26 Cute and Sweet Personalized Gifts for Best Friends

Best friends for life. That’s the common motto that most besties have. When you have formed a strong relationship with someone, it’s becoming harder and harder to break it. Even when you both are going through a rough patch, there’s always a feeling that everything will turn out alright. If you have a loyal friend who will literally die for you, perhaps you should honor them once in a while. Give them special gifts to make them feel appreciated!

For a special friend, special gifts will be the lowest standard that you must set. We thought that personalized gifts for best friends would be a very good idea for you to consider. It will make the gift feel more unique and special to the recipient. Don’t worry about finding the items! Just scroll through our list of personalized gifts for best friends below. 

Personalized Gifts for Female Best Friends

On our list of personalized gifts for best friends, we’re going to divide the category by gender. First up, we’re going to mention items that you can buy as personalized gifts for best friends who are female. Please take a look at some of our best offerings below. 

1. Personalized Engraved Necklace

Personalized Engraved Necklace

Women love necklaces. Wearing an elegant one will make them feel much more beautiful and prettier. If you have a female best friend, you might want to buy this awesome necklace and ask the seller to write your friend’s name on it.  

2. Personalized Artwork with Various Emoji

Personalized Artwork with Various Emoji

This is the perfect gift for a birthday occasion. If you don’t have the time to find fancy gifts, this cool artwork can serve as a last-minute alternative. You can request to add some emoji inside your friend’s name. We’re sure that she will love this and hang it somewhere in her room. 

3. Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

People who love to cook will use a cutting board regularly. If the item is useful for your best friend, then you should not waste any more time and buy it immediately. Ask the seller to include their name on the board to make it more special. If you adore the bond that you both have, why not include your name too?

4. Personalized and Engraved Ornament

Personalized and Engraved Ornament

Ornaments are great as a Christmas tree decoration. However, they can be much more than that. In fact, you can custom order an ornament and include a special milestone, then hang it in your house for all people to see. 

5. Glow in the Dark Box

Glow in the Dark Box

When turned off, this box might seem like a huge piece of garbage. However, just wait until nighttime and let the magic of the box represent your love to your best friend. You can custom order the message and the name of the recipient too!

6. Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase

Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase

This awesome vase looks like it was made out of a real champagne bottle. Well, it really is! By giving this item to your best friend, it can serve as a reminder to always celebrate the good times that you both shared. It looks so cool when displayed on a table. 

Personalized Gifts for Male Best Friend

Now that we’ve gotten over the first part, let’s move on to the second phase: personalized gifts for best friends who are male. It’s only natural that men have different needs, so the items will be different from the ones that you saw previously.

7. Personalized Amplifier Doormat

Personalized Amplifier Doormat

This magnificent doormat is for your friend who really loves to rock! You can change the brand name to their own name. The material is really cushy and comfy. We also recommend it to be used indoors. 

8. Personalized Wristwatch

Personalized Wristwatch

Wrist watches for men are what purses and bags are to women. They define them, and they can also represent their identity. If you want to upgrade your friend’s appearance, giving a personalized wristwatch is a great thing to do.  

9. Personalized Wedding Gift Photo

Personalized Wedding Gift Photo

When your best friend is getting married, you can do them a favor by finding the right gift. We thought that this photo might be sweet and simple. Find his photo with the soon-to-be bride and print it out, then hand it over to your bestie. 

10. Personalized Leather Magnetic Money Clip

Personalized Leather Magnetic Money Clip

If a personalized photo isn’t enough, why not buy this money clip as part of your gift set to your friend too? It is made using full grain leather, and that makes this item all the more special. You can also choose to engrave your friend’s name and initials, along with a personalized message. 

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11. Personalized Baseball Bat

Personalized Baseball Bat

Most boys have experienced a fun childhood memory of playing catch with their dads. You can help your best friend to cherish that memory with this memorable baseball bat. Add some personal messages to make it more meaningful. 

12. Large Wooden Piggy Bank

Large Wooden Piggy Bank

As an adult, we might not have a need for saving money in a piggy bank. However, it will be nice to be reminded of those precious childhood memories. Besides, this personalized piggy bank also looks cool when displayed in your friend’s house. 

