25 Marvel Funko Pop for Marvel Fans

There are millions of Marvel fans from every corner of the world. Consequently, many items are inspired by Marvel heroes. Merchandise such as Marvel Funko Pop sells out fast because fans want to collect them. This type of item is very collectible, just like coins or stamps.

Marvel Funko Pop is suitable for marvel fans and everyone who loves superheroes and cute things. Funko Pop has represented various superheroes, such as Spiderman, Black Widow, Iron Man, and more! Followers of the franchise, without a doubt, will race to collect these items to complete their set.

Avengers Marvel Funko Pop

Avengers are superheroes from the Marvel universe who unite to fight powerful villains like Thanos. The following items are the Avengers Marvel Funko Pop that you can buy as a gift. You can also buy them to complete your marvel figure collection.

1. The Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch gets her nickname from the color of her hair and attire. She can perform powerful witchcraft that destroys Thanos’s armor and weapon. She can also manipulate probabilities and times, as well as telekinesis. However, if she uses the power beyond her limit, it will be a boomerang for her. This cute Marvel Funko Pop is definitely a must-buy for her fans.

2. Iron Spider Marvel

Iron Spider

The Iron Spider is a brand new Marvel Funko Pop that is great for fans who want to update their collection. In the series, Tony Start creates Iron Spider Armor after Spider-man was resurrected following a deadly battle against Morlun.

3. Iron Man with No Helmet

Iron Man With No Helmet

Someone who just knows a bit about Marvel may not know that the person behind Iron Man’s mask is Tony Stark. This Marvel Funko Pop will reveal Stark’s face and satisfy their curiosity. Iron Man fans would be delighted to receive this chibi figurine as a gift.

4. Captain America & Iron Man Set

Captain America _ Iron Man

This Marvel Funko Pop set is inspired by the Captain America Civil War movie. The previous Funko Pop model features Iron Man with an exposed face. Then, for this one, Iron Man is wearing his mask, together with Captain America. We all know that Iron Man and Captain America ended up fighting in this movie.

5. Captain Marvel with Glowing Hands

Captain Marvel - Glowing Hands

Captain Marvel was an Air Force pilot who gained cosmic power after being exposed to the Tesseract energy. The mysterious power enhances her abilities and turns her into a superwoman. This Marvel Funko pop is suitable for her fans. It may also inspire your daughter to become a superhero

6. Ant Man

Ant Man Black Light

You should not underestimate Ant-man even though he is small. This superhero has superhuman strength, quantum telepathy, dimension-hopping, and many abilities linked to quantum physics. Ant-man fans will be happy to receive this Marvel Funko Pop as a present to complete their collection!

7. Zombified Red Hulk

Red Hulk Vinyl Figure

The Hulk, with his invincible muscles, will intimidate any enemies. However, this version of the Hulk is scarier than the green one. It is the Zombified Hulk Funko Pop! This chibi figurine will bring a quirky, spooky twist into your friend’s Marvel merchandise collection. A zombie lover would also like to have this. 

8. Zombified Thor

Marvel Thor Zombies

Thor is the God of Thunder that can bring out lighting storms. This hero and his trademark hammer really stand out from the rest of the Marvel heroes. And now, this Funko Pop features an imaginative version of this powerful god. The chibi figurine depicts the zombified Thor! It is spooky yet adorable, perfect for zombie lovers as well.

9. Marvel Classic Hawkeye

Marvel Classic Hawkeye Vinyl Figure

Hawkeye is one of the founding members of the Avengers. Hawkeye, just like the name, is a skillful marksman. Thanks to his keen eyes, he is skilled in conventional firearms and archery. Marvel fans who love archery will be happy to have this fun Funko Pop.

10. Spider-Man in Black and Gold Suit

Spider-Man in Black and Gold Suit

The latest Spiderman movie features Spiderman with black gold armor. Get this Spiderman’s Funko Pop quickly before you miss out. Seven items have been sold in the last 24 hours! The black and gold Spiderman will add some spice to your collection.

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11. Marvel The Black Panther

Marvel’s blockbuster movie inspired this adorable, unmasked Black Panther Marvel Funko Pop! Funko pop is vinyl, so it is suitable for kids’ toys. It is cute, so children who love the Black Panther will enjoy playing with the figurine. It is an iconic superhero that represents African Americans in the Marvel Universe.

12. The Vision Marvel

The Vision

The Vision was first introduced in the Avengers Age of Ultron. Somewhere down the line, he developed a romantic relationship with the Scarlet Witch. His abilities include shooting powerful energy beams, hacking, super fast speed, and the Mind Stone power. You can collect him now via this incredibly well-made Funko Pop!

13. Infinity War’s White Wolf

Infinity War_s White Wolf

The White Wolf is the nickname given to Bucky Barnes by the people of Wakanda. He is Captain America’s best friend and played a central role during the Civil War arc. Unlike other superheroes, Bucky may not have fancy powers. Still, he did receive superhuman serum and a Vibranium arm. The White Wolf’s Funko Pop is selling fast, so grab it before it is too late.

14. Bucky Barnes in World War II

Before the White Wolf became a superhero, he was an American soldier during World War II. Unfortunately, he was captured by the Red Skull during one of his mission. Captain America, Barnes’s best friend, rescued him from Hydra’s secret base. This cute Funko Pop depicts Barnes as a ragged, skinny American soldier before becoming a super-soldier.

