Glowing Infinity Stone Rings

These Glowing Infinity Stone Rings have been inspired by the Infinity Stones that we’ll soon see fully assembled in Avengers: Infinity War.

Every Marvel fan should take a look at this amazing set of rings while nervously waiting for the Marvel’s big installment.

These unique rings are made out of polished nickel steel and they look absolutely stunning. But wait till you see them in the dark.

The rings glow and not for the reasons you’d expect. There are no LED lights installed in them and they are not fluorescent. 

Glowing Infinity Stone Rings

The rings actually glow because of radioactive isotope tritium that’s installed inside of them.

The substance is mostly safe since its beta particles can not penetrate the skin. So unless you inject the substance or consume it in any way you’re out of the harm’s way.

Glowing Infinity Stone Rings

The rings themselves are sold without the radioactive part inside and you’ll have to source the tritium yourself.

But when you have the finished product, you’ll feel as the most powerful creature in the universe. Even Thanos has nothing on these cool rings. Aesthetically speaking. 

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