25 Cool Female Marvel Cosplay Ideas

Marvel has been the leader of the comic book industry since its creation in 1939. The characters from Marvel have become more well-known thanks to their blockbuster movies. Marvel’s stories are not only about a mighty group of superheroes fighting against aliens. But, they are also about empowerment. In fact, Marvel has a lot of female characters. No wonder many girls are looking for female marvel cosplay ideas.

Suppose you are one of those Marvel fans and looking for female Marvel cosplay ideas, then you come to the right place! In this article, we will help you to get the best female Marvel cosplay in your life.

Whether you want to be the female version of the male character or just want to be the female superhero cosplay, you will find them all in the list below. From cheap and easy superhero costumes for adults to hot and sexy female villain costumes, we guarantee that you will find the best one here. Let’s get started!

BEST Female Marvel Cosplay Ideas

1. Doctor Strange Female Cosplay

Doctor Strange Female Cosplay - p @Khavi kaliB
Source: Pinterest (@Khavi kaliB)

Here is one of our most unique female Marvel cosplay ideas! You can show how powerful you are as a female Doctor Strange. Wear a royal blue robe with 2 buttons open, a red cape with gold details, arm straps, and a belt.

Instead of black pants, you can change into blue hot shorts to expose your legs. Complete your outfit with an infinity stone pendant and blue boots to make you look like royalty. Style your braided hair with a few strands on your hair.

2. Scarlet Witch Cosplay

Scarlet Witch Cosplay - p @hotcosplaygirl.tumblr.com
Source: pinterest (@hotcosplaygirl.tumblr.com)

If you are looking for mysterious but caring female Marvel cosplay ideas, then you should consider dressing as Scarlet Witch. The concept is an all-red outfit, making you look like one of the hottest female superheroes. You can wear a red bodysuit, Scarlet iconic headpiece, and trusty cape to truly capture the look. To finish it off, wear red boots with heels. 

3. Thor Female Cosplay

Thor Female Cosplay - p @amzn.to
Source: Pinterest (@amzn.to)

For the female Marvel cosplay ideas, you can try to become a woman version of Thor, one of the mightiest members of the Avengers. Inspired by Infinity War, you can wear a Thor helmet with a tactical bodysuit in silver tones with a black belt. Complete the outfit with skinny pants and black boots. Don’t forget to wear a red cape and bring the iconic Thor hammer to show how smug you are.

4. Gwenpool Cute Cosplay

Gwenpool Cute Cosplay - p @instagram.com
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

Dress as Gwenpool for the cutest female Marvel cosplay! Wear a white pink bodysuit attached to her mask, which features long sleeves and bubblegum-pink accents.  Add a brown belt with a pink buckle, along with brown straps, holsters, and a knapsack-like satchel on your back. Don’t forget to wear cylinder leg coverings with the same tones as your outfit. 

5. Loki Female Cosplay in Dress

Loki Female Cosplay in Dress - p @geeklytribune.wordpress.com
Source: Pinterest (@geeklytribune.wordpress.com)

For those who want some mischievous female Marvel cosplay ideas, you can express your charm as Loki. With a little bit of twist, you can turn the green jumpsuit with a cape into a green dress with a black tutu dress and a green cape. Wear the Horned Helmet on your head as one of the most iconic villain costumes to show the power you have.

6. Winter Soldier Female Cosplay

Winter Soldier Female Cosplay - p @Nurbike Erbek
Source: pinterest (@Nurbike Erbek)

Create DIY supervillain costumes as Winter Soldier which is definitely easy and cheap. As Winter Soldier has long black hair, then females with long hair don’t need to style it again. You can wear a black mask, gloves, a black vest, and cargo pants which are usually available in your wardrobe.  Simply complete your look with a bucky arm sleeve shirt and boots for a realistic look.

7. Black Widow Cosplay

Black Widow Cosplay - p @comics-x-aminer.com
Source: Pinterest (@comics-x-aminer.com)

Although Black Widow doesn’t have a superpower, this character is indeed attractive for female Marvel cosplay. Wear a black jumpsuit which is made from spandex to expose your body curve. Don’t forget to add a S.H.I.E.L.D eagle patch on both upper arms. Dye your short hair in brown-reddish color. Finish your look with black boots with straps and buckles. 