15. Endgame’s Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes was an American soldier who turned into a Soviet spy and assassin. During the Infinity Wars and the End Game, the White Wolf fought alongside other superheroes to defeat Thanos’ army. Now, this Funko Pop depicts beardy long-haired Bucky Barnes during that arc.

16. Shang-Chi


Even though he looks like an ordinary martial artist, Shang-Chi was trained to become a skillful assassin when he was young. He left the Ten Rings organization to live as an average person. For fans of the super martial artist, this Funko Pop figurine will be a nice present.

17. The Thing

The Thing

You may be surprised to learn that this rocky superhero was a former pilot. Due to cosmic radiation, he was turned into The Thing, a super rock hard hero with a heart of gold. In the story, he also became one of the Fantastic Four members alongside Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Women, and The Human Torch.

Marvel Villain of Marvel Funko Pop

Every hero needs a villain to beat. If the DC universe has Joker as its mascot villain, Marvel universe offers a lot more iconic bad guys.

18. Black Widow Taskmaster

Black Widow Taskmaster

Taskmaster is an antagonist in the Black Widow. At glance, the villain looks like Antman but in different armor. Since his power includes photographic reflects, he can copy all his opponent’s moves. The ability will remind you of Kakashi from Naruto. It is a fantastic power that allows Taskmaster to compete with highly-trained superheroes.

19. Venomized Captain America

Venom Captain America

What will happen if Venom infects Captain America? It will be hilarious because of their conflicting personalities. Venom is an alien parasite that desires chaos. Meanwhile, Captain America is the pinnacle of justice. The combination of the two will be super amusing. And so, this Funko Pop is ideal for those who prefer the villain or antagonist characters more than the protagonist.

20. Marvel Black Light Magneto 

Marvel Black Light Magneto

Magneto is famous for his association with X-men. But don’t be tricked by the appearance! The cute-looking colorful fellow is actually a strong mutant. He can create and control magnetic fields that can create massive destruction. While the MCU movies have not covered X-men yet, it will be an exciting day when the crossover happens!

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21. Loki


The prince of Asgard, Loki, was found by Odin when he was still an infant and raised by Frigga. Thor, his heroic brother, was also raised by Frigga. Even though he looks just like an average human, he is actually a very powerful trickster and evil mastermind. Thanks to his shapeshifting ability, he can infiltrate any place with ease. This Funko Pop of Loki shall be a fine addition to your Marvel merchandise collection

22. Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness is a villain in the WandaVision spin-off. She was the babysitter for Invisible Women, Mr. Fantastic, and the Scarlet Witch’s mentor. Ironically, she was killed by her pupil. People who love witchcraft should get this Marvel Funko Pop to complete their collection!

23. Gamora Daughter of Thanos

Gamora Daughter of Thanos

Gamora is the daughter of Thanos, one of the strongest villains in the Marvel universe. She was a former assassin and member of Guardians of the Galaxy. In any case, Gamora is highly trained and far deadlier than any human in combat. Thanos has also trained her, so she becomes a skilled combatant.

Marvel Funko Pop for Other Characters

The following Marvel Funko Pops include supporting characters like Ned. He may not be the main character in one of the Marvel movies, but he is a loyal companion to Spiderman. We should appreciate the underrated roles of those supporting characters in the Marvel Universe.

24. Ned


Ned is one of Spiderman’s best friends. In one of the movies, Spiderman: No Way Home, he can use Doctor Strange’s ability because he wears the magician ring. Unfortunately, while he can open the portal, he can’t close it, which is dangerous. Ned Funko Pop will be an excellent gift for your friend that conveys a loyal companion is hard to come by.

25. Goose The Cat

Goose the Cat

Goose is a female cat whose original owner has already died. Despite its cute appearance, she has blinded Fury’s left eye with its claw! The badass human in the universe, leader of SHIELD, lost his eye to a cat, unbelievable! The Marvel Funko Pop will be a hilarious addition to your Marvel Merchandise collection.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that all figurine and toy collectors love Funko Pop! It is one of the most famous brands of high-quality figurines that produces items that are totally worth collecting. For Marvel fans, being able to collect Marvel Funko Pop figurines is definitely a must. If you are a fan, then you need to check out our list above to get yourself a Funko Pop of your favorite Marvel character.

In addition, if you are thinking of buying a gift for a true Marvel fan, then buying a Marvel Funko Pop figurine as a gift is a great idea. The best way to make sure you are buying the right item is by finding out exactly what is that person’s favorite Marvel character. So, you might want to conduct a small survey about it, therefore you can be sure that the receiver will be super thrilled upon receiving your gift.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Cheapest Marvel Funko Pop?

The cheapest Marvel Funko Pop in this list is Taskmaster from the Black Widow spin-off. It only costs 110 USD. So, don’t hesitate to buy the cheap but good quality chibi figurine. Other characters’ Funko Pops are also worth checking because their prices are also not that far off.

What Marvel Funko Pops are Worth Money?

Marvel Funko Pops are definitely worth it, especially if you are a fan. Usually, the popularity of Marvel characters that get a new movie will increase significantly. Their Funko Pops prices will also rise accordingly. For example, because of the Spiderman: No Way home movie, Ned and Black Gold Spiderman become quite rare because they sell out fast.

What is The Rarest Marvel Funko Pop?

Rare Funko Pops usually feature niche characters. They are not as popular as the main characters, so the supply is limited. In addition, a Funko Pop that features a super popular superhero can also become rare because it sells out fast. You need to anticipate which Marvel characters will get a movie. You can guarantee that their Funko Pop will also become scarce.

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