13. Rude Adult Mug

Rude Adult Mug

Boys will always be boys. Whenever you meet with your best friend, you probably can’t resist swearing and cursing a bit. Honor that with this hilarious mug. You can choose whichever curse word that you and your friend used the most to be printed on the lovely mug. 

14. Personalized Folding Knife

Personalized Folding Knife

We might not need it anymore for hunting. However, owning a pocket knife and displaying it in our house seems pretty cool. If your friend loves it, then you shouldn’t think twice! Buy this item and add your friend’s name on it. 

Useful Personalized Gifts for Best Friends

Not all personalized gifts for best friends are gender-specific. Some of them can be useful for all kinds of people. If you’re curious already, we won’t get in the way! Let’s take a look at some of the most useful personalized gifts for best friends. 

15. Personalized Tea Light Box

Personalized Tea Light Box

This is the perfect gift for a person who is undergoing so much stress. With this cool box, you can encourage them to take some time off and relax. Let the three tea lights that you install inside create a soothing aura and release your friend’s burden. 

16. Personalized Lock

Personalized Lock

We really ask you to consider buying this item for your best friend. It’s so rare to find someone who buys a lock as a gift. With this personalized lock, you can take it to a whole new level! Add your friend’s (and their spouse’s too) name and wish them an everlasting relationship. 

17. Personalized Canvas Beach Bag

Personalized Canvas Beach Bag

Canvas beach bags can be used for multiple occasions, such as bridal showers, beach day, and other parties. If you have a friend who likes to travel, then perhaps this canvas beach bag might be the perfect gift for them. 

18. Personalized Tree Wood Carving

Personalized Tree Wood Carving

When you watch a romantic movie, you’ll notice that people like to carve their initials on a tree along with their partner’s. Well, you can honor your friend’s relationship by giving this wood artwork. This way, they can hang it on their wall!

19. Personalized Cookie Baking Book and Apron

Personalized Cookie Baking Book and Apron

If your friend is a parent who is looking to find new ways of pleasing their kids, you can jump in and help them. Just buy this cool baking book and apron. They can bond together by cooking simple food listed in the book. What’s more, you can also add your friend’s and their kid’s name on the apron.

20. Turkish Beach Towel

Personalized Turkish Beach Towel

This ain’t no ordinary towel. It is inspired by Turkish design, which makes it all the more elegant. If you’re not satisfied yet, please know that you can add your friend’s name or initials on it. 

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21. Personalized Family Coasters

Personalized Family Coasters

A family member is strong on his/her own. However, when they are together, they will be invincible. Honor your friend’s family’s bond by giving them these awesome coasters. It will feature customizable names and appearances. 

22. Customizable Wedding Plate

Customizable Wedding Plate

This gift will be perfect if your friend already has a husband or wife. It will be even better if they’re celebrating a milestone, such as 20 years of marriage. This plate will be a cool item that they can display in the living room. 

23. Customized Neon Sign

Customized Neon Sign

Going out to party everyday may drain your friend’s wallet. Perhaps giving this customizable neon sign might be a good idea for them. Now, they can party like the 80s inside their own room! Just make sure that you’re there to take part in the fun!

24. Personalized Backgammon Board

Personalized Backgammon Board

Backgammon is a really interesting game that people still enjoy to this day. If your friend loves the game, you can just give this board to him. It can be personalized, so make sure to add their name or some personal message. 

25. Personalized Hobby Tumblers

Personalized Hobby Tumblers

You have seen how a family illustration can look cool on a coaster. Now it’s time to imagine them on this tumbler. You can create each character based on your friend’s family tree. Let’s see how they react when receiving this cool gift

26. Personalized Whiskey Glass

Personalized Whiskey Glass

Most people love to enjoy a time off and drink their favorite wine. That’s the reason why we’re recommending this cool whiskey glass. You can also add your best friend’s initials to make it more intimate. Don’t worry about breaking, as it is made using premium material. 

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