8. Captain America Female Cosplay

Captain America Female Cosplay - p @adventuresofanelvenprincess.blogspot.com
Source: Pinterest (@adventuresofanelvenprincess.blogspot.com)

One of the most lovable superheroes, Captain America for Marvel female cosplay is definitely a great choice to show your charm. Inspired by The USO, you can wear the iconic Captain America blue jumpsuit for women. Wear gray boots and arm protectors in the same tones which will make you look powerful. You can cut your hair to shoulder length to show your feminine side as a female cosplayer.

9. Star Lord Female Cosplay

Star Lord Female Cosplay - p @m.imgur.com
Source: Pinterest (@m.imgur.com)

If you are looking for DIY villain costumes for female Marvel cosplay, then try to be the girl version of Star-Lord! Simply wear a red leather long coat, leather pants, boots, and a gray shirt. Don’t forget to finish it off with a Star-Lord-inspired helmet and buckles. This is definitely a smart and easy concept to make you look like the real villain.

10. Valkyrie Cosplay

Valkyrie Cosplay - p @Tama Sama
Source: Pinterest (@Tama Sama)

Bring the mysterious superhuman look as valkyrie for female Marvel cosplay. Wear a leather vest jacket with stretchy rider pants, all in black. Protect your arm with fingerless gloves and armor. Don’t forget to wear a blue cape and combat boots to complete the look. For makeup, use white face paint to draw whine lines on your forehead and cheeks.

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11. Lady Deadpool Cosplay

Lady Deadpool Cosplay - p @geeksaresexy.net
Source: Pinterest (@geeksaresexy.net)

Show your humorous and silly side by cosplaying as Deadpool in the female version! Using a similar outfit as her counterpart, Lady Deadpool wears a red and black full-body tactical suit. Create your own dead cells on your face by using artificial makeup, showing the real character that suffers cancer. Bring your inspired Deadpool gun for a powerful appearance.

12. Rogue Female Cosplay

Rogue Female Cosplay - p @geektyrant.com
Source: Pinterest (@geektyrant.com)

Cosplay in style as the sneaky Rogue for female Marvel cosplay. This is one of the best ideas if you want to look feminine without exposing too much skin. Wear a full cover dark green bodysuit as Rogue relay her power on her outfit. Cover your arm with long fingerless gloves and use boots of the same colors as your suit. For the accessories, you can add a white scarf and white belt.  

13. Raven Mystique Mutant Cosplay

Raven Mystique Mutant Cosplay

Get ready to steal the spotlight during female Marvel cosplay if you choose to be Raven or also known as Mystique. She is a mutant who has a hot outfit as it was composed of her own body. Therefore, you should wear a simple dark blue or violet bodysuit to cover all of your body parts. Paint your face with the same color as your body suit. Dye your short bob hair in red color to make a contrasting look.

14. Madame Viper Cosplay

Madame Viper Cosplay - i @perceptionartstudio
Source: Instagram (@perceptionartstudio)

Be the leader of Hydra by cosplaying as Madame Viper. With this concept, you will definitely need to be very “green”.  You should wear a green jumpsuit with long fingerless gloves and socks in the same color. Dye your long hair into dark green or you can wear a green cosplay wig. Put bold green lipstick and eye makeup on your face. Complete your final outfit with green boots, buckles, and bags.

15. Squirrel Girl Cosplay

Squirrel Girl Cosplay - i @twinkletilia
Source: Instagram (@twinkletilia)

Do you want to look cute but powerful as hand-to-hand combatant superheroes? If you, try to resemble the Squirrel Girl character. Wear a brown leather jacket with a brown bodysuit beneath. Add squirrel ear accessories on your head and a tactical belt on your waist. You may add squirrel tails or hand gloves for a more realistic squirrel look. Make sure you wear a short bob brown wig to finish the look.

16. Elektra Cosplay

Elektra Cosplay - i @twinkletilia
Source: Instagram (@twinkletilia)

If you have a strong and athletic body, then you should dress as Electra for female Marvel cosplay. As Elektra has great strength, stamina, and speed, she wears very “red and fiery” outfits. You can wear a red one-shoulder leotard with matching skirts, boots, and wraps around your legs and arms. Keep your long hair straight or you can wear a long hair cosplay wig for this character. 

17. Emma Frost Cosplay

Emma Frost Cosplay - p @instagram.com
Source: Pinterest (@instagram.com)

Dress in all-white outfits as Emma Frost, the hottest Marvel supervillain to make you stand out in female Marvel cosplay. You should wear a strapless white shirt, matching shorts and boots. Wear a  diamond choker to make you look elegant and glamorous. Create a wavy style on the tip of your long blond hair. You may finish the look with a white cape for extra charms. 

