15 Important Apple Watch Facts That Apple Fans Should Know

The Apple Watch is one of the most promising gear due to its amazing function and accuracy. The Apple Watch includes a variety of unique features that make it appealing to a wide range of consumers, including businesspeople, commuters, commuter athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts. Besides, there are a billion free and other apps to perform just about anything you might imagine, in addition to what it already does.  Afterall, the Apple Watch is the next generation wearable device, with a range of styles and capabilities.

However, did you know how many Apple Watch users there are in the world? Or, how can this device help to improve your quality of life? Let’s take a look at some revealing facts behind the Apple Watch to answer those questions. We are sure that Apple Watch facts below will definitely blow your mind!

1. More Than 100 Million Apple Users Wear Apple Watch

Apple Watch Facts
More Than 100 Million Apple Users Wear Apple Watch

In the year 2020, there will be more than 100 million Apple Watch users globally. Although the number of users has not increased steadily since 2015, adoption rates have continued to rise. As the shipments of wearables increase, the Apple Watch market share will continue to occupy a prominent position in 2020.

Due to its dual functionality as a fitness tracker with Apple’s Fitness+ services, the Apple Watch appeals to people of various genders, ages, and social statuses. Since the U.S. has long been an Apple Watch stronghold, 35% of American iPhone users were sporting Apple Watches in that year.

2. Apple Watch Is The Most Smartwatch Sold In The World

Apple Watch Facts
Apple Watch Is The Most Smartwatch Sold In The World

Given that two of its models are among the best-selling products worldwide, it is not surprising to see Apple Watch dominate the market. Francisco Jeronimo, an analyst with IDC, claims that the Apple Watch Series 7 is the best-selling smartwatch worldwide. The Watch Series 7 is the most expensive Apple Watch available and released in 2021.

The research claims that in Q1 2022, the Apple Watch had a market share of 36.1%, more than three times that of Samsung. In Q1 2022, Apple’s smartwatch sales increased by 14% year over year, and the overall smartwatch market increased by 13%.

3. It Can Protect You Against Hearing Damage

Apple Watch Facts
It Can Protect You Against Hearing Damage

People frequently wait until it is too late before seeking treatment for hearing loss. This is because hearing loss develops gradually as a result of a genetic predisposition as well as environmental variables, notably exposure to loud noises like music. With its Noise app, an Apple Watch feature that recognizes loud noise above 90 decibels, Apple seeks to counter environmental noise concerns.

The Noise app on Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 and later uses the microphone and time of exposure to measure the ambient sound levels in your surroundings. Apple Watch can alert you with a tap on the wrist if it notices that the decibel level has increased to the point where hearing could be impacted.

4. It Alerts The Abnormal Heart Rhythm

Apple Watch Facts
It Alerts The Abnormal Heart Rhythm

If the Apple watch notices an abnormal heartbeat five times, it will ask you to record your rhythm. It uses an automated heart rate sensor to assess your heart rate and will notify you if anything is off. Although these irregular heartbeats are not necessarily medically threatening, they can result in problems like heart failure, stroke, and blood clots.

Since the app’s launch on the Apple Watch 4 in 2018, there have been conflicting opinions on it from users and experts, but it’s impossible to dispute how crucial this feature has grown to be. It has been said to have saved a few lives.

5. It May Calm You Down During Stressed Time

Apple Watch Facts
It May Calm You Down During Stressed Time

There are several meditation applications available, but if you own an Apple Watch, one is already handy-dandy on your wrist. With breathing techniques created to slow you down and bring you into the present now, the native Breathe app can assist you in calming down quickly. Your Apple Watch will alert you when it’s time to relax with Breathe.

This understated tool can make a big difference to your health in a world where many individuals experience burnout and overwhelm on a regular basis. According to science, deliberate, deep breathing can effectively lessen stress and anxiety. The next time you see your mind wandering, launch the Breathe app for a few moments of peace.

6. It Can Track Your Blood Oxygen Level

Apple Watch Facts
It Can Track Your Blood Oxygen Level

Did you know how your Apple Watch can measure your blood oxygen level? Well, the optical heart sensor has been modified in Apple Watch Series 6 and Series 7 to include blood oxygen measurement capabilities. The rear crystal illuminates your wrist with infrared light, red, and green LEDs during a blood oxygen measurement. After that, photodiodes gauge the amount of light that is reflected back.

This is useful if you exercise frequently or if you just want to log the data and have previous data; it’s a wonderful choice. The Health App receives the data and saves it. In addition, the measurement result is pretty accurate compared to oximeters.

7. Smart Way To Send An SOS 

Apple Watch Facts
Smart Way To Send An SOS

Beside its function to maintain your health, this smartwatch may protect you from danger. Press and hold the side button on your Apple Watch to bring up the new SOS feature if you need emergency support. When you press and hold this button, an SOS slider will appear. You won’t have to take out your iPhone to connect with local emergency personnel thanks to this smartwatch.

Before the call is placed, there is a countdown starting at three, and you must be close to your iPhone or connected to WiFi. Even if you are abroad, the watch will dial the proper emergency number because it can determine your location from your iPhone. What an amazing device!

8. It’s Water-Resistant, But Not Waterproof

Apple Watch Facts
It’s Water-Resistant, But Not Waterproof

The Apple Watch is water resistant, but not waterproof.  You can wear and use your Apple Watch, for instance, while exercising since sweat exposure is acceptable, outside in the rain, and while doing the dishes. The Apple Watch is actually reasonably water resistant because there are no exposed ports on it.

