25 Attack on Titan Figures for New Collector

We believe that Attack on Titan is one of the best manga and anime series of all time. It consistently ranks on top of any other titles. Many people of all ages love this Japanese comic. They collect all items related to Attack on Titan, starting from the hardcopy of the manga to posters, t-shirts, figures, or other merchandise.

If you are one of the fans and want to start collecting the action figures, then you’ve come to the right page. We have compiled a recommendation list of 25 Attack on Titan Figures to be the starters of your collection. Let’s check if your favorite characters are on the list!

These figures are the most popular Attack on Titan figures available online. You can start collecting the following figurines to create a complete set!

1. Levi Ackerman Figures

Levi Ackerman Figures

Levi Ackerman is a popular character from Attack on Titan. His figure is also among the best sellers online. Now, this model shows Caption Levi drawing his swords. This one can be your first figurine ever. You can also buy this figure as a gift for Attack on Titan fans.

2. Eren Yeager Renewal Package

Eren Yeager Renewal Package

We cannot leave out the main character of the story, Eren Yeager, from the popular figurines section! This Eren figure acts out the scene when he is in the middle of a battle against a Titan. The levitating pose looks so incredible. It will make your collection look good, so you should put it on your display shelf.

3. Mikasa Ackerman Figure

Mikasa Ackerman Figure

Mikasa Ackerman has an undeniable beauty, even with a stoic face and a rather cold personality. This standing figure represents her characteristics well. The details, especially on her clothes and weapons, look excellent. To complete the figure, you need to do a minor assembly before placing it on the display shelf.

4. Eren Yeager Attack Titan Version

Eren Yeager Attack Titan Version

Many fans love Eren’s Attack Titan form as much as his human form. If you are one of them, you will also appreciate this Eren figure too. The PVC figurine is 5.9 inches tall and painted with natural color. All of the popping muscles on Eren Titan’s body are precisely drawn, it looks similar to his design in the series.

5. Levi Ackerman Sitting Figure

Levi Ackerman Sitting Figure

The sitting Captain Levi figure is popular among fans because of his iconic demeanor. The figure height is around 12cm. It is an excellent item to complete your own collection. You can also buy it as a birthday present for Levi’s fans. 

6. Jaw Titan Figure

Jaw Titan Figure

As a part of the Nine Titan, Jaw Titan is quite popular among Attack on Titan fans. This resin figurine with a 21cm diameter base looks very intimidating. Initially, this figurine is available in two options, pre-painted and unpainted DIY versions. However, you can only choose the DIY version at the moment due to high demand. This option is actually a lot more fun and challenging.

7. Cleaning Levi Figure

Cleaning Levi Figure

All Attack on Titan fans would instantly recognize the iconic cleaning scene. No one expected that Captain Levi was a clean freak. You can find many Cleaning Levi figures everywhere in any form. However, this one is undoubtedly in the popular zone due to its high demand. To your preference, you can put on and off the bandana on Levi’s head. The figure also comes with a base that will look very nice for a display.

Funko Attack on Titan Figures

The best part of being an action figure collector is when Funko releases the toy version of your favorite anime series. Here is some Attack on Titan Funko Pop characters that you can collect altogether.

8. Female Titan

Female Titan

If the Female Titan in the anime series looks like this cute Funko figure, maybe there will be no battle. The 6-inch figurine perfectly captures the muscular body of the Female Titan and her haircut, especially the bangs partition. The hands’ position is telling us that she is ready to fight. This figurine will look great in your collection.

9. Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman

People will recognize this Levi chibi figurine even from afar. The Captain’s serious facial expression looks adorable in the chibi version. Attack on Titan fans who love this character should add this chibi figurine into their collection! The cuteness of chibi Levi will melt anyone’s heart.

10. Ymir


Ymir exists as one of the villains in the story, but it doesn’t mean the fans like her less. This chibi figurine of Ymir in her military uniform successfully steals many fans’ hearts. It will look good if you line it up with other Attack on Titan characters, particularly those from the original Survey Corps. 

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11. Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith

The 13th Commander of the Survey Corps has a special spot in Attack on Titan fans’ hearts. His sacrifices throughout the entire story will always be remembered. The chibi figurine depicts the Commander when he has already lost his right hand in the battle. This figurine will be meaningful memorabilia to remember his heroic acts. You can put his figure next to Levi to reminisce their iconic moments.

12. Kenny Ackerman

Kenny Ackerman

Kenny Ackerman may be one of the scariest and most ruthless characters in the story. However, his chibi figure makes Kenny the Ripper look less intimidating. With guns in both hands, the chibi poses with an eyebrow raised. But, you should not forget his thirst for the Titan power despite this cute figurine!

13. Hange Joe

Hange Joe

You should not miss out on the Hange Zoe Funko figurine! Most Attack on Titan Funko figures does not include stand. However, Hange is an exception. In fact, she is the only one who has a stand that supports her fancy pose. Assembly is not required because the stand is glued to the 3.75-inch figure. The innocent-looking eyes contradict her combat pose, and the contrast makes the figurine a unique collectible item.

14. Christa


This Funko figure perfectly captures Christa’s shyness and kindness. The figurine depicts her standing and saluting solemnly. The Survey Corps uniform will remind you of the time before she claimed her status back as Historia Reiss, the new queen of the Walls. This toy will complete your collection!

15. Eren in Titan Form

Eren in Titan Form

How about getting a cute figurine of Eren in Attack Titan from for your collection? This vinyl figure features a scary Titan expression and a super muscular body. However, you will still find it adorable because the Funko toy offers a cute-looking appearance. To create a complete display, you can place this Titan with other Eren figurines.

