away to a new place, especially on the last day before your friend leaves you for good. To make you feel a bit better, you can present this Dachshund wool rug as a sweet moving away gift to your friend. In addition, the message on this item has two meanings. Aside from the ‘so long’ message, the long body of this cute Dachshund clearly explains your feelings towards your friend as well. 

10. Adios Bichachos Mug

Adios Bichachos Mug

Giving this mug with funny pun as the moving away gift for your friend could be a great idea. Particularly if your friend is Spanish who is moving to or from Spain, or if your friend just loves Spanish food. This mug can be his new coffee or tea companion to be used in the office as the personal mug, or at home to sip his tea, coffee, or hot chocolate while enjoying nachos. 

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11. Personalized Trinket Tray

Personalized Trinket Tray

A pretty and classy design of this trinket tray is definitely something that makes this item the sweetest moving away gift for your friend. Also, your friend can see your special farewell message message printed beautifully on the tray, whenever she’s about to grab her jewelry from the tray. 

12. Printable Farewell Milestone Decoration

moving away gifts

Instead of giving the usual kind of gifts, why don’t you and other workmates present a unique moving away gift like this Printable Farewell Milestone Decoration for your workmate. This gift will not only let her know much she means to everyone at the office, it can also include the wonderful things she did for everyone. For example, you can write the best and favorite thing she used to do at the office. This gift is clearly one-of-a-kind, fun and memorable for sure. Also, you can print this item for your leaving friend, and have another identical piece to be displayed inside the office. 

13. Funny Goodbye Keychain

moving away gifts

A simple and fun gift for your leaving coworkers. This keychain is useful as their new keychain for the door of their new house or simply to put on the zip of their bag. So, grab this and see the reaction of your coworkers when you give this on their last day at the office. 

14. Coworker Leaving Miror

moving away gifts

For a woman, having a small mirror to make sure her make up is still on-point while outdoors is crucial. Therefore, you can give this tiny and beautiful mirror as a moving away gift for your best friend. The soft pink color, completed with an engraving of a meaningful message will be the sweetest gift she ever got. Although it is small, it is actually very practical. 

15. Best Friend Night Light

Best Friend Night Light Gifts

Another cute and adorable home appliance that can be a nice moving away gift is this night lamp. It’s not only cute because it’s also one-of-a-kind. As your friend turns on the lamp, her/his thought will be on you while remembering all the wonderful memories with you.

16. New Home Moving Scented Candle

moving away gifts

To support your neighbor who’s about to move to the new home, why don’t you give them a scented candle? A toasted marshmallow fragrance wrapped up in a very nice message outside the jar might be one of the cutest gifts that you can present to your favorite neighbor. Having this candle as a gift, they will remember how warm, sweet and sincere you were as a neighbor and cherish all the memories you two had, just like a toasted marshmallow. 

17. Personalized Photo Stamp Ornament

moving away gifts

Let your unforgettable memories remain on these photo stamps. You can choose the best photos of you and your friend before she moves away, to be printed as a special gift in a photo stamp format. This gorgeous gift can be used as a Christmas ornament, so that no one will forget about each other. 

18. Remembrance Casting Heart

moving away gifts

When someone moves away, the hardest situation to face is not able to adapt with the new environment, and to stop the feeling of missing the old place, the memories, and the people behind. These casting hearts will heal the feeling of missing the old places. As you give your friends these moving away gifts, they can put the casting on the water and read the message, so it can heal the awful feeling of remembering the good old days.

19. Reed Diffuser Set

Reed Diffuser Set

Having a Reed diffuser as a gift will never go wrong. No one can deny having a reed diffuser, since it will not only create a calming ambience, but it will also acts as an aromatherapy once it’s set. Moreover, this set comes in a gift box, so you don’t need to buy another gift box since this one is already comes as a complete gift package.

20. A Five-Year Memory Book

A Five-Year Memory Book

If you are confused about what to give to your friend or colleague who is moving away, this journal book might help you with a recommendation. Either you write the memories that you and your friends had before giving it to her, or let her write them in the book herself, this one is definitely a cool and thoughtful moving away gift. 

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21. Backlit Retro Marquee

moving away gifts

Get this unique and undeniable moving away gift to your friend. Your friend can change the letter easily based on their current moods. Also, it can be used as a sign for a movie night, missing home, etc. Moreover, your friend can send the light box with a sweet message on light box to you. 

22. Stoneware Color Splash Mug

moving away gifts

A simple and neat mug, complete with a sincere message to your friend, will always be a good gift idea. As your friend is going to move away, then this gift is pretty practical and easy to carry while moving. Besides, it can be used to make the chocolate cupcakes as well since the mug is microwave safe.

23. Wooden Hanging Heart Plaque

moving away gifts

Pick these sweet and adorable wooden plaques as moving away gifts to your best neighbor. The wholehearted phrase describes your feelings towards the fact about your neighbor moving. Also, it can be grabbed quickly at the last minute. 

24. Neon Effect Frame

moving away gifts

Expressing the feeling through words is one of the most healing activities that is good for your body and soul. If your friends are one of those people who find it hard to express their feelings directly, then this neon effect frame can be a solution. Moreover, the markers have a neon effect, to create a glowing look through the frame. So it can be a desk decoration as well. 

25. The Mandalorian Collector’s Box

moving away gifts

This might be a complete package as the moving away gifts for your friend who is a Star Wars fan. It is such an undeniable gift to be given on the last day before moving. Guess there is no reason for your friend to say no to this package. Just look at the adorable Yoda figurine, super cute isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

Saying goodbye is never easy, and knowing that one of your best friends is moving to another city or country is indeed a devastating news to hear. But as you know that life goes on, and after all, it doesn’t mean that you will never going to see your friend again. Before your friend leave to a new place, you can give a special and meaningful moving away gift that can be a sweet surprise for your friend.

We hope that you can find the best option of gifts on our list above, which can be a meaningful present for a sweetest friend of yours. The perfect moving away gift can be a form of encouragement to start a life in a a new place, which can also be a nice way for both of you to make sure that you won’t forget about each other.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best moving away gift baskets?

The best moving away gift baskets is a set of reed diffusers. Since reed diffusers can freshen up the air and function as an aromatherapy. This can be the best gift as it offers 3 kinds of fragrance that can be chosen based on the receiver’s favorite fragrance.

What are the best last-minute going away gifts?

The last-minute going away gifts are this simple and neat mug. Although it seems like a simple gift, it is still practical and comes with a clean sleek design. Also, it fits for both men or women who are moving away. 

What are the best going away gifts for guys?

The going away gifts for guys can be a wool rug, adios bitchachos mug, the mandalorian collector’s Box, or printable employees, which all available in the list above. All fits for the guys who are leaving, whether it’s for your coworker, neighbor, best friend or even your siblings.

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