Additionally, Apple Watch complies with the IEC IPX7 standard, which allows it to withstand being submerged for 30 minutes in water up to one meter deep. Although Apple doesn’t advise it, the Apple Watch should work just fine if you’re caught in a downpour or working out.

9. Apple Watch Contributes USD 12 Billion Revenue A Year

Apple Watch Facts
Apple Watch Contributes USD 12 Billion Revenue A Year

Apple has explored fresh approaches to monetize the iPhone. In 2015, it introduced Apple Watch, an iPhone accessory that monitors numerous fitness and health parameters. In 2020, Apple sold 43 million watches. By revenue in 2019, Apple Watch was almost equal to Instagram with $14.6 vs. $12.555 billion. Given that it is still a very little device in comparison to the iPhone, but that demonstrates an outstanding success.

Additionally, Apple Watch generates yearly revenue increases. By 2022, the smartwatch market is anticipated to roughly double in size. As a result, it is assumed that Apple Watch’s share of revenue will likely continue to rise and eventually overtake Mac.

10. Apple Watch Leads Smartwatch Market In The U.S.

Apple Watch Leads Smartwatch Market In The U.S.
Apple Watch Leads Smartwatch Market In The U.S.

The Apple Watch is the market leader for smartwatches and fitness trackers in the United States, according to the Statista Global Consumer Survey. The Apple Watch was the most popular product among consumers who claimed to own one of these two brands, followed by Fitbit and Samsung. The market shares of Garmin, LG, and Huawei are less significant. Between the ages of 18 and 64, 39% of all U.S. respondents reported owning a smartwatch or fitness tracker.

Apple Watch has already surpassed Google, Fitbit and even well-known luxury watchmaker Rolex in terms of market share. Looking at Google Trends by watch-specific terms, it is clear that Apple Watch is the victor with a rising curve.

11. It Sells 3 Different Apple Watch Models

It Sells 3 Different Apple Watch Models
It Sells 3 Different Apple Watch Models

The Series 7, the SE, and the Series 3 are the current three Apple Watch models available for purchase. Apple no longer offers the Series 6 in line with the practice of discontinuing the previous year’s top smartwatch as soon as the new model hits store shelves. The Series 7 includes a 20 percent larger always-on display than Series 6, smaller bezels, more rounded corners, and more watch faces and interphases than Series 6.

Apple Watch SE and Series 3 offer a less sophisticated but still reasonably priced option. We advise upgrading if you have an older Apple Watch and are debating whether to do so because Apple now has some alluring bargains on older refurbished models.

12. It Can Set Multiple Watch Timer

It Can Set Multiple Watch Timer
It Can Set Multiple Watch Timer

When using the Apple Watch on a daily basis, the most basic features can occasionally make the most difference. That is unquestionably how we see Apple’s choice to allow multiple timer setup on its smartwatch. You can keep track of time with the aid of the Timers app on Apple Watch. Multiple timers that keep track of time for up to 24 hours can be set up with watchOS 8.

If “Hey, Siri” is activated, that app will also function. Siri will start a new timer with the label “Oven” when you simply ask her to “set a timer for ten minutes called oven.” Although it’s not required, it’s strongly advised when using Siri when several timers are active at once.

13. It Helps You To Wash Hands Properly

It Helps You To Wash Hands Properly
It Helps You To Wash Hands Properly

You’ll be relieved to know that the Apple Watch will assist you ensure you’re thoroughly washing your hands in this weird post-pandemic world. Apple Watch’s motion sensors and microphone can automatically identify when you begin washing your hands. To identify whether you are washing your hands, your Apple Watch listens for the sound of running water and soap.

A timer will begin with a lovely bubbly decal once you begin running the water and washing your hands. To make sure you’re washing any harmful substances away, a countdown will begin after 20 seconds.

14. It Can Take An ECG Reading

It Can Take An ECG Reading
It Can Take An ECG Reading

Apple Watch users may now take a reading of their heart’s electrical signal by placing their finger on the device’s crown. If you’re operating the gadget properly, the ECG sensor has new electrodes embedded into the rear crystal and the digital crown that are intended to measure the electrical signal from your heart. When you’re ready to use your Apple Watch to take a reading, press and hold the digital crown for 30 seconds.

This is one of the best and important features for Apple Watch users’ health. It’s a crucial element that can determine if you have atrial fibrillation, thus it’s necessary to at least once check it out. Even taking it before going for a yearly checkup can be beneficial.

15. It Has Fall Detection for Elderly

It Has Fall Detection for Elderly
(Source : makemac.grid.id)

Apple Watch has the ability to recognize falls and provide automated support using the Fall Detection mode. Although Fall Detection received a lot of attention from Apple, it is not on by default. This function won’t be activated unless you’re above 65 or haven’t selected your age in the Health app. You may turn it on at any age by going to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, selecting the My Watch page, selecting Emergency SOS, and then turning the Fall Detection switch to the on position. 

Your Apple Watch will start a 30-second countdown after detecting that you haven’t moved for nearly a minute, while tapping you on the wrist and sounding an alert. In order for you to hear the alarm or someone nearby, it gets louder. Tap Cancel if you do not wish to contact emergency services.

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