Chibi Attack on Titan Figures

No one can ignore the cuteness of Attack on Titan characters in chibi form. These figurines are the right choices for new collectors.

16. Levi Nendoroid Figure

Levi Nendoroid Figure

Isn’t it fascinating to see Levi’s flat expression in this chibi figure? He looks like the normal Levi in the series, but the chibi version makes him look adorable. The figurine depicts Levi wearing the Survey Corps coat and holding dual blades. After all, he is humankind’s strongest soldier. You can swap Levi’s expression because this figurine includes different faces.

17. Mikasa Ackerman Nendoroid Figure

Mikasa Ackerman Nendoroid Figure

The fierce-looking Mikasa is now available for you to collect. This chibi figure includes three facial expressions that you can change depending on your preference. This figure also comes with the iconic dual blades, vertical maneuvering equipment, and flying effect parts. You are free to recreate any scene with this chibi figure.

18. Eren Yeager Nendoroid Figure

Eren Yeager Nendoroid Figure

This chibi figurine of Eren is a must-buy! The model includes three faces with different facial expressions. It also comes with the dual swords and blood effect, so you can recreate the battle scene more realistically. The quality of this chibi figure is top-notch. You can see that this product has received a high rating from many fans.

19. Colossal Titan Nendoroid and Playset

Colossal Titan Nendoroid and Playset

Suppose the realistic Titan figures still scare you sometimes. In that case, this Colossal Titan Nendoroid will be the best solution for a collector like you. It comes with two expressions, the chibi expression, and the realistic face. When you are ready to meet the Colossal Titan, you can put the realistic one that matches the unique diorama, replicating Shiganshina District.

20. Mini Figure Attack on Titan Characters

Mini Figure Attack on Titan Characters

The freedom of choosing the chibi figure applies to everyone. Eren, Levi, Armin, Mikasa, and Hange Zoe figures are all available to be selected. The size is relatively small, so it would be great if you could collect all characters at once. The characters’ images are based on how they’re in the final season of Attack on Titan.

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21. Levi Gear Swing

Levi Gear Swing

This excellent Levi figurine takes inspiration from season 2 of the |anime. Levi’s signature expression is the focal point of this small figure. This tiny figurine can double as a keychain! You can bring this figure everywhere and show people that you are a fan of Attack on Titan.

22. Levi & Hange Chibi

Levi & Hange Chibi

Beginner collectors should purchase this figure set! You will get both Levi and Hange Zoo chibi figurines in one package. It is an ideal option if you have just started your collection. You can also send this figure set to your friend who loves the Attack on Titan anime series. In any case, this set will provide you with the best deal. 

Rare Attack on Titan Figures for Collector

These rare items are playing hide and seek. It’s hard to find them without extra effort. They have the finest quality yet are only available in a very limited number. 

23. Armored Titan Reiner

Armored Titan Reiner

Since the first season, some of you may have fallen in love with Reiner Braun. This figure depicts Reiner in his Armored Titan form as he is a member of the Nine Titans. The seller provides you with four options, from standard finish to painted finish. The painted one is very similar to the image you see in the anime, giving you an accurate depiction of the Armored Titan.

24. Eren Bas-relief Sculpture

Eren Bas-relief Sculpture

This Eren Bas-relief Sculpture is one of the rarest items on this list. It will cost you more, but you can see the intricate carving and outstanding paint job. The figure will be an excellent wall decoration. The value of this product cannot be overstated because of its high-quality details

25. Diorama of Titan Eren and Reiner

Diorama of Titan Eren and Reiner

The battle between Eren as Attack Titan and Reiner as Armored Titan is one of the most thrilling moments in Attack on Titan manga and anime. This Titan diorama of the two characters is the ultimate memorabilia for hardcore fans. This figure is ultra-rare because there is only one left available online!

Final Thoughts

There are many ways for the fans of Attack on Titans to show their love for the anime, and collecting its figures is one definitely of them. If you are a fan of Attack on Titans and just started a new collection of figurines, then we hope our list of the best Attack on Titans figures can give you some inspirations. We have the best items for you to pick in order to start with your collection.

We have several Funko Pop Attack on Titans figures for you who want to collect the cute and iconic figurines. We also have some cool and more realistic ones that will come as valuable items for your collection. Plus, we have a cute Levi Gear Swing that will become a nice keychain to hang on your backpack, too!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best Attack on Titan figures?

The best Attack on Titan figures is subjective. It depends on each fan’s preference. However, a complete playset like this Colossal Titan Figure will be ideal for your glass shelf. Moreover, if you are in love with realism, this Levi figure or this Attack Titan Eren figure will be the preferable choice. They offer excellent details and will enhance your home’s homely atmosphere.

Why are Attack on Titan figures so expensive?

It requires enormous effort and time to create high-quality action figures. The production process is often handmade and requires days to complete. To get a high-quality figure, the artisans or toy companies need to use high-quality material. If it’s 3D-printed figures, the production cost is not that cheap either. For example, the remarkable Eren bas-relief figure deserves to be sold at a high price because of its excellent quality. 

Where can you find Attack on Titan toys?

You can find various Attack on Titan toys online. Fans worldwide can buy them freely in stores like Amazon, whether official or fanmade. Some toys like Funko figures are also available at local toy stores. However, Attack on Titan-themed toys may not always be in stock due to high demand.

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