25 Unique and Cool Nightwing Cosplay for Various Occasions 

In the DC Comics universe, Dick Grayson is a very popular superhero that is mainly affiliated with the Batman family, consisting of Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, and many more. He first appeared as the infamous Robin, a loyal sidekick to Batman. After entering adulthood, he assumed the codename Nightwing, donning an awesome black and blue costume. His cool costume is very popular, spawning lots of Nightwing cosplays all around the world.

As mentioned previously, there are a lot of unique Nightwing cosplays that you can “cheat” on. You can see the suit made of stretchy fabrics and many more materials. Over the years, Nightwing endures a lot of costume evolution, therefore patterns and even masks will also vary depending on your interpretation of the character. After taking a look at some of these awesome ideas, you can wear them to various events like Halloween!

1. Do. It. Yourself!

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The most budget friendly (yet the most difficult) option for a Nightwing cosplay is to make one by yourself. You can choose to start from scratch by buying a plain fabric with your own choice and sewing it. As an alternative, you can also choose to buy plain suits. Then, let your imagination run amok and spray it with fabric paint. This way, you can really create a unique cosplay suit made of your own preference as well as a unique pattern of your choice.   

2. Make Sure to Add Some Gears

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We’re pretty sure that everyone appreciates a good, DIY cosplay costume. However, it would be even better if you bought some more gears and added them as add-ons for your costume. For starters, Nightwing’s escrima stick might prove to be a good idea. Buying his signature belt will also be awesome, considering that it can help store the sticks. 

3. Detailing is Important

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Whether you’re buying a Nightwing cosplay suit or making one from scratch, the most important thing to remember is to add any important gears and details that the original suit is missing. Nightwing has endured a lot of costume evolution, so you better stick to one particular adaptation that you like the most. For example, a version of Nightwing wore a black mask, while the other donned a blue one. Some versions also have shoulder pads with his logo, while others won’t even bother. 

4. Animation Suit

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Nightwing has made some appearances in the awesome TV animated series, Teen Titans. Due to the fact that he isn’t a primary character, there aren’t many people who cosplayed this incarnation. Therefore, it will be a unique rendition. To accomplish this incarnation, you can wear a Zentai, belt, and a Domino mask with white eyes. Zentai is a popular suit made of nylon or spandex that covers the whole body. 

5. “Titans” Costume

Source: Pinterest (@Bradley Lees)

Nightwing finally assumed a primary role in the hit TV series Titans. In the series, his outfit is a little bit more muscular and tight. If you enjoy the show, you probably should pay tribute by wearing a suit made of similar pattern and design. Something made out of faux leather is recommended, because it will give you comfort and room to move. 

6. “The Blue V” Costume

“The Blue V” Costume
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Out of all the Nightwing’s costume evolution, the “Blue V” costume is easily the most iconic one. It’s probably the one that you’ve seen the most at Halloween parties. The popular costume can easily be noticed due to its simple pattern, boasting a big, blue V symbol. Due to its popularity, you can choose to buy a ready-to-wear costume or produce your own suit made of material of your choice. 

7. “Arkham Series” Nightwing Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@dtjaaaam.com)

The Arkham Trilogy is a series of critically-acclaimed Batman video games. Fortunately, Nightwing also received an awesome costume in this game. If you’re going for a grimmer and darker version of Nightwing, we highly suggest you try out this particular version. It even has a different mask than the one that you usually use to see. The costume also looks more advanced than the classic suit. 

8. Disco Nightwing

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During his early tenure, Nightwing wore the eye-catching disco suit. If you’re interested in donning it, you can find a suit made of stretchy fabric with a big collar and a zipper. Don’t forget to wear a blue mask as opposed to a black one. Whenever you’re ready, wear it proudly and defend Gotham city with all you got!

9. Casual Nightwing Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@hottopic.com)

We know that some of you might not want to spend too much time and money in developing a Nightwing costume and mask. Therefore, you can probably wear a Nightwing cosplay hoodie. Thankfully, there are a lot of Nightwing cosplay hoodies that you can choose, starting from the classic “Blue V” incarnation to the modern black and red suit. 

10. Simple is the Name of the Game

Source: Pinterest (@Nonya Bizness)

It might not be as simple as the cosplay hoodie, but wearing a simple Zentai spandex isn’t nearly as complicated as our other Nightwing cosplay ideas. However, it is still worthy of consideration, especially if your own customized Nightwing costume has a comic-accurate pattern and design. Simply add a mask and one escrima stick and you’re ready to party during Halloween.  

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11. Lady Nightwing

Source: Pinterest (@J.T.Hammond)

Although Nightwing is a superhero identity assumed by Dick Grayson, it doesn’t mean that ladies can’t cosplay it! In fact, Nightwing has been one of the most cosplayed superheroes by the female gender. To achieve this, you can purchase a flexible Lycra Spandex and mold it into your own “Female Nightwing” costume. Don’t forget to make or buy other equipment like a mask and the sticks. 

12. “Teenage Girl” Nightwing Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@nightwinghalloweencostume.wordpre…)

Nightwing is known for his full-body Zentai costume. However, you can get creative and create your own customized female Nightwing costume. The most important thing to remember is the use of black and blue colors, complemented by a black domino mask. Now, you can go to an adult Halloween party without feeling stiflingly hot. 

