25 Great Trophy Display Ideas To Help You Organize Your Achievements

Do you remember the excitement of getting your first achievement? Getting the very first trophy award must be a big moment in your life. With great achievement comes an array of trophies and medals. As a stellar, your house might be overloaded with awards that call for the need to find a perfect place to store or display your trophies from your achievements.

You can just keep them on a shelf, but it might become a problem as you don’t have more space for more trophies to come. And as your achievement grows, it creates a dilemma on how to properly store and display your amazing achievement. Therefore, you might need a separate place or shelf for your awards.

Finding the perfect trophy display might not be easy, especially when you have different tastes in terms of style. But worry not, here are some trophy display ideas you can apply to your house. It would include some shelves for the walls and a great idea on how to display it on a case or cabinets. Without any further ado, check out some of these pieces of advice on trophy display ideas.

1. Save the Moments

Trophies and awards serve as a reminder of your achievements. To keep the memory alive, you should also incorporate pictures of your award-receiving moments or winning moments on the walls. The hanging photos will serve as an excellent background for your trophy display.

2. Include the Certificate

Source Instagram (@medalawardsrack)

Having the certificates as part of the trophy display can be quite entertaining too. The certificate works as an acknowledgment of your achievement. But as your trophy collection grows, you probably need a reminder of which trophy is which. Therefore, you can use the certificates as the background, pairing them by placing them behind each trophy.

3. The Equipment 

Pictures are not the only proof of your momentousness. Sometimes, having the part of the equipment you used back in the day could bring back nostalgia. Therefore, do add your equipment to your trophy display ideas list. Keep your old fencing sword, or your first baseball stick, and combine them with the trophies in a cabinet. You can see them speak a thousand words just by looking at them. 

4. All-in-one Cabinet for Display

Source: Pinterest (@architecturaldigest.com)

Just in case you are on a budget or you simply don’t want to bother buying another cabinet to fulfill your dream trophy display, here’s an idea: combine your trophies with your stuff. You can be creative in placing the trophies between or above the books and have them placed next to some decorative stuff.

5. Organize by Size and Shape

One of the simplest ways how to display your trophies is by having them stored by size and shape. When you happen to join a similar or annual competition, there is a chance that they would provide a similar trophy shape each year. Therefore, you can organize them neatly by having a similar shape in one row. You might want to start the smallest trophies on the top shelf, and bigger ones on the lower shelf. 

6. Trophies as Office Set-up

Source: Pinterest (@slider76.files.wordpress.com)

Displaying your trophies is not only for the sake of showing them off to your family members and guests in your living room. Have the trophies as your own self-motivation by placing them as your home-office set up. Just make sure the trophies do not fall so easily though, as you certainly do not want them to fall into your electronic stuff.

7. Each of Them Deserves a Spotlight

Source: Pinterest (@decor8blog.com)

Each of your trophies has a story, and therefore every single one of them deserves an equal amount of spotlight. Have them organized by placing each one of them inside a frame for medals or inside a case for trophies. You can be more creative with your trophy display ideas by having a certain theme or color as a background so that they make a perfect wall decoration.

8. Medal Awards Shelf

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Some achievements, particularly in sports, prefer medals as the award rather than trophies. Medals are best organized with something that they can hang on to. Rather than having to put nails everywhere on your walls for medals, you can check this medal awards shelf that already includes places to hang them. That way, your medals can be simply organized in a matter of seconds. 

9. Double Shelf with Medal Hanger on the Bottom

Although like we said, awards in sports usually come in the form of medals, but not always. There will come a time when your trophies and medals need as much as your attention. So why don’t you combine both? A double-shelf medal hanger might be the one you just need for your trophy display ideas.

While you can store your bigger trophies on the top shelf, you can organize smaller (but no less important) ones in the second tier, while the medals also look clean and organized, visually pleasing. 

10. Corner Wall Shelf

Source: Pinterest (@wayfair.co.uk)

Sometimes, you can’t store your trophy in your cabinets and you also run out of space around the house. In that case, the corner of your walls might be a perfect spot for your trophy. To do this, luckily, you can check out this corner wall shelf. While it provides you with the space you just need, it also comes with a shape that serves the artistic purpose, excellent for your trophy. 

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11. Red Brick Wallpaper

Red Brick WallPaper
Source: Pinterest (@addicted2diy.com)

It might sound so out of the blue, but it is not. Sometimes, your house concept does not match your trophy display ideas. Your choice of shelves for walls does not match the wall itself. One way you can bring it out altogether is to have a new wallpaper installed on your walls. You can match a wooden trophy shelf with a brick-style wallpaper, so the whole house has a perfect theme in unison and matches your shelves. 

12. Floating Shelf

Source: Pinterest (@Teana Sykes)

Here’s another corner trophy display idea; use this staircase corner shelf if you happen to have more trophies on the walls. Not only is it applicable in any kind of house concept, but it also efficiently utilizes more space in the house. 

13. Corner Display Rack

Corner Display Rack
Source: Pinterest (@jossandmain.com)

If you are more into simple corner shelves, you might want to check out this five-tier corner display shelf. This can be a good idea to save some spaces while having more trophies stored in one single wall corner, but still maintain that simple vibe for your house.

14. Acrylic Display Case

Source Instagram (@prefab_maker)

One of the things you have to consider when you work on your trophy display ideas is that you don’t want any dust or scratches to ruin your trophy display. While every trophy needs a simple dusting or wiping every week or so, you probably don’t have that much time. The best thing you can do is to prevent more dust from having its way to your trophy, as well as preventing any breaking if, God forbid, it happens to fall.