18. The Punisher Female Cosplay

The Punisher Female Cosplay - p @pinterest.com
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.com)

For those who love tomboy chic looks, the Punisher character will be a great idea for female Marvel cosplay. You can simply wear a black shirt with a giant skull picture on your chest. Complete the look with black shorts, tactical buckles, arm wrappers, and jungle boots. Don’t forget to bring additional props such as an airsoft pistol and M4A1 Carbine with a grenade launcher.

19. Thor Ragnarok Female Cosplay

Thor Ragnarok Female Cosplay - p @dtjaaaam.com
Source: Pinterest (@dtjaaaam.com)

Show your tough and brave side as Thor in the Thor Ragnarok movie for female Marvel cosplay. Wear a blue and a red sleek body-hugging costume with body armor, black pants, and a flying red cape. Add arm wrappers with some buckles for a tough visual. You also can draw your face with vertical red lines from the left side of your forehead to your chin and neck to show your fighting spirit.

20. Wolverine Female Cosplay

Wolverine Female Cosplay - p @flickr.com
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Be the hottest and the most attractive female Marvel cosplayer as the woman version of Wolverine. You should wear a yellow jumpsuit with black shoulder pads and black patches on your waist. Wear the red buckles with black shorts and also a winged eye mask instead of a helmet to expose your long black hair. Don’t forget to wear plastic long claws for the focal point.

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21. Nebula Cosplay

Nebula Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

If one of your favorite female characters in the Marvel Universe is Nebula, then we’re on the same page. She might not be too nice at first, but she actually has a kind heart. So, why not choose to be like Nebula this time? The costume is super cool, which will be a lot cooler if you apply a high-quality and precise Nebula makeup like this? You will definitely wow everyone with your look. 

22. Female Hawkeye Cosplay

Female Hawkeye Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@deviantart.com)

There’s no other Marvel hero that can be so good at archery like Hawkeye. But aside from his capability to aim his arrowheads, his charming look and character is also something that makes people love him. If you are one of them, it’s totally ok to be the female version of Hawkeye. You will not only look stunning in the black costume, but you will also look super cool with the arrows, too!

23. Hela Cosplay

Hela Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@cosplayclass.com)

Looking for something badass for this year’s cosplay? Then this Hela cosplay is the perfect pick. We all know that Hela is just pure evil, but we also know that she has all the perfect looks, abilities and also weapons for battle, and that is what makes her a badass! So, search no further and pick Hela as your cosplay.

24. Mantis Cosplay

Mantis Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@quirkybyte.com)

There is definitely no evil on this one, because this one is Mantis, and we also know how adorable she is, right? It’s not difficult to look like Mantis, because her costume is simple and it has an adorable green color, too. However, the thing that we all know about Mantis is her two so-called antennas, and if you choose to be Mantis, then the antennas are mandatory.

25. The Wasp Cosplay

The Wasp Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@letseatcake.com)

The Wasp cosplay is another great option for you to choose. You can steal her look with the iconic costume, and add the must-have accessories including the helmet and wings. Once you have it all, then you will turn into the Wasp with all her great looks. The only thing missing is the actual ability to fly with those wings.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is the hottest Marvel female super villain?

According to Watchmojo, Emma Frost holds the first position of the hottest Marvel female super villain. She adores dressing in outrageous white fashion and has self-assured sexuality. She is cold, distant, and clever because she thinks she is better than other people. Her rank is followed by Mystique in the second position with her gorgeous and sexy blue skin outfit.

Which Marvel character is hottest?

Black Widow got the first rank of the hottest Marvel heroine, according to Scrrenrant. She wears a spy agent outfit which makes her look tough and sexy at the same time. This position is followed by Gamora and Elektra in second and third place. Both Gamora and Elektra feature powerful and energetic appearances. 

How do you look like a female Marvel superhero?

You can start by observing which female Marvel superheroes that resemble your personality. For example, if you are good at running and speed, then you can try to be Electra, who is famous for her speed and stamina. Or, if you love cute and adorable personalities, then you can try to be Gwenpool or Squirrel Girl. In addition, if you have a favorite character, you will do anything to cosplay the character well.

What is the easiest female Marvel superhero costume to make?

If you want easy and affordable superhero costumes for female Marvel cosplay, try to avoid an outfit with a bodysuit and complex armor. The Winter Soldier female cosplay or Star Lord female cosplay will be great ideas as they offer simple and casual daily outfits. You can utilize your daily apparel such as black masks, pants, or leather jackets for making DIY costumes for adults. 

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