13. Sexy Nightwing Cosplay

Let’s be real: there are a lot of females who go to Halloween and Comic cons, cosplaying their favorite character with a more feminine interpretation. There’s nothing wrong with that, because it’s their way of honoring those characters. You can also do the same thing with Dick Grayson’s alter ego. Wearing swimsuits with a black and blue (or red) pattern and Nightwing’s famous logo is one way of doing that. Just make sure to also bring the escrima stick too. 

14.. Armored Female Nightwing Cosplay

Source: Pinterest (@scontent-ort2-2.xx.fbcdn.net)

Most females tend to wear elastic and stretchy costumes for the Nightwing cosplay. However, you’ll also look cool when wearing a full-on protective armor that resembles the real Nightwing. However, you need to get creative and make one from the drawing board, because sadly there aren’t that many female Nightwing cosplay suits made of the same specification that we’ve discussed. 

15. New 52 Suit

Source: Pinterest (@voicesfromkrypton.net)

Since the New 52 storyline was announced by DC Comics, Nightwing has had a change of heart and decided to change his iconic blue logo into a red one. It perfectly ties back to his history as Batman’s trusted compatriot. Thankfully, the red rendition of Nightwing’s costume also looks good as a female cosplay! All you need to do is find a zentai suit with Nightwing’s New 52 pattern, and voila!  

16. Nightwing Crossplay

Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

A female cosplayer that looks like Nightwing is awesome. However, it won’t be accurate if you don’t cut your hair short. Now, it will be crazy to think that someone will dare to cut their hair just for a Halloween cosplay party, right? Therefore, you can just find a male wig and fit all your long hair inside for a few hours! It also works for male who rarely trim their hair (we know who you are!). 

17. All-black Nightwing Cosplay

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Technically, this version of Nightwing isn’t all black, because there are some gray colors scattered across the costume. However, you should consider giving this particular rendition a go, especially because it’s unique. After all, out of all the costume evolution that Nightwing endures, there are no known record of him abandoning the blue (and now red) coloring for gray!

18. Bring a “Flashy” Escrima Stick

Source: Pinterest (@hyperborea.org)

Escrima stick is Nightwing’s signature weapon. Although it’s not lethal, the sticks are known for assisting Nightwing in fighting Gotham’s villains. It is part of his identity, therefore bringing a good one is a must for any Dick Grayson cosplay. You can have the best Nightwing costume in the whole convention and it won’t matter if you bring in a lame escrima stick. Bringing one that can flash, just like in the comics, will be even greater. 

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19. “Injustice” Suit

Source: Pinterest (@anime.about.com)

We’ve got good and bad news for Nightwing fans that played the infamous Injustice video game. Spoiler alert: he’s murdered by Damian, Bruce Wayne’s own son! However, the good news is that his costume is truly sick, and you can bring it to life! There’s not much difference in terms of finishing. However, it almost looks like the costume is a little bit scaly. 

20. “Judas Contract” Suit

Nightwing Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@cosplaylab.com)

Our last Nightwing cosplay idea is certainly not the least. In fact, Judas Contract is a pretty popular and successful animated movie, and it features a rather interesting take on Nightwing’s outfit arsenal. Although the pattern has some similarity with the New 52 outfit, there’s still some tiny details that make this costume unique. Don’t forget to wear a black mask to hide your identity too!

21. Homemade Nightwing Cosplay

Homemade Nightwing Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

If you’re looking for a simple, quick, and affordable Nightwing cosplay, you can actually create a homemade costume by wearing a simple black long sleeve shirt. Add the blue iconic line to the shirt, and then find some tools that you can make into your weapons. As for the mask, you can paint it directly to the area around your eyes, and make a simple headband to complete the look. Simple and affordable, isn’t it?

22. Simple Nightwing Jacket

Simple Nightwing Jacket
Source: Pinterest (@hottopic.com)

Just in case you don’t feel like having a fancy costume for special cosplay events this year, then wearing a simple jacket like this one can be a nice option. The design of the jacket can still describe the character of the Nightwing. You just need to add a black leggings or pants, a pair of black boots and a simple black eye cover, and you are ready to go!

23. Girly Nightwing Cosplay

Girly Nightwing Cosplay
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Have you ever thought that the Nightwing can look as girly as this costume? This is one of the most unique Nightwing costumes for girls who want to look cool and sweet at the same time. To bring out the girly side of you while wearing this costume, you can wear a girly stocking that has flowery or stripes patterns, and don’t forget to add some weapons to get the perfect look. 

24. Leather Nightwing Cosplay with a Vest

Leather Nightwing Cosplay with a Vest
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

For those of you who want to get girls’ attention, then you might want to consider wearing this kind of Nightwing costume. The costume itself features a design that will bring out the masculine side of you, which will make all girls’ eyes on you. Then, complete your look with a matching black vest, and paint around your eyes area in red, and you’re all set. 

25. Nightwing Cosplay with a Hoodie

Nightwing Cosplay with a Hoodie
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

This one is also another option of Nightwing cosplay that will attract girls’ attention. Similar to the previous option, this one also comes with an additional accessory of a long-sleeve leather jacket with hoodie, which will complete your perfect look as a cool and masculine Nightwing. 

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