One way you can prevent it is to have them stored inside an acrylic display case. It gives a full view of your trophies while preventing any dust from covering your trophy. Also, the acrylic material won’t be as vulnerable as a glass display case, thus minimizing the possibility of any scratch on your precious award.

15. Medals Display Case

Source: Pinterest (@rootsfamilyhistory.com)

While we recommend an acrylic display case for your trophy display ideas, we don’t forget about your medals too. There are times when you feel like hanging medals on your walls a little bit, and it gives a ‘busy’ vibe to your house.

Then you might want something neater for your medals. This medals display case could be what you just need for your medals. While this case allows you to have clean and nicely organized walls, you have your medals stored in a more elegant and sophisticated way. 

16. LED Display Glass Cabinet

Source: Pinterest (@Izumi Inaba)

If your house happens to have that simple modern design, this LED glass display cabinet can be a good choice for your trophy display ideas. While it gives you a good amount of view of the inside, it is also packed with LED lamps installed within. So just in case you want to give your trophies a spotlight when you have a guest, this cabinet could be what you just need. 

17. Hexagon Style Glass Display Cabinet

Source: Pinterest (@jossandmain.com)

If you happen to run out of space, both by the walls or the corner, as a place to display your trophies, why don’t you display your trophies right in the middle of the room? This hexagon-styled glass display cabinet can be a perfect choice to add to your trophy display ideas list. With the glass surrounding, you won’t need to add additional glass or acrylic case, plus you will have a perfect 360º view of your trophies. 

18. Showcase / Display Cabinet

Source: Pinterest (@displays2go.com)

This six-sided glass display cabinet, similar to the suggestion above, can be a good choice for you if you want to display your trophies in the middle of the room. This, however, offers more than just a full six-sided view. It would be a good trophy display idea as it also allows you to store more trophies, as they offer more spaces inside the cabinet. 

19. Low Cabinet with Glass

If you happen to love a not-so-high shelf, you’re going to prefer this 1920’s gold leaf curio cabinet as your trophy cabinet. It has a 61” height with a classic yet novel style to display your trophy collection. The gold nuance brought by this cabinet should match your shining bronze and (obviously) gold trophies, adding its shine multiple times. 

20. Curved Display Cabinet

Source: Pinterest (@Jill Ferris)

If you want a curved display cabinet but not attached to the wall, another one you can consider for your trophy display ideas is this French 1930s art deco display cabinet. The light installed within this cabinet offers a certain spotlight for your trophies, guaranteeing an elegant 1930s display for your trophies collection. 

21. Clear Trophy Shelf

Clear Trophy Shelf
Source: Pinterest (@displays2go.com)

Trophies are symbols of achievements that need to be properly kept. Not only as displays but also as a form of motivation for us to achieve more in the future. Having said that, it is necessary for us to store our trophies in a proper place, like this clear trophy shelf, for instance. This shelf will allow you to monitor the conditions of your trophies at all times, while making it your personal display of achievement, too. Plus, you can also add some lighting to make it stand out.

22. Trophy Shelf Above the Bed 

Trophy Shelf Above the Bed 
Source: Pinterest (@houzz.com)

If you have a number of trophies but still have no clue where to put them, then creating a shelf above your bed will do the work. Your trophies will have the perfect spot to display while still being visible by everyone to see. If you have a son or daughter who has quite a lot of trophy collections, then this idea is highly recommended to be applied in their bedrooms.

23. Colorful Wooden Shelf

Colorful Wooden Shelf
Source: Pinterest (@mmc-schobbe.nl)

If you would love to have something more colorful and out-of-the-box when it comes to displaying your trophies, then you will definitely be inspired by this colorful wooden shelf. It comes in blue, and the shape is not symmetrical, so it will possibly be the focal point of your living room or family room. In terms of color, you are free to apply any color you want, like red, orange, or even yellow. 

24. Half-Round Display Case

Half-Round Display Case
Source: Pinterest (@joemunson.com)

For those who have a taste of elegance, this one’s for you, and of course for your trophies and memorabilia, too. The round shape shelf will create a touch of elegance and luxury into any room, which will make your trophies look stunning as well. After all, achievements need to be celebrated and displayed in the most stunning way, right?

25. Baseball-theme Shelf

Baseball-theme Shelf
Source: Pinterest (@theyellowcapecod.com)

This one comes as a custom-made trophy display idea that you can create based on your achievements. This picture above is one cool example of a trophy shelf for someone who loves baseball and has received quite a lot of achievements in basketball. The shelf is made of wood in the shape of a basketball bat and also balls. If you love tennis, your trophy shelf can come in the form of a wooden tennis racket, and so on. In short, this idea consists of countless shape options that you can choose from.

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How do I display my trophies?

Basically, you can just put your trophies anywhere on your cabinet or shelves and call it a day. But if you want to make your trophies as a spotlight in your house, then we suggest you make a separate place special for your trophies only. If you don’t have any chance to purchase any shelves or cabinets yet, you can try to put it inside an acrylic display case for a start. 

Where should trophies be placed in the house?

You can store your trophies everywhere, and there’s no limitation when it comes to space. If you run out of space across the walls, then you can have them stored in corner shelves using the five-tier corner display shelf or staircase corner shelf if you want something more aesthetic for your trophies. Another option is that you can display them in the middle of the room using this hexagon-styled glass display cabinet

How do you organize a trophy?

Organizing trophies requires precision, and it’s all depending on your preference. However, if you are new to organizing stuff, the basic trophy display idea you can do is to sort them based on their size and shape. That would make it easier for you to decide where to store them. If you happen to have cabinets and shelves, then you can place them starting from the smallest in the top tier, and the bigger ones in the lower tier.

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